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Easy (n00b) method from one of our members!

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Easy (n00b) method from one of our members!

Like everyone, i think you like money. You want to make more money or you’d like to make money. The internet is already full of methods, movies, articles and ebooks, some free some paid. I don’t want to make money from you by selling this tutorial or to ask you nicely to use my affiliate link to help me. The only reason i made this public is because i know how hard is for people who are new in the business. I won’t promise you 2k, 5k or 10k $$$$$ from the first month but what i can promise you is that the method is working and you will make money, it all depends on how much you want to make money and how much you are willing to work for that.

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So, let’s get down to business! This is what you have to do: Register: This is where the money comes from. They provide you with a lot of things to do that: file locker, link locker, gateway locker. Great support, great conversion rates. You can, actually you must register to the forum too (you will find there how to use to make money, some methods, aside this. The support is very good with fast response.) Register: I’m not encouraging you to post there nulled templates or software or scripts. My method uses ebooks, like this ebook i am making now. It’s mine so nothing to worry about the licenses or other stuff like that. I am using this website, and many more like this because nowadays all the people are trying to avoid buying stuff, so normally what they do? They are searching for the nulled versions. So this is one of the biggest source of traffic, not the only one of course. Next you upload your ebook on one of the free upload websites like, its free to register and the link will not expire, or you can uploaded on the website, but be careful because they will delete your file if is something like crack, nulled or anything like that. I can upload my file with no worries because is my ebook. After uploading the file (in my case my ebook) the solidfile website will provide you with a download link. You have to take that link and on the you can use link locker tab, block the link and you will be provided with a new link. This is the link you will promote, this is where the money will come. Save this link because you will need it for the article on . Login to the website and you have to create an

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article about what you are trying to promote (like in my case, my ebook, a little description).Publish the article, you will have to wait to be approved, do not worry because they will accept it, even if is locked through After the article is approved you can start sharing it. There are a lot of places to do that. But you have to be aware that you will profit from website because they already have traffic and a verry good position in google, with a very high alexa rank. You use them to promote your article. What you can do to have a lot more traffic beside what you get from nulledshare is to post the same article on other nulled websites, i know that some of them will reject your article but not all, i am sure will accept it. Beside nulled websites, very important are: Facebook, tweeter, blogs, forums and if you have some skills you can make a simple movie about your article and uploaded it on youtube, vimeo, metacafe and all the social media website. The more exposure you provide for your article the more traffic you will get and more money you will make. Advantages: 1. 2. 3. 4.

You don’t have to invest money to by a domain, hosting and other stuff you will need along the way. You don’t need to have skills to make your own website. You don’t need to know how to use a hosting service. You don’t need a lot of work to promote your website, this will take not only a lot of work but time too (they have a very good position in google and a very high alexa rank). 5. You can make money not with little work but not with all the work if you start from scratch. 6. The more articles you publish, the more money you can make. All the credits go to Confuzion!!




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