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LED CARPARK & The LED Carpark and office program is the latest cutting edge solution by E-power Australia Pty Ltd to promote and deploy LED lighting technology across the full range of the car parks, offices and supermarkets.

LED lights last 10 times longer than CFLs

Reduce annual maintenance costs

Save 50–80% of energy consumption

Reduce 50% of your carbon emissions

Save from existing and incoming carbon tax

Empower our environment with E-Power Australia

OFFICE PROGRAM Lighting accounts for nearly 10 % of global CO2 emission, more than cars worldwide. In Australia alone 22% of our power generated is used for lighting. With soaring energy prices and a growing concern about sustainability and the environment, a revolution in lighting is long overdue.

Australia could save more than

$150 million.

By converting to the LED lighting technology, Australian councils could save more than $50 million a year on power bills and $100 million on maintenance costs, also reduce 337,000 tones of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the new generation lights would pay for themselves in less than four years.

LED Benefits

• The lifespan of LED lights is over 50000 hours (6 years), 10 times longer than compactfluorescent lights; it also has no starter and no ballast. In next 6 years, you will save over $30,000 maintenance cost. • LEDs are green and environmentally-friendly emitting no dangerous UV, IR, thermal rays and are not contaminated with mercury like CFLs. • LEDs also have fast reactions when switched on and do not flicker after prolonged use. • LEDs are also 100% recyclable • LEDs are also durable and have no hazardous gas filled tubes like CFLs.


Launched in March 2011, the LED Carpark and Office Program is designed to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting in an effort to significantly reduce the amount of electricity used to power lighting on commercial building throughout Australia. There are hundreds of thousands of car parks all over Australia capital cities with each car park has 300 to 2000 fluorescent light sets. For security and commercial reasons, these premises have to keep their lighting on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The owners of car parks pay huge electricity bills and maintenance costs, something that can be easily avoided. In Australia, things are not improving. A study released by the Australian Industry Group (AIG) showed that the annual bill for a typical Sydney household will climb from $1257 to $2012 till 2013. This is equivalent to a 62.47% increase and we haven’t even calculated the extra carbon tax yet. • A typical car park, office or supermarket with 350 fluorescent light tubes could save $15,452.64 a year and 91.686 tones of greenhouse gas emission by converting to LED lighting technology. • If the electricity bill increase 62.47%, the above savings could reach $24,724.22 a year plus save $2383.84 carbon tax if price was set at $26.00 a ton.

E-power Australia Pty Ltd can offer your firm the best below-market price as well as a one-time replacement service. The cost of one 20 watt LED tube light to replace your 1200mm 35 watt fluorescent tube including electrical service is only $88.99 each. Compared to the current market price, you will save $25-30. All products and projects are warranted for one year. The total cost of replacing 350 fluorescent light tubes is $31,146.50. These new generation LED lights would pay themselves in less than 24 months.





Best for shopping malls. fashion outlets and boutiques

Best for offices and carparks

Best for indoor offices, showrooms and bathrooms

Case Study

The strata committee of the Avanti building at 90 George Street in Hornsby NSW developed a plan to save energy by installing LED lights instead of conventional lights. 200 LED copper and 900 LED tube lights were installed in common areas. The project is currently 90% complete and will result in the saving of 312.5 tons of CO2 emissions per year. The Avanti building will also save $57,931.00 each year in electricity costs, plus any other additional savings in relation to lighting maintenance for years to come.

Contact Interested in the LED Car Park & Office Program? Here’s what to do. First, please call E-power Australia to make inquiry. Our representative will arrange a consultation time to visit your place and make an assessment of the existing lights you wish to replace. Then our engineer and technician will design a new lighting plan for your company and an exclusive consultation plan which will show you:


How much energy and energy costs you will save


How much CO2 emissions will be reduced


How long to return your initial investment

1300 141 880

At E-power Australia, we guarantee the best quality service at the lowest below-market price, ongoing assessment and service and a limited oneyear offer of replacing any damaged lights free of charge.

Support The Australian Government is determined to be an international pioneer in greenhouse gas emission trading (ETS) and a driving force in world action on climate change. They made a decision to phase out all inefficient incandescent light bulbs by 2020 and have established several funds to assist in this transition: Low Carbon Communities Bonds: A Gillard Labor Government will provide 80 million to support local council and communities to cut pollution and reduce their energy costs through energy efficient upgrades to street lighting, community facilities and council building. Energy Efficiency for small Business program is part of NSW Government’s $150 million Energy Efficiency Strategy. It is available to businesses that use up to approximately $20,000 in electricity a year or have up to about 10 fulltime employees. Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) is NSW–based energy efficiency scheme which commenced on 1 July 2009. The objectives of the ESS are to: • Assist households and businesses to reduce electricity consumption and electricity costs. • To compliment any national scheme for carbon pollution reduction by making the reduction of greenhouse gas emission achievable at lower cost. On 16 May 2011, the scheme Administrator has released a version detailing fact Sheet 4- Approval of emerging lighting technologies. NSW Public Facilities Program: The funding will enable water and energy efficient facilities for non-for- profit community groups their facilities more. A total of 164 community savers projects have received $3.6 million in funding already. With strong support from the financial institutions, E-power Australia could arrange a private fund for suitable public and private enterprises. Terms and conditions will be provided.



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