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The Right Shape For Today’s World – F L AT ! Ship Flat! Store Flat! Stack Flat! V-Crate™ was designed to provide cost savings and efficiencies critical for today’s competitive global markets as well as support environmental and resource sustainability concerns. A wide range of items can be transported and stored in V-Crates, and their innovative collapsible design maximizes efficiency and minimizes waste, transportation and storage costs associated with other single-use commercial wooden and plastic containers. With increasingly competitive global markets, manufacturers, distributors and supply-chain professionals realize the urgency to cut costs and to incorporate practices to protect and sustain natural resources. As a result, many businesses will utilize V-Crate™ containers to handle their demanding packaging requirements.

V-Crates’ unique panel design and easy snap-on fasteners provide ultimate strength and durability! • Cost Savings • Enhanced Strength • Reduced Breakage • Optimized Space Utilization • Ergonomic Design • Top & Side Access • Low Cost Maintenance

Reusable, Collapsible V-Crate™ • Ideal for multiple, demanding transport cycles • Provides superior costefficiency and reliability

Single-Use,Collapsible V-Crate™ • Ideal for storage and/or single use

Reusable, Collapsible V-Crate™ Improve handling efficiency, maximize storage and shipping space, and reduce waste and costs associated with single-use, expendable packaging. This translates to more profitability! Numerous articles and recent case studies confirm that reusable transport containers can save manufacturers and suppliers significant money and resources. Reusable V-Crates can help improve the flow of products throughout the supply chain and can provide substantial long-term savings.

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It’s All About the Bottom Line! • Significant Long-Term Savings – Per trip costs are reduced when a reusable container is amortized over its’ useful life, translating into long-term savings and a lower per-piece product price. • Save in Disposal & Labor Costs – Unlike single-use containers requiring resources for deconstruction and disposal after each use, V-Crates can be used multiple cycles, providing economical efficiency. • Decreased Storage Costs – When disassembled, V-Crates easily stack flat, providing optimized space utilization.

• Minimized Product Damage – V-Crates are designed to withstand multiple uses, and are made to our customers’ exact requirements, reducing sloppy, unnecessary extra space, which can lead to breakage. • Improved Safety And Ergonomics – Simple, quick attachment requiring no special tools or effort. • Reduced Transportation Costs – Fit more with customized size; return flat. • Improved product flow and optimized inventory management

Realize substantial return on investment, many times in less than one year!


Maximize Supply-Chain Efficiency! Tough • Durable • Secure • Weather Resistant V-Crates are suitable for transporting all types of items, and are especially ideal for large, heavy, bulky, odd-shaped, and/or fragile items.

Custom-made to our customers’ exact requirements! • Reusable or single-use designs • Sized to fit interior measurements and specifications – small to very large • Standard 3⁄4”, 5-ply, heat-treated plywood or OSB panels • Easy snap-to-secure, spring-hardened steel or polycarbonate fasteners • 2 or 4-way pallet bases • Strong, water-resistant rabbeted panel construction • Load containers from the top or side

Additional Available Features • • • • •

Custom dunnage design Water-resistant, plasticized coating (variety of colors) Array of panel materials available Corporate colors or company logos Fastener locks for extra security

V-Crates are internationally-rated to meet ISPM-15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures) standards for wooden imported and exported packaging materials.

A Cut Above... Dependability! • Designed, produced and supported from one U.S. location • Replacement parts readily available • Friendly product support you can count on

Superior Strength and Durability! • • • •

Rust-proof steel or polycarbonate fasteners Proven to withstand extreme pressure Drop tested – proven container and fastener stability Rabbeted panel construction tested for weather resistance Reusable V-Crate™ • Strong enough to stack up to 8 high when loaded without racking • Compression tested to 40,000+lbs. when stacked

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No Environmental Concerns! Additional insurance coverage and stacking restrictions may apply for plastic reusable containers, which do not apply to wooden containers like V-Crate™. • No dangerous out gases in extreme heat or fire • Constructed of 100% recyclable materials

V-Crate™ design is provided by our in-house experienced design team. They’ll work closely with customers to achieve maximum protection and stabilization of their products.

Weather-resistant, coated V-Crates

Protect The Environment & Sustain Resources! Integrating reusable V-Crates into supply-chain operations can help reduce overall waste and meet corporate packaging waste reduction goals! Using a reusable shipping container, like V-Crate™, is an approach many businesses have found highly effective to reduce packaging waste. The amount of generated waste can be reduced to help conserve natural resources, promote corporate stewardship, while adding profit to the bottom line. Businesses may utilize reusable transport containers for a variety of reasons to increase efficiencies and to save money. Whatever the reason, reusable V-Crates can help manufacturers and businesses improve their bottom lines while decreasing the burden and negative impact wasteful packaging puts on the environment. Though at the end of their useful life, reusable V-Crates will need to be dismantled and disposed of. Reusable V-Crates are constructed of 100% recyclable wood and metal material.


