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Days are getting longer & temperatures are warming up. Spring is a rejuvenating time of year…and a wonderful time to get out & about with your pups & friends. It’s time for beach walks, road trips, patio-parties, pooch-friendly dining out & more. Enjoy! - 603.498.3237

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our vaccines!” “Woo-hoo we got

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Walter’s WORDS OF WISDOM By Walter Eugene Davis Senior Helpers – Stratham, NH

Planting the Seeds “You plant seeds every single day, in the world and in others, with every thought you think and words you speak and action you take. You have influence. You are making a dent in the universe and you matter, in a very real way.” Jennifer Williamson a writer from


Spencer, Massachusetts captures the essence of planting seeds perfectly. It is not always the planting of a seed that then grows into a flower, it is the planting of thoughts and ideas that grow into action. As the days grow longer, we have more daylight to spend outdoors, to explore and influence our world.

It is time to prepare those feeders! The hummingbird has started its

migration north from its winter home in the Gulf of Mexico and Yucatan Peninsula. This trip begins annually in March. The male will arrive first and the female about 10 days behind. They can cover 23-plus miles per day, and their wings average 55 strokes per second. This spectacular tiny creature can hover, fly upside down and backwards. If you put your feeders in the same spot as last year, you will have return visitors. There is no reason to use nectar with red dye either, they are attracted to the color of the feeder. Make sure to change the nectar weekly especially in warm weather. To find out more about their migration and when they will be arriving in your back yard, check out:

Don’t kill the milkweed! If you are wondering where all the Monarch butterflies have gone, when was the last time you saw milkweed in your backyard or on the side of the road? This “weed” is the sole plant that the caterpillars eat and where the monarchs lay their eggs. Since the future of the Monarch depends on milkweed, consider planting some. (

To bee or not to bee! Bees play an important role in our food

chain; they collect and transport pollen from plant to plant. With the increase of chemicals and insecticides used on lawns and gardens, the bumblebees are facing extinction. Consider creating a chemical free back yard by using organic treatments that do not harm bees, birds, butterflies or your furry pets. Plant bright flowers that will attract them and consider hanging a Bee House, a natural place for bees to live. Have not heard of this? Check them out at Lowe’s. ( I hope that I have planted some seeds for you. Take these seeds and pay it forward, as we all need to do our part to protect our environment; and you are nature’s best hope!

See you in the back yard or on the trail… Walter Eugene

A big thanks to Dwight & Gayle Davis,

owners of Senior Helpers, for encouraging Walter Eugene to write this column! Walter is a 6-year-old Lab mix rescue. They all found each other via New England Lab Rescue. Walter came from Hartsville, SC, and ended up hitting the jackpot with his new family! He participates in the family business providing love and comfort to many, with his official title being “Director of Security & Pet Relations.” Walter is also an active member of the welcoming committee! Senior Helpers provides in-home, non-medical care offering tailored services ranging from companion care for those who need daily assistance to in-depth specialized care for those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and other chronic diseases. They’ve worked with clients ranging in age from 25 to 104. Senior Helpers was voted “Best of the Seacoast” in home health care and received the “Business Excellence Award” and “Top 200 Most Influential Business Leaders in New Hampshire” from the New Hampshire Business Review. Stratham, NH – (603) 583-4580

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animal lover's profile

Sights Set High By Nancy Dewar

Randy & Autumn

A neurological disorder took Randy’s eyesight in 1989 shortly after graduating from UNH with an Electrical Engineering degree and

while starting his career at Digital Equipment Corporation. Although legally blind, he still retained about half of his sight in his left eye. Shortly thereafter he got a rescue dog named Modi, which was the beginning of a 9-year mutual love affair. Upon losing his special boy, Randy applied for his first guide dog, and incredible Ostend entered his life at a very life changing point. While training together in Oregon, the last of Randy’s eyesight disappeared. Ostend, automatically sensing something powerful was happening, placed his head on his Dad’s lap; and that is the last vision Randy was blessed with.

During their six years together, Ostend and Randy had more great adventures than most of us can imagine. As a lifelong Patriot’s fan, Randy introduced his boy to football; and Ostend was the first service dog ever to attend a game at Gillette Stadium. He was also the first dog to attend a Super Bowl when the Pats beat St. Louis in 2002. This victory led to an invitation to the White House to celebrate, and Ostend made sure his Dad was well taken care of. He led Randy to the front of the line in the Rose Garden where he unexpectedly was greeted by Tom Brady Sr.


