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Conversations on climate action for Aotearoa NZ-Pacific Youth Climate Leadership Team 2011

Community action will make a difference. Governments are sensitive to that.

Need to put pressure on government to implement a proper price on carbon.

Say no to coal! Pressure government to redistribute carbon tax and make fossil fuel companies pay.

There are solutions. We just need to build big political pressure to make them happen.

We need to make sure everyone feels as valuable as they are.

There is no more time to wait, inaction doesn’t make sense. We are the only catalyst of change.

‘Society is going to insist to keep the lights on.’ We need to find alternatives and respond to them.

Communication - language is key to the climate movement.

For necessary change to happen, we need more than just individual action. We need support from govt.

There are no direct solutions available to find a better source of energy. It is upto us to find out.

Govt. legislation is integral but communities need to initiate this change.

It’s not just the little things we do now that will make the the main change. We need to change policies at the top.

Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) won’t work.

We need to move away from using fossil fuels for the sake of future generations living on our planet.

Coal is a big problem and we need to make changes at govermental level.

Charging companies to use coal and oil while deveolping renewable energy.

We need to get clear on what we need to fix and focus on it.

We have enough head information, it needs to move to emotive action on all levels.

‘Coal is 80% of the solution.’ No new coal. Focus on renewables.

Communicating the urgency for climate action is the key message.

Government can make the laws, but we make the rules.

We need to change the energy sources we are using as a society.

There is a need for effective policy change in government.

Change should be political and social. Each hinge on the other being succesful.

Making The Link  

Conversation on climate action for Aotearoa

Making The Link  

Conversation on climate action for Aotearoa