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CHOCOLATE LOVE BY DAVID ALLEN BASS SR. chapter 1 Dina was driving her pearl-white Q-45 Infinity through the brick city on a cloudy afternoon in September. The air was stuffy, as usual in Newark, New Jersey. Dina beeped her horn at the young Puerto Rican kid who ran out into the middle of the street after his pit bull dog. “Stupid mother fucker - watch yourself!” she screamed, hitting the steering wheel. “Fuck you, bitch!” the little knucklehead yelled back, flicking Dina off and grabbing his private parts. Dina watched the “young cat” in her rearview mirror. “Damn fuck!” Dina snapped at herself while opening the aluminum foil in one hand. She quickly snorted the rest of the coke, licked the foil for a “freeze”, and then wiped her nose. She pressed “5” on the CD changer and Dawud Bassʼs new song came on with the smoothness of silk. “Chocolate love, chocolate love affair,” he repeated, over and over in her ears. Tears fell from her eyes as the piano melody took effect within her bosom. She remembered yesteryear at Irvington High School “back in the days” Dawud couldnʼt get enough of him some Dina, however he was a “no no” to her. Dawud was a drug dealer from 18th Avenue and Melrose and Dina was a “good” girl. No way was she gonna fuck up her life with a “clocker”! Dina was always beautiful, she thought while eyeing herself in the mirror, fixing her lipstick. She had smooth, deep brown skin, brown eyes, thick arched eyebrows, pouty lips, a pointy Asian nose, and was built like Toni Braxton. She was a dime! Dina smirked at herself and blew a kiss into the mirror, admiring her Halle Berry haircut. Dina avoided looking into her own eyes. She knew she was fucking up! After college, graduating from Rutgers, she married a Newark police officer named Todd. He turned out to think he was prettier than her with his green eyes and red-boned ass! He was abusive, also. The second time he hit her she left his ass and their “ Union N.j. ” home. Dina moved into a two-bedroom apartment across the street from Irvington Park on Lyons Avenue. It was hard at first, but she made it though with the help of her best friends “Queen Latifah”, “Banita”, and “Nikki D”. The girls had come to her rescue, packed her up, and moved their girl. Latifah fucked up a lot of money, just to come to her rescue. Even though she was a famous rapper, she left LA with the quickness for her girl, and didnʼt leave Dinaʼs side until her girl moved and was safe! Todd had pulled out a gun on “La La” (Latifah) because she smacked the nigga and took off her high heel shoes. “Mother fucker hit me!” “She demanded.” Todd just went outside and sat in his patrol car. Dina stared out the window at her husband crying as he called his lover on his cell phone. It was a painful divorce but her girls got her through it. Dina's girl, “Nikki D” stayed with her for about two weeks until she was settled in. Her man and son would come from Jersey City to visit her daily. Nikki told her how her man had put her though mad shit back in the day, but Nikki got over it and so could Dina! Thus, Her girls were right. Dina got over her ex-husband and fell in love with another nigga. Shit, "ask her" these days she was “diking”. Better yet, “bi-sexual”! She needed her “bitch” to pick her up and that “boy” to bring her down. Tears ran down Dina's eyes as a dark cloud settled over Newark and it started to rain cats and dogs. The sad truth was, Dina was on drugs, but she kept herself up like fifty percent of other Newark bitches that got high. “Lord, if “Queen La La” knew her girl was “on it”, sheʼd have Dina out in LA in a fucking rehab. Dina parked the Infinity on 18th Avenue and Melrose. She rolled down the passenger window and yelled for the dealer to get in. “Tone Tone, get in the fucking car!” she snapped. The dealer ran out of the “Arkansaw Fried Chicken Joint” towards the car. The rain fell hard on his Columbia rain suit with the matching colorful boots. “Pull off ma.” he snapped, and Dina jerked the car into gear, heading towards Myrtle Avenue. “Damn ma, you looking good, Dina.” Tone said, looking like P-Ditty when he smiled. “Nigga, stop trippinʼ let me get me.” she said, clearly not into the games. Tone sat a bundle of dope in the glove compartment along with a clip of coke. Dina handed the man his money and floored the car back towards “Arkansaw chicken joint”. “Look, fam when I call you, be looking out for me. I canʼt be seen out here yo.” she said then waved bye-bye with her long, French-manicured nails.Tone got out of the car, into the rain without even answering his motherʼs sisterʼs daughter.

Dina rushed home, whipping the Q-45 through Newark. She needed to “get blew” real bad. She parked her car inside of her garage, grabbed her designer work bags, Gucci pocketbook, and hauled ass towards her crib. She had to pee pee and the phone was ringing when she unlocked the door to her apartment. She heard the nails of her boxer dog run towards the door and bark happily, because mommy was home. “Hey Precious Mommy.” Dina said, throwing down her bags onto the white leather sofa. She quickly locked the door and ran across the hardwood floor. She kicked off her heels, pulled down her silk suit pants, leaving them on the floor at the bathroom door. She cut on the lights and hung her suit jacket on the door. She wiggled out of her silk stockings and lace panties.“Ahhhhh, that feels so good.” she said, releasing the pee pee from her bladder. Her dog looked at mommy like she was crazy. The dog barked at the sound of the urine hitting the toilet water. Dina wondered who was talking on her answering service. She flushed the toilet and turned on her bath water, so it could run and get hot. Dina threw on some sweat pants and Reeboks to walk her doggy downstairs to the building's front door. Her Precious quickly ran out and handled her business. The doggy, not liking the rain, quickly ran back to her building. Dina toweled the dogʼs body and feet dry, then raced her upstairs to their home. The phone was ringing again and Dina slammed the door and raced for it as the dog barked.“You just shut ya face.” she said, as if shooing a baby. “Hello.” Dina said. “Damn, bitch. Where you been? Your ass should have been home.” Queen Latifah said to her friend. “Ohhhhh La La, youʼre home? La Laʼs home precious.” Dina said and the dog barked. “Girl, you got issues talking to that damn dog . Me, Nikki and Banita are on our way over there. I hope you havenʼt cooked neither, cause weʼre gonna stop at Coopers. Ok?” the Queen said. “O k La La, Iʼm so happy youʼre home, whatʼs up in L A with all them ne-ass fi men?” Dina asked.“Girl, donʼt ask! Theyʼre looking for the same thing Iʼm looking for! Bye. Iʼm on my way!” the Queen said. Bad as Dina wanted too, she couldnʼt get boyʼd up. Damn! She wanted to get her nod on, but she took two bottles of Coke to the head and cleaned up her apartment. She put on her favorite CD. “Chocolate love, chocolate love affair.” blasted from the Pioneer system. Damn. Dawud was the shit, she thought. She put a fish-scale rock in her mouth for a quick “freeze” and hid away the drugs. She put on some lip-gloss and looked at herself in the mirror. She was high but sheʼd rather be more “down” than “up”. Her doggy was playing with her doll baby La La had brought her from California. Dina got on her knees and tickled her dog that sheʼd raised from three days old. The doggyʼs tail wiggled from happiness. Dina jumped up and sprayed air freshener in the house. She looked over her living room which was white and silver chrome. She loved her big 53-inch screen plasma TV. She had bought a Sony surround sound system to go with it. Remote controls sat on the glass and chrome coffee table, along with a couple of Essence and Vogue magazines. Over her puffy, white leather lazy chair (with the matching footstool) hung a 60-inch, horizontal, original “Derrick Holloman” painting. Big five-foot tall silver Pioneer speakers hid in the four corners of the living room. Her

