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Rosetta is on a royal ship. She is a small baby. Suddenly, there is a big storm and Rosetta falls out into the deep, shark infested water. A while later dolphins come and save her. The dolphins take her to an island. Grassy is a 78 year old dog, Grassy finds Rosetta and tries to help her. Thumbelina, the clumsy elephant, is scared. She gets water in her trunk and she is so scared she squirts it all on Rosetta. Finally, Rosetta wakes up. Time has passed Rosetta is now eighteen years old. She is big and tall. She loves to swing on trees and loves to swim with the dolphins that saved her. One day a stranger comes to the island. Rosetta wondered what he was doing here. The stranger was on a rock in an alligator reef. The alligators try to attack him. The stranger tries to save himself, but he cant. Rosetta comes out of nowhere and tells the alligators to stop, the alligators understand her so they stop. The stranger is surprised there is another human on the island and that she can speak with animals. The stranger introduces himself, he says he is a prince. Rosetta never met a prince before. Rosetta introduced herself. She asked him what he was doing here. He said he was exploring strange islands and that he liked doing it. He also said this island was the strangest island he ever saw. Rosetta showed the prince around the island. The next day Rosetta, Thumbelina, Grassy, Milki, and Stripes are all waiting for Prince William in the beach. The beach was the most beautiful part of the island, it also was so beautiful it felt like you where in heaven. Finally Prince William arrived to the beach from his boat. Everyone was ready to say goodbye until Prince William asked Rosetta if she wanted to come with him to his kingdom. He explained very well why to come with him. After a long time of thinking and silence Rosetta speaks very low and says, “Only if my friends can come along.” Rosetta, Thumbelina, Sky, Milki, Stripes, Grassy are on Prince William’s royal ship. The weather was changing from sunshine to a dark gray sky. They were very lucky they got to the kingdom before the storm. Prince William said that Rosetta can come with him in the carriage and the animals will follow him. Rosetta said she would be more comfortable if she went with her friends. Finally, they got to the palace. Prince William said that the animals can sleep in the royal barn. Rosetta thought maybe something similar to the island would be good for the animals. Then Prince William had a good place for them to stay, he suggested the green house. Rosetta asked him what a green house was. He said it was a house with many plants and trees. It is usually made of glass. A few minutes later, Prince William took Rosetta to meet his parents the king and queen. After Rosetta was introduced a girl came in she introduced herself to Prince William. Then the king tells him that he will be marrying her. Her name is Maya she is very nice and very pretty. The king also said he will be getting married in five days. The next day, Prince William surprises Rosetta by inviting her to the royal ball. Rosetta accepts the invitation. When Rosetta gets back to her room she looks for the dresses, finally he finds it. She tries on every dress there is but they don’t fit her, so she decides to make her own. With the help of her friends she makes a spectacular dress. The dress has pink glittery feathers, blue bows on the front and the back, and purple silk fabric. When Rosetta enters the ball room, every single person FALLS!!

Rosetta's Adventure  

Rosetta the wild island girl goes to live in a palace.

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