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Columbia College ​hi guys I'm Erik Bosse and we just got our first look at spider-man homecoming sorry Captain America Civil Wars Tom Holland as the new young spider-man now this is the third live-action version of spider-man that we've seen and I love a lot about the other two versions but this might be the first one that really nails a character as he is in the comics maybe it's the fact that they got an actual kit for the parts or that Marvel Studios is co-producing this movie with Sony making it a true Marvel homecoming oh that's why they called it that I'm gonna point out everything that you missed along with a few theories and predictions including some stuff in the other international trailer that was also released alright let's get started stop guys wait a minute you guys aren't the real Avengers I can tell hope gives it away oh okay so after a few establishing shots of Peter Parker's neighborhood in Queens New York we see this gang of thieves using an interesting device to crack open some ATMs so what is this thing some people are saying it could be based on Chitauri technology since this is the MCU now and that is possible but really based on shots from other parts in the trailer it looks like Peter Parker isn't the only one building advanced tech in this movie and I just love Peter Parker's Bugs Bunny what's up doc pose intro here stop guys spider-man sense of humor has always been a tricky thing to nail down like his jokes are kind of sarcastic not too serious meta style wait a minute you guys aren't the real Avengers I can tell Hulk gives it away it was actually a main influence for Deadpool except Deadpool is obviously way edgier so hearing Peter joke around about the Avengers is exactly what we love about the character from the Marvel Comics in speaking to the comics spider-man foiling a bank robbery by people wearing Avengers masks seems to be inspired by a scene from the ultimate spider-man comics though that scene had a Batman mask in there I also liked each of these 60s era Avenger masks this isn't just a reference to the MCU in its current timeline these are literal throwbacks to the old comics and as always no one wants to be Hawkeye I'm just a helper and obviously Peter is wearing the new spider-man suit that he received from Tony Stark and Captain America Civil War please seen most of the events in this movie after Civil War and I'll come back to this but let's move on so there's a new top no you seen that before no that's skirt she probably stops territory it's creepy though too late yes or losers so here we see how spider ran homecoming will be a true teen comedy with Peter as legit hoping nerd and outcast as opposed to the stereotypical nerd versions and other movies where they only spend small parts of the movie in high school taking cool Hollywood celebrities and making them nerds by giving them glasses now us nerds know what real nerds look like they look like you Tom Holland - the ABS we don't we don't do crunches and I love the music that they use for this trailer it's MGMT's time to pretend which you've probably heard before it's been in like a ton of TV shows and trailers it's just a great youth anthem with the lyrics expressing the feeling of wanting to rebel against a mundane preset life and explore life of adventure [Music] just like Peter wants to by joining the Avengers we meet a few of the new characters in this section including Ned Leeds who's the character from the spider-man comics he works with Peter at the Daily Bugle and then he later gets like brainwashed and framed by Hobgoblin but in this movie net appears to just be like a high school friend and confidant to Peter we also season dies character named Michelle who we still don't know much about and then this girl that Peter and Ned are creepily gawking at is Liz Allen she's from the early issues of the comics and unlike Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy Liz Allen and Peter Parker were never really a thing in fact apparently Liz Allan already did make a cameo in the first tobey maguire spider-man as this nerdy girl on the bus who won't let Peter sit next to her and notice how blaze is hanging a homecoming banner suggesting that the school's homecoming week will be the setting for this story makes me wonder if future spider-man movies will turn this into a pattern like spider-man graduation or spider-man in your teacher at least that was my high school experience okay moving on so to become an Avengers are there like trials or any of you just don't do anything I would do and definitely don't do anything I wouldn't do there's a little gray area in there and that's where you operate oh alright that's not a hug time just grab the top wing alright kid good luck out there here we see Peter Parker with Tony Stark who lays out the small range of hero jobs that Peters allowed to take on like don't step on Starks turf but also don't do anything bad either just basically stick to saving a few ATMs I guess this also kinda hints when this movie takes place based on the conversation and the fact that Stark is dropping Peter off this seems to be taking place after the airport battle and civil war making me think that the beginning of this movie is gonna be like additional clips from the battle from Peter's point of view leading to this abrupt goodbye and Peter longing to swing back in the action and the international trailer confirms this sequence a little bit further with a few extra lines with Peter learning that he gets to keep the suit and Stark emphasizing that Peter is not an Avenger I also like Peter's shirt here the

