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Grandover Community February 2014 Newsletter

Greensboro, North Carolina

February 2014 Sun






The world is so empty if one thinks only of mountains, rivers & cities; but to know someone who thinks & feels with us, & who, though distant, is close to us in spirit, this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden ~ Goethe 2


4 cardio & sculpt 8:15


Canasta 2 pm

6 wellness


walkers 9 am Coffee and Bridge 9:30 chat 8-10 Pilates 8:45 Cardio 9 am

Sat 1cardio

p 9 am sculpt


no cardio sculpt todaymoved to monday

Supper club



11 cardio & 12



18 cardio & 19



25 cardio & 26

cardio sculpt sculpt 8:15 8:45 am Canasta 2 pm

sculpt 8:15 Canasta 2 pm

sculpt 8:15 Canasta 2 pm p Book club 4-5:30 pm



15 cardio

wellness Coffee and sculpt 9 am walkers 9 am chat 8-10 Bridge 9:30 Pilates 8:45 Cardio 9 am Cribbage Class! 10 am

20 21 22 cardio Ladies Lunch wellness Coffee and sculpt 9 am 12 pm walkers 9 am chat 8-10 Pastabilities Bridge 9:30 Pilates 8:45 Cardio 9 am Social Media 101 10 am 27


wellness Coffee and walkers 9 am chat 8-10 g 9:30 Bridge Pilates 8:45 Cardio 9 am Sunset Social 6:30 pm

wellness fitness classes Cardio Circuit with Brenda

Moderate to high g intensity y resistance and cardio training in a fun circuit format! Complete your daily cardio and strength requirements in one hour with this hybrid class. $10/Friday s 9 am

Tone & Sculpt with Brenda

Tuesday Mornings at 8:15 Great all over toning class using light hand held weights and resistance. This i a greatt class is l for f beginner b i to t intermediate $10/class or $30/month

Wellness Walkers

A fast paced 60 minute power walk through the neighborhood. Your dogs are welcome! Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9 am Meet at the Grandover Hotel

Cardio Sculpt with Lyssa

Pilates Mat with Lyssa Eddy

A great class set to music! strengthen and tone your major muscle groups in this fast paced yet moderate workout! $10/class or $30/month

triad community events anna-christie anna christie ents/177239572480312/ http://undercurrentrestaurant.c om/2014/01/february-7th-2014wine dinner californias hidden wine-dinner-californias-hiddentreasures/

Pilates Mat Class is wonderful for toning and d strengthening t th i your core as wellll as all you major muscle groups. Fridays at 8:30 $10/class or $30/ month

Copy and C d paste t to t learn l about b t Awesome events happening right here in the triad: /old-salem-learn-live-weekend/old salem learn live weekend getaway/

I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap. ~ Ani DeFranco

brenda’s blog Shaking Hands with the Devil(s food)

There’s a certain group of people out there who are afraid of certain foods. And not because they’re allergic, which would cause them to go into anaphylaxis shock. Example: Sugar, more specifically, chocolate cake or Oreos or ice cream. You can pick a Sugaraphobe out of a crowd in a minute. i t Their Th i eyes gett allll crazy and d they th gasp with ith horror h if someone says something like: “Hey Molly, there’s a plate of birthday cupcakes in the break room… help yourself.” Terror would take over. What causes this mania? “I can’t have anything that has sugar in it, in my house. If I do, I eat it all. I have no control, so the only way to not eat it, is to not have it in the house. Period.” So pp thought g p process works,, right? g For a week maybe y a month,, then that suppressive what? Thoughts of anything sweet begin to take over, you can’t stop thinking and wanting. And not a little, a lot. Next thing you know you’re buying a bag of macaroons and eating a dozen before the grocery bag is folded and put away. As soon as you’re done your 12thcookie, the chastising, disappointment and shame begins. The third and final stage, also predictable: You vow to keep sweets out of your house, house for good this time, time but that never happens. happens The cycle continues. Sugar wins. So let’s agree, the all-or-none approach doesn’t really work-work, from a manage your life, long-term perspective. Wouldn’t it be nice to think you could actually make friends with food, I mean, enjoy it without surrendering to it, particularly to food that holds you in it’s spell? y p Making g peace p with food is p possible, but it takes some introspection and a little planning. If you’re looking for a magic pill, I’m plum out and P.S. there are none. I do have good news that can work for you in your effort to not overindulge in foods that have power over you. I know this is scary territory. But like anything in life. If you don’t face the fear, you can never take your power back. I don don’tt want to make this seem too simplistic, simplistic but there is a basic principle that can keep you in control of your choices: Replace don’t eliminate. And not with diet foods or substitutes that insult your taste buds. Eat real food. Example: For chocolate and/or sweet craving, try Teddy Grahams or animal crackers. They’re sweet and good and you get a decent amount of chewing per serving which satisfies your brain and your tongue. To address the quantity issue, when you get home from the store, dole out a serving, which translates to like 24 Teddy Grahams and 20ish animal crackers, then put them in ziplock sandwich bags. Have them at home, in the office, wherever. Eat them everyday if you want. No big deal. I’m not saying this one tip will change your life, but I am saying it’s a great way to start.

