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Armando Hermans Story Chaim Cohen is on the stage announcing the draft picks for 2033. Finally the room went quiet because the best team in the NBA the Mars Heat was picking. Chaim Cohen said, “ With the first pick in 2033 NBA Draft the Mars Heat select Armando Herman”. Then his parents popped out of nowhere and they started to hug. Armando signed a 3 year deal worth 1,000 gold nuggets. Then Chaim handed Armando his # 15 jersey. His enemy Leon Kiblisky wasn’t picked in the draft at all. Leon remained an undrafted player. Lets go on, Today is NBA Tip- Off and Armando is making his NBA debut. NBA TV was surrounding him interviewing him. The reporter asked him, “Whats your goal to this rookie season you are having?” Armando answers,”Umm I just want to do the best I can and compete with these great players like Bob Frankenstein. The reporter says”ok and what do you expect from your team in the playoffs if you guys make it?” “Umm I just want to have a good rookie season and try to compete and win The Finals.” After Armando is shooting hoops and coach Andres is getting interviewed. The reporter asks,” Andres how do you think Armando’s performance will be this season?” He answers,” Umm I think he is gonna have a great season he told me one day he watched LeBron James play along time ago when he was a kid, he also told me he followed his skills.” Getting ready for Tip-Off. You guys remember Leon Kiblisky right? He is watching the game. He comes up with a plan to kill him. Leon says in his head, “Gosh my gosh why didn’t I get picked I’m better than him, he misses every shot.” Of course Armando is very good he is just so jealous he wants to kill Armando or to ruin his career. Leon says in his head,” I know I want to kill him and to ruin his career. But How how ? The commentator says, “And now stand up and make some noise for your Mars Heat, The starting Lineup # 6 Joel Martinez, # 3 Ziv Levinson, # 7 Tal Weisserman, # 99 Ariel Cohen, and now making his NBA debut # 15 Armando Herman.” Armando ended up getting 30 points and 10 rebounds he has his first career double double. Armando won the dunk contest vs. Chaim Abbo. He completed major milestones during the great season he had. During the season Leon came up with his plan. Now going on to the playoffs. This is 3rd round game 1. The Heat were vs. the Venus Clippers. Chaim Cohen is handing Armando the MVP trophy because he won MVP. The game started. Leon was on the fan cam he was yelling, “ STOP NOW!!” He was so mad. The Mars heat ended up winning the series 4-0 they swept the Clippers. Armando had a monster game 2 he had 42 points and 12 assists. And that night before game 6 of The NBA Finals something bad happened. Armando is having a nice rest getting ready for tomorrows game 1. Leon Kiblisky came to his room and he had a chip he was going to put in his ear to control him. All you can hear in the room was snoring. So Leon threw the chip in his ear. Then he snuck out of the room as quick as a Ferrari. The chip takes a while

to begin working Leon doesn’t want to waste the battery. Leon takes over his body in game 6. So in Mars Arena the Heat look to take the finals trophy. The commentator began to make the fans go crazy. “ And now stand up and make some noise for your Eastern Conference Champions, MARS HEAT. # 6 Joel Martinez, # 3 Ziv Levinson, # 7 Tal Weisserman, #99 Ariel Cohen, and # 15 Armando Herman!!!!! Your MARS HEAT!!!!! The head coach is Andres Ruah. The Heat got the ball and Leon was at his house doing his stuff using the remote to make Armando miss every shot. Leon giggled and said” Haha this is like a video game. Armando finished game 6 with 6 points and 7 rebounds, it was not a good performance. So now game 7 is in Jupiter this is a must win game for both teams. The announcer of Jupiter Arena said,” Get up, and scream for your Jupiter Lakers!!! # 1 Drew Assor!! # 5 Jonathan Zisman and # 6 Miguel Markovitz and # 7 Mario Ades!! Your Jupiter Lakers!!” The game is starting Armando is jumping in fear of losing. Leon is at home working his remote. But the weirdest thing happened, the remote wasn’t working. Leon said, “ OMG why isn’t it working now Armando will win the finals.” In the 4th quarter there was 2 seconds left and Armando shot it full court and he made it. It was a miraculous shot. Leon said” WHAT? HOW in the world did he make that?” Leon was a jealous man. And the Mars Heat Won and they got their trophy. Armando made a special call out and said,” Leon Kiblisky should be drafted next year. He’s a good basketball player and I learned that awesome half court shot from him. “ Next Leon is sitting on his couch realizing that he shouldn’t have put the chip in his ear and tried to control Armando. And the phone rings.

The End

Armando Herman's story  

Armando Herman reaches his basketball goals only to have a jealous person try to ruin it all.

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