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March 2014

Issue 21, No.

Are you happy with where you’re at in your business? Do you feel like there should be more waiting out there for you? Too often we sit around waiting for something big to happen…a million-dollar customer, 10 new clients, a big new contract for a year’s work…whatever your dream might be. But how often does something like that happen? Deep down, you know that it takes more than just

events where you surround yourself with people who have similar goals, but who think completely differently than you do. When you do this, you’re much more likely to come up with ideas and potentials that will work. The most important part of all this, however, is to stay positive and not give up.

dreaming something to make it happen. It requires work and devotion to the idea. Being an entrepreneur is a 24/7 responsibility if you’re going to grow that company. And, you know that you’re working for the long-term. It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s called WORK because it is — long, hard, sometimes dirty, work. But if you are flexible, realizing that when you make a mistake — or if something you’ve tried isn’t working any longer — you can try something new, you will do okay. One of the tricks of getting these new concepts to work is by investing in programs or

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That’s what this issue is all about. Being an entrepreneur is not always easy, but if you’re passionate about what you do, and work from the positive-instead of the negative--side, you can do great things. Have a GREAT month! Nancy

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Who’s the Next Big Thing? ...... 26

BEING CONNECTIVE — The Gottas To Get You There ......................9

10 Common Traits of the Successful Entrepreneur ......... 32

So What? ................................12

Your Business Doesn’t Exist ....34

Keeping Your Business Safe in an Unsafe World.......................... 14

Are You the Smartest Guy in the Room? ................................... 36

Have You Got the Right Stuff? . 16

Healthy Life — Derailed? ....... 38

You Make Your Own Luck ......... 17

Happening This Month ............. 40

Chatting With the Experts — Meet Mary Cooper ............................18

Membership Directory ............ 44

Keep On Keeping On ................ 28

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Do You REALLY Want to Grow Your Business?

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With the economy the way it is these days (yes, I know it’s supposed to be getting better, but …), many people have found themselves needing to find extra income to support themselves and their families. People have lost their jobs, have taken a cut in pay, have found themselves in foreclosure and much more. They are desperate to find ways of generating income. So, what do they do? They turn to what they know best and open their own businesses. I repeat, they do what they do best and open their own businesses. However, I’m betting what they know best is NOT how to run a business, but how to make the widget, or balance the checkbook, or cook a wonderful meal. Yet, sadly, this is not the stuff a business is made of. What a business is made of is marketing, advertising, customer service, branding, finance, employee management, and so on and so forth. Making that widget is great, but it’s not going to get people in the door buying. There’s a whole other world

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out there that needs to be considered before you open your door. The factors which are involved in starting and running a business are multifaceted; but the number one question that comes to mind is “Can I deliver?” It’s not only about the ability to run a business, though. Something I’ve seen a lot of lately is a belief that when you go into business for yourself, you become the “boss”. You set the hours – there’ll be lots of free time, you only answer to yourself – no more bosses yelling at you to get things done, or watching over your shoulder to see that you do it right. You can set your own pay check, giving yourself a raise. But, I’m sorry to say, that’s just not the case. Many entrepreneurs have never worked so hard in their lives. They are up at the crack of dawn and fall in bed in the deep, dark hours of the night. Unlike an employee where you work a certain number of hours and at the end of a set time period get a paycheck, small business people work and work and work and pray and

hope to get a financial reward SOMETIME in the FUTURE. A person who starts his or her own business needs to be aware that they are going to work very, very hard without seeing any sort of income for quite awhile. I often run into people who, once they’ve started that business, think that if they open the doors, others will come. Recently, I moved my business into a great new space, full of potential. I was so excited and just KNEW that it would soon be filled with small business people, excited

about creating new ideas and energies. But, so far, I’ve only had a handful of visitors, with promises of more to come down the pike. It takes time to build a reputation, to create a bond with your potential customers, and to show them they need what it is you’re offering. A friend of mine, who is quite a successful small business person, was talking with me the other day and I asked her how she had gotten to that space. She sells a product/service in the technology field and it is definitely one of those areas that people are reluctant to buy until they know you. She told me that for the first year she never focused on her sales. Instead, she spent her time writing blog posts, and newspaper articles, press releases and showing up in chat groups on Facebook and LinkedIn – she was showing herself as the specialist that she is. She didn’t make a dollar that first year (well, not in any grand sense of the word). But, after people started to recognize her name and think of her as someone who they could trust and rely on to provide them with proper technology, she started gaining supporters/followers and now she has a very successful enterprise. What I’m getting at here folks, is that if you want a business, not just a hobby, you have to work at it – with patience and determination. Don’t think that a 9 to 5 job is where it’s at. Go to networking meetings, get out there and talk with others in your area, put off that lunch with your best friend (or yes, even think twice about a family outing, at least this time). Realize that you should probably check out the local business Meetups or referral groups. Don’t think that you know everything there is to know about running a business: there’s always some new or different way to think about things, or run business projects. Get involved in the community. Plan for lots of HARD WORK and then, maybe, just maybe, down the road, you’ll have a successful business like my friend.

Passionate about supporting “mom and pop” businesses, Nancy is the Chief Everything Officer of Business Success Unlimited, an educational training program and success mentor for entrepreneurs and small business owners. She is the author of many short articles and published pieces in various magazines and online. An entrepreneur since age 12, she is known for her knowledge of running small businesses and caring about the people she works with. is where she’s found!

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YBNF Tip: So Many Ways to Grow So many of us who host Facebook Business pages know that by creating VALUE in our businesses, we build our success and enjoy the appreciation and loyalty that our fans give us. To create value in our business (as well as on our Facebook Business Pages) we need to be UNIQUE, be ourselves and set ourselves and our businesses apart from other businesses in our industry.

By always striving for EXCELLENCE, by giving our best in every situation, and by beings ready to learn more and continue to grow and improve, we plot our own course for success and reap the rewards of helping other people in the process.

“Entrepreneurs gotta have a vision”

BEING CONNECTIVE— The Gottas to Get You There by Gail M. Turluck I used to have a business with a fellow who said that no one has to do anything. I have always taken great exception to that thought, as it's critical for the driven business owner to self-define their GOTTAS! You know, you gotta brush your teeth in the morning. You gotta have license plates and car insurance. You gotta check your email first thing in the morning. But, what are the important gottas for the sole entrepreneur to drive business success? Entrepreneurs gotta have a vision. This vision needs to be defined, in a business plan, a vision board, a movie, or some other communicable form.

