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July 2013

Coordinator’s Note

Your SSA Board Members

Dear Ladies,

SSA Dubai Coordinator Laurence Causer 050 2489510

Summer, summer!!! You are here, we were waiting for so long to meet you , but now it's the rush, airplane tickets, luggages, but at the end‌.friends and family. Two words, be safe!!! Don't forget your vaccinations if you are going to places that will need them. Enjoy yourself to the most and come back in September with plenty of stories to share. We have a new MEA Coordinator as Samar has finished her mission, her name is Lorraine Albelto.

Communications Coordinator Nadine Morgan 050 9201910 Welcome Coordinator Noha Djendou 056 7886580 Rita Khetrapal 050 4981548

Our new board members are preparing some new exciting activities; hope to see you all then.

Treasurer Melissa Forman

Last but by no means least; I would like to wish to Ramadan Kareem to all our Muslim friends.

Samar Fawzy 055 7527225

Have a great vacation!!!!

Activities Coordinator Sharon Miller 055 2693523

Laurence SSA Dubai Coodinator

Hanh Mai 056 7448375 Coffee Morning Coordinator Armelle Marine Website Coordinator Sandra Showalter 050 1532164 HSE Coordinator Claudia Mora 055 2038364 Patricia Buitrago 055 2944807 Newsletter Arunaa Phalippou 055 2926570 Nandita Talapatra 056 7688577



July 2013

Ramadan Kareem to all you lovely ladies!

May the holy month bless your lives with peace, happiness and prosperity!



Inside This Issue Arrivals! Upcoming Events The Fun That We Had! From the HSE Desk All You Need To Know About SSA And More! Adopt-a-Camp Rendezvous!


July 2013


July 2013


Someone new to cuddle and kiss, an adorable son you cannot resist! Heartiest congratulations to Sandra and Paul Showalter on the arrival of baby Isaac Eugene Showalter. Isaac was born on 17th May 2013 and weighed 3.550 kgs! Our best wishes to mommy Tara and daddy Phil Drury on the arrival of baby Henry Nathaniel James Drury. Henry was born on 27th June 2013 and weighed 3.110 kgs!



July 2013

Upcoming Events Dear ladies, during the month of Holy Ramadan, the SSA shall not have any activities. However, we would like you to keep an eye on your inboxes because we have some amazing events lined up for you after you come back from your vacations!!! Keep checking your mails and wait for those Evite invitations!!!

The fun that we had! The vibrant culture of Dubai is beautifully captured in the pulsating activities that Dubai SSA board so meticulously organises for all you lovely ladies! Here is a recap of all the amazing events that we have had in the last two months.

Coffee morning at Laxmi’s residence 15th May 2013

Thank you Laxmi for a wonderful coffee morning and sharing some cool napkin folding techniques with the ladies! The ladies were busy learning the tricks and with coffee and yummy treats by their side, everything was just perfect!


DUBAI NEWSLETTER Ladies’ night out at Claudia’s residence 22nd May 2013

Many thanks to Claudia for opening her house for the event and turning it into the most happening night-spot of the town! The night was specially planned for the ladies to have one night all for themselves before they went for vacation, and boy did they have fun or what?! They say, a picture is worth a thousand words- well, I leave you with these pictures and say no more!!!

Coffee morning and fashion show at Nadine’s residence 5th June 2013

What are these super models doing in an SSA coffee morning?! No, wait!!! They ain’t supermodels, but our very own ladies (who by the way can give models a run for their money)!! Thank you Nadine for the amazing coffee morning and thank you Hanh and Sharon for organising a fashion show featuring designer Modupe Omonze. It was fun being a supermodel, albeit only for a day!


July 2013

DUBAI NEWSLETTER Breakfast morning and caricature at Hugo CafĂŠ 12th June 2013

It was a morning full of fun and creativity at Hugo CafĂŠ! The ladies had some yummy breakfast and enjoyed having their caricatures drawn!

Coffee morning at Fauchon, Mall of the Emirates 1st July 2013

The ladies met for one last time for a cuppa before summer officially kicked in and had a good time catching up with each other. They departed with an eager anticipation of making new friends soon!


July 2013


July 2013

From the HSE Desk Here is a useful piece of information from our HSE Desk Schlumberger recommended ‘Classic Luxury Transport’ has arranged children seats specifically for Schlumberger employees. Should you need any such requirement (e.g. airport pick & drop etc.), kindly book a taxi in advance and clarify the need as per age and number of children. Employees need to pay and can claim back if on business trip (i.e. relocation with the family). Contact details for booking: Contact person: Mr Habib or Mr. Abdullah Tel: 04 3584111 Fax: 04 3584222 Cell: +971 50 6504216 Email: Website:

Did we miss someone? Write to us! •

Please let us know if we have missed welcoming you or someone you know! Please feel free to contact any of the Board Members or our Welcome Co-ordinators Noha Djendou at 056 7886580/ or Rita Khetrapal at 050 4981548/

