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SUNY State-wide Colleges ​let's help Americans return to spaces discovery clears the tower TTM trades welcome back welcome back today we're gonna be doing a daily review I took a BPM X a Kei and I might and i'ma do one on anth because that's the stock I'm currently and right now and then I might do it excellent man because I got a catch-up for Monday Tuesday is Wednesday so I owe you three daily reviews minimum so let's just jump right in so we have 1064 subscribers I deeply appreciate every single one of you man I wanted to reach a thousand before I went out to sea I come back I got a thousand sixty-four so again we aiming for ten thousand subscribers by the end of the year we can get it we can achieve it I appreciate every single one of you to point four thousand follows on the stock Twitter you gotta count follow me man so that I can continue adding value to your trades and we can do some stock talk all right so let's jump right into it let's look at ticker BPM X is it time to get in let's just do a peer chart analysis let's get rid of all the lines let's mark up the chart alright so took a BPM X as you can see here and I'm doing a live man oh man I got everything worked up already so but we're gonna do it right here on the spot so as you can see BPM X is on this nice uptrend as you can see here price action riding a trendline nice and beautiful nice little spike up came back down inside the trendline rolls back up came back down top the trendline and now it's consolidating right above it now why did it stop right here at 20 and a half cents Fibonacci retracement alright if you look at the Fibonacci retracement when we go from the bottom to the top from $0.10 $0.38 and we're gonna mark this green because I normally knock my mark my fib retraced my green because those are my profit target points so if you look it has fully retraced all the way back down to is 61.8% retracement right at 21 say and as you can see is consolidating right above it at the same time it tapped the trendline and it's holding above the trend line so is this a safe place to make an entry based off the Fibonacci retracement ah that's one so let's just use the Fibonacci retracement 21 Senate karlie consolidating right above 21 sin all right listen up let's get rid of that come on now disappear there you go now let's just look at let's go back to doing basic support and resistance so right here this last top hour was right here give or take right at 20 cent and then support was right down here in this channel right at 17 so as you can see on this downtrend found support nice and heavy in that area ran and got back up came back down fell right back into this channel 20 cent was their resistance had the gap down alright so we finally broke back up into this channel as you can see here pushing back into that 20 21 cent stayed in that channel again fell back down to that red line and then we got around awhile all the way up to 37 and a half cent so I'm not gonna mark the trendline up there because the Bulls didn't have enough strength to close it up there so the last recent price range the Bulls had enough strength to close that it was right here give or take 30 40 35 cents alright so you had this nice little downtrend alright so current support looking at it price range anywhere from 20 to 21 cent in this general area the channel that it is currently working in as you can see here on this downtrend right there closed right here before it fell under broke back through and then fell back under so we're sitting right in this channel okay so a lot of lines right here so let's just focus on the main lines right now so looking at this Fibonacci retracement says right above 21 is a 61.8% retracement also at the same time if you look at past resistance remember over should become new support past resistance is right at 20 cent so the price action is hovering right above there 20 to 21 sin okay at the same time keep in mind we're getting early signs of a possible reversal because the CCI has crossed above its ten period moving average if you look and all this time right here the CCI wants to cross below that 10 period moving average excuse me right here on a temporary moving average signaling a reversal coming it has stayed below the 10 period moving average the whole time trying to come back above reject it and smooth that big circle and then it stayed under the entire time now we finally had our oversold status with a break above the 10 period moving average and we're holding above it so possible reversal here in the works which you want to see it some continuous consolidation above that 20 to 21 cent if that 20 cent seems to fail for any reason than what you have next is the trend line that is still trending up based off the uptrend and all the pull backs which is currently at 19 cents so we want to see that 2221 same hole with some consolidation it looks like you're our size trying to push it back across this temporary moving average to show their momentum shifting in the bull's favor so just watch this general area but if I was a betting man I will possibly say a reversal will be starting back up here pretty soon so keep an eye out as long as this trend line continues to hold as you can see here on the tap for support and we get that consolidation by 2021 we should be good for the reversal alright next let's talk about a ticker egg keer get ticket anchor let's mark up the chart so looking at ticket aka are we was on this nice uptrend from 12 all the way up there we go so we've done those nice uptrend as you can see made a high pull back into the trendline I