bedroom started right where the living room ended with hardwood floors. She had a king-sized, gray-marble, leather water bed with a giant headboard. Huge candles were lit and put out at different stages, littering the floor. Dina had done very well for herself.The second bedroom was her doggyʼs room, which actually had Barbie Doll bunk beds and yes, Dina washed and changed the sheets weekly!

The doorbell rang and Dina looked out of the window to see her friends, so she buzzed them in. She locked her whining Precious in her room after kissing the dog “night-night”. “Mommy got company. Donʼt cry.” she told her friend, who wasnʼt actually mad with her, but pretended to be, so she could get a nice snack. Dinaʼs friends stormed into the house, loud and laughing. “Hey yʼall.” Dina said, closing the door. The Queen dropped the bags on the counter and told her friend about her latest happenings in LA. “Girl, let me tell you - I finally get this so-called black actor - "whoʼs a hunk" - over to my place. Mind you, the majority of American black women would die to be in this famous actorʼs arms. Then girl, it comes time to do the “due” and this mother-fucker tells me heʼs gay!!” Can you believe all of that long thang going to waste?” said La La. “Girrrrl, he wasnʼt “packing”, was he?” asked Banita.“Bitch is water wet.” said the Queen seriously. “La La, why are all the fine brothers in L A gay?” Dina asked, quite annoyed and frustrated. “Girl it got to be something in the water. Every since I made “set it off”. Thatʼs all I attract. Itʼs cool, ʻcause I know where home is o k - BRICK CITY”. the Queen said, snapping her ngers, fi clowning around. Latifah was walking nasty, throwing her big oleʼ ass, making her girls laugh. Dina, feeling her high, grabbed her friendʼs big oleʼ ass and said, “Girl, a blind man can see all that ass, La La.” The friends fixed themselves plates of Cooperʼs roast beef, corn beef and pastrami sandwiches and began to chow down, pausing for some Bonton BQ chips or a sip of their wine or soda. Nikki D was on the phone with her man while La La and Banita were lost in a new episode of Star Trek. Dina too, was a treky, but the cocaine had her mind elsewhere. She went into her room and put on her favorite CD, laying across her bed. She listened to the piano, the sax, the base line, and then the smooth voice of Dawud Bass coming in like song birds on a spring morning. “Chocolate love, chocolate love affair.” Damn, Dawudʼs voice just got her insides all wet and mushy. She did not have any in 13 months and her “jack rabbit” did not count! Her mind drifted back to high school days. There she was, at Irvington High with Latifah - “Dana” back then, Robin Gram, Banita, Takira Dixon, and there was Dawud and Correy Beckwith walking up the hallway, all cool with beepers and jewelry on. Everyone knew Dawud was too young to have the money he had. He had to be a “clocker”! “Girrrl, get your ass up. I know you ainʼt sleeping on us!”La La screamed. The lights came on and she was blinded by pillows knocking her upside the head.“Stop! Stop, stop, stop! ” she yelled at her friends, but they didnʼt let up until she grabbed a pillow and fought back. These were her sisters! They made her tough. ********************************************************************************************************************* Chapter 2 “Had a crush on youuuuuu, since the day I saw youuuuuuu! Your eyessss so bright, your skin so brown. Letʼs take a waaaaalk, down, downnnnnn townnnnnn!” Dawud sang his heart out. “Cut! Cut! Take five.” Shakim Compere yelled at his little God brother from behind the boards. The two were at Baby Faceʼs Studio in Los Angeles, California.“Man, what the fuck is the problem now?” Dawud snapped at his big bro, confused and hurt. “Look fam, you are forcing it. You gotta bring it natural and not from your neck.” said Shakim. “You know this perfection Flavor Unit shit, is really irking me, Sha! I think I was Blowing.” Dawud said. “Look, Wu you and Paul take the Benz to Roscoeʼs, get something to eat and call it a night.” Shakim said, patting his little brotherʼs back. “Yeah, maybe I should leave and get some air. I donʼt need Paul babysitting me neither. Yaʼll niggas ainʼt babysit me in prison for 11 years. In fact, yaʼll ainʼt write me or visit. I donʼt even know why Iʼm fuckinʼ with yaʼll now anyways!" The young millionaire snapped. “Dawud, we are your family. Thatʼs why weʼre here. Nobody ainʼt tell you to sell drugs.” Shakim snapped back at his little brother Dawud, knowing that he was in prison, but refused to help Dawud because Dawud put himself there! However, soon as Dawud came home, Shakim snatched his little brother right on up. The rest was history, with a platinum record to show for it. Dawud had come home on some next shit!! He had written movie scripts, plays and 60 books in prison. Thatʼs just what the Flavor Unit family needed to be complete. Along with his books and songs, Dawud had put in work using his time wisely, not “negatively”. Shakim and Queen Latifah liked that. They quickly advanced Dawud a million dollars and set him up with a home in California. He did not need to be in Newark after 11 years in prison! The deals came quickly for Dawud. Everybody wanted a piece of him. Literally! The women threw panties at the hard-bodied ex-convict and the agents, publicist, movie producers and record execs wanted a part of him. Dawud was smart. He looked very handsome and he worked out constantly. He modeled, acted, wrote, and sang. But thatʼs not all. He was the whole package! He played the piano and produced tracks. He wrote songs,raps, published books and was really making a name for himself. Dawud had written 60 books in prison and was negotiating deals to sell the movie rights left and right. His books NAZCAR GROUPIE AND OBXEXXION were already ghetto best sellers. It clearly was his time and Queen Latifah and Shakim Compere managed their star properly, keeping him out of trouble and away from the street life that raised him in Newark, New Jersey and Florida.

