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Another niche his business fills is supplying the hard-to-find item that large chains won’t stock and may take weeks to special order. “Our Do It Best warehouse carries around 70,000 items,” Lamar says. “We place an order every Tuesday and our truck arrives on Thursday . . . . We also have available online shopping that offers free shipping to our store with the same quick turn-around.”

Faulkner’s biggest issue with chain stores is that sometimes the pharmacy benefit managers that issue copay cards are owned by the chain and try to steer the patient to their stores.

“Also prescription mail order is a problem for all pharmacies,”David says. “The pharmacy benefit manager has a mail order center and tries to force patients to use mail order.”

Still, he says Faulkner’s, with its eight employees, has more flexibility in how it does business and a more focused view of how to survive in today’s economy.

“Decisions are made here and not in a corporate office 2,000 miles away,” he added.

Pharmacist David Jamison compounds a special prescription for a client.

Similarly, Lamar says, if an Indian Trail Hardware customer has a problem with a product, he can talk to a store owner to help solve the issue. “Also being a small business owner in the community, when we need products or services we try our best to use local products and businesses. This way our money goes back into the community rather than a corporate account in another state.”

small business community in Indian Trail is “pretty tight.” The group's “Shift $20” campaign asks residents to shift at least $20 a month to support local businesses. Based on a population of 28,000, if everyone 18 years and up did so, it would add more than $3.4 million to the local economy in one year, the group contends.


A 2012 study showed that local retailers return 52 percent of their revenue locally, compared to 14 percent for national chain retailers.

Dawn, a member of the Rely On Local Business campaign, says the

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“While our advertising budget is not as large as the big box, our donations as a percentage of our budget are much bigger than theirs,” says Lamar.

Luanne Williams, a former newspaper editor, is a freelance writer.

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