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Kidney Problems: Kinds, Symptoms, and Diagnosis Kidneys are very important organs in your body. They are bean-shaped organs that help process toxins and wastes out of the body through urine. When your kidney stops functioning normally, it becomes incapable of performing its proper function. This condition is known as kidney failure (also called renal failure), one of the most common kidney problems. There are two forms of the said disease: the acute kidney failure treatment and chronic kidney failure. Acute kidney failure refers to the sudden loss of the ability of the kidney to perform their main function which is filtering. This condition is curable. You may be able to regain your normal kidney function when you have a good health. Chronic kidney failure on the other hand is not curable. You may not be able to feel any symptoms until your kidney function has reduced to approximately 25 percent. The only way to survive when you have this disease is by doing kidney transplant or by means of dialysis. Several causes have been noted that can lead to these common kidney problems such as acute renal failure or chronic renal failure. They include:  High blood pressure  Diabetes  Hereditary kidney diseases  Traumas and poisons like forceful and direct blow to the kidney  Glomerular diseases (attack the glomeruli, the tiny blood vessels in the kidney)  Traumas and poisons like forceful and direct blow to the kidney  Too much intake of dietary supplements and other medicines which can poison the kidney over a period of time Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease At the onset of kidney failure, you may not be experiencing symptoms. But overtime, several symptoms will appear because of the buildup of waste materials and toxins in your body. Also your kidney’s inability to remove potassium in your bloodstream can add to the injury. Blood tests are the most common way to diagnose kidney problems such as kidney failure. People who have suspected chronic kidney disease may experience the following:  Always feeling weak or tired.  The need to urinate less or more often.  Loss of appetite  Shortness in breathing.

 Swelling hands or feet.  The feeling of numbness or itchiness.  Having abnormal rhythms in the heart.  Suffer from nausea or vomiting.  Back pains and pain on the side.  Having trouble with concentrating and always getting drowsy.  Darkening of the skin. Kidney problems particularly kidney failure can be diagnosed by means of the following procedures:  Analysis of your blood  Examining your health thoroughly  Analysis of your urine  Checking blood pressure  Getting a sonogram of your abdomen Having kidney problems can be really difficult but you can help your kidneys become less strained. Several factors take part in making dietary plans that can reduce your kidney problems. The choices of food you should take in will depend on the following issues.  The weight you have. Being obese would mean greater strain on the kidneys.  The general health you have, this includes having other diseases or disorders.  The current level of your kidney function and its health. Several food categories have been noted to influence the health of your kidney in a major way. These food categories include: protein, phosphorous, potassium, fluids, and amount of sodium. It is recommended for people suffering from kidney problems to take in foods containing these substances in minimal amount. As the function of your kidney declines, there are more possibilities of going through kidney dialysis or kidney transplant. Whether you already have kidney problems or you are worried that you might develop these diseases in the future, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle to reduce your chances of experiencing those painful and stressful procedures. About The Publisher:

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Kidney Problems: Kinds, Symptoms, and Diagnosis  

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