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Nelson & Haworth Golf Course Architects 尼森與何沃高爾夫球場設計事務所




elson & Haworth is one of the most highly respected and sought after golf course design firms. We work in many countries around the world, often in difficult terrain

森與何沃高爾夫球場設計公司(N&H)在全世界,特別是 亞太地區的球場設計行業中極富盛名,並且業績卓然。並

and climatic conditions, producing courses that are unique, beautiful and enduringly playable.


Well known for designing award-winning, challenging and enjoyable golf courses that sit lightly


on the land, we often incorporate elements of local cultural significance.


Founded in 1987 by senior partner Robin Nelson, the design firm of Nelson & Haworth

貝爾高林設計公司的 ROBIN NELSON 先生創辦,並在20世紀起

originally formed part of the respected and diversified Belt Collins group of companies, based

由 Neil Haworth 以及 Brett Mogg 兩位合伙設計師在新加坡開設

in Hawaii. Architects Robin Nelson, Neil Haworth and Brett Mogg purchased the Belt Collins


interest in Nelson & Haworth in early 2000 and now operate the company from offices in


Singapore, Shanghai and San Francisco.


Singapore is the head office of the company, providing timely and economical design services to clients in the region. Established more than ten years ago, it is the base for operations throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. Brett Mogg heads the Singapore office.

的服務極具時效性,能方便迅速地輻射亞太地區的所有設計服務工 作。其首席設計師為 Brett Mogg。 在上海的設計事務所主要對中國境內所有的球場設計服務,在

Our Shanghai office provides services to the scores of golf projects that we have completed


or that are under design and construction in China, the fastest growing golfing nation in the

N&H的設計作品,首席設計師 Neil Haworth 以上海和泰國為基地

world. Nelson & Haworth have designed nearly 10% of all the courses in China. Neil Haworth


is based in Shanghai and Phuket, Thailand.

美洲大陸的設計服務則由在舊金山的 Robin Nelson 負責,他

Robin Nelson manages our U.S. operations. His office in San Francisco caters to


projects in North and South America, as well as the South Pacific and Hawaii, where we have


contributed nearly 20 percent of the courses. Resources are shared between each office and


design collaboration is conducted on a worldwide basis.


These strategically placed offices allow us to visit our projects in all corners of the world


more economically and more frequently, consistently obtaining a high level of product for


our clients.

俗習慣,人文傳統有更加深入的瞭解,使我們能有機會把這種經驗 和體會融入我們 (N&H)的設計服務中去。


Tiger Woods blasts out of the greenside bunker at Hole 16, Sheshan International GC, Shanghai 老虎伍茲在上海佘山球場的16號洞沙坑救球


Simon Edmonds – 賽孟.愛德蒙茲, Neil Haworth – 尼爾.哈沃斯, Robin Nelson, (CHINESE NAME?) Brett Mogg – 布瑞特.摩格 and David Young – 戴耀武


Neil Haworth 尼爾.哈沃斯


Partner, Singapore 董事 首席設計師

eil Haworth joined the respected Canadian Golf Course Architecture firm of Graham Cooke and Associates in 1985. After several years of intensive work in the cool

Canadian climate, Neil made the big leap across the Pacific to decidedly tropical Singapore, establishing the Asian offices of what was then the respected firm of Nelson & Wright in 1990. Neil became a director of the new firm in 1992. Chairman of Nelson & Haworth since 2000, Neil has overall responsibility for the company’s operations outside of the United States.

Golf St Raphael No. 2 Course

Over the past decade, Neil has designed many of Asia’s top golf courses, including Shenzhen Golf Club in Guangzhou, China and Sheshan International Golf Club near Shanghai, China’s Course in Sabah is a masterpiece of design on a beautiful rainforest site that was voted “Best

Golf Course in Asia” in 2000 by “Asian Golf Monthly.”


most exclusive golf club and home of the HSBC Champions tournament. Shan Shui Golf

爾 .哈沃斯於1985年加入了加拿大的 Graham Cooke and Associates 設計公司。在經過北美寒冷地帶的設計工作以

In order to better service the many N&H clients in China, Neil has been based in

分公司,並在1992年單獨成立了 “尼森與何沃”球場設計公司。

Shanghai and Thailand since 2002, allowing him to make many more site visits and to provide


personal service to clients in this burgeoning market.


