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ď śAs the smoke shop industry modernizes and expands to accommodate the ever-growing emphasis and respect for mother nature, the traditional phrasology "head shop" is slowly migrating to the more politically correct title of "smoke shop".

ď śThe urban trend of head

shop has been mythologized and mutated to the more acceptable and semantically pleasing "gift shop", "smoke and gift store", "smoke shops", "pipe and smoke"

and "smoke and gift shop" where products such as KryptoÂŽ are found, while the dated head shop scene advances to the summit of corporate respect.


ď śSome of the most sought after products that are found in a head shop include lighters, custom matches, and high quality

cigarette cases. Some wholesale head shops that offer glass pipes and bongs may be behind the times as the new wave of smoking

accessories grow in popularity. The International Oddities goods occasionally seen in head shops presents a variety of desirable cigarette lighters, some bearing the IO logos and images.

ď śMany of the canned and boxed varieties of smoking

buds have corresponding matches with the same graphic design and logos so that you can coordinate your smoking products. Coming from a trusted us head shop many custom smoke products bear imprinted designs that remain highly in demand.

ď śSome believe products from

International Oddities contain salvia but nothing could be further from the

truth. The smoking company says that such questionable goods have no place

in their product line.

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online head shop