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Skipping Safety By Nanako Kurosu and Nicole Dacus

Skipping Safety “Someone is going to get hurt…”

At ASIJ, there is a no running rule on the upper field. Most students think it isn't such a great rule. When you have to skip on the playground every day, it does get boring. A lot of students start running instead of skipping, and then they would always get a time out. A couple of years ago when ASIJ had a different playground, we would be allowed to run. Everybody wants to be able to run. It's a playground, so you should be able to run, anyway..... "We should at least be allowed to jog,” says Dani and Ava. "I think we should be able to run it's a playground," exclaims Saki. "I think skipping is not so good because what if you have to have to go to the bathroom!" "Skipping is more dangerous than running," Says, MaryCate and Saskia. The ASIJ upper field playground has a no running rule. The no running rule has caused a few injuries. When you lift your leg to skip you might lose your balance and fall.

You should be able to run if you are paying attention and you aren't bumping into anyone. I also think jogging might be okay. If you are in a hurry and you are crossing the playground sometimes you feel like running.


Skipping on the playground