Dawud damn near ran out of the studio and jumped in his brand new candy-apple red CLS 55 Mercedes Benz. He didnʼt have to wait for Paul, security or no one! He was grown! Queen Latifah had taken him to lease the car, but Dawud felt it was an investment and wrote out a check for $55,000. He deserved it! This was a gift to himself. He started the engine and the Queenʼs U.N.I.T.Y. song blasted from the system. That was one of his favorite songs. All of the Queenʼs CDʼs were in his cd changer along with Naughty by Nature's. Dawud quickly drove out of the parking lot, looking back at Paul and Shakim as they ran into the middle of the streets after the car. Dawud laughed, leaned back in his seat and picked up his cell phone. The phone rang three times then someone answered with a “yellooooo.” Dawud laughed at his friendʼs voice. “Yo big homie, whereʼs the freaks at tonight?” Dawud asked.“Dawuooooooo, whats up playboy?” said Eric. Dawud laughed at his friendʼs happy voice. Eric Jerome Dickey was a famous African- American author who reached out to Dawud. He was one of Dawudʼs literary mentors and party road dogs. “Yoooo! The freaks are at Club 360 on Sunset and Vine tonight, baby boy. So, whatʼs poppinʼ? Eric said. “Oh, Nigga, you know itʼs on. Let me grab some chicken from Roscoeʼs, cop me some clothes, and meet you at your crib. - Cool?” Dawud asked. “And you

know this, mannnn!” Eric said happy that his little homie was on his way over. They both lived in Hollywood Hills, but their schedules forbidded them to chill together. “Homie, pick up a couple bottles of that crystal on me and Iʼll call Vinnie to rent us one of them SUV limmoʼs. You know when we do it, we do it right, homie.” Eric said, laughing. “Shit, you ainʼt lying, fam. Iʼm making reservations for our usual penthouse now. Holla knucker !” Dawud said, hanging up. The evening air felt good against Dawudʼs face. He cut off his cell phones, laughing. He knew Shakim and Paul were looking for him. They probably called Latifah and told on him, too. But he would be back by the time La La came home. She would Jack him up, but she'd tell the dogs to leave her baby boy alone. He knew La La loved the hell out of him because she spoiled him so, and took him everywhere! After Dawud had hit on Jada, he wasnʼt allowed over Jada and Willʼs home anymore. La La was furious! “How come you talked to my girl in her own home, Dawud? her husband was right there in the kitchen!!” La La yelled at him. “She frontin, La La! She wanted me. She kept winking at me!” Dawud cried out to his big sister. "Oh My God, Dawud. She said her contacts were irritating her eyes and that still didnʼt give you no reason to kiss the woman! Now what if Will would have walked in on yaʼll instead of me?!!!” She snapped at him with her hands on her thick hips. “What, That Philly Cat, La La Please, Iʼm from Newark Bricks!” Dawud said, laughing with his grown self. Latifah just stared at him like a mother would at her bad-ass child. “La La, she ainʼt say nothing when you separated our lips. She kissed me back! Stop frontinʼ. You seen it!” Dawud snapped. “Dawud, for Christʼs sake, the woman was in a state of shock. How could you, boy? I ainʼt never taking you to their house again!” La La was mad as hell.“But, La La, that ainʼt fair! She didnʼt say I couldnʼt come over. She didnʼt tell Will.” he said waving a nger fi at her, mad and angry. That was it! The “Queen” took off her heels and chased him around her house for an hour. Dawud laughed to himself as he pulled into Roscoeʼs parking lot. He loved him some La La, who had left him and went to Jersey without him. She said he had to finish his “project” but Dawud would rather be chasing women with “Jaheim ”, his other R&B singing home boy from New Jersey.

“Hey Dawud hey Dawud.” a beautiful blonde-haired woman yelled as she ran into him, wraping her arms around him, putting her head against his chest. “Oh my God, itʼs him!” another girl said as she and a group of fine women came trotting towards the singer. Oh, shit, shit, shit! Dawud said to himself, running back out of the restaurantʼs door, pulling the beautiful Asian-mixed girl, (attached to his chest) with him. “Get in the car.” Dawud yelled at her as the mob followed him. Once in the car, he asked her “You wanna ride for a while? I need some help.” The woman said “Of course, Dawud. Iʼd be honored to go anywhere with you!” She has to be Korean and black, or something. Dawud thought as he pulled out of the parking lot. “Wow, the girls really like you, huh?” she asked as she curled up in the passenger seat. Dawud watched her as the spandex dress rode up her thighs revealing her pink panties. Her eyes were greenish-blue and her hair was curly permed, and very long hanging down over her breast. Pamela Anderson look. Her small feet and pink pedicured toenails were wrapped in Manola five-inch-heel sandals. Her breasts, which were squeezed together, had to be 38Ds and her nipples were already excited. “Do you like what you see?” she asked in a very sexy voice, staring back at him. She picked up his cell phone from the dash board. “Do you mind if I call my girls that I left back at Roscoeʼs? Theyʼre probably worried, you know.” she said. Dawud leaned his seat back and said, “Baby you can call to Asia, if that makes you happy.” He licked his lips and tried to keep his eyes on the road. “Yeah, girl Itʼs more like I kidnapped him, cause yaʼll know! Skee wee, skee wee, skee wee tonight !” she said, putting her hand on his thigh. “Yeah, I ainʼt gonna let him get away, girl. When Eva see something she wants, Eva gets it. Ainʼt that right, baby boy?” she asked Dawud. He smiled that sneaky smile of his until she opened her legs wider, showing her hairy mound that tried desperately to bust out of her see-through, lace thongs. “Damn ma yes, yes, yes, Eva can have anything she wants!” he said, licking his lips. Dawud drove on the Hollywood Freeway, weaving through the traffic. After Eva hung up the phone, she laid her head on his lap and, with her fingers she let him know what she wanted so desperately. He knew that her name was, “Eva Lee Sanchez”. She danced in Lionʼs King at the Pantages Theater for its first and second seasons, and was now a stripper at Club Forty Deuce. “My kitty is, like so wet,” she purred. Dawud was rock hard. Fuck that! Eric would just have to think what ever. Eva from Sherman Oaks was the only thing Dawud was getting into for the night. Fuck it, shit happens! he thought as he pulled into his big homeyʼs driveway. He jumped out of the car, leaving it running. Eric Answered the door, dressed to the nines, ready to party. “Whatʼs up, my dude!” Eric said, then looked at the dime in Dawudʼs arm. Evaʼs spandex dress had risen up around her waist and the tiny pink thong panties spoke back to Eric. “I have friends, you know.” Eva said as she and Dawud entered Ericʼs home. “Put the car in the garage, Shakim and them are looking for me big homie.” Dawud said. He and Eric stared at Evaʼs plump, juicy butt as she walked towards the living room phone. “I see our plans have been changed, playboy, But you know what main man, I like this. We donʼt gotta go nowhere!” Eric said, giving Dawud a high five.