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The vision has gotta to be revisited regularly (preferably quarterly, no less than annually). The daily vision has gotta be defined, tracked, and adjusted, too. Entrepreneurs gotta turn the key every day. Yep, leap out of bed, get lookin' your best, carefully define the daily and special tasks, and seize opportunity at every turn. And do it again tomorrow. And again. And again. Entrepreneurs gotta be coachable. It's a good idea to actually have a coach, but if not, maybe a mastermind group, a focus group, a special network, or ongoing education. The

drive for personal development and finding the best path for your business today should make you hungry for learning, keeping in mind that what's the right coaching or development program today may prove to be ancient history by three months from now. Entrepreneurs gotta want to be the best. Be the best at ... whatever it is that you do! If you're not the best, customers will turn elsewhere to get the best. This is a trait that is deep down inside of you if you have it. It's that gut thing, you gotta have that gut thing. Entrepreneurs gotta never, never, never ever give up!! Never. To get IT, you gotta keep trying, keep going, no matter the road blocks, no matter the surprises, no matter the broken promises, no matter what others say. You know IT CAN BE, you gotta MAKE it be! Entrepreneurs gotta be skilled at causing others to help them reach their goal. The viral effect created by this skill is what will bring the sought after business success. The network effect, the eventual growth of an employee (or contractor) team, applying best practices gleaned from others, customers and more will build upon each other to grow the business. Entrepreneurs gotta love what their goal is. Their goal has gotta be something that brings enjoyment by doing it, so it is not a chore but a joy that is essential to life. When this is the case, their work is always front of mind but does not feel like work. When the self-control and fulfillment is right, the income flows to the level sought. Entrepreneurs gotta embrace technology and stay on top of this ever changing wave. Consider new products but make sure they are something that fits your goals or industry effectively. Sometimes old school will be the better solution. You gotta keep your web page tuned up, as it is the welcome mat to your business.

know, like and trust. Keeping your reputation shiny will prove to be a priceless commodity and you gotta carefully, thoughtfully and aggressively grow and protect this business strength. Entrepreneurs gotta be organized. Use the obvious grouping choices – alphabetize, color-code, season, size – find ways to lump things logically together and develop systems to handle similar tasks so they are handled smartly and can be replicated many times over. It is worth spending a day to organize your work space than to be in chaos for three months digging through everything every time due to disorganization. Get help for this if you know it is not a strength. You gotta be organized! Entrepreneurs gotta stay fresh. When the business is new and small it may be difficult to take a month off, but a three day weekend with no technology away from home will relax and refresh. This freshened owner comes back ready to tackle more and with renewed vigor. You gotta take some time off. Really. Regularly. At least twice a year. I still take great exception with my former business partner. The successful entrepreneur has gotta listen to, follow and apply those gut feelings and planned tasks to stay on top and grow their business.

Gail M. Turluck is the President of Connective Marketing of Richland, Michigan. Connective Marketing offers communications services including writing, e-newsletters, newsletters, web site content, editing, proofreading; Send Out Cards; the Body by Vi 90 Day Fitness Challenge; and more. She may be contacted at or by visiting

Entrepreneurs gotta be honest. The other guy may be crooked as all get-out and you can cut the relationship and your losses. Who do customers turn to? Those whom they

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It's time to MARCH into Spring and plan for the fun times ahead with these Simply Said designs, but they are exclusively for our March Hostesses! Call a few of your best friends, ask them to bring along even more friends, and invite them all over for an evening of laughter and prizes, and YOU will earn FREE designs! It's that Simple! Booking for March is just a phone call away! Contact me personally at (574) 850-4424 or email me at today!

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Here’s the Only Thing That Really Matters for Your Target Audience Over the last two months we’ve identified and communicated your purpose statement so you can connect more deeply with prospective customers. We’ve also gained laser-like focus on your target viewer, so you can both broaden your prospect pool and engage them more fully. All of this is useless if you can’t answer this one question: “so what?”. Why This Is the Only Question That Matters Your prospects only really care about one thing: the result you will attain for them if they hire you. They don’t care if you’re a web designer or a beautician. Or if you’ve spent 100 hours or just 30 seconds targeting your audience.

12 Small Biz Forward

None of this matters if you can’t answer when they ask “so what?”. This means when someone asks you what you do, and you tell them “I’m a social media consultant,” you just got the answer wrong. You are not a social media consultant. Social media consulting is a means. The end is the result you provide, and it’s the only thing they want to hear from you. If you answer the question properly, you get to also talk about how you solve the problem. That’s where you get to talk about social media. But if you start talking about how before you’ve established what, you’re going to lose people.

Digging Deeper: What Is a Result? The result you provide your clients can be one of two things:

1. The solution to a problem they have, but don’t want 2. Something they want, but don’t yet have It’s that simple. If you can convey to your prospects how you will provide them with one of those two things, you’ll get more clients who will come back to you again and again, be happier with your service, and spread the word about how amazing you are. And you’ll spend less time, energy, and money doing it!

The Difference Between Benefits and Results If you’ve had any sales training at all, you’ve probably heard you should not talk about the features of your products and services, but the benefits. Features focus on what your services do. Benefits focus on what your services do for your customers. That’s a good start, but it doesn’t go far enough.

qualified prospects”; it’s the peace of mind.

Demonstrate Tangible Results That Move Prospects to Action The result you provide should always be personal and tangible. It should meet your prospects at their points of deep pain, desire, need, and aspiration. You should convey them in language that activates the senses, and shows how everything you do leads to this one result. Next month I’ll show you how to do just that.

Do you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing how to use the Web to generate a steady stream of prospects who will not only become customers, but repeat buyers who tell all their friends about how amazing you are? You can do this by answering four simple questions! Find out more at

You talk about benefits after you’ve articulated the result you provide. Benefits are like the intermediate step between features and results. Here’s an example, using what “Alchemist Entrepreneur” Dov Gordon calls the “so what?” test:

• Feature: I build landing pages that are optimized for conversion. Ok, so what?

• Benefit: This helps you make sure more of your website traffic goes into your sales funnel. Ok, so what?

• Result: That way you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a steady stream of qualified prospects ready to hear more about how you can help them. In this example, the result is not simply the “steady stream of

13 Small Biz Forward

Keeping Your Business Safe in an Unsafe World As I sit here this morning looking over the news, I read about another school shooting in Hawaii, see news about the Russian Consul General and his wife being stabbed in Sudan, an increase in paid assassinations in Peru. High threat alerts ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, heightened security concerns for the World Cup in Brazil as well. As entrepreneurs we are constantly on the go.

Ed Becher, (Ret.) US Marine and Former Chief Instructor, US Dept. of State, Uniformed Branch, Diplomatic Security Service is the owner of Center for Protection, Security and Personal Safety (The Bodyguard Academy) which is a provider of training and resources to keep you, your staff and clients safe. He can be contacted at ed@thebodyguardacademy.c om or by phone at (269)6513355.