made a higher high pull back into the trendline higher high pull back into the trendline higher high but this one was on lower volume than the previous to see how these two volume spikes all three DS volume spikes one two three each time we made a higher I was on increased volume and then this high right here was on lower than average volume that is when I forewarned everybody who was trading anchor and buying shares of Achor that they might want to watch out for reverse and then even on this higher high here if you look down that little volume spike down here showed there was no interest in that price range up there alright so that's when I started warning other traders of a reversal pending and in fact so now that this trend line which was acting that support has now turned into resistance as you can see here you get the balance one two three four and then it falls at a trendline and is trying to break back above it tries to come above it can't hold felt tries to break back above it again it cannot fails and then you get this major drop down and this major sell-off so now we need to identify areas of a support so we know 36 was one area of support because we was trying to play the gap here right we got the gap here when we started talking about this back at fifteen since early January so we got the gap field so that was our first area of support all right and then from there we pushed up and the highest of bulls could close it was right here in this area right at 50 cent all right so now that looks like the current line of support so we'll make this green and we'll make this one yellow [Music] so as you can see the price action pulled back into this last line of resistance right here and this is where the price section is currently consolidating and right above it now if for some strange reason is 50 cent cannot hold and the price section fails to hold that 50 cent then that's gonna put you back down here in this channel at 36 in all right so and when you fall back into this channel then now you're in that 36 to 50 cent channel with 50 cent now become a resistance so you definitely want to try to hold above this 50 cent now what is the current resistance current resistance will be right here right where the Bulls are able to close the price section right here prior to falling back down so you're looking at that window from 50 to 75 cent currently that is the channel that you are currently in right now CCI has kind of hit over Seoul and you're our side has pulled all the way back down to the 40 our side which still somewhat leaves this in a bullish trend let me show you what I'm talking about anytime my stock is gonna stay in a bullish trend it will maintain above 40 it'll find the 40 and 50 cent area as support so if you look at this ticka a keer still very bullish all right even though I had a 50% drop from 98 down the 46 cent the trend is still very bullish okay anytime I mean look how bullish this stock is ringing nonstop okay so it needed to pull back it definitely needed to pull back and that's what it's currently doing right now but the trend is still bullish the reason being any time the stock is in a very bullish trend it will stay above 40 our side it will fund the 40 and 50 okay so pretty much Oh chest burn when the stock is in a very bullish trend it will range between as far as the RSI 40 to 80 all right so as you can see even though the RSI was pulling back it still found support right in this 40 area and it's holding above now if your stock breaks through the 50 support and the RSI falls outside of this 40 range and starts trending downward now you are on a major downtrend what it made you sell off coming so those who are looking to try to make an entry I would try to play your entry right in that 50 range verifying that that area is gonna hold prior to again if the 50 range doesn't hold and that's gonna drop you back down here and that $0.35 channel that the price section was in last time before the big breakout and you want to make sure your RSI holds above 40 the entire time the 10 period moving average is beginning to come down so what you want to see is the RSI hold above 40 and then get a break above that 10 period to show that the momentum is shifting back in the Bulls favour if the temporary moving average continues to come down and then our side gets rejected by the temporary moving average and breaks below 40 then you are heading onto a major downtrend so those who are trying to trade the stock this regulator entries just right I would say playing right into this high 40 it's a low 50 cent range and try to get that bounce back up into this high of 98 cent for possible 80 to 100 percent spread well 8200 percent gain but yeah man I mean that's that's just what we had with ticket artists on has been in a very very bullish uptrend and it has pulled back heavily to cool off now if we