Neil was elected a full member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects in 1999.

北湖九號高爾夫俱樂部,上海地區的連續多年舉辦匯豐冠軍賽的上 海佘山高爾夫俱樂部,以及多次榮獲由權威的“亞洲高爾夫月刊” 評選的“亞洲最佳球場”—


高爾夫球場 出於對新興的中國高爾夫行業崛起的理解和支持,尼爾現在已 經在上海和普吉定居,親自為國內項目提供完善的設計服務。 尼爾哈沃斯於1999年成為“全美高爾夫設計師協會”的正式 會員。


Brett Mogg

Partner, Singapore



董事 首席設計師

rett began his career in Australia where he trained as a landscape architect. His early work lay in resort master planning and design.Working in Sydney for the world’s best-known

landscape architecture firm of Belt-Collins, Brett was responsible for design and planning works at the Hyatt Regency Coolum and Sanctuary Cove Resort. A love of golf, as well as an affinity for the game at various levels, brought Brett to the field of Golf Course Architecture and he joined the firm of Nelson & Haworth as a Golf Course Architect in 1992, based in

Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course East Course 香港滘西洲高爾夫俱樂部

Singapore, becoming a director in 1997. Brett has had twenty years of experience planning and designing courses throughout Asia winning Kau Sai Chau East Course on the rugged island of Kau Sai Chau in Hong Kong, to

the Irish Links style Suzhou Sun Island created out of the clay flatlands besides one of Suzhou’s


many lakes. Brett also enjoys the unique opportunities involved in course renovation especially

Hyatt Ragency Coolum 及 Sanctuary Cove 這兩個亞太地區極具

where it involves old and traditional style courses such as the 36-hole Royal Selangor Golf


Club in Malaysia.


on a variety of challenging sites. His designs vary widely in style, from the modern award-

Brett became a full member of the Australian Society of Golf Course Architects in 1999.

澳大利亞由園景設計開始其專業的設計師生涯,布瑞特在 園景設計和度假村總體規劃設計方面有多年的專業經驗,

為公司董事。 布瑞特在亞太地區積累了十五多年的設計經驗,其設計作品從 中國大陸到東南亞各國,甚至到覆蓋到中東和西亞地區的國家和地 區。憑藉其對高爾夫運動的敏銳見地,他在中國蘇州的設計作品 — 蘇州太陽島,成為了上海地區獨樹一幟的具有傳統風格的球場;他 對馬來西亞首府科倫坡雙子塔邊的著名的36洞 Royal Selangor 高 爾夫俱樂部的全新改造使球場更賦予了嶄新的活力;布瑞特先生所 設計的香港賽馬會的旗艦球場給當地球壇帶來了轟動。 在1999年,布瑞特成為了澳大利亞高爾夫設計師協會的正式 會員。


David Young

Director of China Operations, Shanghai

戴耀武.董事 項目代表 — 上海


avid Young began his career in the golf industry in 1993, working as site translator and coordinator at Shanghai Silport Golf Course during the initial earth work stages

and moving to the Shenzhen Sand River Golf Course project in April 1994, where he was promoted to assistant construction manager midway through construction. David moved back to his hometown of Suzhou in 1996, where he continued his career in golf course construction. In 1997 he commenced work on the 18 Hole Shanghai Links Golf Club where over the next

Shanghai Sheshan International Golf Course 上海佘山高爾夫俱樂部

four years he gained invaluable experienced in both construction and maintenance. In July 2001, David moved to Shanghai Sun Island Golf Course to oversee the construction of the 3rd 9 holes, which had been designed by Nelson & Haworth Golf Course Architects. He worked with N&H again at both Shanghai Qingpu and Kunshan Sun Island Golf Courses projects. In October 2002, David joined N&H full time where his responsibilities include project management, administration and most importantly ensuring the needs of our clients are taken care of in a timely and professional manner. In 2003 David was promoted to Director of China Operations for Nelson & Haworth.