connections Monday, Feb 10th 4-6 pm Jewelry Party featuring: Alice’s Chic Boutique

Fun Friday morning Workshops

February 14th 10 am: All are invited to stop by The cribbage class Nancy will teach Grandover Clubhouse to browse you a new game! It’s fun, a bit fashion forward trendy jewelry! challenging and great for the Just in time for Valentines Day! guys and gals! facebook/aliceschicboutique February 21st 10 am: social media 101 Nancy will help take the mystery out of it! Master privacy and control settings on facebook, twitter and pinterest, and learn to have FUN with it! Please sign up via Email

Granodver Supper Club

A vibrant group that meets 3 times per year in the Club Room for themed suppers. This months event is a Venetian Masquerade and sure to be a fun festive evening! This Event is Hosted by The Hofmanns, The Coreys, The Adkins,The Swoffords, The Guidones, and The Honschs. This club is a great way to meet your neighbors and showcase your creativity too! Open to All Grandover Residents. If you would like to join, please contact Nancy

connections lobby bar february artist lineup 2/01– Brother E. Clayton West 2/07 – Corey Hillman 2/08 – Jessica Mashburn 2/14 – David Lin 2/15 – Travis & Steph 2/21 / – David Lin 2/22 – Corey Hillman 2/28 – Jessica Mashburn

grandover sunset socials Monthly Meet & Greets in The Lobby Bar for Grandover Residents. Complimentary appetizers from 6:30-9:30 pm. Upcoming Dates: Friday, February 28th and Friday March 28th

ladies who lunch y of every y On the third Thursday month we get together to visit a locally owned restaurant . This months event will take place at noon, February 19th at Pastabilities on Lawndale. Every person is defined by the communities she belongs to ~ Orson Scott Card

connections holiday party 2013 Our 2013 Grandover Holiday Party was such a blast! On Thursday, December 12th Residents came out to the Clubhouse for live music from Jessica Mashburn , a wine tasting g with Jay y Tarigo g , an awesome photo booth from Triad DJ , drinks and appetizers. Many new connections were made and friends reunited as well. This will be a new tradition in the neighborhood, so mark your calendars for Thursday, December 11th 2014 for the party you don’t want to miss! Photos by Triad DJ & Events

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious ~ Ruth Reicle

community Cards in the Clubroom

The Grandover Book Club

We had a lovely time reminiscing and planning for 2014 at our Annual December Tea at The O’Henry Hotel! The Grandover book club meets the fourth Tuesday of every month from 4-5:30 pm in the Clubroom for an invigorating discussion. discussion All interested readers are invited to attend.

Upcoming Selections: February 25th:

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty Hosted by Patty Edmonds

Tuesday, March 25th:

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini Hosted by Ann Kroupa

Canasta: Tuesdays 2 pm Open to new and experienced i d players. l If you have never played before we will teach you The focus here is on FUN! Bridge: Thursdays 9:30am All levels of play are welcome for this game. Coffee and Light refreshments provided

Spring Bunco Party March Madness!

Wenesday March 5th Join the ladies for a fun evening! Bunco is a fun fast paced dice game, no experience required!! Your guests are always welcome to play. BYOB/$4 Please sign up via email to Nancy by Monday, March 3rd/minimum 12 players

A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert ~ Andrew Carnegie


Justin loves a great game of capture the flag!

Austin takes a ride in the rocket ship at Space Camp

At Grandover, having FUN is the Focus!

We have The best counselors around!

Superhero camp!

We’re borrowing miss Nancy’s jackets… brrrr!!!

Grandover Sunset ~ Photo by Roger and Faye Brown

G Grandover d C t t Information Contact I f ti

Nancy Cunningham Activities Director Dawn Allred, Grandover Realty Brenda Shropshire, Wellness Director Amanda Laszacs, Spa Director Buck Stephenson, Tennis Pro Jonathan York, Director of Golf Jim Nemeti, Head Golf Pro

336.454.1791 336.854.2900 336.312.4672 336.294.1800 336.423.7553 336.834.4880 336.323.3838

February Events  

The Grandover Community in Greensboro North Carloina

February Events  

The Grandover Community in Greensboro North Carloina