Randy & Quinn

Not many people can claim to have climbed all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000-foot peaks, not to mention climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and hiking the Andes. Nor have many of us run 17 marathons including the Boston Marathon six times. This is just a smattering of the incredible accomplishments by New Hampshire native Randy Pierce of Nashua. Yet what makes this even more remarkable is that Randy has done all of this after losing all of his eyesight with the help of his three very loyal 4-legged companions -- guide dogs Ostend (a golden retriever), Quinn (a yellow lab) and Autumn (a black and tan Labrador retriever)—along with his wife Tracy and large network of true friends.

and then No. 12 stopped by! All of this after an appearance on the Rosie O’Donnell show the week prior.

Ostend and Randy also faced challenges. Randy became confined to a wheelchair in 2004 as a result of his neurological disorder, and Ostend was essentially retired. Randy wistful-

While training together in Oregon, the last of Randy’s eyesight disappeared. Ostend, automatically sensing something powerful was happening, placed his head on his Dad’s lap; and that is the last vision Randy was blessed with. ly explained, “There wasn’t much for Ostend to do anymore. I had retired him as I was told I’d never walk again. And then one day he collapsed. I rushed him to the vet with friends, and he didn’t make it.” Though crushed beyond words, Randy didn’t give up. After six surgical procedures and intensive physical therapy, Randy learned to walk again. After the third procedure he could walk with lofstrand crutches. By the fifth he was using a quad cane, and after the last his therapist handed him a hiking stick; with neither ever imagining where this hiking stick would lead. Enter Quinn, a.k.a. the Mighty Quinn, who joined his life in 2006. Randy began to think about hiking again and had the perfect partner with Quinn, who he describes as “the adventure dog, very competitive and loved the woods and trails.” Their hiking gained momentum in 2010 with the launch of Randy’s nonprofit 2020 Vision Quest whose mission is to inspire people to reach beyond adversity and achieve their highest goals through education, speaking engagements and fundraising to support training of guide dogs and providing needed services for the blind. To lead by example, Randy decided to hike all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000 peaks; and in 37 months Quinn and Randy had hiked all…twice! Quinn was also Randy’s co-star (or vice versa!) in the 2012 documentary “Four More Feet” that chronicles their quest (available on Amazon).

Randy with Guides

Randy, Autumn & Tracy on Belknap Mt.

2010 included another magical turning point. Randy married his beautiful wife Tracy on 10/10/2010. They met through mutual friends who suggested they drive together to attend an annual medieval recreation camping event. Tracy laughed when she told me, “Our first meeting was a 13-hour drive together in my Mini Cooper with a 6’ 4” guy and his guide dog!” The family of three had four wonderful years together until Mighty Quinn sadly succumbed to cancer in 2014. While still grieving, Tracy and Randy welcomed Autumn into their lives. Though different than competitive Quinn—Autumn was very sensitive—she too loved the woods and hiking. Her second favorite thing was attending speaking engagements. She knew how to work the crowd! And she was a loyal worker with her Dad for seven wonderful years. “Dogs retire when they choose to,” Randy said. “You can tell when they are done by their mannerisms. If they stop being excited when you bring out their harness, that’s a sure sign.” When Autumn lost interest last summer, Randy put in an application for a new guide dog. It was time for her to simply be a family dog. Sadly, she too was diagnosed with cancer, and Tracy and Randy let Autumn go—after lots of loving and snuggling— last September. Placement for guide dogs has been on hold due to COVID. But that didn’t stop the Pierce’s from getting a new pup. They adopted an adorable brown puppy fresh from Arkansas from

animal lover's profile

Randy & Quinn

Randy & Autumn on Mt. Chocorua 7

animal lover's profile

the Humane Society of Greater Nashua last fall, and “Nama” (short for Namaste) celebrated her one-year birthday with her adoring parents in March. Randy is still waiting for his new guide dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind, who is working with current CDC guidelines to figure out how to bring a dog to Randy…or bring Randy to his new dog. “I’m a tough match as I walk fast and need one that can keep up. Also, I interact with large groups of people, hike in the woods and climb mountains. It has to be a special one.”