耀武先生在1993年加入了國內較為新興的高爾夫行業。 最初作為球場建設工程的翻譯和現場協調指揮,參與了旭

寶高爾夫球場的部分初期土方工作,並於1994年初加入了深圳沙 河高爾夫球場的第一個9洞的建設管理,他在以後18洞的土方施工 和粗造型的過程中被提拔為項目總經理助理。戴先生於1996年回 到了他家鄉上海地區,並繼續致力於高爾夫球場的建設和管理。在 1997年7月,他開始了為期4年多的上海浦東林克斯外商休閒社區 18洞球場的建設和養護工作,在那裡,他進一步獲得了扎實的球 場建設和養護的寶貴經驗。 2001年7月,戴先生作為項目開發部經理,加入上海青浦太 陽島高爾夫球場的第3個9洞的建設項目,由於其在深圳時結識了 尼森與何沃球場設計公司,再加上他在太陽島項目的工作使他與 N&H設計公司的交流更加深入,在他完成了青浦太陽島的新9洞 和昆山太陽島的新36洞的第一階段工作後,戴耀武先生於2002年 10月1日正式加入了尼森與何沃高爾夫球場設計公司。 戴先生主要負責的工作包括項目策化及管理,其中最為重要的 是從專業的角度,通過隨時隨地與設計師的交流,來保證滿足項目 發展商對球場設計和建造的各種需要。戴耀武先生於2003年被尼 森與何沃球場設計公司董事會吸納為公司董事,專門負責中國國內 的球場設計事務運作。


Simon Edmonds 賽孟.愛德蒙茲


Director of Construction, Singapore

董事 高級設計協調員

imon is a highly regarded figure in the golf course construction industry throughout the world. A golf course superintendent by training, he brings an extensive background

in the coordination and construction management of golf courses, with over fifteen years of construction experience, from the arid Middle East to the steamy tropics across the AsiaPacific Region. In addition to his vast knowledge of construction techniques and experience in problem

Xiao Yang Kou Golf Club, Rudong, Jiangsu 南通小洋口高爾夫俱樂部

solving, Simon brings his appreciation of the many diverse cultures in which he has worked when liaising with construction managers and maintenance teams and working in the full spectrum of conditions – the icy cold of North China, the deserts of Pakistan, the rainforests of Borneo, and the typhoons of the Pacific Islands. Simon’s experience and working manner adds depth to Nelson & Haworth’s reputation of being able to give on-the-spot feedback to our clients based on expert local knowledge.

亞太地區的高爾夫球場設計和建造領域內,賽孟賦予了尼 森與何沃球場設計團隊更加廣闊扎實的設計協調及現場建

造管理的能力。作為一個有著十五年經驗的球場建造總監,賽孟在 不同的國家及地區,從乾旱的中東到熱帶雨林的亞洲,負責營造了 眾多不同風格的高爾夫球場。 賽孟對球場建造的各個領域的經驗使他能與各個項目的建造管 理人員達成和諧的溝通,使設計的風格及理念被充分發揮,並能應 對各種施工時不同的複雜情況,從中國北部的寒冷地帶,到中東及 南亞巴基斯坦的沙漠戈壁;從印度尼西亞的熱帶雨林,到颱風肆虐 的太平洋島嶼。 賽孟的專業能力和對項目把握的熟練程度能使我們的設計工作 在整個項目建設的實施過程中得到圓滿的貫徹。無論在項目建設時 對品質和投入的控制,還是在施工完成後業主和設計單位的滿意程 度,賽孟都起到了極為重要的作用。


Robin Nelson

Founding Partner, San Francisco

羅賓.執行董事 舊金山


obin Nelson has over 35 years of experience in designing exceptional golf courses all over the world. Originally with the firm of Robert Muir Graves of California, Robin

moved to the firm of Golfplan in 1976 and soon became vice-president in charge of Asia. While in this position, he designed the original Tanah Merah Country Club Garden Course and the Serapong Course at Sentosa in Singapore. In 1982, Robin joined forces with Belt-Collins, the well known Hawaii-based land plan-

Royal Kunia Golf Club 夏威夷 火奴魯魯

ning, engineering and landscape architecture firm, to head up their golf design company, which became the firm of Nelson & Haworth in 1992. Robin was voted a full member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects in 1987. Boardroom Magazine named him “Golf Course Architect of the Year” in 2000 and he was recently chosen as one of the top ten golf course architects in America by noted golf writer Jeff Williams. That same year, he founded the firm of Robin Nelson Golf Course Architect to focus on projects primarily in the United States and Pacific Rim. Robin maintains an interest in the operations of N&H in Asia and elsewhere and he often co-ordinates and collaborates with his design partners, Neil Haworth and Brett Mogg.

