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haiti home

new york city technical college prof. gurdak I found myself studying seismic foundations, after the tragedy of the Haiti Earthquake. I decided to take my old beach home project and turn it into a typical home for Haiti. This house has a master bedroom, a guest room or studio, 2 children bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Above: Right:


Rear Elevation Front Elevation Left Elevation Right Elevation

Horizontal Section Two Above: Horizontal Section One Right: Interior Rendering

Horizontal Section Two

Vertical Section


Interior Renderings of the Loft


williamsburg loft

new york city technical college prof. king As a way to experiment with the interior deign aspect of Architecture, I worked on a loft. The loft was for 3 roommates and the occasional visitors. I experimented with color and divisions, in order to minimize the use of walls and to avoid obstructing the view the windows would give.


First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

garasu restaurant

new york city technical college prof. king After randomly choosing a concept board. I was assign to design a restaurant according to the taste of the client who concept board I had chosen. My client was interested in Japanese


culture and style and in tainted glass.

Outside Eating Area



Render Elevations and Interior Rendering


hong lou club house

new york city technical college prof. king/ prof.gurdak This was a case study of new construction. Hong Lou Club House was made by Mad Office. The renderings were done by me to study how the building was constructed.


conch shelter

new york city technical college prof. king This project was an abstract conceptual project. The idea was to make a shelter that can be build quickly and be placed any where of your liking. I decided to place the shelter in the beach and was inspired by the conch shell and Calatravas work.


cobra park

new york city technical college prof. gurdak The concept of this project was to design an attraction for a park that would double as entertainment for kids. This conceptual design would be used as a defining element to the park and allure visitors. At the same time this element would be a shelter from unexpected weather. My inspiration came from a cobra.


Portfolio 2010  

Portfolio of academic samples

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