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Always Accurate. Each Time. Every Time. AccuFrame is a framework that acts as a substructure for multiple implant-based prostheses. It is the most accurate, diverse and aesthetic custom framework cleared by the FDA.



Features & Benefits

• A high quality frame that fits the first time, every time. • At a price that helps you increase your profitability and reduce your outsourced costs. • With a limited lifetime warranty that gives both you and your patient peace of mind. • A frame designed specifically to meet your needs and at your direction. • Review the frame in your office in a true 3D fashion utilizing XpresReview. • All orders ship within 10 business days.

Cagenix has developed a proprietary process that provides a bar and framework solution with a masked, natural color along with a micro-retentive surface. The bar has a natural, tissue color that will provide a more natural look through all acrylic restorations.

Features & Benefits

• Masked titanium for a natural look. • Improved retention of acrylic. No intermediary layer to weaken acrylic resin retention that may lead to chipping and/or debonding of acrylic resin. • Bar is pre-textured for micro-retention with acrylic. • Improved aesthetics. • No thick layered opaque material required. Does not change the surface of the bar with an additional layer of material. • No effect on fit.The AccuFrame Plus is still the best fitting bar available. • Acrylic bonds directly to the titanium surface. No additional steps required. * Patent Pending. Color shown is representative. The Cagenix AccuFrame has been cleared by the FDA through the 510K filing process. Cagenix uses a titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) that meets ASTM standard 1472. Proudly manufactured in the USA.

AccuFrame Plus ® • • 866-964-5736 • 901-763-3784




The highly sophisticated XpresReview software that you will use for the review process is provided free of charge. This allows you to rotate, zoom and pan the designed framework in relation to soft tissue and teeth set-up.

Measurement tools allow you to view the exact position of the framework relative to your patient's soft tissue and denture teeth.

The translucent tooth setup allows you to see the soft tissue, teeth and framework at once giving you confidence that the framework will be perfect in the patient's mouth.

The cross-section tools in XpresReview allow for views only available in a virtual CAD environment. • • 866-964-5736 • 901-763-3784


Bar Profiles

Below are common examples of bar profiles and designs. Other profiles available.

Inverted Y Bar* • Unique profile for fixed prosthesis • Strong and slim cross-section • Fully wrapped

Inverted Metal Base* • Fixed prosthesis • Polished intaglio • Partial wrap

Hader Bar • Removable prosthesis • Highly polished surface

Removable Combination • Removable prosthesis • Combination allows for different levels of stability

Y Bar* • Unique profile for fixed prosthesis • Strong and slim cross-section • Fully wrapped

Metal Base • Fixed prosthesis • Polished intaglio • Partial wrap

Primary Bar with MK1 • Removable overdenture design • May be used with attachments or secondary structure

Metal Base with Soft Tissue Contour • Fixed prosthesis • Polished intaglio surface • Contoured to match unique gingival surface • Partial wrap

Metal Base Polished Lingual* • Fixed prosthesis • Polished intaglio and lingual • Easy cleansability • Partial wrap

Y Bar with Soft Tissue Contour • Fixed prosthesis • Intaglio surface follows gingival surface • Fully wrapped

Copymill • Fixed prosthesis • Fabricated resin pattern to technician design

Other features available: Dolder Bar Bredent Ball Finish Lines Multiple Profiles • • 866-964-5736 • 901-763-3784

* Patent Pending. Color shown is representative.


Fee Structure

Standard Pricing Pricing is based upon the number of implants/abutments on each arch. The price is $250 per implant/abutment with a discount above 6 sites.

Number of Implants 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Additional Fees AccuFrame Plus Color Treatment Soft Tissue Contour on Metal Base Bars Non‐standard Designs

Fee for AccuFrame® $500

Cagenix allows multiple bar profiles in the same prosthesis.


$1,000 $1,250 $1,500 $1,650 $1,815

$35 per frame $250 per frame Contact us for a quote

Terms • Payment due upon receipt. • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Checks. • Price subject to change.