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One item that really has me concerned is the ‘Knock Out Game’. Yes they call it a game. It’s an attempt by youth to knock unconscious an unsuspecting person with one punch. The increase in these attacks has affected not only large communities, but smaller ones as well. Race, religion and gender do not seem to be a factor as to who is chosen, though in some larger cities, like New York, people of certain religious or ethnic backgrounds have been targeted.

In most cases the victim is walking down the street and either passes by or is approached by a group of young people. If they feel the victim is unaware, one member will attempt to knock out the victim with a single punch to the head. While this causes injury in itself, most victims suffer more significant blunt

trauma from the fall then the punch in and of itself. We have all seen images of these attacks on television news, on social media sites and may have even heard about them from friends and family. The question I am asked is “How can I protect myself”? And I answer, you must maintain situational awareness and stay observant. As entrepreneurs, we are constantly on our smart phones with calls, checking emails or texting clients, partners or family. But, instead, we should be doing this: 1) stop texting as we are walking, 2) take out the ear buds, 3) listen to your surroundings. Oh wait, you mean I cannot text and listen to my music as I walk down the street? Ummm yup, you have just given the bad guy the opportunity they are looking for, you are unaware they are there; you cannot hear them. However, if you’re paying attention, you can catch them off guard instead. They will make some outward sign that you have caught their interest. This may be movement in your direction, a verbal warning or it could be just a gut feeling that something is about to happen and not in a good way. We need to maintain our situational awareness, use store windows to observe the reflections so that you may notice a single person or a group coming up on you quickly. If you notice a group and they cause you alarm, duck into a nearby store and permit them to pass on. Try to

maintain distance between you and them – even a few steps away as they pass. Studies have shown that 85% of the population is right handed, which means any attack from the rear will be to your right side and any attack from the front most likely will be to the left side. One of the easiest things to do to defend against the attack is to raise your hand; left or right; as if you are combing your hair or answering your cell phone. This will cause the punch to hit your hand/arm vice hitting your head and causing injury. This will also allow you to strike back with your elbow hitting your attacker with a hard object (your elbow) and permitting you an opportunity to escape.

Also, keep in mind what you are carrying that may become a defensive weapon. Keys, water bottle, umbrella are a few items that work well. Some of you are sitting there scratching your heads and saying “water bottle?� Whether that water bottle is full, half full or even empty, it makes a formidable weapon to strike an assailant with. Trying hitting a hard object with full force with one and you will see the power that you can generate. Your main objective is to never be the victim and by maintaining your awareness you can prevent yourself from becoming one. As business owners and entrepreneurs will live busy lives with lots going on, but if we let our personal safety down, it all goes away.

Nerium AD Easy to use All Natural plant based skin cream that addresses multiple issues: tightens, tones, lightens discoloration and best of all gets rid of wrinkles. Stop by my booth at the Michiana Shop & Greet in March or contact Deb Sanderson at or visit the website at http:// for more information.

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Barbara Nicastro is a problem solver, strategist and business executive highly experienced in analysis of complex document or factual situations. Uses a pragmatic business approach to prevent or resolve issues. Extensive leadership, public speaking, negotiation, media and motivational training experience. You can reach Barb at

Have You Got the Right Stuff? Far more people dream of being their own boss than actually achieve that goal. If you’re reading this, you probably fall into the latter category, but even so, probably wonder if you’re suited for entrepreneurial endeavors. In my 25 years of representing businesses and owners, I’ve discovered that there are no absolutes about who can/ can’t or should/shouldn’t start a business. But I do know that the people who fare best are those who possess many of the following characteristics: 1.

They are careful with their money but when they do spend it, do it wisely.

2. They aren’t afraid to take chances but are even less afraid to take advice. 3. They are truly passionate about what they do. 4. They have the ability to put unique touches to what they

16 Small Biz Forward

provide or to portray their service or product as more desirable. 5.

They truly do like people and also like helping people succeed in what THEY do.

6. They are ethical, and make sure that they know what they can legally do or not do and abide by those principles. 7.

They forgive mistakes, particularly their own, without wasting too much time looking backward.

8. They are careful about whom they share their business with and whom they bring in as investors.

team of advisors, e.g., attorney, accountant, banker, insurance person, IT and use them to do what they do best. 12. They don’t get themselves tied up with problems because they didn’t take the time to comply with local/state/federal laws and regulations. 13. They hire wisely and treat their employees with respect. 14. They treat their customers like family . . .when they love their family! 15. They never forget where they came from and help others achieve their goals as well.

9. They give back to the community because it matters. 10. They know how to take the time to think about what they really want. 11. They seek out a compatible

People are typically drawn to successful people. Do what For more information the prosperous about the Four Flags do, right? Some Area Chamber of call prosperity Commerce and Niles luck, a blessing, or serendipity. I Michigan, visit call it or intention. Our call (269)683intentions in life 3720. It is our and our business pleasure to serve endeavors are this great what get us community! where we ultimately want to be; but are we unintentionally sabotaging our hopes and dreams of a better business?

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People can spend countless hours creating plans to make their dream business a reality, find the capital to fund it, and devote tireless days and nights preparing, promoting and posturing for the success they've only dreamed about, to find that running a successful business can be much harder, and draining than anticipated. How does one keep the momentum, and continue to devote 110% into something that is unlikely to turn an actual profit in the first two years?

manifests whether we are aware of it or not. Yes, bad things happen that are not "intended". It is how we react or respond to these situations that will fundamentally determine our success. Sometimes, we're spot on the money and manifest with ease, but in the times of difficulty, we must reflect on our thoughts, and bring them back to a place of positive intention.