Randy is truly one of the most positive individuals I’ve ever met, which is why he is such an inspiring speaker to businesses (such as Microsoft, Google, Johnson & Johnson) and students.

Service dogs arrive with a standard vocabulary that expands to meet the duo’s needs. Randy said, “Quinn knew over 200 words. Autumn knew the difference between a podium and a lectern! Find, follow and chair are common words.” Randy says “hop up” to get moving or to get moving faster. If his dog stops, but he doesn’t know why, that’s called “intelligent disobedience.” He explained, “With a cane, one touches obstacles. With guide dogs, they avoid obstacles. So, if they stop that’s a signal there’s an unavoidable obstacle.” To release his buddy from working, he says “off duty.” Then people can pet and interact with them. When it’s time to get back to work, “focus” is the word. As dogs are working when in their harness, it’s important not to touch them without permission. Their focus is on their work and human.

Randy is truly one of the most positive individuals I’ve ever met, which is why he is such an inspiring speaker to businesses (such as Microsoft, Google, Johnson & Johnson) and students. He’s presented to over 100,000 kids K-12. I asked how he stays so positive. “Oh, I have bad days just like everyone. When Ostend died, I was pissed; thinking how much more can I handle. But there’s a Nelson Mandela quote that is so true. It kind of goes ‘Don’t judge by how many times one falls, but by how many times one gets up again.’ I love coffee, and if I wake up feeling down, maybe I’ll just make myself a special cup with the French press. Also, tell people what you need. I used to be fiercely independent. When you let someone help you, you make them happy too.”

Soccer Camp

While waiting for his new partner to arrive, there’s no grass growing under Randy’s feet. He’s running a half marathon nearly every day on his treadmill. He’s launched his new “Words for Wednesday” videos on his YouTube channel. He’s speaking virtually, and he continues to raise money to assist the blind. To date, 2020 Vision Quest has donated over $500,000. The need continues to grow. There were 4.4 million people who were legally blind when he started his non-profit in 2010. Today there are 32 million. Macular degeneration is the number one cause of blindness, and the aging of baby boomers is the primary reason for the 8X increase.

1st Boston Marathon in 2014

Quinn on Mt. Liberty

I encourage everyone to visit his website to see some truly uplifting videos. Or read Randy and Tracy’s book, See You at the Summit. I think you’ll see the world differently, with wise words from a man who no longer can see. But his disability certainly didn’t stop him. It led Randy to love and experiences he never imagined. And immense wisdom. One in four Americans experience some sort of disability. “When one meets someone with a disability, simply use common sense. Be kind and speak to them as you would anyone else.” Just like dogs treat us…with kindness and honesty.


Randy & Autumn on Pack Monadnock

8 9

"HOW I MET MY TRUE LOVE" love stories about real dogs + their humans By Marcie Bergan – Hampton, NH

It was December 9, 2018. CC, my 14 ½-year-old Yorkie had been ill for a couple of weeks, and it was time to say goodbye. It was the day before my birthday. Coming home to an empty house for the next week was devastating, as I had lost my mom only five weeks earlier. CC was the most perfect, elegant Yorkie ever – a rescue from Tennessee and a former beauty queen; certainly, a prettier Yorkie there has never been! Now being only a few days before Christmas, I decided I had better do something to save myself. So, I took to the Internet. My friend Elizabeth was visiting her brother in Missouri, and two days before Christmas I found a tiny 4-pound Yorkie in Missouri only a short distance away from my friend’s brothers house…and she needed a home. I was sure she was looking for me. I was in NY spending the holiday with my family and my friend Liz, who became my cheerleader in getting this puppy. We rounded up the carrier and off to Fed Ex we went. Shipping the carrier, an airline ticket and everything Elizabeth would need to bring this little Yorkie home.

On December 28th they arrived at Logan. With input from friends, I named her Martini, but I call her Tini. She was a perfect little mess, and looking in her mouth, I realized she had all her baby teeth and her adult teeth too. Elizabeth said she looked like a piranha, and the song ‘Baby Shark’ was popular at the time! It was during her first visit with the vet that I realized that both Martini and CC had the same birthday; only 14 years apart. On her first trip to the beach, she instantly became a beach baby! It’s been more than two years now, and she is a happy, healthy 6-pound, two-year-old who doesn’t stop moving for a minute. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like - if she hadn’t rescued me.