Additional fees may be charged on an AccuFrame bar that falls outside of our standard design parameters. Items such as extreme angulation, non‐standard length and height, etc. Standard design parameters are listed in the AccuFrame instruction manual on our website.

Lifetime Warranty

Cagenix is committed to ensuring the highest quality dental devices, and we back up that promise with our comprehensive Lifetime Warranty on all AccuFrame® and AccuFrame® Plus bars and frameworks. You can rest assured that your Cagenix product will conform to the original order specifications, meet our most stringent quality standards, and perform as intended. If it does not, we will remake the product at no charge to you — and even cover the cost of a replacement implant if the implant manufacturer fails to honor its warranty due to the use of a Cagenix framework. The industry-leading Cagenix Lifetime Warranty continues our tradition of excellence in product innovation and dedication to total customer satisfaction. For complete details, please visit • • 866-964-5736 • 901-763-3784


Compatible Companies/Fixtures Manufacturer

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Abutments/Fixtures Supported

Analog Model Number

Prosthetic Screw

Angular and Straight Adaptor



20° UniAbutment 45° UniAbutment Astra Fixture 3.0 Platform Astra Fixture 3.5/4.0 Platform Astra Fixture 4.5/5.0 Platform

22069 22070 24977 24978 24979

22435 22435 24189 24449 24209

UMA Abutment


11-000051, 11-000052

Abutment for Screw Internal (Straight and Angled) Abutment for Screw External 4.0 (Straight and Angled) Abutment for Screw External 5.0 (Straight and Angled) External Hex 3.5 External Hex 4.0 External Hex 5.0 Tapered Internal Implant 3.5 Tapered Internal Implant 4.5 Tapered Internal Implant 5.0

PXABA PXABA 255-600 293-000 294-000 295-000 PYIA PGIA PBIA

PXABS PXABS PXABS 130-300 140-300 140-300 PXAS PXAS PXAS

3.4 mm Conical Abutment 4.1/5.0 mm Conical Abutment 6.0 mm Conical Abutment 3.4 mm Certain Fixture 4.1 mm Certain Fixture 5.0 mm Certain Fixture 3.4 mm External Hex Fixture 4.1 mm External Hex Fixture 5.0 mm External Hex Fixture Low Profile Abutment (Straight and Angled) Standard Abutment IOL Abutment



3.8 mm Fixture 4.3 mm Fixture 5.0 mm Fixture 4.3 Bar Abutment 6.0 Bar Abutment

J3010.3800 J3010.4300 J3010.5000 J3020.4300 J3020.6000

J4005.1601 J4005.1601 J4005.2001 J4005.1602 J4005.2002

HS Octa Abutment Multi-Angled Abutment 4.8 Convertible Abutment


SSFS MTS200 GSFSR • • 866-964-5736 • 901-763-3784


Compatible Companies/Fixtures Manufacturer

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Abutments/Fixtures Supported

Analog Model Number

Prosthetic Screw

SD Prima Implant 3.5 mm RD Prima Implant 4.1 mm WD Multi Unit Abutment

45140K 45141K 45167K

45060K 45060K 45164K

Overdenture Abutment (Straight and Angled) Screw Indirect Implant Replant/Replus/Reactive 3.5 mm Fixture Replant/Replus/Reactive 4.3 mm Fixture Replant/Replus/Reactive 5.0 mm Fixture Replant 6.0 mm Fixture Legacy 3.5 mm Fixture Legacy 4.5 mm Fixture Legacy 5.7 mm Fixture

1000-61 1000-61 6035-06 6043-06 6050-06 6060-06 8035-06 8045-06 8057-06

1000-05 1000-01 1000-23 1000-22 1000-22 1000-22 1000-01 1000-01 1000-01

TransOcta Abutment Internal Hex Narrow Platform 3.4 mm Internal Hex Regular Platform 3.8 mm Multi-Unit Abutment (Straight and Angled)