physics is theoretical but the fun is real it seems like he's gonna be wearing a few different dorky science shirts and there's a fun connection about another one later so let's move on listen I know school sucks Peter you still with us uh yeah yeah I know you want to save the world but you're not really if you're the sweater man no I'm not I'm not this is just a costume this is receding okay so a few interesting things here first as Peter walks through his high school Hall there's a mural in the background and you can see Howard Stark among a collage of Science and Technology and then in Peters classroom Bruce banners photo is placed next to other notable scientists also check out this video that Peter watches of himself as he takes down ant-man that we saw in Civil War the angle of the shot is from the ground level as it rolls shakily past the action now we know from that scene with Tony Stark at Civil War that Peter likes to set up cameras to record himself in action so I'm thinking that this might be taken from like a GoPro that he set up on a Roomba or something like that and if you look closely you can see Tony Bravo Laurie who was confirmed to play Flash Thompson back at comic-con turn around the giving Peter a stink eye in this scene and then notice this explosion on the street here first we see a car blow up followed by a corner store next to it so what's going on here but hey guys don't just explode cars do sometimes now my CSI trained analysis suggests that some projectile a missile perhaps or maybe just like a beam of energy blast through the car and explodes inside the store and it seems like nothing this destructive has happened in Peters neighborhood before making this the event that raises the stakes in the story by bringing the danger to his home a homecoming of danger yeah and then we see Peters bedroom or maybe this is Ned's bedroom we're not really sure it's filled with star wars Easter eggs first we see the 8080 or at-at if you're wrong which is fun considering Peter referenced it specifically when he used the same method to bring down ant-man you know [Music] the walking also Ned drops a Lego Death Star and if you look closely you can see vintage Star Wars action figures on the shelf and now that both Marvel and Star Wars are owned by Disney we can expect to see lots more of these kinds of crossovers let's move on stay close to the ground stay out of trouble this section gives us our first look at Michael Keaton as Birdman I mean the vulture aka Adrian Toomas the vulture is one of the main spider-man villains he's part of the sinister six and fun facts Sam Raimi initially wanted him to be the villain in the third spider-man movie instead of venom he's an old man who created a suit that lets him fly and gives some super strength and at one point he steals spider-man's youth and the mulcher suit looks pretty freaking cool in this movie it almost looks like he has stark style repulsors to help him hover in balance and I love these tiny green lights as the eyes like very very creepy and it's rumored that Michael Chernus is the tinkerer will be behind a lot of this nefarious tech that we see in this movie though he doesn't appear in this trailer and it seems like one of the big action scenes in this movie will take place at the Washington Monument in Washington DC and it's hard to tell exactly what's going on the editing makes it look like the vulture is shattering this class but that was from a different location this is the observation deck of the Washington Monument really what I think is happening here is this is a separate scene of the elevator of the Washington Monument being attacked and this glass belongs to the top floor of the elevator shaft and we see a lot of other clips later in the trailer with Liz in the elevator and spider-man holding on to someone who's falling out of it who in the International trailer shows us it's Liz in this cloud of dust coming out of the base of the monument could be that elevator crashing into the bottom level so my guess is this is all part of a rescue sequence kind of similar to that Brooklyn Bridge rescue in the first spider-man movie but relocated to the Washington Monument perhaps is a reference to the battle and road to Civil War let's move on forget the flying monster guy there are people who handle this sort of things you couldn't really like a kid all the time but you are a kid this is my chance to prove myself what is going on with you coming sorry I'm so busy I'm slam don't mess with cuz I'll kill you and everybody you glove ok so here we see Peter back with Stark in Avengers headquarter and it's not exactly clear why Peter is here than to ask stark for help and taking down the vulture now some people are saying it could be similar to a storyline in the comics like when Peter breaks into the Fantastic Four headquarters in hopes of gaining the security of