I believe our time here is meant to be magical, even in our darkest hours. We just have to be willing to Intention. Turning every action to see our way into the light. Discover be intentional, purposeful, designated, what we love to do, and pursue it with and willful. Investing time, over haste. Reflect on the true intentions of spending time. Actions over our actions and the right path will be indecision. Choosing courage past revealed. fear. Facing adversity and setbacks with poise and positivity. Energy

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I still remember the day when a mortgage broker looked at our financials and said, “You guys are throwing your money away! You need to buy a home; the benefits are everlasting.” At that time we were renting and our landlord had given us notice that she was returning to live in her home. It was time for us to move. In all honesty, the reason we had not bought a home before was because we were intimidated and thought we couldn’t own a home. However, with the help of a great lender, we found out differently. I had a blast looking at homes. It was fun dreaming about what we could have, how we would make our house a home, yet it was scary thinking about the risk of committing thirty-years to a house payment – and what if the house had unseen issues? The best part about buying our first home was the process. It went smooth. We found a home we love and we are now on the homestretch of our mortgage; we have never looked back. That is what I like about working with folks who are looking to buy their first home or are looking for their next home. It’s about creating a vision and helping them fulfill that vision. Putting $600-$1500 into living accommodations should go towards something of value to the person dishing out the bucks, not someone else’s investment! When I decided to become a licensed realtor, I wanted to create that same zone of comfort we experienced when we bought our first home. We had a great coach that we trusted. He was knowledgeable, patient, and guided us through the process. As co-owners of Welcome Home Michiana, my daughter, Nikki Bush and I strive to create that same feeling – to help educate the buyer through the process, to help those who think they can’t, find out that maybe they can! It’s about finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

do we make enough money to buy a home?” or “I’m just a college kid, I can’t afford a home!” As a realtor, we often find ourselves in counseling mode. We can’t give folks the yes or no answers to their financial concerns, but we can counsel and refer them to our network of lenders to help them plan, strategize and eventually buy – and sometimes we counsel as to whether now is really the best time to sell their current home. There are a lot of programs available for first-time homebuyers, and those with credit challenges. Loans are available for 0% down for those who are challenged by their down payment. We also have lenders that we refer to for credit counseling. Do you have the right credit to qualify for a mortgage? Or have you experienced a job loss in the recent past? Financial counseling can help you find your way to your dream home. If you are looking to purchase a home, the first thing is go to your lender. See how much of a home you qualify for. They will take a look at what your debt-to-income ratio is, to find out what you can afford. Then, you will have the confidence that you can purchase a home and be able to afford it through the length of the mortgage. Once you have done this and have received your “pre-approval” amount, the hunt begins! Contact your local realtor and start dreaming. You will have identified the needs….3 beds, 1 bath, etc... but the characteristic of the home is what will get your attention. That’s the fun part. Think out of your comfort zone, there are a lot of awesome houses on the market that you can fall in love with if you just get out to see them. Your local realtor can help you. And of course, Welcome Home Michiana can help you on your way too!

Mary Cooper and Nikki Bush are licensed realtors in the Michiana area. You can follow their posts on FaceBook at WelcomeHomeMichiana. They can be contacted by emailing

Our team approach is awesome. Nikki is experienced in the mortgage industry and I am experienced in the marketing industry. These two areas work well to serve both those buying and selling their homes. We help individuals find the best lender for their situation. For those selling their homes, we have a complete marketing strategy that gets their home in front of the many buyers. The most frequent comments we get are financial concerns. “I lost my job last year, can I buy a home?” “I am a stay-at-home mom,

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Two week Team Cleanse during March or April including class on meal planning, meals, snacks, and extras for those that would like to get healthier, gain energy or los 10 pounds.

Call Cathy @ 574-259-6181. 24 Small Biz Forward

Do you or your employees qualify for the Health Care Reform subsidy? Call me to find out

Charlie Batizy Multi-Company Licensed Insurance Agent Specializing in insurance for individuals, small businesses and the unique opportunities of American Veterans 8175 Creekside Drive, Suite 200 Portage, Michigan 49024 Toll Free: (800) 578-1609

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Who’s The Next Big Thing? When a business starts, they have so much to learn and to share. They are excited and want the world to know …. THEY are next!

26 Small Biz Forward

modern tool for bringing people together to do good. My passion is to give people who will use it wisely the ability to use it well. I love working with entrepreneurs and startups, artists, and nonprofits who have a positive vision for their community. Why Did You Decide To Go Into Business for Yourself? I had been dabbling with freelance work for a few years, but going all-in wasn’t exactly my choice at the time. I had just left a third-shift warehouse job to become the manager for a cooperative startup providing communal workspace, a growing phenomenon known as “coworking.” A little less than a month into it the people who were funding it got cold feet when they figured out it was going to take more than just a few weeks to figure out how to get out of the red, so they pulled the plug. Jason Barr, of Valentine’s Web Services, is one of the hardest working young men I know. With a baby less than a year old, a wife working on education and life in general, Jason is the Energizer Bunny — with seemingly endless energy and ideas to boot. If you need to know anything about web structures and the utilization of the Internet for marketing your business, Jason is definitely your man! Tell Us About Your Business I believe people who have great ideas that have the power to transform their lives and their communities for the better deserve to spend more of their time, energy, and money putting those ideas into practice. That’s why I give them the peace of mind that comes from knowing the Web is at work for them, bringing in a steady stream of qualified prospects who will not only become customers, but repeat buyers who will go tell their friends how great my clients are. I do this by helping them clarify their purpose, target audience, and the results they achieve in a way that makes sense for the Web, helping them identify the most effective online tools and techniques to communicate to their audience, developing processes that let them do so more efficiently and effectively, and handling the technical details so they don’t have to spend half their time trying to figure out how promoting themselves on the internet works. That way they can spend most of their time doing what they really love to do: putting those great ideas into practice. What Are You Passionate About?

I had a 3-week-old baby boy and we had to move suddenly because the house we were renting had just been foreclosed on because, unbeknownst to us, the landlord hadn’t paid the mortgage in over a year. With all that going on, looking for another job I would hate just to pay the bills was not something I wanted to deal with. So I went out, found my first client, and I haven’t looked back since. What Is Important for a Startup To Know? You can save yourself a ton of trouble by simply knowing the answers to the right questions about what you’re doing and why. I don’t want to be too blatantly selfpromotional, but the four questions outlined in my free consulting course ( are absolutely essential to that. I promote them because I believe in them strongly. I believe they are the key to presenting your ideas on the Web in a way that will engage people and draw them into what you’re doing. What Kind of Help Are You Looking for From the Business Community? Friends. I need friends. I don’t just mean in the growmy-network-get-referrals sense, though of course that’s nice too; I mean I need to connect with people who are doing this entrepreneur thing and have been doing it long enough to know even just a little more than I do about how to deal with things like the lack of certainty over your next paycheck, the odd looks you get when you tell your parents you’re not going to look for another job hopefully ever, and how to get over the hump on those days when you really, deeply, painfully question yourself, your abilities, and whether it’s all really worth it.

The internet has the potential to be the greatest

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Keep On Keeping On Editor’s Commentary: Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga, 50 Cent … politicians, Jesse Jackson, and others. Travel around the world, living a life of excitement and adventure. Money to do the things you want to do and buy the things you want to buy. Sound like the life for you?

clothing. What? It’s the Secret Service, right? Or maybe there’s a VIP coming on screen and it’s his or her bodyguard. I’ll bet a lot of you think, wow. How exciting. I wish I could have that kind of life. But it’s a dangerous job, right?

people from getting involved as well. However, when you stop and think about it, what other career opportunity (i.e., school and certification) can you get without cost? Especially one that’s worthwhile.

