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Intralase LASIK LASIK surgery is a three step operation that includes creating a corneal flap, laser remodeling, and repositioning of the flap to improve vision. Intralase LASIK Surgery and traditional LASIK only differ during the first step of the operation, flap creation. Traditional LASIK surgery employed the use of a microkeratome which is a small tool with a disposable blade for cutting the cornea. Intralase LASIK is an all laser surgery which uses the computer controlled femtosecond laser for cutting rather than the microkeratome. This beam of laser light forms a string of microscopic bubbles which are stacked to create a thin, hinged flap similar to that of traditional LASIK. The procedure then continues by using an excimer laser to remove corneal tissue and reshape the cornea which is identical to Traditional LASIK Surgery. There









(E&89CLK0+D). The only real disadvantage is the additional cost. Surgeons often have to charge a slightly higher fee for using the femtosecond laser because it is expensive to purchase and the surgeon must pay high royalties every time the equipment is used. One surgeon uses the analogy of “dressing off the rack” when referring to the advantages of Intralase LASIK. Not everyone can wear clothing off the rack. Some people need to have their clothing tailored to achieve a perfect fit. Likewise, traditional LASIK works for the majority of people but Intralase LASIK allows for a more precise cut (100 times more precise) so it can be tailored to an individual’s eye.

Intralase also eliminates the risk of certain complications such as buttonholes, torn flaps, and partially formed flaps which are rare but may occur with the use of the microkeratome. The angled or beveled edge of the flap also aids in adhesion during the third step of the procedure, flap repositioning. This minimizes the opportunity for surface cells of the cornea growing underneath, pushing up the flap and causing irregularities in the cornea which would result in vision problems. This bladeless LASIK surgery, Intralase, has several advantages and only one main disadvantage, the cost.

Although, the advantages seem to be

precautionary it still should give patients a peace of mind using this newer more precise technology.

Intralase LASIK Surgery  

Intralase LASIK and traditional LASIK only differ during the first step of the operation, flap creation, E&89CLK0+D. Traditional LASIK surg...

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