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Get Your Ex Back for Keeps By Nancy Newton Life sucks when you’re heartbroken, doesn’t it? Well, I’ve gone down that road myself when my exgirlfriend walked out of my life 5 months ago. But today, we’re back together again and in the process, I have learned how to have her back for keeps. The first think I realized was that becoming emotional or making cliché-like promises to change is not the way to win your ex back. I guess too many men have promised the world to too many women such that they hardly believe such empty promises anymore. The best thing to do right at the beginning of the breakup would be to agree with your ex about breaking up. Allow her to have the time to calm down, think about things and get over her pain. You need the time for this yourself, too.

Click Here To Get Your Ex Back for Keeps Take a month or so to review your own faults or bad habits that contributed to the break up. Ask yourself what it was about yourself that rubbed your ex-girlfriend up the wrong way. Then make changes to yourself. If you need help, get your closest buddy to hold you accountable to effect those changes. It might be something in your behavior or looks or habits. Whatever it is, be sure you change.

While you are working on yourself, be sure to stay connected to people. Do not go into a downward spiral of self-pity. Get out and make some new friends or renew acquaintances with some old ones. Also, stay in touch with your ex-girlfriend’s family members. Tell them about what’s been happening in your life. Stay positive and maintain good relationships with them. The point here is to show that you have become a better person. Sooner or later, your ex-girlfriend will get wind of this. When the time is right, you can contact your ex-girlfriend to meet up with her. Make the occasion a casual one. Just have a good time together without necessarily talking about anything too serious. You might even make it a group outing. Eventually, you can meet up with your ex more frequently. When it’s time to talk about deeper issues like your relationship together, don’t point out her faults in the relationship. Instead, talk about your faults and how you have changed. Sincerely apologize for any wrongs you have committed without making excuses. This shows that you are man enough to take responsibility for what has happened in the past. But in order to win your ex back to you permanently, there is one crucial ingredient you must weave into your relationship.

The one thing that women want the most is security in a relationship. Therefore, you should find ways and means of giving your ex the reassurance that she can feel secure with you by giving her attention, showing her affection, standing up for her, protecting her and providing for her. This is the one main thing that will bring her back to you for keeps. Learn more about getting back together, get your ex wife back, winning back your ex

Get Your Ex Back for Keeps