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I predict that the color of paper something is printed on does affect how fast you read. I think that this will happen becausesometimes when you are reading a story and the font is too fancy, or the words are too little it makes your eyes hurt, and sometimes slows you down. I think the color of paper is sort of like that, and that it will affect how fast you read. A connection to this is that sometimes when I read a different book than I was reading the day before, I read more or less pagesdepending on the book. The independent variable is the color of the pages. The dependent variable is how fast you read depending on the different colors of the paper. I need to make sure that each person reads the same thing. I chose this experiment becauseit was interesting. I also chose this becauseI never really thought about the color of the paper in a book. I usually think that it’s the font or size of the writing that slows me down, but maybe it also has something to do with the color of the pagestoo.

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