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Puppies of Puccini By Nancy Hahn


Musical set in OperaToon a bucolic harmonious town where music brings people together. Cast: 1.Bel Canto- A tech savvy, Social Network Entrepreneur, erudite, over the top personality, Big Red Bird who Tweets the latest news and gossip. 2.Giacomo- The Songwriter and Composer who the other pups rely on his expert opinion. Giacomo is direct and honest. 3. Mimi- a compassionate, caring female pup who helps and nurtures and "takes care" of the gang. 4. M.B. Fly- The Diva! M.B. or Madama Butterfly is an ball of energy and attitude and wants to be a Pop Star on American Dog. 5.DaVinci- (little Leo) a shy brooding, emotional painter, inventor and loves Lisa who he moans about constantly. ( Lisa- DaVinci's love interest) 6. Norma- Reporter from the OperaToon Times who has empathy and great insight. 7. Marcello- charming and talented pup who loves country music and wants to perform at the Grand Ole Opry; calls himself an Italian Cowboy 8. Tamino- a way cool handsome pup who loves Rock Music! Tamino wants to keep his Rock Band a secret for fear no one will like his music or him. 9. The Mayor- a grand, expressive, caring man who is supportive of the towns revitalization through the puppies new found fame. Chorus ( all the rest of the Puppies of Puccini's Dog Pound)

Act One Intro Music Scene 1 Exterior: Daytime, Town of Operatoon Bel Canto (Bel Canto perching on stage from various vantage points relating to audience) reads from his book as if to himself... "Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to theimagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything." Plato

Bel Canto Buon Giorno! Buon Giorno! Buon Giorno!!!!!! I am Bel Canto Tweeting "Live" from OperaToon!!! Ahhhhhhhh OperaToon.....(opening his arms) Do you know where OperaToon is????? It is as far as your mind can wander and as vivid as you can imagine! In OperToon we live in melody and harmony. We meet each other in our music, like lyric to song. Presto, Adagio, Allegro..... They all get along. We once had a thriving Opera House, but our town fell on hard times. Now it is only a shadow of its former self not having a show for years. But in OperaToon, Music brings us together in good times and in bad. We have BIG HOPES! We have BIG DREAMS! You can hear them like songs in the wind. “ OperaToon Theme” Song ( Bel Canto and group/chorus) Bel CantoSo come ALL! You're Invited! You're Invited! YOU ARE ALL INVITED to OperaToon! And when you use your imagination and believe....                                                  Wa-La! You are HERE! “You're Invited” Song ( group/Female lead)

Scene 2 Interior: Puccini’s Dog Pound in the town of Operatoon Morning Dogs stretch languidly, slowly, doing typical dog scratching Bel Canto- (from new perch) Now let me show you around and introduce you to some of my very special friends.Tweet! Tweet! Hashtag at The Puppies of Puccini Dog Pound over by Harmony Hill District. Here live some of the world's most adorable pups! They are all homeless. They await the day a family can rescue them. We call them The Puppies of Puccini because they sing Opera to hopefully

escape their ultimate fate. Their heartbreaking cries echo into the night. Their lament crescendos as hope takes flight. “Hard Pound Life” Song ( all pups/chorus) 2 versions plus chant) Giacomo- (screaming) DA VINCI! DA VINCI! Leonardo DA VINCI!!!!!!!! DaVinciOh Sole Mia! what?????? GiacomoSTOP DRAWING LISA!!! Come listen to the new songs I wrote for us. DaVinciWhat good is music? I'm doomed! My love is gone! I am a puppy without a PAW t NER!!! GiacomoOh for crying out loud, DaVinci...Get yourself together!!! Lisa got rescued. You did the right thing for her. Bene!!! True love means letting go sometimes. I'm sure she is happy. She has a home and a family who loves her. DaVinciWe are family too, but I had to pretend ( loud crying, weeping) Oh Mamma Mia what I had to pretend................ GiacomoSTOP Pazza! Stop MOANING over LISA. or we name her Mona Lisa! Da Vinci – I think it has a ring to it. GiacomoLeonardo DaVinci of Puccini's you were born to discover, to paint, to invent! You are smart and creative. Don't let your emotions get in the way. You have a great future ahead of you. I can just see it....... “Go Leo Go” Song ( Giacomo, DaVinci, group back ups and chorus) Enter Mimi: cleaning up, placing food bowls, laying blankets down. MimiHey guys, what's going on?? GiacomoSie Bella Mi Amore! MimiUgh!!!! What's up with Da Vinci? Is he ok? Giacomomenza! menza! He will get over it. Don't worry, Bellisimo . Mimi- (ignoring Giacomo's sweet talk) rushes over to hug and comfort Da Vinci as he is ranting, raving and weeping.....There, There, now. You did a wonderful thing! A selfless act of love. I am sure Lisa knows you truly love her and your memories will live on. She is probably thinking of you right now.

