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Alcohol Ink eBook

Hope in the Wasteland By Sarah Leigh, I'm Knot Tangled

Materials: I used 5 x 7 inch Yupo paper, Pinata inks, Adirondack inks, 91% alcohol, Blending Solution by Ranger, a Catalyst W-01 tool, and Kamar spray.

Method: Have you ever created something with your alcohol inks and then totally hated it? Maybe the flow was off, or something else just didn't feel right. Well, that's what happened to me with this piece. It actually started out as a bunch of red flowers in a blue vase that I had already sprayed with Kamar spray. Hopefully this method can help you restart your piece and realize there's always hope! I covered the original painting with the 91% alcohol and blending solution and let it sit for a minute since the painting had been dry for several days. Then, I started to scrape away at the painting with my Catalyst W-01 tool since that tool can really get down to the paper layer, allowing the stained part to show though while moving around the semi-hardened parts of ink. While moving around the ink, I started to see shapes taking place. As I scraped, I made sure to tilt the paper in different directions to also see how the ink would flow. This was definitely an experiment! I noticed that using my Catalyst tool in diagonal movement allowed for a bit of depth to take place, and I did not worry that I couldn't scrape away all the ink – that's how the birds in the sky managed to show up! Tips: Make sure you cover your workspace well while doing this since the ink and alcohol get everywhere! Also, move slowly while scraping so you can see what shapes appear. Take your time and have fun!


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