The Collector’s Eye & Route 1 Antiques doggone great finds Support Over 100 Small Businesses Under 2 Roofs!

Something for everyone & prices for every budget.

Lionel & Greg

The Collector’s Eye

132 Portsmouth Avenue – Stratham, NH – (603) 772-6205

Route 1 Antiques

106 Lafayette Road – Hampton Falls, NH – (603) 601-2554 11

out and about

Photo by Kari Milone

fun things to


ABOUT NHSPCA Annual Paws Walk

Hero Pups

Happy 5th to Hero Pups

Stratham-based Hero Pups, founded by Laura Barker after her son was wounded in Afghanistan, recently celebrated their 5-year anniversary. The non-profit operates entirely with volunteers, and 100% of their funds go directly to acquire, train and pair dogs with veterans and first responders who suffer from PTSD…at no charge to recipients. Many of the pups come from a network of rescue shelters, and some are donated by reputable breeders. Hero Pups recently began partnering with the NH Department of Corrections facilities to have some puppies train with inmates who are preparing to be released. What an amazing organization. A HERO gets a service dog, a rescue gets a fresh start and an inmate gets to learn a new skill set. Visit their website to learn more about donating or volunteering. (

Bark Yours

Bark Yours is a fun website that offers collections

#DogFriendly Stickers

of dog-inspired products and gifts created by independent artists. It’s a dog lover’s marketplace; like Etsy with a four-paw focus! What do you get for that person who has everything? Or that person who treasures anything that reminds them of their dog? Or gets a kick out of the funny things our dogs do? Or even that new dog owner who may be slightly overwhelmed and in love all at the same time? The answer: Visit Bark Yours! (

NHSPCA Annual Paws Walk

Mark your calendar for the Sunday, June 6th annual Paws Walk sponsored by the NHSPCA. This year’s event will be held at Stratham Hill Park with six walk-time slots available beginning at 10:00 a.m. Small walking groups will be socially distanced for safety, or you may choose to support this fundraising event with a “virtual” walk. You must register in advance


to participate in the “in person” walk, and face masks are required. For more details, please visit their website. (

#DogFriendly Stickers

Sit.Stay.Smile. Pet Photography hit on something that blended of few of their passions, helping small business owners and their love of dogs. In 2019 they created a window sticker for small businesses in Dover to inform dog owners that dogs are welcome inside. The sticker said: #dogdogfriendlydover. The feedback was so positive that this year #dogfriendlyportsmouth was added. Next time you go shopping in downtown Dover or Portsmouth, keep the hashtag alive by posting a photo of your dog in front of the business’ name where you shopped and include either #dogfriendlydover or #dogfriendlyportsmouth. Go to to see the list of participating businesses (under Resources) and check out

out and about

Puppy Project No. 2 Making Waves by Heidi

Puppy Project No. 2

Last fall we featured Emily Verbeck of Exeter in an article called “The Healing Power of Puppies.” After her young son Colt’s bout with cancer, Emily wanted to give back to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and did so with puppies. She bred her adorable dog Lenni (an Aussie-Doodle) with a handsome guy named Kota (a Standard Poodle) and that resulted in a litter of five adorable puppies. In lieu of purchasing a pup, select friends offered a dollar amount for a pup (as much as they wanted to), which in turn was donated to Dana Farber. This “Puppy Project” ended up raising over $5,000 to help support the fight against childhood cancer. Emily recently completed her “Puppy Project No. 2!” Lenni and Kota are, again, the proud parents of five precious little fluff-balls. They all went to their new loving homes in early April, and Emily again raised over $5,000. (