Assembly Is A Snap! V-Crates consist of rabbeted panels, held together with extremely strong, detachable, spring-hardened steel fasteners. (Single-use V-Crates feature polycarbonate fasteners.) They simply snap into pre-cut slots on each panel. A specially designed fastener release tool is provided with containers, which can quickly release and/or pry the fastener off when desired. V-Crates™ can be stored and transported flat when not in use.

QUICK – EASY – EFFICIENT! 1. Stacked and dismantled – V-Crates (unless extra large in size) can be assembled or dismantled by one person in just minutes. 2. Assembling the container - No special tools are required. Simply place one rabbeted side panel into the rabbeted edge on the base. Secure by snapping fasteners into the pre-cut slots on both panels. Continue with remaining panels and fasteners in desired order. Specialized containers, dunnage, locks, etc. will require additional instructions. 3. Attaching the lid – Lastly, the lid is placed into position and fastened to the four assembled side panels. The V-Crate™ is complete and ready for use.

IT’S JUST THAT EASY! Reusable V-Crate™ shown

Are Reusable Transport Containers Right for You? Businesses should consider utilizing reusable transport containers when they can save money and resources. Also, by implementing returnable containers as part of corporate process improvements, businesses could achieve more productivity out of an existing facility.

Ideal Conditions for Reusables: • Operate closed or managed open-loop systems • Manufacturers and suppliers located near one another • Repetitive and constant flow of products between more than one business • Have own trucking fleet • Ship large, bulky and/or easily damaged products, currently requiring expensive custom single-use containers

R E V E R S E LO G I S T I C S Closed and managed open-loop systems are ideal for reusables.

Managed Open-Loop System



Uses Just about anything and everything can be transported and stored in a V-Crate™ container and businesses in all types of industries can benefit from their use. These include: • • • • • • • • •

After-market repair parts Aircraft components Oil and Gas equipment Liquids Glass High-tech machinery Medical equipment Printed materials Telecommunications equipment • Military equipment and ammunition

• Foundry parts • Pumps and air compressors • Rolls and coils • Food and beverage products • Windmill parts • Mechanical and industrial components and many more...

Containers flow through the system, are then returned empty to their original starting point to then repeat the entire process again.

Closed-Loop System

Manufacturer or Shipper/Transport Co.



Single-Use V-Crate™ INBOUND FREIGHT • INTERPLANT WORK-IN-PROCESS FINISHED GOODS • SERVICE PARTS Easy • Fast • Custom Sizes • Economical • Store Flat Unlike other one-way or single-use shipping containers, V-Crate™ single-use transport containers offer added efficiencies. Single-use V-Crates feature OSB and polycarbonate fasteners.

It’s All About Efficiency! Time and Money Savings Snap together quickly and easily – no special tools.

Ergonomic Help reduce injuries compared to assembling standard crates requiring tools, screws and nails.

Minimized Product Damage Single-use V-Crate’s are made to our customers’ exact requirements, reducing sloppy, unnecessary extra space, which can lead to breakage.

Decreased Storage Costs When disassembled, single-use V-Crates easily stack flat, providing optimized space utilization.

Environmentally Friendly V-Crates are made of recyclable materials.

Durable polycarbonate fastener snaps into place.

About Us Versi-Panel Enclosures designs and manufactures innovative, reusable containers and enclosures for a variety of industries. With over 22 years of experience, Versi-Panel Enclosures provides the very best in quality products created specifically for our customers’ unique applications. We will work closely with our customers to provide a customized, cost-saving system to maximize their transportation and storage efficiencies. No matter the size of the order, all of our customers receive the same level of commitment and support. Design and Engineering – Our experienced design team will work closely with each customer to best understand their unique specifications and expectations. They will quickly and efficiently create the best solution for today’s ever-changing market demands. Customer Support – Our sales support does not stop once an order is shipped. Customer service, replacement and parts support are available throughout the life of our products. Customer and Parts Support (888) 831-1226

Have questions? Need a quote or prototype?

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Have questions? Need a quote or prototype?

Call Today! (866) 928-5710 Versi-Panel Enclosures 2855 S. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Versi-Panel Enclosures 2855 S. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80916

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V-Crate collapsible, reusable containers save you money and resources while also helping the environment by reducing waste.