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Iqbal By Nanako How would you feel if your parents drop you off in a place you don’t know at all, a factory, and you never get to go back home? What would you do if you had to work in a factory for your whole life, because of your parent’s debts? Some children have experienced working for the whole lives in a factory, and don’t know about the “Outside World”. These children’s lives are controlled by an evil man, who just wants them to work, and feeds them just enough food to barely survive. The problem starts at the very beginning of the book, because the kids have to work at a carpet factory, and that is one of the main problems in this book………But that’s not the real problem. The real problem all starts when Iqbal arrives…..Iqbal is a brave boy, and when he arrived, he did not look afraid. He was trying to escape the factory, and he’s trying to get help from anybody…..ANYBODY who will free them from their master, Hussain Kahn. When Iqbal first came to the factory, he did everything perfect. He was the perfect worker that Hussain Kahn wanted. He did everything perfect so he was given the hardest carpets. When he finished the hardest carpet, he took it and ripped it up…to wanted protest their situation…..he also tried to escape several times, so after that Iqbal turned Hussain’s best worker, to his worst worker. Iqbal’s relationship with the other kids at the factory is important in this story is because Hussain Kahn is their leader, but Iqbal is their true leader. He is the brave one in the whole group of kids. He stands up for everybody, and they all think of him as a brother. This book reminds me of real child slavery that is happening in the world right now. I feel really bad for those kids since they have to waste their lives in a factory and don’t know anything about what it’s like to be free. I can also relate to people who want to help other kids. I recommend this book to people who would like to know what it feels like to have to work for their whole lives. This book really let me know what it was like to not know about anything we would usually do, like flying a kite.

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