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Teenage Stress: Girls vs. Guys Teen stress is different for girls and guys.

brings stress to them. This is likely to happen

Teenage guys and girls have different ways of

because your mind starts to believe that you

getting impacted and they have different levels

should look like the model of that cover page.

of symptoms to stress. The results are not

Some people strive to become the new look or

unexpected but there is something you

trend when really you shouldn’t because you’re

probably wouldn’t have thought of.




68 percent of girls stress about their

With stress in your life, teenagers become

appearance while 55 percent of guys stress

depressed as well. 37 percent of girls and 32

about their appearance. This makes sense,

percent of guys report feeling depressed or sad.

society expects things from teenagers that are

Being overwhelmed with stress can cause the

sometimes hard to accomplish. Everyone wants

same type of thoughts you think when you’re

to wear the new trends. Sometimes society

depressed. 35 percent of girls and 17 percent of

wants you to look a certain way which is why

guys are eating unhealthy foods. Some people

teenagers stress out so. 45 percent of girls 36

tend to eat junk food when stressed. 34

percent of guys get angry and irritated. A lot of

percent of girls and 22 percent of guys say that

people get changes in their behaviors when

they’re pressured to be someone they’re not;

they’re stressed. It’s hard for most people to

also known as peer pressure. 31 percent of girls

stay calm when they have a lot of things going

and 15 percent of guys have reported that

on. 44 percent of girls and 30 percent of guys

they’ve skipped a meal. 22 percent of girls and

don’t get enough sleep. This is when time

8 percent of guys lose their appetite when

management joins in; you need to manage your

stressed. When you’re busy catching up or

time if you want enough sleep. Not getting

doing last minutes work you’ll forget about the

enough sleep is bad towards your health. 39


percent of girls and 13 percent of guys are eating too much or too little. Stress eating is never the right thing to do, we over eat because it’s comfort and we see food as a reward. Some people don’t eat because they become too nervous to eat. 39 percent of girls and 29 percent of guys say that social media

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