“I know Dawud is over there Eric!”Shakim yelled into the phone. Shakim had kept Dawud out of trouble every since Ameerah asked him too look out for her baby son in them ruff street of newark. "Man i told you he aint here! Why every time Dawud disappears yaʼll call me? He ainʼt here, damn it! I donʼt lie!” Eric snapped, sitting next to Dawud on the leather sectional sofa, sipping from a bottle of Moet with an L.A. Dodgerʼs cap turned sideways. Dawud smiled at him then pointed his own bottle of Moet towards Eva and two of her stripper friends as they danced on his coffee table. “Yeah, baby! Yeah baby!” Eric said, dancing from his seat, doing the wop with his head and shoulders “GOD DAMN IT ERIC, DO YOU HEAR ME TALKING TO YOU ON THIS PHONE, MAN?” Shakim yelled. “You sure you havenʼt seen Dawud? Last time you said that, we found yaʼll at the Boom Boom Room in North Carolina with some back-neck-wood freaks!” Shakim yelled, but no one was listening. Eric could care less about what Shakim was saying as the “Heather Hunter” look-a-like gave him a lap dance. Dawud was sitting right next to him with two freaks on his thighs. The two friends looked at the womenʼs jiggling breasts and smiled at one another. “IʼM WARNING YOU, ERIC!” was the last sound out of the phone before Eric hung up on Shakim! Eric then took the phone off the hook and smiled.Dawud used the remote control to turn up Adina Howardʼs Jam. “Freak in the morning, freak in the evening!!!!! *********************************************************************************************************************

Chapter 3

“Precious, get off me. Get off me, dog!” Dina said, smushing the boxer to the floor as she tried to answer her phone. Dina dug her bikini panties out of her ass and put her little feet into the bunny-rabbit slippers La La had brought her from LA. It was chilly inside of her house, so she put her robe on over her t-shirt. She finally opened her eyes and saw a mess in the mirror. Next the stomach pains folded her over. She fell back down on the bed and picked up the phone as it began to ring in her ear again. “Girl, get your ass up. Iʼm gone!” La La yelled into the phone.“Latifah, why are you going back to California so soon? I thought we all was going to the Short hill's mall this afternoon.” Dina said, poking out her bottom lip. “Girl, they canʼt find Dawud! You know that hard-headed nigga donʼt listen to NO-body but me! Iʼll be back hopefully next week, so put that lip back in and smile, girl. I might bring Dawud back with me.” La La said. That was music to Dinaʼs ears. She sat up and asked. “Girrrrl, do you think heʼll remember me. You know, after 11 years in prison and all the drama heʼs been through, do you Dawud will he still remember little ole Dina?” she asked wining. She ignored her stomach and twisted her manicured fingers into the telephone cord. She wanted very badly to see Dawud; to touch him, to bag his ass! She knew she could. She was still a dyme! “Girl, do you hear me talking to you, Dina?” La La yelled into the phone. “Yes, I hear you La La.” Dina lied, staring at Dawudʼs framed autographed poster on her bedroom wall. “Girl, Dawud is so bugged out, he donʼt fuck with too many people. Itʼs hard enough for us to be a part of his life... Hold on.” La La said, paying for her coffee in the crowded Newark Airport. “Iʼm back, girl. Dawud got this issue, that if you didnʼt visit him or write him in prison, ainʼt no need to holler at him now!” Latifah said. “But I ainʼt know he was locked up in North Carolina. And if I knew, I would of went to see him.” Dina said, sounding like Micheleʼle.” “Yea boo I know that, but Dawud donʼt. So Iʼll see whatʼs up for you. But first, I gotta find him! The nigga is probably in Atlanta or Las Vegas - somewhere where there is a lot of strippers!” La La yelled. “I didnʼt think he'd be fuckinʼ with strippers like that.” Dina whined, giving his poster the evil eye. “I know what we can do when I bring him out here. Iʼll tell him youʼre a stripper and you come to the hotel and put it down.” said La La, laughing. Dina stared at the phone angrily. “Fuck you, Latifah! ” she said and hung up!

Dinaʼs dog was crying as she watched Dina snort three bags of dope while sitting on the bathroom floor in her panties and tshirt. The bathtub water ran and the smell of fresh perked coffee floated through the apartment. The black and white tile floor felt cool against Dinaʼs face. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and her nails scratched all over her thick thighs. “Damn, Precious, this shit feels soooo good! Mommy will make you breakfast soooon.” Dina said, slurring the words from her mouth. Precious barked at her mommy, not liking the way Dina was acting. The dog barked and ran to the front door. She ran into Dinaʼs room and knocked the phone off the hook. The dog barked and growled into the receiver, trying to tell somebody to come help her mommy. Precious started to cry as she walked back to her mommy and laid down next to her. The dog kissed and licked Dinaʼs face to bring the beautiful sister out of a nod.“Hee hee, stop Precious. Mommy will feed you in one minute, baby.” Dina said, laying back down, hugging her dogʼs neck. Precious just whined at her mommy and stared at her. “This shit feels so damned good, baby. Itʼs all Toddʼs fault. He had to fuck up my life! Fucked up everything, Precious!” Dina said as she started to cry on the cold floor. “Precious, stupid men donʼt know how bad they hurt a sister when they cheat on us and fuck around behind our backs! OHHHH Precious, it hurts so so bad. He took apart of my soul, Precious. Donʼt he know that, Precious? Why do men hurt us so? Donʼt they love their black sisters, Precious? Donʼt they, booby?” she asked, holding her doggy tight. “Now look at me, Precious. Mommy have found love in drugs. Oh, baby, Mommyʼs fuckinʼ up. I know baby. I need help. Please forgive me.” Dina said on her knees now, still crying. Dina cut off the bathtub water just as it ran over onto the floor. She got up and stepped into the tub with her socks, panties and t-shirt on. She sank down into the warm water and cried, asking herself, “why am I hurting myself when Todd fucked it all up? Why am I hurting me? God, please help me.” she asked as she cried tender tears. Her family warned her about Todd, but she refused to let them say, “I told you so.” Dina hurt so badly but the high felt so good. Nothing mattered when the heroin was in her system. “FUCK MEN, DAMN IT!” she screamed, as she threw a piece of soap towards the dog. Precious jumped up and ran to get the soap. She thought mommy was playing with her. She ran across the wooden floor and bit into the nasty soap, then walked it back to mommy and dropped it in the bathtub. Dina was on her way to the office. After snorting a couple bottles of coke, she got into the swing of things. She fixed her and Precious a nice breakfast of big, jumbo kosher sausage, which her baby dog truly loved. Of course they had cheese eggs, grits and apple jelly on their toast. No sir, Precious did not like grape jelly! Thus after they ate, Dina walked her baby so she could go potty. Dina left water and Preciousʼ favorite toys in her room, then she kissed her goodbye and shut the doggyʼs bedroom door. The “real” Dina was looking good in her white linen skirt business suit by Donna Karan. Underneath it she wore a lace Victoriaʼs Secret panty and bra set. Her silk stockings had the seam in the back and her pointy-toed, five-inch Ameerah heels had 24-karat gold straps that clicked on her ankles. Her Toni Braxton - Halle Berry style haircut was banginʼ! The Q-45 glided through the Newark streets as she listened to a ballet by Dawud. The words were touching her heart and the track didnʼt even have music. “Sing it, baby!” she yelled as a tear formed in her eye then ran down her silky cheek to the tip of her sweet lips. She tasted the water from her beautifully contact lensed eyes. “ When you feel lonely, like you canʼt make it no more, and the clouds are raining on your soul, and the darkest night turns to morning light and no one held you through the night, just call my name and Iʼll come running, black queen..., to protect you from the storm, and hold you in my arms to be your lover friend for ever more... Just call my nammmmme!” Dawud sang into her heart and soul. Dina was now parked on the side of the road crying her heart out as the morning rush hour traffic flew past her on Lyons Avenue. She wiped away her tears as an old black lady stood at her window in the drizzling rain, selling roses. Dina grabbed her wallet and lowered her window.“Here my child, for you.” the old, toothless lady said to Dina, who tried to hand the lady a five dollar bill. “No charge, baby. Just know that Jesus loves you and wants you to hold on. When you feel all alone, remember God is with you!” the old woman said as she walked away from the car. Dina watched the old lady walk behind her car and disappear. "No. She couldnʼt have." Dina said to herself, getting out of her car to look behind it. “Sheʼs gone!” Dina mouthed to herself as she stared at the beautiful yellow rose in her hand. Dina jumped back into her car and drove as fast as she could to work, not wanting to remember what she just saw with her very own eyes. Once in downtown Newark, Dina parked her car in a big, high-rise parking lot where she paid monthly to have her car protected from bad weather and car thieves. This was “Newark Bricks”, the capital stolen car city in America. She put on her pink, see-through rain coat, grabbed her briefcase and opened up her huge Fendi umbrella. Her office was a block away from the