If you know someone who is in Dubai and has not received this newsletter, please contact our Communications Coordinator Nadine Morgan at 050 9201910/

Let your kids have some serious fun! Dubai SSA welcomes all you mommies to be a part of the Moms and Tots group. The group will give you the opportunity to meet other young moms and your kids a chance to make new friends! And trust me when I say this- these events often enhance your know-how on various local ‘good to know’ facts, like school, doctors and so forth. Did I mention that SSA also pays for the play date you organize?! So what are you waiting for? If you have children below 4 years of age and want to organize a moms and tots play date, contact Sandra Showalter at 050 1532164/



July 2013

More SSA Activities for you! •

Help us build a better chapter! Contact any of your board members with your ideas or suggestions!

Dear Ladies, SSA is a great platform to make new friends and is all about participation and enthusiasm. What better way to interact with your fellow spouses than to host a coffee morning?! It’s easy! After all, all we need for a coffee morning is a venue, loads of fun and laughter and some coffee (for which the SSA will pay!). If you are interested in hosting a coffee morning, please contact your Coffee morning Co-ordinator Armelle Marine at She will be happy to help you!

If you have a personal requirement that you would like to share with your fellow SSA spouses, do write to our Communications Coordinator Nadine Morgan at! She will help you spread the word!

Interested in a game of Bunco? Nadine Morgan is interested in starting a Bunco group. So here is calling all you Bunco enthusiasts- get in touch with Nadine and start rolling those dice! Contact her at 0509201910 or

If you like to read in Arabic, French or English and want to be part of a book club in any of these languages, come and join us! Call Samar Fawzy at 0557522512 or send her an email at

Are you interested in starting a group or a club with your fellow Schlumberger spouses? Let us know and we will spread the word! This will give you the wonderful opportunity to make new friends as well as pursue your interest. Here are some ideas to get you going o Walking group o Yoga group, and so on!

Good to know! • •


Did you know furniture and lifestyle stores Home Centre and The One offer 25% discount to Schlumberger employees? Just make sure your spouse tags along with you and carries his Schlumberger ID! Our Activities co-coordinator Hanh Mai has shared some brilliant ideas on souvenir-shopping in Dubai. Here they are o Al Nassma chocolates- the only chocolates made from camel milk and also come wrapped in golden camel shapes- they can be brought from LG floor kiosk near Bloomingdales. Chocolate bars start from AED29 while the medium camel shaped ones are AED59. They also have a camel farm with a shop. o Bateel dates and other products o Al Samadi Sweet Shop & Café- one of the best baklavas & Arabic sweets in Dubai, a large box full of sweets costs only AED35! Sweets can be kept in fridge for a month or outside for a week except the ones with cream on top. o Camel souk near camel race track has all sorts of souvenirs with camels like table cloths, blankets, runners etc. o Bur Dubai covered souk and Deira souk have inexpensive gifts, same as souks in malls but much cheaper. Ceramic handmade painted bowls made in Turkey, t-shirts, stuffed camels, scarves, table runners, cushion covers with beaded or embroidered camels/elephants & other beaded items and many camel/Dubai related items for kids or adults- you name it, they have it! o If you are thinking out of box, then how about you buy some camel milk?!


July 2013

Adopt-a-Camp AdoptaCamp (AAC) is an initiative to meaningfully improve the lives of the men who build the beautiful cities in which we live. And through them, to reach out to and aid the diverse communities from which they come. AAC has worked with labourers in labour camps for the past eight years and doing Care Packages Drives for the past 8 years, a couple of times a year. For the third consecutive year, they are partnering with Dubai Chamber of Commerce and World Trade Centre. The aim is to make 5000 hefty Care Packages consisting of three months’ worth of toiletries, energy food items and essentials that the men themselves have requested, such as: new pillows, bedlinen, socks, towels, etc. These Care Packages go hand in hand with Adopt-a-Camp’s Hygiene Workshops conducted at the camps to make the camps bedbug-free, lice-free and cockroach-free. They give the men a fresh start, the ability to have a good night's sleep and a new chance at being able to live with dignity. There are three ways you, your friends, your workplace can help: 1. By helping to source/sponsor supplies. Each Care Package costs AED125 at wholesale prices. Any help in the form of sponsoring Care Packages or providing the supplies to go in them helps make this entire event possible. Adopt-a-Camp requests that donations be in the form of supplies be coordinated with them beforehand to avoid duplication. 2.

By helping to assemble and distribute the Care Packages. This will take place over two days: 24th and 25th July. Dubai Chamber will be donating the entire Sheikh Rashid Hall at World Trade Centre exclusively for Adopt-a-Camp's Care Packages event for those two days. Exact timings and registration links will go live on their website by end of May. But to give you an idea, July 24th is mainly for companies and children and July 25th is for everyone. Once all 5000 Care Packages are assembled by July 25th, they will be heading out that same day to the assigned labour camps to distribute them directly into the hands of the men themselves. It's an awesome culmination to an incredible event.

