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BEFORE YOU READ Look at the picture. How does this room make you feel? Why? Can your environment affect your mood or your life? Read this article about the ancient Chinese art of feng shui.

Wind and Water Ho Da-ming couldn’t figure out why his restaurant was failing. He had set it up on a busy street. His chef was famous. He had laid out a fortune for interior design. But customers rarely came back. Why? Mr.Ho called in a feng shui consultant to find out. Feng shui (meaning “wind and water” and pronounced FUNG SHWAY) is the ancient Chinese art of placing things in the environment. According to this art, the arrangement of furniture, doors, and windows affects our health, wealth, and happiness. The consultant told Mr.Ho that the restaurant entrance was letting prosperity out. The desperate owner tore down the old entrance and put up a new one. His action paid off. Soon business picked up and Mr.Ho became rich. Feng shui has caught on with modern architecs and homeowners everywhere. Athough the complex charts of feng shui are hard to work out, the theory is simple: we are part of nature, and we must adjust to its natural energies. To be healthy and prosperous, we must lay out our homes and work places to allow chi (good energy) to circulate gently and to cut off sha (harmful energy). Try this activity out in your home or dorm room. First sit down and think about how you feel in this room. Now look around. Try to pick out the things that make you feel good or bad. To find out more, go to your library or bookstore and pick up a book on basic feng shui. You`ll be surprised at what you learn.

Wind and Water  

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