garage. Once inside of her building, she took the elevator up to her floor where she went straight into her office and closed the door. She quickly snorted a GP 45 bottle of coke, just barely wiping her nose before her secretary Ma Betty walked in with Dina's morning cup of coffee. “Howʼs my pumpkinʼ pie?” Ma Betty asked, pecking a kiss on Dinaʼs cheek. “Maʼs baby girl running kind of late this morning. You need to stop fooling with that crazy ole doggy in the morning, girl.” Ma said, pointing a motherly finger at Dina. “Oh, Ma it ainʼt Precious. Iʼm just feeling a little down, thatʼs all.” Dina said. “ Well, I see some young man gave you a beautiful flower.” Ma said, taking Dinaʼs rose to put it in water. Dinaʼs whole floor smelled like peppermints. Dinaʼs Marketing Firm was a blooming business and it was All hers! - THANK YOU. She had “Ma” her secretary and two other girls she hired that went to college with her. Dina had interned at ACMO and they hired her right out of college. After a year of her own visions not being met, Dina had to leave. Thus, when she left, she took several big-paying clients with her, so she immediately got her own marketing firm off the ground with the help of her superstar friends, which brought her more clients. Dina did a marketing and promotional campaign for Flavor Unit Records that got her girl, Queen Latifah more exposure than any of the millionaire firms in Manhattan did. Next came Lakim, Naughty By Nature, Apache, Naughtyʼs clothing line, her girl Heather Bʼs nail salons, Peppaʼs Hollyhood store, Kay Geeʼs Label, and the rest was history. Dina would clear three million this year on scheduled clients and that wasnʼt counting the walk-ins. Her major clients were naughty clothing, Ameerah Gear, Cooper's, and Flavor unit inc. Dina had done press conferences and editorial coverage for BET, CNN, Oprahʼs Harpo, and various newspapers. Her business dealt in marketing, public relations, and consumer research. She was a young, black, female CEO and founder of her own company. Dina knew she was “fucking up” really bad by using drugs, but they took away the pain......

Dina peeped out of her door at Ma Betty typing. She closed and locked her door. She took off her shoes and put on her Donald Duck slippers. She looked at the pictures of her and her doggy playing in Irvington Park and eating White Castle burgers together. Her office was filled with burgundy leather, glass and chrome. Her college degrees and certificates filled the wall behind her desk. She looked out of her window, eleven stories down at people walking by, they looked like ants. She was on top of the world and falling quickly, she thought. It was all Toddʼs fault. Look at her, a black, strong, career woman! Why wasnʼt she “enough” for him? He was the one who fucked everything he could stick his dick in! Dina could not please her man. She gave him love in the morning, afternoon, and at night. Heʼd come by her office on lunch breaks. What more could she give? Was it because she didnʼt give him a child? But they had discussed starting a family after they were financially secure. Now that Dina had the money, the only man who turned her on was that white horse. Dina was getting hooked on drugs slowly, but surely. How did she let this happen?! It all started at the ZanziBar Night Club. She had gone there to have a nice time all by herself, trying to get over Todd. Dina found herself crying in the ladyʼs room and some girls had came in snorting their powder, ignoring her. Next, one of the girls offered her some, swearing it would take away the pain after watching Dina cry softly to herself. Fuck it, one time wonʼt hurt. Dina said to herself, but that was the alcohol talking - one drug inviting the other into her temple. The powder quickly made Dina feel better as the club vibrated from the bass coming out of the speakers. “Follow meeeee, why donʼt you follow meeee, shooby doop doop doop dooop doooooop!” Damn, her shit was on. Dina ran to the dance floor like in her college days and began to dance with two fine drug dealer type niggas. They started to freak the shit out of her. She could feel their hard dicks grinding against her. Thus, the high took over her and she found herself in the guysʼ car, kissing one of them while the other guy ate her out. “I need more powder.” she told the dealers.“Did you drive?” they asked. She showed them the BMW M3 she had back then and one of the dealers got into Dina's car with her. Dina let him drive as he followed his partner. They made a quick run to 16th Avenue and copped some “boy” from the dope building across the street from Westside Park. They knew this “freak” was wanting the DOPE DICK all night long! They took Dina back to their Hillside apartment and got her doped up on heroin. She didnʼt know the difference between “coke” or “dope”. Sheʼd never used drugs before. The guys didnʼt try to hurt the “freaky” sister. They just took turns screwing her all night long because she refused to suck a dick. Dina was hooked on drugs ever since.... *********************************************************************************************************************