DaVinciHow do you know these things, Mimi? MimiI AM A GIRL!! GIRLS KNOW!!! TRUST ME!!!!! DavinciI just will never forget her face. She turned back and looked at me and gave me that SMILE. Oh that SMILE. It haunts me! “Any Other Smile” Song ( Would you leave loving me)( Da Vinci / Lisa from her home) split screen/stage Scene 3 Interior: Puppy Pound junk yard/playground Later that Same Day Bel Canto ( perched on a garbage can) Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!....Tamino has a Band! Tamino has a Rock Band!!!! TaminoSHHHHHHHHHH! No one knows, yet! Bel CantoMe gossip???? My beak is sealed! TaminoSeriously, man...keep it to yourself...this aint no Rock Town. Bel CantoWho cares? Let's ROCK OUT!!!! TaminoHa! Ha! My biggest fantasy “Rock Dog” Song/ Tamino group chorus MarcelloRock On, Tamino! After your Rock Opera, I will follow with my Grande Ole Opry M.B. FlyAn Italian Cowboy???? Mamma Mia! MarcelloOh Madama Butterfly we are the best kind! You heard of spaghetti westerns?!!!! Nashville Here I come!!!!!!! Opry Cowboy Song ( Marcello) group clapping etc. GroupYo! Fly Girl!!!! Wow we love your outfit!!!! M.B. Fly Hey fans!!! M. B. Hey G did you finish my pop song?? Giacomoyes, and I'm lovin it! I hope you like it. You have to feel it. M.B. FlyG, I feel you, I'm livin it and lovin it!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!! American Dog Show I'm Ruff n READY, Paw par azzi !!!! ( paparazzi) Whoo Hoo!!!

“Live Laugh Love” ( M.B. Fly) cast dancing Scene 4 Interior: Puppies of Puccini Meeting Room/Meeting led by Giacomo that evening Bel CantoTweeting live from a BIG meeting at The Puppies of Puccini Dog Pound to discuss PAW ticulars on their plans to escape their fate. GiacomoPronto! Stop yapping at once! Everyone will be heard. We have to focus and find opportunity because it is not finding us! (Mimi and M.B. Fly pop up and sing and dance and strut while belting out The OperaTuney Song to a standing ovation and whistles) GiacomoOkay...Okay I love the energy; let's use it to write our business plan... M.B. What's a business plan?? MarcelloOur goals, our we get from here to there. GiacomoOur Mission!!! Let us express our mission! “Puppies of Puccini” ( We're the Pups in the neighborhood) Bel Canto- (chatting to himself) perch above the action I love my new iPhone...oooooh this looks good!!!! Puppies are off to sleep....murmuring soft sweet good nights to each other Night G Night T Night M & M Night M. B. Night Night ....sleep tight DaVincilook at the beautiful stars....let's all pick one and wish with all our hearts “Bella Stellina” (Group) sung like a hopeful prayer

Bel Canto perched (in the Pound Main Office on the computer) HELLO


Intermission Act Two Scene 1  Interior: Dog pound the next morning   Norma­                           Hellooooo.......Yoo Hoo!!!! to a group of half awake pups Pup Group- (noise and confusion in the background) Hi....and you are..... Norma: oh I'm so sorry, I'm Norma a reporter from the OperaToon Times to get lots of photos and do your front page story for the Times. Mimiare we dreaming??? Da VinciWhat on earth? M. B. – Look at the line...ALL the way around the block...WOW!!! NormaThat's what happens when you are the most talked about video on Youtube!                                             You guys are awesome! Fantastic! okay, now pose for your pics 1-2-3 Hold it! Tamino- (peering at computer) We went VIRAL!!!! one million followers!!!! Look.... GiacomoGang settle down, Look Norma, if you do a story on us, please tell our whole journey....What do you see? Look at these faces.... What do you see in our eyes????? “Love's Eclipse” Song (Norma)   GiacomoNorma, we are honored to be interviewed by you .....But how...???? BEL CANTO

Scene 2 Interior: Later that same day in the Dog Pound Screams and Chanting heard from outside.... PUPPIES of PUCCINI!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! Mayor of OperaToon rushes in Hi Puppies....

Norma (taking pic of Mayor and Puppies) (Smile Hold it)... Mayorput that as my next election photo Mayor- (addressing the Puppies) Puppies of Puccini well well done, my friends! You have not only saved our Opera House, you have saved all of OperaToon. All the while you were seeking rescue, it is you that rescued us. We tribute you and we thank you! In fact, I would like to present the Outstanding Citizens Achievement Award to all of you.                                   You all have homes now, so you can finally say goodbye to the Pound                                            and make your mark on the world.                                          You can use your fame for positive change!!!                                    “CHANGE THE WORLD” SONG ( full cast)   M. B. fly...(plaintively)                                                      well here we go, I guess...... Tamino­ (plaintively)                                                     yea, off to our big dreams Mimi­                                    I am going to miss you all so much ( they all hold hands) Da Vinci­                                      Mayor, we draw strength from each other, why must we be apart?   Lisa­( runs in)                                                             That's my man! DaVinci­ (embracing Lisa)                                              Oh Glory of God!! LISA!!!!!!!!!!    Mayor­                                             Apart? are you kidding me?                                       You are booked in the Opera House for the                                        next 5 years starring in your own show:                                      The Puppies of Puccini! You are going to be together                                         night and day, writing rehearsing.                                 We have to pay all those bills for our brand new Opera House!!!                                      Tickets are selling online now.  (mayor goes off to speak to reporters)   Giacomo­                                      what a difference a day makes! Right Bel Canto???   Bel Canto­                                            Well my educated opinion is you have only just begun. Scene 3 

Interior: Dog Pound  (full of friends and visitors)   PUPPY TARANTELLA SONG ( FINALE)                                                                                                           The End