Making Waves by Heidi

12-year-old Heidi Bell of Peterborough, NH is passionate about marine biology, sea turtles and is doing great things to help raise funds for the New England Aquarium. Two years ago, she started doing pop-up shops to sell her handcrafted bracelets, T’s and more. This class project, called “Heidi’s Helping Hands,” raised about $300 each time. Since then, Heidi has rebranded as Making Waves, as she wanted a more mature name for her brand. This talented artist is now selling her amazing creations on Etsy with all proceeds going to the aquarium. When asked why sea turtles, Heidi explained, “Sea turtles are often nicknamed the ambassadors of the sea. This is because they are the animals that keep the entire ocean ecosystem in balance. A world without sea turtles would be a world without an ocean. 50-80% of our oxygen comes from the ocean, and it regu- 13

lates the climate. How do sea turtles keep an entire ecosystem from collapsing? By eating. A leatherback sea turtle’s diet consists of jellyfish, not a common snack among other animals. Green sea turtles, along with 4 other animal species, are the only animals to eat seagrass. Seagrass and sea sponge (another snack eaten very rarely by animals) can be very damaging to the ocean ecosystem if overpopulated. If sea turtles were to go extinct, the seagrass and sea sponge would grow out of control, devouring coral reefs (coral is home to hundreds of sea animals). Soon enough, plants would stop growing, and our climate issues would get much worse. We are much more dependent on the ocean then you think.” Kudos to Heidi who has donated over $3,500 to support her wonderful cause. Visit her Etsy store to get one of her great T-shirts, totes and more. (

I love my job


Owners of Beyond T he Leash

A bit about your company?

Beyond The Leash began in Los Angeles in 2005. In 2010, Scott moved the business to New England because he originally is from Rockport, MA and wanted to return to his roots. We had locations in Lowell and Salisbury and now are based in southern Maine. Our company consists of just me (Jess) and my husband, Scott. We have both been full-time dog trainers for 20 years.

Services offered?

Biggest challenges?

Purebreds or rescues with serious anxiety and aggression can certainly test our abilities, but [thankfully] we have been able to help them all in some way or another so far.

Favorite part?

Hands down our favorite aspect is being able to make living with your dog more enjoyable. Honestly, creating rules and structure with dogs benefits not only every human family member but the dog as well. Just like us, dogs crave consistency and structure. Think of how lost so many of us were last year around this time while in quarantine. Not having a daily routine can be very anxiety provoking. Just like kids, dogs thrive when given boundaries and being told WHAT to do rather than what NOT to do.

We offer in-home classes as well as our nationally renowned Doggy Boot Camp. This board & train program is our most highly sought-after service. Dogs work with us directly, learning the basic skills; and then we do follow up classes with the owners on the other end to ensure the training transfers. It’s also a common option for people looking to have their dogs trained Least favorite? while they are away on vacation. The hardest part of our job is getting owners’ expectations in line with the Benefits for dogs? dog they chose. Even though the kids Dogs that pull all the time or bark all may want a certain breed, it may be day long truly aren't that happy! That too high energy for the family. We can doesn't mean dogs shouldn't be able help all dogs and owners to some exto be dogs and sniff on walks and fuss tent if they are willing to make some when you come home from work; but small changes to their lives with they should stop sniffing and barking the dogs; but it's definitely a more when you ask. Additionally, training seamless process when the dog is a builds confidence and allows dogs to good match for its household. have more freedom in their lives.

Benefits for people?

People seem to like a household that functions with less stress. Not only do we pick up on our dog's stress, our dogs pick up on our stress as well. Well behaved dogs typically cause less stress.

Anything else?

We are grateful to be able to help dogs and owners live a more harmonious life together. We also host a podcast called The Quirky Dog if you'd like to have a listen! (

14 15

let's take a ride


WINERY ROAD TRIPS By JoAnn Actis-Grande – Portsmouth, NH

In the past year, my limited outings included taking my dog on adventures around the Seacoast. We discovered many of our local wineries are a great place to take long walks through beautiful vineyard trails and topping it off with tasty wines, good chow and dog treats. Here in New Hampshire, there are over thirty producers of wine (both grape and other fruit- based), cider or mead (a honey wine). They are offered in every imaginable style - still, sparkling, dry, semi-dry, rosé and sweet. Bottled and canned.

Most grapes grown in the state are considered “cold climate grapes” such as French-American hybrids (the genetic crossing of two or more grapes) including Cayuga, La Crescent, Marechal Foch, Seyval Blanc, St. Croix and Vignoles. Niagara, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Riesling and Zinfandel, along with other wellknown grape varieties are found here too. The fruit wines use locally grown apples, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and cranberries.

Guests Rusty & Silas

Zorvino Vineyard

Wineries are spread throughout the state. The largest and oldest wineries are located in the Seacoast where the climate is milder, allowing tender grapes to thrive. Here’s a few great wineries offering unique styles of wine that are also dog friendly with outdoor patios.