was just to do a Fibonacci retracement all right right at $0.98 let's let's darken it up so we can see what we're doing that we talked about if we were to do a Fibonacci retracement you can see that from the bottom to its peak a pair of 98 cent even on the pullback is pulled all the way back to 61.8% retracement right at 45 cents so as long as you hold if we would have based our trading style of support and resistance and try to incorporate the Fibonacci which is what a tool that other traders utilized I'm gonna say even as low as 45 as long as the price action holds above the 61.8% retracement at 45 cent up to that 50 cent window we was talking about then you're good if you break below that 45 cent then it's done and this stock is gonna go on a major downtrend and a complete sell off so let me change what I said try to play your entry at that 45 cent as I said last time me warning everybody prior to the stock actually breaking down what's this the tenth I say yesterday at nine o'clock in the morning look for entries around 46 I know a lot of people may not want to hear that but it's looking for support on this weekly on this weekly on his weekly twenty SMA and then sure enough the stock dropped down to that 45 to 46 cent range so play your entries right after 45 try to get that bounce back up

to 98 7 400 percent gain oh I said I was out man I forgot one last one one last one so take a nthe this is the one that I am currently in and playing right now so took a anth as you can see at this nasty gap down on some phase 3 trial failure or something like that I don't know some news but the way I look at it the bad news is out the way right so now we're trying to play the bottom and get a nice swing I made my entry right at 31 cents seeing that there was a double test of that 31 cent as you can see here and then another Tesla 31 and then on this test right here I entered right at 31 where it pulled back to 30 and got in also right now with having these swings up to 35 cent as you can see the Bollinger Bands beginning to come in and constrict sound like I tell all of my followers any time the Bollinger Bands are beginning to constrict that tells you that the stock has low volatility and that there's a possible breakout here very soon now why do I think the breakout will possibly be in the Bulls favour so the are size you can see here has been flatline what it's temporary moving average for the longest if you look here it's beginning to breakout above that temporary moving average to show that the momentum is picking up in a bullish favor even on balance volume which is the running average of the volume as you can see the volume is on a nice downtrend non-stop showing that there was a lot of selling and then all of a sudden the on balance volume has began to double bottom trend sideways and it's starting to tick upward showing that that's accumulation then the process and the Bulls are coming in to accumulate the shares okay so we have momentum and we have volume being picked up at the same time what the bottoms have been is constricting all we need is a break above our 20-period moving average which would put us in that Bullard zone above the 20-period moving average which the current resistance is right at 35 so we've tested 35 here on two different occasions one right here and then we tested it again today so tomorrow if we can get a break above 35 and I hope they never put us in a bullish zone as far as our Bollinger Bands and then that was signal a possible breakout to the upside possible profit targets looking at this last area in which the Bulls were able to close the price section which is right at 50 cents so how much how to play that 31 to 50 cent spread and get a 19 cent gain for a possible 60 to 70 percent return on my cash and then get out wait for the pullback and then try to make a reentry but this dark is definitely picking up a momentum and the on balance volume is definitely signaling that shares are being accumulated and that the volume is beginning to trend upward so I will keep it out took a anth the current of bottom is 31 cent 32 31 cent and the current resistance is right at 35 so that's the ticket I am currently playing and then I would also keep an eye on ticker PU LM poem which is beginning to do the exact same thing as you can see here the RSI was trending down and finally broke above his ten period moving average even the volume was on a major sell-off and then a double bottom right here showing that the Bulls were coming in to try to accumulate shares that this nice run up in volume and now has pulled back so what we want to see is I probably give this one another week or so of consolidation and then we want to see a clean break out of our outside but that temporary moving average and I'm on balance volume beginning to tick up and break above this temporary moving average to show that there's some accumulation that place so I would possibly start walking there watching ticker PU heirloom next week but definitely took a anth it's on the move and I wouldn't be surprised if I see a possible breakout Friday prior to the market closing for the week alrighty TM trades now I am out till next time [Music] [Applause] New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS).