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Test Medical Coding Certification CPC Exam Prep

Dear Prospective Certified Coder, You've taken a course in medical coding and are preparing to take the certification exam. You have a good idea what will be covered. You know it is a multiple-choice exam. I'm sure you've taken these tests before on several occasions.

Remember the College Boards you took in high school? You know you are given only so much time to complete the CPC exam. Yet you want to do your best. Passing the CPC exam is your first step in entering or moving up in working as a medical coder. Being certified gives you certain advantages, including:

• Having a recognized qualification. Important if you're an entry-level coder. • Even if you're experienced, being certified makes it easier to seek out new opportunities. • Certified coders earn on average $7000 more annually than uncertified personnel. • Having passed the exam makes you more confident that you'll do well on the job. • If you're already coding, the process of preparing for and taking the CPC exam will make you a more proficient coder and will help you do your job more efficiently.

A New Life as a Certified Medical Coder Awaits You

Certified Professional Coder ---Certified Professional Coder. A New Life as a Certified Medical Coder Awaits You. So I ask you fellow coder:...

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