CA-S0002 MN-S0160 MD-S0220 MM-S0330, MM-G0330

All Fixtures All Access Abutments (Straight and Angled)

31170, 31145, 31183 31225, 31147

31258 31229

NP Branemark External Hex Fixture RP Branemark External Hex Fixture WP Branemark External Hex Fixture NP Replace Internal Fixture RP Replace Internal Fixture WP Replace Internal Fixture 6.0 Replace Internal Fixture Multi Unit Abutments (Straight and Angled) Bmk System WP Multi Unit Abutments NP Active RP Active

31158 31159 31160 29498 29500 29502 29995 31161 31162 34243 34244

29282 29283 29284 36818, 31170 (Lab Screw) 29475, 29293 (Lab Screw) 29475, 29293 (Lab Screw) 29475, 29293 (Lab Screw) 29285 29286 31171 28815

3.25 mm External Hex Fixture 3.75/4.0 mm External Hex Fixture 5.0 mm External Hex Fixture 3.5 mm Internal Tri-Nex 4.3 mm Internal Tri-Nex 5.0 mm Internal Tri-Nex 6.0 mm Internal Tri-Nex Compact Conical Abutment (Straight and Angled) 4.8 mm Internal Octagon Fixture 6.5 mm Internal Octagon Fixture Octabutment for 4.8 mm Internal Oct Fixture

LSN12 LS12 LSA12 LA-L-35 LA-L-43 LA-L-50 LA-L-60 LSMC1 LITS4 LITS6 LITS4

TSU3 TSU3 TSU3 TS-L-18 TS-L-20 TS-L-20 TS-L-20 TSU1 TSIT2 TSIT2 OCT-RS • • 866-964-5736 • 901-763-3784


Compatible Companies/Fixtures Manufacturer

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Abutments/Fixtures Supported

Analog Model Number

Prosthetic Screw

Synocta RN 1.5 mm Abutment Synocta WN 1.5 mm Abutment Soft Tissue NN Fixture Soft Tissue RN Fixture Soft Tissue WN Fixture RC Bone Level Fixture BC Multi Base Abutment (RC 6.5) RC Multi Base Abutment (RC 4.5/NC 4.5) NC Multi Base Abutment

048124 048171 048130 048124 048171 025.4101 025.4161 025.4141, 025.2141 025.2131

048.350V4 (4 Pack) 048.350V4 (4 Pack) 049.171 049.181 049.181 025.4900 025.09000-04 (4 Pack) 025.09000-04 (4 Pack) 025.09000-04 (4 Pack)

Octa Abutment System



SPI VARIO Multi Abutment (Straight and Angled) 4.0 mm Fixture 4.5 mm Fixture

3.03.800 3.03.095 3.03.091

4.03.507 4.03.051 4.03.051

Tapered Abutment (Straight and Angled) Spectra Cone Abutment Calcitek Integral Omnilok Shouldered Abutment for the Omnilok System Tapered Screw Vent Fixture 3.5 mm Tapered Screw Vent Fixture 4.5 mm Tapered Screw Vent Fixture 5.7 mm

ACTR SCR 0684 0718 IA3 IA4 IA5

SCTS SCTS 0696 0746 MHLAS MHLAS MHLAS • • 866-964-5736 • 901-763-3784


Getting Started What we need:




Master cast clean of wax and other debris with: Completed Order Form

1. New or good condition analogs 2. Stable non-moving analogs 3. No damaged replicas

Optional Items:


Please Do Not Send:



Silicone facial index

Good condition wax try-in that is made to fit on master cast

Intaglio matrix • • 866-964-5736 • 901-763-3784

Verification Jig

• Screws • Articulator


Cagenix, Inc. 795 Ridge Lake Blvd., Suite 107 Memphis,TN 38120

1-866-964-5736 • (901) 763-3784 Fax: 901-682-5099


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