One of our writers in the magazine, Ed Becher, is the Director for the Center for Let me tell you – up until a few years ago, I never thought anything about this kind Protection, Security and Personal Safety. His You turn on the television, or start to school, ranked as the 4th in the country in the of life. It never ever entered my mind. But watch a movie, and suddenly there’s someone then along came a guy who lived the life and bail industry in 2012, is one of the best out there dressed in a black suit, with sunglasses bam, I was hooked. Before long, I was in class, there – and the most reasonably priced. His and a “Mickey Mouse” earpiece with a curled learning to be a Private Investigator. Then we programs are 60-70% hands on experience cord running from his (or her) ear into their started out on bail and he has had military vets, police officers, enforcement jobs and even an elderly woman who now works as a process service work. It was nanny guard, take his classes. One man who wild! And I loved it. travels with his family out of the country frequently took the class so that he would There are so many aspects know better how to protect his family. And to this work, and in all the women take the classes to be more aware of years now that I’ve done their surroundings in order to protect these things, I’ve never seen themselves better. The program helps with job (or been) in any danger. placement after the certification process is I’ve gotten trips to places completed (usually a 7 day class: either like New York, and conducted in one week or over 3 weekends). Chicago. Money is GOOD and I’ve met some very And when you read one of his articles in interesting people. this month’s magazine, you’ll see that many people in the profession work as solo preneurs Bodyguards are in demand, or hire out as part of teams on a temporary and the training is quite basis. It really is a fun and exciting career elusive. There are only a where you can hob nob with celebrities, few schools in the states: wealthy individuals, politicians, church leaders one is in Virginia, and and others as they jet across the world or just another out west. The costs their every day lives! Think about and ask are also pretty expensive yourself, Could this be something for me? generally, and that keeps

28 Small Biz Forward

In 2005, Becher & Associates was formed in Virginia and over the last 9 years the name has been changed to reflect where we are and what we have been involved in. It has gone from Becher & Associates to Michigan Security Training, then The BodyGuard Academy and now Center for Protection, Security and Personal Safety. People ask why the numerous changes, but as I said we have changed. We started out just writing and re-writing training curriculum for security training schools, then moved into bail fugitive recovery (yes I was a bounty hunter). After we moved to Michigan, MI Security Training was formed, which then became The BodyGuard Academy and now the Center for Protection.

some others do, but I do try to spend 3-4 hours per day. With most of my work being on weekends, training classes at gun shows, executive protection classes and others, this is when I spend most time working in it.

Why do I do what I do? Am I an entrepreneur? I think I am. I may not spend 30 hours a day working on, and in, my business as

There are many solo entrepreneurs in the security industry; especially protecting dignitary, celebrity and high net wealth

29 Small Biz Forward

Why do I do what I do?

individuals. Many of us are one person shops that prefer to either work solo or contract on as part of a security or protection team. This gives us the independence to pick and choose our clients. And yes, we do pick and choose and by being that solo entrepreneur this allows us some leeway to make those critical decisions as to who and where we want our client base to come from. With the Center for Protection, Security and Personal Safety we have found our niche in the training of individuals to become executive protection agents, bail fugitive recovery agents and helping women develop some personal safety methods. Why this you may ask? After 23 years as a United States Marine and from 2000 to 2008 working for the US Dept. of State Diplomatic Security Service Uniformed Branch as a Uniformed Protection Officer and then Chief Instructor, I saw the need for the development and updating of some companies’ training programs. Since 2005 when I started doing these rewrites until today I continue to develop as an entrepreneur and business owner. There is a lot I still do not know, but I continue to progress and learn.

Ed Becher PPS is the Owner and Director of Training for the Center for Protection, Security and Personal Safety located in Sturgis, MI. He can be contacted at or by calling his office at 269-651 -3355 to discuss your security concerns.

30 Small Biz Forward

Business Success Unlimited (BSU) Small Business Association Member Benefits

Business Success Unlimited (BSU) Small Business Association has partnered with small business owners to provide the resources and benefits you need to succeed. In today's economy the BSU is the organization to look to for leadership, direction, and support with your business needs. Basic Benefits Include: ♦

Education Benefits

Business Benefits •

C2 Your Healthy Wellness Wednesday

Members receive discounts to events such as The Annual Retreat; Entrepreneurial Forums; Peer Advisory Boards, and others

Credit card processing through WorldPay/Adam Fleming. When you sign up for the program, you receive $50 from BSU.

Other events are FREE and open only to BSU members. The monthly Lunchtime Learners Book Club and First Friday networking breakfasts are FREE.

Facebook training discounted 10%.

Women’s Personal Safety Programs are $20 per person

Lifestyle Benefits •

Health and Wellness services and products at a discount

Home and Office Décor/Signage Discounts

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Common Traits of a Successful Networker You want your networking to get results--so what is it that the ones who get the referrals and business have got? Regardless of your definition of success, there are a great number of common characteristics that are shared by successful networkers. 1 - They are Professional You have but a passing moment to make a positive and memorable first impression on people at networking meetings. They dress appropriately and remember their manners. 2 - They Are Confident They have a polished intro and articulate it well, with confidence. 3 - They Are Trustworthy A good reputation is unquestionably one of the business owner's most tangible and marketable assets. You can't simply buy a good reputation; it's something that you earn by honoring your promises. The ones who have taken the time to do so soar! 4 - They Are Givers Many networking groups are run not-for-profit or by

32 Small Biz Forward

people who invest a lot of time and energy. Successful Networkers are the ones who care enough to ask if they can get involved and help out and also go out of their way to help fellow networkers when they notice a need. 5 - They are Planners Successful Networkers always have a plan. They do not just show up unprepared. They don’t forget their business cards and marketing material. 6 - They Are Goal Oriented They make goals, meet them and keep score. Some common goals are to follow-up with all the new people at meetings or to meet one-on-one with one person before or after a meeting. 7 - They Are Shameless Self-promotion is one of the most beneficial, yet most underutilized, marketing tools that the majority of home business owners have at their immediate disposal. Successful Networkers are shameless without being obnoxious.

8 - They Are Accessible We're living in a time when we all expect our fast food lunch at the drive-thru window to be ready in mere minutes, our dry cleaning to be ready for pick-up on the same day, and our pizza delivered in 30 minutes or it's free. The people who get the business from their networking connections can be found fast and easily. 9 – They Are Listeners They are not just there for self-serving reasons. They listen and remember things about their fellow networkers so they can refer them or follow-up or check in on them. 10 - They Follow-up I say it often but I will say it again‌Follow-up is the Key to Success in any type of marketing you do. Entrepreneurs who follow-up with the people they have met at networking meetings experience much better results!