being part of a super team I also like this little Easter Egg here with Peter wearing the same shirt that we saw Pepper Potts wearing and Iron Man 3 we also see this epic shot a Spider Man jumping off just the tip of the Washington Monument and I love everything about this from them knowing that the capstone of the Washington Monument is made from pure aluminum to this new modification of the spider-man suit Webb wings Spidey gliders net weenus --is I don't know they let him glide like a flying squirrel and those look like they could be a throwback to the original Steve Ditko design a Spider Man which had this weird pointless webbing between the arms and torso okay so if you look closely at this section you'll find quick cameos by Martin Starr who plays a teacher and chaperone to the students as well as Logan Marshall Green and Donald Glover who seem like they might be playing bad guys so even though a lot of people were thinking that Donald Glover being in this movie might mean that we might see some connection to Miles Morales spider-man I don't know if that's gonna happen and they seem to be testing some more interesting looking tech which takes the form of a hand and a powerful blast of some kind and I'm thinking this could be what lit

up that car in corner store that we saw earlier in the trailer but a lot of people are saying that logan marshall green's outfit here looks kind of like the league set photos of the shocker but it seems more likely that became Woodbine is going to be the shocker in this movie we do see him in the international trailer holding an arm mounted weapon with more of an electric charge kind of effect here and his clothes are kind of yellow as well and that seems to be from the same scene as when Spiderman gets slammed around a school bus yard if you look closely here Peter is wearing an older version of his suit the one he had before start gave him the upgrade so either this is a flashback from before Civil War or more likely Peter does something to lose the suit like start confiscating it after Peter tries to overstep his bounds and Peter's wearing that same older costume in this shot of him looking roughed up on the beach in this fight with the vulture so my guess is that this isn't a flashback but rather something that happens in the middle of the movie and we hear this menacing line from the vulture here kill you and everybody in your club meanwhile the international trailer offers a little more insight into his character with this line the world's changing boys time we change too and that makes the vulture sound like perhaps the leader of a group of bad guys who are reacting to a world of superheroes and super tech using their own advanced tech for evil purposes and before we move on there's a quick shot of this massive blast coming out of the Staten Island Ferry and it looks like the vulture is responsible but I'll talk more about this after this final section okay whatever that blast was looks like it tore this fairy in half because spider-man is now using this webbing to hold it together and this shot reminds me so much of that awesome scene in spider-man 2 with spider-man stretching himself to a breaking point to stop the train and if you look closely you can see the Statue of Liberty in the background here yeah this trailer is weirdly heavy on distinctly patriotic landmarks and this final shot is just great not only are we gonna get some scenes between Peter Parker and Tony Stark spider-man and Iron Man are actually kind of swoop into action together I honestly never thought I would see this image in a movie now if you were really at a nerd stuff like this you should definitely sign up with loot crate loot crate is a monthly subscription box service that hooks you up with a bunch of awesome gear from all the nerdy stuff that we cover on this channel including all Marvel comics and you can sign up right now by going to loot crate comm slash rockstars - each month has a theme and a theme for the box that just arrived is magical so let's take a look so that was November's box and December's theme is revolution and you can get that by signing up on the 19th of the month by 9 p.m. Pacific it's less than $20 a month and if you use our promo code rockstars you'll get 10% off and we at new rock stars are doing a bonus giveaway where you don't have a chance to win this box that I just opened and the loot ware that I just opened plus the cool giveaway that we gave our previous lucky winners just sign up for loot crate right now at loot crate comm slash rockstars to then tweet at us to let us know that you did and what you're most excited about for spiderman homecoming ok that's it thanks for watching and let me know what you think in the comments and of course please hit like and subscribe to new rockstars and share this video with your friends you can also contribute to us on patreon thank you so much to all of our current donors you guys are the best if you are currently a patron we'd love your support you can hit me up on Twitter at ei vas with any thoughts or predictions or theories you have about spider-man homecoming can also follow new rock stars on twitter at new rock stars alright thanks for watching [Music] [Music] [Music] you St. John Fisher College, Pittsford.