Chapter 4 “If you donʼt open this mother fucking door now, Eric I will kick this mother fucker down!” Latifah screamed. Eva answered the door with a towel wrapped around her. She was taking a shower when all hell broke loose. She just wanted to go home. Eva had fucked the shit out of Dawud for two days straight. She prayed sheʼd get pregnant by the millionaire R&B singer and all of her worries would be over. She was a dyme and she deserved to be taken care of. She would in return, treat her man good. She wasnʼt no ignorant bitch! She knew how to take care of a man! “Little girl, Iʼm gonna ask you one time. Is Dawud here?” Queen Latifah asked. Eva stared at the Queen, in jeans and Timberland boots. She pointed towards the bedroom. Eva was hoping she wasnʼt pregnant now. She knew who Latifah was. Everyone knew who she was, and that big woman would not beat her beautiful ass! Eva locked herself in the bathroom ! “If you donʼt get your God damned ass up, right now boy - I know something. Get UP! ” The Queen yelled in Dawudʼs ear as she pinched his cheeks. 'Ahhhhhhh, Dana!” Dawud yelled, pulling the sheet over his naked body. “La La, youʼre hurting me.” Dawud cried out.“That ainʼt all Iʼm gonna hurt, if you donʼt get your little ass out of that bed, smelling like a fish market. I know something!” the Queen snapped. Dawud could see in her eyes that his La La wasnʼt playing. He jumped up, butt naked and started to get dressed. Shakim was laughing so hard, standing in the doorway, that tears were in his eyes. “Fuck you, mother fucker!” Dawud said to him as he tried getting his shoes on. But every time he picked them up, Latifah would smack him upside the head, and theyʼd fall. “If your little funky ass leaves my house anytime this week, I will kill you myself, boy! Iʼm tired of your shit, Dawud! Youʼre just looking for trouble, ainʼt you?” She snapped. “No, La La.” Dawud said, jumping up running past the Queen. He told the Queen his car was in the garage, so she snatched his keys from him and backed the car out. Eva stood at the door, telling Dawud sheʼd call him. He mouthed back “ok” silently. “Get your grown ass in this car. NOW !” the Queen demanded. Dawud did like she told him, wondering if his La La realized he was 31 years old...

That afternoon, Latifah took her baby boy to the Blue Café for lunch. She was really trying to be the big sister Dawud needed, but he was driving her crazy! She took into consideration that he was Ameerah's only child and that he had also done eleven years in prison. Dawud had cried in her arms one evening, as he told her that nobody came to North Carolina to visit him in prison. His mom had only came down once! He explained to her how his family had hurt and disappointed him so much that he

lost himself in writing books and songs. Latifah tried to picture how life had been for Dawud. Thus, once upon a time in her own life, Latifah had sold some drugs, but it wasnʼt the life she wanted for herself. She just wished she and Shakim had paid more attention to Dawudʼs talent back in 1991-1992, maybe he wouldnʼt have had to sell drugs or went to prison. But that was all over. If she could just keep him out of trouble, he was clearly about to blow up. Everywhere she went, everybody wanted to see - Dawud! Dawud this, Dawud that! She sort of felt his feelings, knowing that none of the people gave a fuck about him when he was incarcerated and now they were on the bandwagon. Dawud had so many personalities. He had Shakim in him, her positive business ways, Treachʼs naughty ways, and Kay Geeʼs producing musical skills. God it was so much of him. She tried so hard to understand him. He could rap and sing his ass off, plus act and model. It just didnʼt stop. He really brought tears to her eyes one day when she asked him. “Dawud, how did you get so talented?” He answered with “La La, I always wanted to be the male version of you. I love you La La, and I cut out and kept every article Iʼve ever read about you and I trained myself to be like you.” he said. Latifah had no other choice but to shed tears of happiness, because out of all the pain Dawud had been through, he kept her high on a pedestal. She was always a Queen in his eyes. Thatʼs why Dawud always would be her “baby boy.” The brother sheʼd lost, in some ways. “So letʼs talk Wu. Me and you. Big sis to my baby boy. Why do you keep doing this crazy shit out here in LA? Itʼs not safe to go out by yourself, and definitely not safe to be picking up damn strippers!” Latifah said. Dawud sipped his Pepsi and stared at his big sister. Kenny G blew in the background of the half crowded café. “La La, I just get confused sometimes. In my head I donʼt see me as this multi-talented star. I only see me as “Dawud” the author of 60 books, the first black man to do that while incarcerated. The same Dawud used to knock out c/oʼs with my man Jahad Maleik. The Dawud that was a foster child, car thief, and runaway child that ate out of garbage cans to survive. The Dawud whose father was a heroin addict junkie. The Dawud whose mother put her man in front of him. The same Dawud that was in psychiatric hospitals. I just wanna do me La La. Go where I wanna go, when I want too, eat what I want, fuck who I want, Dawud thatʼs a “pretty tone”, flip whips and have fun, feel me? I feel like a fuckinʼ prisoner in my OWN house La La!” Dawud snapped at her, causing customers to look at them. “Look, Da if I donʼt stay on you boo, youʼre gonna get in trouble. Iʼm just trying to show you how to do Cali, not let Cali do you! Iʼm trying to teach you how to take care of your money and taxes properly. Iʼm sorry Da, I just want to see you do good. Maybe Iʼm just trying too hard.” said Latifah, smiling at her baby boy with wet eyes. Her career was on the line also, because she put up herself for Dawud. He had two HBO movies to films and if he fucked that up, sheʼd definitely be fucked up with trying to get her on a cable show next season. “I thought we were gonna go to London England and Paris France for a two-week vacation. We still havenʼt done that. La La, youʼre always going home to Jersey and New York City and you never take me home! You just get Shakim and Paul to babysit me. Thatʼs not right.” he said, seriously. “So you wanna go home? Is that what all this is about? Youʼre missing Newark? Trust me Dawud Newark ainʼt missing you. Not them streets, anyway. Niggaʼs is still selling drugs, killing each other, stealing cars and all the same shit! Is that what you miss? Youʼre 31 years old, now, Dawud. You donʼt have nothing to prove to anybody but yourself. But since you wanna go home so bad, I will take you!” Latifah said. “Just me and you. Not the entourage?” Dawud asked. “Yeah just me and you. Now eat your food before it gets cool.” La La demanded....