賓 · 內 爾 遜 在 全 球 擁 有 3 5 年 的 球 場 設 計 經 驗 , 最 初 他 在 加 利 福 尼 亞 R o b e r t M u i r

Graves 公司工作,1976年,轉投 Golfplan 設計公司,很快便晉 昇為主管亞洲地區的公司副主席,正是在這段時期,他先後在新加 坡設計了 Tanah Merah Country Club Garden Course 和Serapong Course at Sentosa。 1 9 8 2 年 , 羅 賓 與 總 部 位 於 夏 威 夷 的 B e l t C o l l i n s 公 司 ( 全 球 知 名 的 設 計 、 施 工 和 園 藝 公 司)聯手,成立了一家專業的高爾夫球場設計公司。1992年,該 公司正式改名為 Nelson & Haworth 設計公司。 1987年,羅賓成為美國高爾夫球場設計師協會成員,2000 年,Boardroom


年,為了拓展美國和太平洋群島上的業務,他又成立了一家名為“ 羅賓·內爾遜”的高爾夫球場設計公司。沒過多久,著名高爾夫作 家傑夫·威廉姆斯在 Cigar Aficianado 雜誌的一篇文章中把他列 舉為美國10佳高爾夫球場設計師。 如今羅賓有時兼職 Nelson & Haworth 設計公司的亞洲項目,與搭 檔尼爾·哈沃斯和布雷特·摩格聯名合作設計球場。


Xiao Yang Kou Golf Club, Rudong, Jiangsu 南通小洋口高爾夫俱樂部



Genzone Golf & Country Club 深圳正中高爾夫俱樂部

CHINA 中國 u Bayhood No 9 International Golf Club – Beijing 北京北湖9号球場

u Chongqing Hong Ding Country Club – Chongqing, Sichuan 重慶紅鼎球場 u Foison Golf Club – Huadu, Guangzhou, Guandong 廣州風神高爾夫球場 u Fox Valley Golf Club – Nanhai, Guangzhou

Macquarie Links International Golf Club – Sydney, NSW


AUSTRALIA 澳大利亞 u Macquarie Links International Golf Club – Sydney, NSW u Burswood Park Public Golf Course (remodel) – Perth, WA

Remodelled Courses 重建 u LeBlainvillier Golf Course – Blainville, Quebec u Golf St Raphael Old Course – Ile Bizard, Quebec u Rosemere Golf Club (landscape plan) – Rosemere, Quebec

u Genzone Golf & Country Club (36 holes) – Longgang, Shenzhen 深圳正中高爾夫俱樂部(36洞)

u Guangzhou International Golf Course – Guangzhou, Guandong 廣州國際高爾夫俱樂部 u Golden King Golf Club – Yaoshang, Beijing



u Le Grand Portneuf 4 Nine – Pont Rouge, Quebec

u Huizhou Tangquan G. & C.C. – Huizhou,

u Golf St Raphael No. 2 Course – Ile Bizard, Quebec

Guangdong 廣東惠州湯泉高爾夫球場



u Hunan Changde Peach Valley Golf Resort 常德桃花源高爾夫俱樂部

u Huzhou Hot Spring Golf Resort – Huzhou, Zhejiang 湖州溫泉高爾夫俱樂部 u Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club – Lijiang,Yunnan 玉龍雪山高爾夫俱樂部

u Lake Hill Golf Course (Dragon Course) – Haining, Zhejiang 海寧尖山高爾夫俱樂部龍場(18洞) u Luhuitou Golf Club – Sanya, Hainan 三亞鹿回頭高爾夫俱樂部

u Marcello Country Club (27 holes) – Jinshan, Shanghai 上海名人高爾夫俱樂部(27洞)

