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Needle Catcher Doll Complete Pattern and Instructions for Doll Pincushion Designed by Charlotte Beck

The sewer's chatelaine is the traditional way for a sewer to keep her most frequently used tools close at hand, while the doll is the time-honored way to keep little hands busy. This chatelaine pincushion combines both those essentials.

Before cutting the fabric, place it with wrong sides facing, then transfer the pattern and cut it out. Do not clip the underarm corner until after the piece has been stitched where indicated on the pattern. Start at one shoulder and stitch around the piece to the other shoulder as shown on the pattern.

Clip the neck and underarm where shown. Turn the piece right-side-out through the neck opening. Lightly stuff the arms, leaving the shoulder are flexible and unstuffed. Stuff the body with dried material or stuffing of your choice. Rosemary leaves as stuffing will keep pins moisture-free. Hand stitch the 2 beads for the feet in the center bottom of the body. Take a stitch in the end of the arm, string 2 beads onto the thread, take another stitch into the opposite arm end, pull the thread tight and tie it off with a knot. Next, loosely gather the neck opening to be about the size of a dime, or just smaller than the bead for the head. Apply glue to the neck opening and attach the head. Arrange the hair as you wish it to appear and glue it into position. Glue a small bow to the hair and a ribbon loop to the doll back if you want to make a hanger.

Doll Pin Cushion Pattern  

Here is a great pattern for making a small doll pin cushion for all your quilting and sewing needs.

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