“Yo! Give Me That, Thank You Heavenly Father Beat, and Turn that shit up!” Dawud demanded. Baby Face, Latifah, and Shakim were behind the boards. Tracy Edmonds, Paul and Vinnie were in the studioʼs lounge staring at Dawud. Nobody knew what he was gonna sing. Right now he was dancing in the booth, to the club beat. “Nigga turn it up, turn that shit up, yeah, eeh, eeh, yeah. Iʼm feeling this.” Dawud said then on impulse began to sing. I wanna thank you, mommy Ameerahhhh, for keeping Dawud so stronnnnng. it was in Jerseyyyyyy, mommy Ameerahhhhhh (mommy Ameerah) thatʼs when I saw this girlllll. I was with Shakimmmmmm, Mommy Amerahhhh , In his BMW 3.... She was so prettyyyyy, mommy Ameerahhhh. They said her name was the Queennnnnn ( Latifah} when in loveeeee. i only Calllll On my true goddddd when in loveeeee.I only trusttttt in My true Lordddddd. Everyone in the studio could not believe the beautiful voice and words that came out of Dawudʼs mouth. Latifah felt so honored to hear this song about her, as Dawudʼs first puppy love. She never knew he felt that way about her. He was always was her “little booby”. Her baby boy. When he walked out of the booth, she planted a big kiss on his mouth with a bear hug. “Girl, get off of me!” Dawud demanded. “That was a song from 1989. Donʼt get shit-twisted.” he said playfully, hugging his big sister . “Boy, you are bad. I mean it. You are incredible. Honey, why didnʼt we sign him?” Tracy Edmonds asked Baby Face very seriously. He looked totally strange at his wife and said, “Iʼve been trying to figure that one out for about a month, now, Trace.” he smiled. “Yo, I killed that shit in one take, what! What! What!” Dawud said, playing with his big Homey Treach, who flew out to Cali with Vinnie just to see Dawud and the “Flavor Unit Family”. Fuck what you heard, the Flavor Unit was still a very close and a thick family. Everyone was on the new Dawud CD. Naughty by Nature including Kay Gee, Apache, La Tee, Lakim, Latifah, Freddie Fox, Black Sheep, Nikki D., Rotten Rascals, Z Vance, Next, Jaheim, Redman, Heather B., etc. The whole fam was on this one. “This would be twenty banginʼ songs of that Jersey shit!” Dawud said, bringing all of his people together. He was mad that Joe Buddens, Lords of the Underground, and Lady Luck couldnʼt get on this project due to their other affairs, but they all sent their “love”. Just Blaze and Rodney Jerkins had blessed Dawud with some tracks and when he thought everything was good, the one and only Whitney Houston flew in to do a church song duet with him and Faith Evans. That was special for Dawud's grandmother...... Thus, nobody knew the project would be completed a month ahead of time, thanks to Shakim and Paul staying on Dawudʼs ass. Now they were dubbing and perfecting that original “Dawud” sound, thanks to Kay Gee! All of New Jersey would feel this CD and the CD would definitely go gold in Jersey alone. Dawud Bass had definitely made a masterpiece and the whole world was waiting and watching. Eva had turned out to be a very good woman. She had definitely grounded Dawud. Tonight would be their last night together for a month. Just like Dawud's big sis promised, Latifah and Dawud were going “home” to Newark New Jersey! Eva had cooked him a candle-lit dinner. She walked into the living room in a white, see-through negligee and all see-through Cinderella stilettos. Damn, his baby was looking good and everything was hanging out, just the way he liked it. “Lord, have mercy! ”Eva pulled her baby up off the floor and planted a wet kiss on his mouth. She sat him down at his marble dining room table and fed him pepper steak and jumbo shrimp sautéed in soy sauce with onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and scallions poured over Spanish yellow

rice. After they ate and filled up on champagne, she made love to her man for hours, putting him to sleep. Eva also drifted off to sleep laying on top of him, staring at the man she had fallen in love with since the moment she laid eyes on him. It would truly be a price to pay if any broad fucked with her man.... *********************************************************************************************************************

Chapter 5 “Flavor Unit Yʼall - Illatainment (What)“Flavor Unit Yʼall - Illatainment ,This the remix right" said Dawud. He was in Queen Latifahʼs Englewood N.J. home studio. It was 4:02 a.m. He had awakened his La La and Shakim and told them he felt a hit coming on. He ran into Latifahʼs room, giving her a sheet of paper with her verses as he woke her up from a deep sleep. She was very tired from their plane trip from California, but she got out of her bed and put on her grandma robe and big monkey head slippers, Dawud had brought her from somewhere in Washington State. Breath stinking and all, they woke up the house, beat boxing, singing and rapping. “Oh shit, Iʼm feeling this Wu Wu.” Latifah yelled, all hyped up. Dawud had written her a background part, singing behind him, plus a hot-ass rap verse. Dawud was a genius. She hugged her little brother and together they ran too the basement studio where they were in the booth. La La was singing along to Dawudʼs beat boxing. They quickly recorded and overdubbed. The beat was slamming and Mark 45 king would have no problem at all banging it out on his SP 1200 (vintage edition) and MPC 4000. Kay Gee would add piano and organ samples and they would all eat off of this - Brick City Style. It was going down! Shakim Compere and Paul were behind the boards as Sticky Icky filled the air. The green light came on and the music dropped .“Dawud, itʼs on you fam - Go!” Latifah said “Itʼs the Jersey set (uh huh) Yʼall niggas know who we be (what) Itʼs the Jersey set uh huh." he said laughing “ Dawud stop trippin and start singing, nigga! You got me in this booth, five in the morning.” Faith Evans snapped at her homie from Newark. “Yo Shakim, keep that shit on the record, Faye trippin and shit.” said Dawud then he went right into his song. “I said, Chocolate love, Chocolate Love Affair , I said Chocolate Love, Chocolate Love Affair.” sang Dawud. “The way you look at me, Dawud.” Faith and Latifah harmonized in the background.“You know that I want you, baby,” Dawud sang, “Will you be my man, so chocolate, so sweet,” sang Faith and La La.“You know that Iʼll eat you up.” sang Dawud as Latifahʼs rap dropped.“Donʼt call it a comeback, Latifah been here for years.Give my man, my chocolate love while Iʼm feeling his. Anyway he wants it - front to back, side to side, big La do it right. Fog the windows in the m45, from 18th ave and melrose, i'll curl his toes. trips to vegas on La La,make love in the rain on Latee's yacht. Black reign the first Queen reign again.Lyrically love my body - thats no sin. my homie i've searched for all my life. La La ready to have kids and be a wife . You have strength, will knock a nigga out for me . Handle that long stretch bid for me. All real street heads know what the unit about. Big La clap for you, smack a bitch for you. You the love of my life no doubt. When you licked me down, you strung me out. i'm digging your chocolate love now. Let me play like AK nell and put it in your mouth.(Latifah)