Zorvino Vineyards Sandown

Zorvino is an authentic Tuscan style winery with a long list of exceptional wines. Their wines are made from grapes grown on 80 acres of land in the center of a hardwood forest, as well as grapes sourced from other regions throughout the world. The vineyard is famous for their 100% fruit wines and unique Z Lab creations that include wine-based Hard Seltzer in 4 flavors. Reserve a seat on the patio and meet Z dogs, Vinny and Brewer, while enjoying flatbreads and other fabulous food, along with locally made natural Happy Belly Bites for dogs. You can also bring your own lounge chairs and blankets to hangout on the property with your pup. (

LaBelle’s Amherst Venue

Zovino’s Vineyard Dogs Brewer & Vinny

LaBelle Winery – Amherst & Derry

LaBelle, with two venues and a retail tasting store in Portsmouth, specializes in transforming local fruit into award winning wines. Grapes are picked at their peak, then pressed and fermented the same day, producing delicious fresh and balanced wines. The Americus is a tribute to the American dream, made from the Noiret grape and blended with Cabernet Franc. Their second winery in Derry just opened and will feature LaBelle Market (slated to open mid-May) along with a new event center, golf course and mini golf. They also are building a champagne house to craft their own sparkling wines. The restaurants have outdoor patios with fire-pits and live music most nights. Dogs can deck out wearing LaBelle bandanas and stay hydrated in style with LaBelle logo water bowls. The "biscuit of the day” is often chosen by a dog-loving staff member. (


let's take a ride Hermit Woods Winery – Meredith

Flag Hill’s RiverCrest Villas

In 2017, Food & Wine magazine named Hermit Woods Winery one of the “Best 500 Wineries in America to Visit.” It was formally White Mountain Vineyards, the first winery in New Hampshire. They produce wines from local fruit in a vinifera style using the finest raw materials that are mostly organic - dry, well balanced and unique in a large variety of traditional and non-traditional styles. The popular Petite Blue, featured on the Today Show, has up to a pound of fresh blueberries in every bottle. There’s an in-house deli with cheeses, charcuterie, salami plates, flatbreads, paninis, sandwiches and salads. The Loft at Hermit Woods, a new thirdfloor event space and music venue, will open this year after several years in the making. For dogs, treats are available, fresh water on the deck and canine visitors are featured on their social media pages. (

Flag Hill Winery - Lee

Once a dairy farm, the winery is set on beautiful grounds for picnics and the 18-station walking tour with an audio file at each station. The walk is a little over a mile, and it is dog friendlya great way to see all the grain, grapes and food they grow. The final station overlooks where the Lamprey and the North River come together. Stop in the tasting room for a wine smoothie or taste from a long list of wines, port, and spirits that reflect the character of the area. They are known for their award-winning vodka. An onsite restaurant also hosts a monthly “Chef’s Dinner Series” serving seasonal foods that pair well with their wines. Situated right on the property are the RiverCrest Villas – perfect for an overnight getaway. ( (

Tasting Room at Hermit Woods

All four wineries have gift shops where you can purchase wines and wine accessories, including gifts for your four-legged friends. There’s nothing better than good wine paired with the great outdoors and a dog by your side! Cheers!

Flag Hill Winery Pups Copper & Rye

Hermit Woods Patio Pup

JoAnn Actis-Grande (JAG) is Wine Editor for Taste of the Seacoast Magazine. Her wine columns have been and continue to be featured in Seacoast Newspapers, and Seacoast Bark Magazine. She also guides intimate groups to wineries and destinations in Tuscany and beyond. JAG lives in Portsmouth, NH. More of her articles can be found on, and you can contact her 17

helpful hints

“Mulch 101” for Pet Owners

While mulch makes flower beds more attractive and benefits the soil, it’s important to select the right one if you are a pet owner. Following are a few tips to keep your animals safe: Natural & Organic are Best… They contain no toxins.

Mulches to Avoid…

Cocoa-Shell & Cocoa-Bean mulches contain theobromine which is toxic to dogs. Rock mulches can cause obstructions if eaten. Avoid all mulches that contain insecticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

The Benefits of “Outta My Tree” Mulch…

Ours are all-natural and contain no toxins or chemical treatments. They are made of recycled natural wood, the right choice for pet owners. We also offer delivery! Mulch increases water retention and decreases weed growth. In addition to a natural mulch, we also offer dyed mulches in black, brown and red; all toxin-free.