Golden King Golf Club 北京金帝高爾夫俱樂部

u OCT Wind Valley Private Golf Course – Shenzhen, Guandong 深圳東部華僑城雲海谷會員制球場

u OCT Wind Valley Public Golf Course – Shenzhen, Guandong 深圳東部華僑城雲海谷公眾球場

u Qingdao Huashan Int’l Golf Club (18 holes) – Qingdao, Shandong 青島華山高爾夫俱樂部(18洞)

u Tao Yuan River GC Golf Club – Qingdao, Shandong 青島桃源河高爾夫球場 u Tao Yuan Stadium GC, Qingdao, Shandong 青島桃源河高爾夫錦標賽球場

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club 玉龍雪山高爾夫俱樂部

u Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course (East Course) – Hong Kong S.A.R. 香港滘西洲高爾夫俱樂部 u Kunshan Sun Island Golf Resort (27 holes) – Kunshan, Jiangsu 江蘇昆山太陽島俱樂部

u Nanjing SunIsland Golf Club – Nanjing, Jiangsu 南京太陽島高爾夫俱樂部

u New Century Seaside Golf Course – Nanao, Guandong 深圳世紀海景高爾夫俱樂部


Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course East 香港滘西洲高爾夫俱樂部


Suzhou SunIsland Golf Club 蘇州太陽島高爾夫俱樂部

u Shenzhen Golf Club (27 holes) – Shenzhen, Guandong 深圳高爾夫俱樂部(27洞) u Shenzhen Xili Golf Course (36 holes) – Shenzhen, Guandong 深圳西麗高爾夫俱樂部(36洞)

u Shenquan International GC (36 holes), Nantian, Hainan 海南神泉高爾夫俱樂部,三亞 南田

Wind Valley Golf Club 深圳東部華僑城雲海谷球場

u Shanghai Sheshan International Golf Course – Shanghai 上海佘山高爾夫俱樂部 u Shuang Shan GC (27 holes) – Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu 張家港雙山高爾夫俱樂部(27洞) u Sun Island International Golf Club (36 holes) – Shanghai 上海太陽島國際俱樂部(36洞) u Suzhou SunIsland Golf Club – Suzhou, Jiangsu 蘇州太陽島高爾夫俱樂部

u Wuhan Liangzi Lake Golf & Country Club – Wuhan, Hubei 武漢梁子湖高爾夫俱樂部


Remodelled Courses Open for Play 重建已開業


u San Geronimo Golf Course

u Nakoma Golf Course – Graeagle, California

– Marin County, California

u Aeropines Golf Course – NAS Oceana,Virginia

u Moose Run Golf Course – Anchorage, Alaska u Casa Linda Oaks Golf Course – Jacksonville, Florida u Ravenwood Golf Course – Rochester, New York u Mare Island Golf Course – Vallejo, California

u Xiao Yang Kou Golf Club, Rudong, Jiangsu 南通小洋口高爾夫俱樂部

u OCT Yunhai Wetlands Country Club, Taizhou, Jiangsu 華僑城雲海濕地高爾夫俱樂部 Moose Run Creek Golf Course


Champs de Bataille Golf Course

Remodelled Courses Open for Play 重建已開業的球場

u Ala Wai Golf Course – Waikiki, Oahu u Honolulu Country Club – Salt Lake, Oahu u Kaanapali Kai Golf Course – Kaanapali, Maui u Kaanapali Royale Golf Course – Kaanapali, Maui u Kapalua Bay and Village Golf Courses

Mauna Lani Resort

– Kapalua, Maui

HAWAII 夏威夷 u Bay View Golf Links – Kaneohe, Oahu

u Puakea Golf Course – Puhi, Kauai

u Coral Creek Golf Course – Ewa Beach, Oahu

u Kona Country Club – Kona, Hawaii

u Ewa Beach International Golf Club

u Mauna Lani Resort (36 Holes)

– Ewa Beach, Oahu

– South Kohala, Hawaii u Royal Kunia Honolulu Country Club – Kunia, Oahu u The Kahili Golf Course – Waikapu, Maui u The Dunes at Maui Lani Golf Course – Wailuku, Maui u West Loch Estates Golf Course – Ewa, Oahu

u Mid-Pacific Country Club – Lanikai, Oahu u Oahu Country Club – Oahu u Waialae Country Club – Oahu u Maui Country Club – Paia, Maui u Mauna Kea Golf Course – Kohala Coast, Hawaii u Leilehua Golf Course – Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