The session was bananas and by 1:00 pm the Flavor Unit was driving to New York to get the track mastered. That's what the "Flavor Unit" was all about. "We bring that flavor" from every angle. Like Naughty by Nature hit yall with the clothing line before FUBU, Sean John, and Rocawear, ( i'll mind you ). Thus, we been had video stores, real estate, singers, actors, rappers, writers, musicians, producers, etc ect. Dawud was all that wrapped up into one. for many years the "Flavor Unit" was a management firm, and people didn't realize that. (They all thought we were a record label.) Even Dawud did for many years, being mad at his brother Shakim for not putting out his album in the early '90's. Yeah with age comes maturity, so Dawud projected that anger and negative thoughts into positivity, and figured out what he could bring to the table as a Flavor Unit member since day one. Dawud began to write books more and more, so Queen Latifah would have different scrpits to choose from, so they (Dawud and Latifah) could start shooting movies in Newark, for the Jersey set that Dawud loved so much. In prison Dawud planned to go straight into new York's film academy to diversify his skills. He knew the Queen and Shakim would be so proud of him, but things happened so fast he didnt even go to the school and had a platinum record on his hands with several multi-million dollar movies deals. On all the projects he had lined up, he wished that he went to school so he could perfect his film skills. Thus, they were his visions and no one could see his visions the way he could. Dawud was clearly a perfectionist in alot of his works, but he was still '' wu '' at the end of the day. He blocked out everything and put his head on La La's shoulder. his eyes were closed as the club music blasted from the sound system ''Shake that ass girl, get that pussy wet.'' the singer said over and over again. Dawud smiled and thought about Eva. Shorty was a dyme and down by law. She knew how to treat a man and how to give a nigga room. He liked the fact that she had a college degree and was shaking her ass to open her own business. Dawud had seen all of her paperwork and plans on how her lingerie business would be. Wu really wished her the best, but he wasn't coming off no cash! If she got everything started and showed him she was about her business then he'd invest her, however that was the only way Dawud would come off money - with his lawyer present. Fuck, 50/50 love! ''LaLa, why i always gotta wear this shit, I just didnt feel like dressing up today!'' Dawud said. ''Boo, we are having dinner with my friend and she is your biggest fan. Haven't I told you first impressions are forever lasting Wu Wu?'' Latifah said. he nodded his head and tipped the limosine driver. Dawud held his big sister's arm as they walked towards the beautiful downtown Newark Italian restuarant. The evening was very beautiful as they stood in line on the red carpet, watching young valet car workers speed away in customer's exotic cars There was only one other black couple in line besides the Queen and her baby boy. She had dressed him in Armani from head to toe. Dawud hated pointy toe dress shoes! She reminded him of the episode he pulled in California and he quickly shut up to make her happy. Dawud wanted so badly to be her ''winky'', he had always loved Latifah. Thus, from being in ''puppy love" with her as a young teen, too growing up and loving her as his mentor and Big sister friend. He was the male version of her. - was he not? The restaurant was very beautifu. a waterfall constantly splashed into a pool filled with pennies, dimes and quarters. A band played jazz with that ''Chicago sound.'' Alot of ''made men'' or men pretending to be made, were here wearing black expensive suits with their wives, lovers and whores. The waitress told Dawud to let her know, when they were ready to order. Latifah explained to her they were waiting for a friend, whom she left info with the hostess, too bring to their table.

''Shit La La we're in Jersey and she didn't even ask for my autograph, but in Cali that chick would have been all over me.'' Dawud said as he ate his shrimp cocktail, clearly hungry and ready to order. Latifah smiled at the knuckle head, she remembered as the little boy in Orange Park in back of Irvington High School. Dawud with his fresh self used to feel her ass as they played basketball. She'd yell, ''Shakim! If you dont get this little grown-ass boy!'' Paul, Chris Gram, and Shakim would all laugh at her. Dawud was always Shakim and Paul's shadow until Dawud started looking up to the dealers on ''18th ave.'' No more Orange Park for him! Dawud was one of the youngest clocker's on the block screaming, ''red top, red top'' she thought. ''So when is your friend coming?'' Dawud said bringing La La from her daydream. ''She should have been here. lets give her 10 -15 more minutes. If she's not here by then we'll order our food without her.'' La La said softly. While she was talking , a straight dyme walked into the restaurant looking around as if she lost her man. Dawud watched her........ Damn! She was short with that Toni Braxton body, but thicker in the legs and ass. The short haircut she wore, really fit her face, behind them Chanel gold frames. She walked toward him and the Queen smiling. Her smooth glide accentuated every curvy in her body. The satin dress clung to her hips, stopping five inches above her knees. Her silk stocking seemed as if they wanted to bust open from her thick legs and thighs. The gold spiked ''Ameerah'' five inch heels really set everything off. ''Dana! Dana!'' she called out. Latifah got up to greet and hug her friend. Dawud sat back and 'did the knowledge' too ms. thang. He now resided in California, he saw them everyday. ''Dawud, if you dont get your fine butt up and hug me, I know something!'' Dina said, lightly punching his shoulder. Staring at her, Dawud licked his lips, stood up, and hugged the beautiful black woman as she stared up at him and lifted one of her legs up backwards. ''I can not believe it's you.'' she said pressing her body into his. ''Nigga don't even trip, don't tell me you forgot me, Dawud?'' Dina snapped as she let him go and sat down next to Latifah. Who was she? She did look familiar but Dawud saw thousands of fine women daily every since he 'blew up' with a platinum record. ''Nah boo, i can't put a name with your beautiful face and your beautiful " - La La cut him off. ''Dawud, don't be fresh!'' she said. ''I wasn't! I was gonna say beautiful teeth!'' He lied staring at DIna as they ordered their food. ''Mr. Man, I'm Dina from Irvington High School. You used to be crazy about me! You'd write me love notes, walk me to my classes, and hold my books. Do you remember that ?'' she asked. Dawud's smile completely left his face as he remembered the first girl to ever break his heart! She was too good for him! She called him a 'clocker' and a 'street guy'., She said " I can't mess up my life with a guy like you! " Those words still rang in Dawud's ears and the hurt came back all over again. Dawud couldn't even eat all of his food. He did very little talking as Dina talked about her business and how successful she had become. How she left her husband and how painful the experience was. "serves her stuck up ass right ! " Dawud thought to himself. Dina fucked up his evening! Latifah suggested that they finished their conversation at her home in Englewood N. J. The Queen promised Dawud no one would be there; just Dina, Dawud, and the security outside on the grounds of her estate. La La bought the place for her pretty mother Rita, but Momma Rita was in Jamaica vacationing. Dawud didn't agree or disagree. They all rode in Dina's Q-45 infinity after they left the restuarant. Dina stopped by her house to pick up some clothes and something to swim in. ''This was gonna be a great weekend '' the women declared. no headaches, just them and their baby boy, Dawud. *********************************************************************************************************************