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ECET 365 Week 4 Quiz (Devry)

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Student Answer:


mc9s12dg256.header mc9s12dg256.asm mc9s12dg256


(TCO #1, 2, and 7) Select the header file in CodeWarrior for the Freescale : 2. 1. Question (TCO #1, 2, and 7) _____ is part of the UNIX OS user layer. MC9s12DG256. Question :

Student Answer: API Device driver Shell Core


3. Question :

(TCO #1, 2, and 7) A multitask operating system is more feasible in _____.

an embedded system

Student Answer: a computer with multiple processors a processor with two accumulators a computer with multiple hard disks


4. Question :

(TCO #1, 2, and 7) In layered software architecture, the main module is usually found within _____.

Student Answer: the API the first (top) layer a module inside a thread

the last (lowest) layer


5. Question :

(TCO #1, 2, and 7) The user of a module may be interested in _____.

Student Answer:

passing values to the module

the output format of the module who wrote the module Both A and B


6. Question :

(TCO #1, 2, and 7) Identify the computer language commonly used for embedded programming.

Student Answer: C Assembly Both A and B Pascal


7. Question :

(TCO #1, 2, and 7) Which of the following commands loads hexadecimal number 44 to accumulator A?

Student Answer: LDAA #$44 LDAA #44 LDA #44 LDAA 44$


8. Question : (TCO #1, 2, and 7) C ++ encapsulation is _____.

Student Answer: grouping only functions in one class grouping only variables in one class grouping functions and variables in multiple classes


grouping functions and variables into one class

9. Question :

(TCO #1, 2, and 7) Information shared by multiple program modules is known as _____.

Student Answer:

a static int

a global variable a local variable a function


10. Question :

(TCO #1, 2, and 7) A multichannel digital storage scope is known as _____.

Student Answer: a logic analyzer a spectrum analyzer a network analyzer

an ICE

Ecet 365 week 4 quiz (devry)  

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