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Coworking – The Smart Move for Your Business by Dan Neumann

Working as a freelancer or on growing a small company has no shortage of challenges. As an independent consultant, I live these challenges. Working from home can isolate you, coffee shops don’t create the business image you want, and dedicated office space is a waste of money. The solution to these problems can be found in coworking. Think of coworking as a gym membership for your business. When you join a coworking space, you become a member. You build relationships with folks who have complementary skills, you add legitimacy to your business by having a place to meet with clients, and you save money by not having to lease and equip your own space. Coworking spaces provide diversity; some members may be specialists in accounting, others advertising, and yet others technology. Working in proximity to a diverse set of talents like that is an enormous asset to your business, providing you with insights you would not get if you were working at home.

Coffee shops are wonderful places to socialize. A coffee shop might even be a good space to have an introductory meeting. But, such public places can be too noisy to have quality conversations, let alone to take a phone call. If you meet your client at a coffee shop too often, they may wonder about the robustness of your business. Coworking provides a business climate in which to meet your clients. To establish your business’s physical presence, you can lease a private office, buy all the equipment, and deal with multiple vendors. For a fraction of that cost, coworking provides you with the equipment you need to do your work and just a single point of contact for the service. Instead of working on logistics, you can focus on your business. Coworking spaces are a great mix of business environment, opportunity for social engagement, and value for your spend. And, coworking is also gaining in popularity. Look to coworking as the next smart move for growing your business.

Dan Neumann is an Agile coach and trainer at NeuManagement, LLC. Dan is also an entrepreneur. Having seen a need for coworking in South Bend, Indiana, he is currently working to open a new space in the heart of downtown. Watch for The Branch to open this spring. Dan Neumann 574-514-3285

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