3. By spreading the word. Even if you can't be involved in any stage of the process, please spread the word. At the very least, it will encourage others to look at the men who built our beautiful cities in a new light.

Adopt-a-Camp is active on facebook. SSA encourages you to visit their page to get an idea of the incredible work they are doing They can be reached at and their website is

Note: SSA is grateful to Lynda Martinez for this extremely useful piece of information



July 2013

Rendezvous…. With Laurence Causerr

This time we had a rendezvous with a very special lady… The ‘president’ as some of us call her or better known as the SSA Coordinator, Laurence Causer. She arrived 15 minutes early to my home… unfashionable for a French I would say but as she got out of the car, there was no mistaking the French flair and fashion, beautifully coiffed, with a Marilyn Monroe style dress (not white) but polka dot and very a la mode. We start by speaking a bit about her past BEFORE SCHLUM… Laurence was born near Paris but spent most of her life in Brittany, north west of France. She arrived in Brittany when she was 9 years old and stayed on until she was 25. She met her husband there when she was 21 years old. ‘And now I am 45 she exclaims ‘ Soon after Laurence and her husband moved to Lyon, France where her husband did his engineering school. They lived in Lyon for 4 years. AP: Now tell us a bit about life with Schlumberger? LC: My husband finished his engineering school in Lyon and was recruited by Schlumberger straight from school. He was asked if he wanted to work in Houston and so he came back home and said to me « we are going to Houston » and I said ‘ No, No, No, I don’t want to go to Houston’. AP: Really? Why? LC: I was 29 and it was the first time I would be going out of France. Schlumberger paid us our tickets to Houston and told my husband that if your wife doesn’t like it then better not take the job. So we went to Houston for a week and I said. ‘OK’. And so we went to Houston. AP: So that was the beginning… LC: Yes. I was 4 months pregnant at that time and didn’t speak a word of English. Luckily I met a wonderful lady who took care of me, she had a 9-month-old baby but she still took me everywhere. I am still in contact with her. It has been 16 years now. LC: We stayed in Houston for 4 years; I had my 2 girls there. And then we were moved to Stavanger, Norway for 3 years. My son was born in Norway. Then we were sent back to Houston for another 3 years and after that we came to Dubai.



July 2013

AP: How long have you lived in Dubai? LC: It will be 5 years in August. AP: Where do you live and tell us why you chose to live there? LC: We didn’t have much choice back then. We visited only 3 houses because we came during Ramadan. It was difficult to find a house. Michelle Mirza took us to see a house in Satwa and It was perfect, exactly what we wanted. A compound with a pool, close to the office and schools. So we chose Satwa for these reasons. AP: Tell us a bit about your family? LC: I am the oldest of two. I only have one Brother and he lives in Paris. I have 3 children. 2 girls and a boy. 15, 12,and 9. They study at a French School in Dubai. AP: Tell us a bit about your husband LC: My husbands name is Christophe, He was born in 1970. He has been in Schlumberger for 16 years. He started in IT, and then training, personnel and he is back in IT now. AP: What do you miss most about home? LC: Nothing…Absolutely nothing, because I can find everything here. AP: What do you like about Dubai? LC: The lifestyle, the weather, the people. I have met so many nice people here in Dubai and within the SSA too. So It will be very difficult for me to leave Dubai. AP: What do you least like about Dubai? LC: Nothing…. Sometimes the driving. No actually there is nothing else. AP: What is your average week like? LC: I am doing some workouts. I start my week by exercising. I meet friends for tea. Cooking and looking after the kids etc… It’s the same routine nearly every day. AP: Tell us 5 of your favourite things in Dubai LC: 1. The weather, 2. Easy life, 3. Shopping, 4. Friends, and 5. The Burj Al Arab. AP: Tell us 3 things that we don’t know about you LC: 1. I love massages, 2. I was a nanny when I was in Lyon, 3. I love scrape booking. AP: Tell us a bit about your job as the Coordinator LC: It’s very easy because I have a great team. For the past two years I haven’t been doing much because I had a very good team the first year and now the second year too. So it’s an easy job for me. At the beginning, I was afraid to do it because I was afraid it would be too much work. The previous coordinator Nathalie had a smaller group helping her and she had a bigger workload. So I hesitated before taking the job but my husband encouraged me to take on the challenge.



July 2013

AP: Is this your first job in the board? LC: No, I was coffee morning coordinator in Houston, babysitter coordinator in Norway, so I have always been doing something in the SSA But I was afraid to take on the Coordinators job but it has been easy. This concludes our interview with Laurence. If you would like to be featured in our Rendezvous Column, please contact Arunaa at . But in the mean time we will be hunting you down for interviews :â˜ş


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