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Medical Issues Chronic Pain Somatization Spiritual Confusion

Pain and Stress Journal Controlling the Focus on Physical Problems My History of Spirituality

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Anxiety Anxiety

Analyze the Probability of a Feared Event Past Successful Anxiety Coping

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Panic Anxiety Social Discomfort

Past Successful Anxiety Coping Restoring Socialization Comfort

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Negative Thoughts Trigger Negative Feelings Why I Dislike Taking My Medication What Do You Hear and See?

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A Structured Parenting Plan


Past Successful Anxiety Coping Pain and Stress Journal Memory Aid—Personal Information Organizer My Academic and Vocational Strengths Applying Problem-Solving to Interpersonal Conflict Plan a Budget Dear ___________________: A Letter to a Lost Loved One Developing Noncompetitive Values

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Negative Thoughts Trigger Negative Feelings


Alternatives to Destructive Anger Anger Journal Changing from Victim to Survivor Feelings and Forgiveness Letter Describe the Trauma Staying Focused on the Present Reality Gradually Reducing Your Phobic Fear

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Paranoid Ideation Depression Mania or Hypomania Psychoticism Parenting Family Conflict Phase of Life Problems Anxiety Chronic Pain Cognitive Deficits Educational Deficits Family Conflict Financial Stress Grief / Loss Unresolved Type A Behavior


Phobia Depression Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Anger Management Anger Management Childhood Trauma Childhood Trauma Dissociation Dissociation Phobia

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