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People often find themselves in trouble without realizing what caused them to get there. This occurs when people try to solve problems by quickly rushing into a situation without stopping and thinking about the possible consequences of his / her actions. The failure to stop and think causes negative consequences for both self and others. In this exercise, you are taught to use basic problem-solving steps to deal with a stressful situation. By following these steps, you will find yourself in less trouble with others and feel better about yourself. 1.

The first step in solving any problem is to realize that a problem exists. At this beginning stage, you are asked to identify either a major problem that you are currently facing or a common recurring problem that troubles you. Talk with your friends, spouse, or family if you have trouble selecting a problem that you would like to focus on solving. Identify the problem.


After identifying the problem, consider three different possible courses of action to help you solve or deal with the problem. List the pros and cons of each possible course of action. Record at least three different pros and cons for each course of action. First possible course of action to be taken.




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