FRANCE 法國 u Lann-Rohou Golf Club (remodel) – Landernau, Brest u Montgriffon Golf Club (45 holes) – Luzarches u Champs de Bataille Golf Course – Normandy u Melun Senart Lake Course – Melun Senart

Royal Kunia Honolulu Country Club


Remodelled Courses Open for Play 重建球場 u Royal Selangor Golf Club (36 holes) – Kuala Lumpur 皇家斯蘭格高爾夫俱樂部(36洞)

u Sabah Golf & Country Club – Sabah 沙巴高爾夫鄉村俱樂部

PHILIPPINES 菲律賓 Sabah Golf & Country Club 沙巴高爾夫鄉村俱樂部

INDIA 印度 u Bombay Presidency Golf Club (Remodel), Bombay

u Mimosa Golf & Country Club (36 Holes) – Angeles City, Central Luzon 天使城含羞草高爾夫俱樂部(36洞)

u Punta Fuego Golf Course (9 Holes) – Punta Fuego, Southern Luzon

Mangilao Golf Club 關島高爾夫俱樂部

SOUTH PACIFIC ISLANDS 南太平洋島國 u Mangilao Golf Club – Guam 關島高爾夫俱樂部


u Bali Golf and Country Club – Nusa Dua, Bali

u Friendship Meadows Country Club


– Pak Chong

u Phoenix Resort, Miyazaki (remodel - 27 holes)

u Panya Indra Golf Course (C Nine remodel) – Bangkok


u Royal Hills Golf Club – Nakhon Nayok

u Gunsan Private 18 Golf Club – Gunshan


Remodelled Courses Open for Play 重建已開業的球場

Warren Golf & Country Club 沃倫高爾夫俱樂部

u Defence Raya Golf & Country Club, Lahore

u Pinx Golf Club – Jeju


u Warren Golf & Country Club

u Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (36 holes)

– Choa Chu Kang 沃倫高爾夫俱樂部

– Kuala Lumpur 科倫坡高爾夫俱樂部(36洞)

Remodelled Courses Open for Play 重建

u Shan Shui Golf & Country Club – Sabah

u Jurong Country Club (bunker remodel) – Jurong


u Raffles Country Club – Lake Course – Tuas

u Tiara Melaka Golf & Country Club (27 Holes) – Melaka 天拉美拉卡高爾夫俱樂部(27洞)


Design and Photography by Robin Moyer Pacific Empire International Limited — Hong Kong email:


CHINA 中國 Under Construction 正在建造 u Alila Yingde Golf & CC, Guangdong 廣東阿里拉高爾夫度假村 u Jin Hai Lake Golf Resort (North Course) – Beijing 北京金海湖高爾夫俱樂部 北場 u Hunan Changsha Golf Resort, Hunan 湖南長沙高爾夫俱樂部

Design/Planning Stage 已設計規劃 u Beijing National Golf Club – Beijing 北京國家高爾夫俱樂部

u Meilian No. 9 Golf Resort – Hainan 海口美蘭9號高爾夫俱樂部

u Qingdao Wetlands Golf Resort – Qingdao, Shandong 山東青島濕地高爾夫俱樂部

KOREA 韓國 Design/Planning Stage 設計階段

Bayhood No.9 International Golf Club 北京北湖9號球場

u Hong Cheon Doomiri Golf Club (27 holes)


– Seoul Korea

Design/Planning Stage 設計規劃階段

MOROCCO 摩洛哥 Under Construction 在建項目

u Walden Reserve Golf Course – Grandview, Tennessee

u Golf de L’Ocean (27 holes) – Agadir

u The Wilds Golf Course – Zainesville, Ohio

u La Palmeraie Golf (3 nine holes) – Marrakesh

u Aina Lea Golf Course


u La Bouskoura GC, Cassablanca

– South Kohala Coast, Hawaii


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香港滘西洲高爾夫俱樂部 Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course (East Course)

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Nelson & Haworth Golf Course Architects Professional Qualifications Brochure

N&H PQs high rez  

Nelson & Haworth Golf Course Architects Professional Qualifications Brochure