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Name: Nancy Connealy

Music Magazine Questionnaire 1. What is your favourite genre of music? □ Hip-Hop □ Classical □Garage □Grime □ Pop □Dance □ Rock □Alternative □RNB □Other 2. What gender are you? Male


3. What music magazines do you know of and like?

4. How old are you? □ Under16yrs □ 16-17yrs □17-18yrs □18-19yrs □ Over20yrs 5. What would you most like to read about in a music magazine? 

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Name: Nancy Connealy

    

A variety of different types of music Celebrities Interviews The charts Music in latest films 6. What font do you think would look best for the frontline?


□example □example □EXAMPLE □example □EXAMPLE 7. Do you read any Music magazines? If yes what ones? □Yes


8. What are your top 3 favourite artists that you would read about?   

Name: Nancy Connealy

Music magazine questionnaire  
Music magazine questionnaire