33 Small Biz Forward

Networking can be one of the most effective methods of marketing your business if you do it right and possess or practice the necessary traits. I believe this so strongly I wrote a book on it called Networking for Women Made Easy. We are all different and some of these traits you may naturally possess, some you may need to work on but they all can be mastered over time. Make goals, plan and review and you will master them all!

Happy Networking! Sherry Lynn

Sherry Lynn is founder of WIBusiness, a marketing and business support group for women entrpreneurs. She works from home on the family goat farm.

Your Business Doesn’t Exist Is your business invisible? If your business doesn’t have a mobile website you may be invisible to 30 percent of your potential clients. As the number of personal computer sales drops and smart phone and tablet sales continue upward, there will an increasing number of people that simply will not own a laptop or desktop computer. Your business website needs to look good on mobile devices or your business will not be an option for these potential customers. What do you do if you don’t have the budget to work with a mobile web site developer and you don’t have budget to build mobile apps for all the different types of mobile devices? You have another option. The alternative requires time and effort to get a great result but it is worth it. You can build a mobile-friendly business website using WordPress.

set of color selections, fonts, highlights, layout and position of all of the elements on WordPress web pages. A “responsive” theme is designed from the outset to work on many different device screen sizes; it automatically adjusts the layout of different parts of a web page based upon the screen size of the device.

theme stores like:, Elegant Themes, WooThemes, StudioPress, Templatic. Then, use your mobile device to browse the theme stores live demo sites. The demo sites let you see how theme looks and behaves. Choose a few themes that you think will work for your business web site.

You can purchase a “responsive” theme for your WordPress website online. Not all Wordpress themes are “responsive” themes, but they are the only type of theme that will work well with different mobile devices. To find one, you need to read the theme description looking for the word “responsive”. Search the web for “best responsive WordPress business themes” and check out

The Responsive Design approach realizes that your website needs to adjust to fit on a broad spectrum of differently sized devices. A “responsive” design theme for your WordPress web site should provide an intelligent readable layout on Smart Phones, Phablets, Tablets, laptops and desktops. Below is a list of devices that you should try to include in your testing. Look at a couple in

You need to understand some key points about WordPress before you begin. If you want your WordPress website to look great on many different mobile devices, as well as desktop and laptop computers, you need to choose a great “responsive” Wordpress theme. A WordPress theme is the

34 Small Biz Forward

Smart Phones and Tablets. Even invite the crazy friend with the Windows Phone. Meet your friends and buy them coffee send them an email with the theme’s live • Phones - iPhone: 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, Android: Google demo website address and have them all try the demo Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note 2, 3, HTC site on their device. Compare how the demo site looks One, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Motorola Moto X, on all the devices, there will be differences! You may uncover theme problems related to specific devices. • Tablets – Apple: iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad4, iPad3, Take notes on each theme you review. iPad2, Android: Google Nexus 7, 10, Amazon Your website will still be uniquely yours. The theme Kindle Fire HD, HDX, Galaxy Note 8, 10, Tab 3, is just a shell. The important part is the fabulous content Asus Transformer Pad you put into it; better content means a better website. Don’t forget your Web site should still work on Not all responsive theme designs are created equal. desktop and laptop computers as well! As you can imagine, the theme creator has to test on It is also important to review the “backend” of a many different devices. No one has all the devices or all theme. The backend provides options to change such the time to test every detail on every device but, you items as background color, font color, company logo, want a theme that has been carefully developed and website categories. You should review the types of tested – which is why you should also do some testing customizations a theme provides and whether they meet yourself as suggested above. your needs. The “backend” is only used by you when As you can tell, you are going to invest some time to setting up and configuring your web site. get a wonderful website that looks great on many mobile Use the following criteria to help you evaluate devices, laptops and desktops. Another benefit is many themes: themes include the option to connect to social media Look to see how many other people bought the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus+, and theme. A theme developer can justify spending time to Instagram. If you build your website in this way you fix it and improve the theme if many customer buy it. have total control. You can update your website when you want. This do-it-yourself approach means you can Look carefully at the ratings of the theme. Read the instantly change your web site when your business needs comments and notice how long it takes the theme change. developer or someone in the WordPress community to respond to a problem in the theme. WordPress with a great responsive theme can provide a website that makes your business look great on The theme developer should provide support. You mobile devices. With a small investment of money and should realize they are not going to provide support for some time you can future-proof your website as desktops your website, but if the theme doesn’t lay something out and laptops fall out of use and your customers move to correctly they should provide a fix for the issue. mobile devices. Free is nice but a free theme is like free a puppy. It Glenn Everitt is a mobile strategist helping takes a lot of care. You may have to get someone to fix a companies connect their existing information free theme which will cost much more than starting with each category: iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Android Tablet.

a great theme that only costs $50-100. Remember to compare the cost of the WordPress theme to the cost of a couple of hours of a web developer’s contract rate. A great theme at $100 is a terrific bargain when you consider the amount of design and testing a responsive website takes.

systems to mobile devices. He has a long history in computer technology working with every major computer platform. His career started as software engineer at IBM and DuPont then advanced to leadership positions

at startups and finally to Compuware. Glenn Enlist your friends with different mobile devices (see was instrumental in setting up Mobile Monday monthly meetings in above). Once you have narrowed down your theme Detroit, MI where he shares great confidence in the advancement of choices get your friends with iPhone, iPad, Android mobile technologies.

35 Small Biz Forward

Are You the Smartest Guy In the Room? Many people assume the smartest guy in the room is always the most successful. Though having a high IQ never hurt anyone, intellect may not be the key achievement indicator. An increasing number of studies show those with emotional intelligence – often referred to as emotional quotient or EQ – outperform their colleagues in just about every setting. Simply put, how we manage our emotions plays a critical role in our success. In fact, it can be more powerful than experience in the field. Recruiting firm Egon Zehnder International found executives with strong emotional intelligence were three times more likely to succeed than those without. The study was conducted in three distinct cultures – Japan, Germany and Latin America – and all yielded the same results.

36 Small Biz Forward

So what is emotional intelligence? Since the theory was introduced to the mainstream in the 1990s, over 3,000 scientific papers have been written on the subject, and more companies are adopting the model in human resources practices every day. “What having emotional intelligence looks like is that you’re confident, good at working towards your goals, adaptable and flexible,” author Daniel Goleman told the Huffington Post. “You recover quickly from stress and you’re resilient. Life goes much more smoothly if you have good emotional intelligence.” Emotional intelligence can be a complex subject since it draws from a number of emotional, behavioral and communications theories. At its core, emotional intelligence could be described as the difference between book smarts and street smarts. Those with high EQs are confident, and have the ability to control their own emotions and the emotions of others around them.

