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How to make 300$-600$ per 1000 US Downlaods. This is not Joke

What makes us different

Here are some assorted features:

Make money by uploading files!

How to start: Step 1 -> Register here for free. Fill the simple form. Step 2-> Upload files (Max 10 MB) Step 3->Share and earn money.

Where to get files and where to share Register now Method #1 Sharing porn.

Method #2 Uploading warez.

Method #3 Seed files on bittorent

Method #4 Use youtube

Method #5 Peer-to-peer file sharing

eNjoy your money p.s If you earn 5000$ per month you can buy a dedicated server with 100 Mb connection or 1000 Mb and can make more money.Duble,triple or more ;)

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