Helpful Hints for Dog Owners…

If you have a dog that likes to dig in the garden, spray your mulch with garlic water or bitter apple spray. Another idea…lay down metal mesh on the soil under the mulch.

P.S. We also offer super loam, compost, stone and stone dust!

The Knowles Dogs Hard at Work 18


local tails

Meet Some Special Seacoast Pups… Here are some of our readers’ adorable dogs. If you’d like your pup’s picture in an upcoming issue, send an email with “Local Tails” in the subject line to: All breeds welcome!

Bentley - Exeter

Bessa - Hampton Falls Doug - Newmarket Foose - Berwick

Boetie - Hampton

Chevelle - Berwick, ME

Libby - Newbury, MA Otto - Salisbury

Gracie & Koda - Rye

Bella - Hampton

Irma - Hampton

Meeka - Somersworth


Nataleigh - Berwick, ME 21

Doggone Grrrrr…eat Entertaining Photography by Jasmine Inglesmith Photography

Eat Inside… Outside… or Take-Out Safely spaced seating upstairs & down. Dine outside on our lovely terrace.


Take-out menu with easy online ordering.


An Easy-Peasy & Healthy Dog Treat!

DIY Prep-At-Home Pasta Kits.

Oven Baked Pea Pods with Parmesan


Ingredients Fresh Pea Pods (rinse & pat dry)

Olive Oil 2 T Chopped Parsley and/or Parmesan Cheese

Photo & Recipe Credit:

Directions Toss pea pods in a bit of olive oil. Spread pea pods on cooking sheet lightly greased with olive oil. Sprinkle with parsley/grated cheese. Bake at 450 degrees for 4-6 minutes. Remove, stir slightly & bake for another 2-5 minutes till crisp. Cool & place in an airtight bag. Refrigerate for up to a week.

The Terrace at Massimo’s Enjoy Massimo’s wonderful cuisine under the stars…a European flair right in the heart of downtown Portsmouth! Weather permitting, of course.

59 Penhallow – Portsmouth (603) 436-4000

World Class Cuisine

My precious pups, Mia and Logan, have been really patient with me… again! I’ve been busy gearing up for outside dining…no small feat… with an ambience that is charming and inviting (thanks to Tobey Design Group). The outside dining area truly twinkles and sparkles. As do Mia and Logan’s eyes when their Dad returns home after evenings of welcoming guests! I, and my incredible warm and friendly team, look forward to seeing you soon…inside, outside or curbside for take-out! Cheers & Saluti to All…Massimo, Mia & Logan



let's pawty

Sponsored by Ristorante Massimo “Authentic Italian Food Is More Than Our Passion… It’s Our Life’s Work.”

doggy thoughts

FLIPS + FLOPS By Flip-Flop

Editor’s Note: These are simply musings from Flip-Flop, an exuberant & opinionated shaggy dog. They are not any sort of product endorsement or “dis” by this publication or any member of our editorial team. Just a bit about stuff she likes (Flips) and stuff she doesn’t (Flops)!

A Drink with Style

Flip -Flop

If you happen to love French Bulldogs, or any dogs, think you’ll love these fun ice molds. What a great way to serve up a cool summer beverage! (

A Bad Pour

Have drink…will travel! I’m all for that but find this dog-shaped decanter a bit offensive. Why, oh why, didn’t they have it pour from the dog’s mouth???

Garden Calm

After somewhat of a chaotic year, these guys make me smile. Every garden could use a bit of Zen…especially in the form of a dog.


Garden Chaos

Talk about chaos? Well, here you go! These motion-activated sprinklers are sure to scare animals away from the garden…and scare the bejesus out of them too. Unless, of course, one happens to have a dog that loves to play with sprinklers!



A Cat Selfie

A Dog Selfie

There’s nothing better than a great selfie, and here’s a gadget that’s guaranteed to get your pup to look straight into the camera. Simply attached their favorite treat to it, and you’ll quickly get a doggone great smile.

I think selfies are fun to share on Instagram…but maybe not in the bathroom! This website lets one transfer selfies onto shower curtains, bathmats and even toilet accessories. What will humans think of next? (

( 23

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