Goleman’s 1995 book Emotional Intelligence outlines the five main domains of EQ as follows: Self-awareness, or being able to identify and understand moods, emotions and drives, and their effect on others. Those who are confident, realistic and have a self-deprecating sense of humor are generally self aware. Self-regulation, or being able to control moods and think before acting. Those good at self-regulation usually embrace change. Internal motivation, or those who work for more than just money or status. People with internal motivation are curious, persistent and optimistic. Empathy, or being able to understand people by their emotional reactions. Those with empathy tend to make good recruiters or customer service representatives. Social skills, or the ability to build rapport and lasting relationships with people.

Having Emotional Intelligence means you’re confident, good at working towards your goals, adaptable and flexible.

Hiring those with strong emotional intelligence has paid off for many companies. When beauty giant L’Oreal introduced emotional competency into their hiring process, it discovered sales people with high EQs sold over $90,000 more each year than their less in-tune colleagues, netting $2.5 million annually in additional sales. The employee turnover rate

also dropped 63 percent. What steps can you take to increase your own emotional intelligence, or that of your employees? Business psychology professor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic points out your EQ is “firm, but not rigid.” This means if you’re willing to focus, change is possible. Your personality will dictate your emotional growth.

Jerry Sarno is a Strategic Partner with Schooley Mitchell Telecom consultants, North America’s largest independent telecom consulting company. 269-408-8679

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Healthy Life—Derailed? a week or a month is certainly easier to recover from than unhealthy habits that go on for years. The second step is to forgive you. Life happens! It’s never too late to refocus and start fresh. Whatever the reason you became derailed, take the steps to get going in the right direction again. Remember you are your business. You don’t want your health to become your Number 1 priority because when it does, your business takes the back seat. According to Statistic Brain, 45% of you made New Year’s Resolutions and by the end of January, 71% of you have already forgotten about them. For those of you who did make resolutions, 85% of the resolutions included a resolution to improve health. In fact the top 10 resolutions included losing weight, stay fit and healthy and quit smoking. I am sure you have already noticed it’s easy to get derailed from your healthy life goals. So what derailed you?

Just like you plan for success in your business you need to plan for success in your health and wellness. Take a few minutes to answer these critical questions to help get back on track: What is the problem? How did I get derailed from my healthy lifestyle habits? Moving forward what is the most important course of action to take? Taking small steps towards my personal health goals what is a reasonable timeline?

Getting derailed from your goals generally happens with the occurrence of any big life change. The more challenging the event the more thrown off track you become. Perhaps a wedding or divorce has derailed your healthy eating plan. Maybe the birth of a child or a death in the family has thrown you off course. A major move to a new house or city may have derailed your from your fitness schedule.

Who do I know who can help me develop strategies to stick to my plan?

The truth is that nearly everyone occasionally gets derailed. The first step is to notice you have become derailed. Until you notice what’s happening you will continue to move further and further away from your goals. Once you notice you are derailed you must get back on track as soon as possible. Being thrown off track for even

To tackle the challenge consider the following:

38 Small Biz Forward

As with all journeys this is about choices - you can CHOOSE to eat healthy and be fit which is best for you, or you can choose unhealthy behaviors that cause you to continue feel stressed, tired and eventually too sick to work.

Anticipate challenges and plan for them. Make a routine and follow it. Routines become habits. The healthier your habits become the closer you will come to vitality.

Cindy Cohen is a registered nurse with 35 years of experience from the bedside to CEO of a hospital. Cohen is recognized as an accomplished author, wellness expert, and corporate wellness leader. As a health coach and wellness consultant, Cohen is the guiding force behind the C2 Your Health team in helping others find their way to improved personal and business wellness. C2 Your Health LLC, through the corporate wellness division Health-E 4 Life Worksite Wellness, assisted industry leaders with certification and was awarded the 2009 - 11 Indiana Small Business Wellness Tax Credit. C2 Your Health LLC also promotes the annual Expo for Women bring wellness to the community. Cohen has written a number of books, the latest 2012 Prevention Benefits Healthy Employee Costs Less (, and 2013 What’s on Your Plate a Simple Guide to Healthy Cooking ( You can find Cindy,,

Schedule success. Mark your calendar the days you will be meal planning and your fitness routine. Be mindful. Keep your healthy life goals right in front of you. Post on your refrigerator the new eating guidelines, refer back to it when choosing foods to eat. Let yourself off the hook. Forgive yourself and move forward. Most importantly stay the course. Developing healthy habits is a process not a onetime event. You are in it for the long haul. Just think, if you could make just one healthy life change and do it every day that will equal 365 healthy habits over 1 year. Seeking help from a health and wellness expert such as Cindy Cohen RN, Certified Health Coach might take the guesswork out of healthy life planning. Moreover, hiring a health coach will help with accountability and strategizing for success.

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March 10th



Business Success Unlimited — Peer Advisory Board — 9 to 11am During the 2-hour long mastermind, twice a month, business professionals will gather to talk about issues of importance to small businesses in a shared, non-competitive, collaborative environment where there is also laughter and fun.

Michiiana Shop and Greet — 2nd Annual Expo @ Gillespie Center, South Bend, IN — 4 to 9pm

Healthy Biz—2014


Healthy Biz - 2014 is all about the things it takes to keep your business healthy and successful. Bring your questions and get your "apple a day" to keep your business healthy in 2014.

Center for Protection, Security and Personal Safety — 7 Day Executive Bodyguard Program in Fort Wayne, IN.

13th Niles Four Flags Chamber — Annual Dinner @ Orchard Hills Country Club — 5pm

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24th Business Success Unlimited — Peer Advisory Board — 9 to 11am During the 2-hour long mastermind, twice a month, business professionals will gather to talk about issues of importance to small businesses in a shared, non-competitive, collaborative environment where there is also laughter and fun.

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RESOURCES Carter, Brian and Justin Levy. Facebook Marketing: Leveraging Facebook’s Features for Your Marketing Campaigns, QUE Publishing, 2012. Sherman, Dan. Maximum Success with LinkedIn: Dominate Your Market, Build a Global Brand, and Create the Career of Your Dreams, McGraw Hill, 2013. Whitman, Drew Eric. Cashvertising: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad Agency Psychology to Make BIG MONEY Selling Anything to Anyone, The Career Press, Inc., Pompton Plains, NJ 07444, 2009

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Tel: 574-323-7517

Relax, Release and Transform Your World with Charlene Books

Advertisement Heading Reflexology/Reiki/Flower Essences AND “That Crazy Wrap Thing”

Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master/Teacher and It Works Distributor

East West Center for Natural Medicine Granger, IN

The Bodyguards are Coming, The Bodyguards are Coming…. Looking for an exciting career as a bodyguard?

Check out for details about this exciting 7 Day Executive Protection career program happening in Fort Wayne, IN starting March 23rd!

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2nd Story Marketing Three passionate and energetic women providing marketing services for small businesses including marketing plans, campaigns, managing social media, newsletters, press releases, event management and more. Facebook: 2nd Story Marketing

AVAS, LLC AVAS provides photo scanning, photo montages, social media consulting, and project assistance.

http://www.AVASLLC.NET | Cell: (574) 514-5193 C2 Your Health Wellness Programs for Mini-Checkups, Home Laboratory Testing, Health Coaching, Self-Care, Community Connections and more. Cindy Cohen RN, BS BA |

Charlie Batizy, Multi-Company Licensed Insurance Agent Specializing in insurance for individuals, small businesses, and the unique opportunities of American Veterans

Charlene Books Reflexology/Reiki Relax, release & Transform Your World

Connective Marketing provides communications services to small businesses: • • • • • •

Print and e-newsletters Handbooks, Yearbooks and Directories Web site content Organization membership management Editing and Proofreading Event management

Connective Marketing offers non-profit management and consulting services. Connective Marketing has a particular focus on sailing and sailboat racing organizations and events. Be confident you can drop your dock lines and sail away knowing your needs will be met.

Connective Marketing /) 1245 West Gull Lake Drive (\ Richland, Michigan 49083 269.203.7130 T | 786.358.3605 F | www.


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Epic Life Studios Adam Fleming is a leadership coach as well as an Account Exutive for the credit card processing company, WorldPay. Email: 574-238-7872

Find Great LLC We specialize in creating an online presence for your great company complete with interactive online marketing, networking and even a customer comment and review section. Your profile with us lets online users connect to your website, social media platforms and even locate you via our map feature with just one "click"!!! We are not just another business listing. We are semi-exclusive and only accept the most reputable businesses. Your profile with us member to member benefit discounts and the opportunity to offer/advertise your special offers to our online user group each week at no additional cost to you!!! We are a power packed website with all of the tools necessary to help your great company GROW!!! 2604991415 | 2604991415 Email :

Heartwood Renaissance Academy A private school dedicated to helping students succeed. We teach students to SOAR TO NEW HEIGHTS. The staff and teachers help DESIGN, BUILD, and TEST each child's skills, confidence, and self-esteem to fly with courage into their adult futures with the ability to overcome obstacles and accept challenges.

IDLife Susan Eckley Ruch #IDLIFE provides "Individually Designed" Vitamins & Nutritional Supplementation based on Medical facts and "Chrono-Biology." All Products are Organic/Natural, Gluten Free, Non-GMO & Casein Free. Visit to Learn More at Email: Facebook: Susan Eckley Ruch Twitter: @susaneckleyruch LinkedIn: Susan (Eckley) Ruch

Kerri’s Avenue Salon High End Hair at Affordable Prices. We use top quality products, attend education classes on a regular basis, and work with all textures of hair. Free consultations are always available, just call. Check us out at our new location! Kerri's Avenue Salon Too 420 West Cleveland Rd. Granger IN 46350 | (574) 243-3901

MI Security Training/Bodyguard Academy Providing quality training for those working in the private security industry. | (269) 651-3355

Niles Four Flags Area Chamber of Commerce The Four Flags Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving the needs of Businesses and the Community. For further information on joining the Chamber please call (269)683-3720, or | (269) 273-0160

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Premier Women’s Network To Uplift, Encourage, and Inspire all Women in Business and Career Seekers to Achieve their Highest Capabilities through Networking and Education

Your Business Needs Fans Encouraging businesses create and maintain their online presence by teaching best-practice Facebook marketing and so much more.

info | (260) 747-5202

(574) 344-8895

Schooley Mitchell Jerry Sarno and Schooley Mitchell will save your business or organization; 1) Time; we do the work so you concentrate on your core business. 2) Money; we save $$$ on your telecom spend, if we don't, there is no fee. 3) Peace of mind. 269-408-8679

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Vendor List 2014 Advocare Alphagraphics of South Bend (sponsor) Better Way Imports Business Success Unlimited (sponsor) Camellia Cosmetics Cheri Hallwood, Children's Author Cressy & Everett - Welcome Home Michiana Edward Jones - Becky Brown & Alison Bontrager Forever Young Publishers Four Flags Chamber of Commerce Goodwill Industries of Michiana Grace Adele Designer Handbags Harold Ziegler Ford & Lincoln Healthy Living Hello Gorgeous iEntertain, LLC (Music Sponsor) It Works (Kerri's Avenue Salon) Juice Plus and Tower Garden- Kris Larson & Andrea Mather Stowe Kerri's Avenue Salon Live Your Dreams Travel Mary Kay Cosmetics Michiana Christian Service Camp

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Nerium Age Defying Cream Old Post Road Oils Perkin Restaurant & Bakery Premier Women of Michiana (sponsor) Proforma Printhouse Real Country 99.9 (sponsor) St. Margaret's House Scentsy Silpada Sell It Again Jo Send Out Cards Sugar Shack The Center for Protection, Security and Personal Safety The Pampered Chef Trine University WSBT News & Sports Radio 96.1 (sponsor) WSMK Radio 99.1 (sponsor) Xocai Healthy Chocolate Your Business Needs Fans (host)

Michiana “Shop & Greet” March 20, 2014, 4:00-9:00pm St. Mary’s Campus, Gillespie Conference Center, South Bend

3:00-4:00 Vendor Only Pep Rally 4:00-5:00 Early Bird Shopping Extravaganza (Doors Open to Public) 5:00-7:00 LIVE Broadcast with WSMK Radio 5:30

Speed Networking Challenge – Center Stage

6:15-7:00 Be Aware! Be Alert! Be Safe! (A Self Protection Class for Women) 7:00

LIVE Auction for our local Charities - Center Stage


iEntertain, LLC DJ Party Package Drawing (Must be present to win)

8:00-8:45 Be Aware! Be Alert! Be Safe! (A Self Protection Class for Women) 8:00-9:00 Last Chance Shopping www.YourBusinessNeedsFans 574.344.8895

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Smbizforward mag march 2014 digital  

Tips and Techniques to help the entrepreneur succeed.

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