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Once Upon a Time In‌ Europe

The Dark Side of the Book


The Dark side of the Book


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The Dark side of the Book


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The Dark side of the Book

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The Dark side of the Book

Alternative Ending 1 I think the daughters should have found the strength to confront their mother and leave the house one by one. Living under her roof and being oppressed for so many years has caused them to lose their voice and their existence. If they decided to make a change and leave, then there might be an opportunity for a different ending and a better start of a new life, at least for some of them.

Alternative Ending 2 Bernarda went out of the house with a gun. A gunshot was heard inside of the house. Everyone was wondering what had happened? Suddenly Bernarda came inside of the house. It was obvious she was limping. Her foot was covered in blood. She shot herself running for Pepe. Her face was pale, yet still angry. She didn't succeed in carrying out her plan to kill Pepe... Suddenly she remembered her youngest daughter and ran out to her room. She noticed a window was wide open. Adela was able to run away. All of the sisters were envious of the freedom she lived to feel.

Alternative Ending 3 Adela speaks with Pepe and convinces him to run away with her, somewhere far away, maybe in some other village and they start their own life. Angustias is full of disappointment and resentment and decides to start spending all of her money, without leaving anything for the other sisters or mother. Mother, completely loses her senses and has a nervous breakdown, can not bare the humiliation and the village gossip, losing her good name and she ends up in a room where her mother Maria-Josefa had been locked up. Poncia stays in the house, but becomes more like a part of the family, she helps daughters with taking care of their mother Bernarda, who isn't able to speak in the harsh and rude manner with her anymore. Martirio realizes that her love for Pepe will never be, but also sees that love is possible, so she slowly learns to get over it and moves on with her life. In the future she meets a man she falls in love with, who loves her back and they start a family together. Magdalena and Amelia stay on the house land and take care of the land, they live their own life, help each other out and their future seems brighter. _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time‌In Europe! 5

The Dark side of the Book Village is gossiping for some time, but the whole atmosphere in the house is no longer depressing, a new energy is making the house a nice place to live in. Every daughter finds her own path and live their own life, some of them happier, some of them less happy, but the end is not negative, it is positive. Alternative Ending 4 I love happy and cheerful endings so it would be nice to bring happiness to Adele - a young, cheerful, joyful girl in love, to marry her to Pepe ... Bring a new person to Angustius, maybe a character of a more serious, calm nature, capable of changing this melancholy person to some extent, to make her happy, if possible! Alternative Ending 5 Pepe has managed to escape with Adele. After that, nothing was as before. Bernarda Alba could not stand the shame, she went insane and didn't live that long afterwards. Faithful Pontius nursed her until she died. After Bernarda's death, maid Pontius returned to the children in the house. She died peacefully at the age of 71. Angustius became a bitter and angry lady of the house after her mother's death. That was what destroyed her eventually. Being the one with a poor health, she died at the age of 45. Magdalene inherited her and finally got what she wanted: she left the domestic women's affairs to her sisters Amelia and Martirio while she happily accepted the work around livestock in the field. The old lady, the mother of Bernarda Alba, lived to be very old, 95 years of age, always remained cheerful and smiling, unaware of the world around her.

Alternative Ending 6 I love happy endings: Adela escapes with Pepe, she marries him, things calm down and fall into their place, everybody realize that it's for the best.

Alternative Ending 7 Oh, what a silly proposal - to write an alternative ending of the drama. It is a work of superior poet Lorca - and every line is steady by his perfect expression. Life is - not just for women - often hell - Lorca describes this so well. One should be expected to come up with a happy ending?!! _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time‌In Europe! 6

The Dark side of the Book


Alternative Ending 1 When Martirio tells Adela that she should stay away from Pepe, because he is marrying Angustias, Adela does not want to give him up and she is not listening, because she is in love with him. The day Angustias is marrying Pepe, he tells Angustias that he cannot come that night because he is going to town on some business. But it is a lie. He is going to meet Adela and they have agreed that he should pick her up that night. But it is a secret and they want to make sure that nobody knows. When Pepe shows up to pick up Adela, he whistles outside her house, but unfortunately the sister finds out, stops her, and during this a fight breaks out. Subsequently their mother finds out that Adele has been with Pepe and she tries to kill him. Fortunately he gets away. Pepe decides that he does not want to marry Angustias. He wants to marry Adela since she is bearing his child. After a few days Adela moves in with Pepe. They move far away from Bernada and start a great, new life together. When the fact, that Adela has moved in with Pepe and never wants to see her again, reaches Bernada, she gets very sad and advices the other daughters to get married. But Angustias is very stressed and cries when she thinks of Pepe, because it was her wish that she would marry him. This is something she cannot do anything about and she decides on starting a new life. Alternative Ending 2 Bernarda senses that something is wrong between Pepe and her daughters. She swears that she will find out the truth. While Bernarda, her daughters and Poncia are talking about Pepe, there is a lot of noise outside the house because of a woman in town, who has given birth to a child with an unknown father. People decide to kill her. Adela does not agree, because she is also pregnant with Pepe, but nobody knows it. Pepe charms all of Bernarda´s daughters, but it is only Angustia, Martirio and Adela, who fall in love with him. One day before the wedding Adela tells Pepe, that she is pregnant and that he is the father. As they speak, Martirio hides and hears eveything. She is really angry and hurries to tell Bernarda what she heard. Bernarda gets angry and runs to the yard. Adela and Pepe get very surprised, when they see Bernarda. Bernarda hits Adela and Pepe hard several times. While hitting, she tells Pepe, that he is to leave her house straight away and that he is to never come back. If she sees him in her house once again, then she will kill him. Adela would like to go with him, but her sisters grab her. Bernarda tells her daughters to take Adela to her room and lock the door. Adela is not allowed to get out of there for the rest of her life. _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time‌In Europe! 7

The Dark side of the Book Angustia is very sad because the wedding is cancelled and she will not see Pepe again. She commits suicide in her room. Adela also kills herself in her room. Bernarda is very sad. She cries until her death. Martirio turns crazy and keeps telling herself, that it is all her fault. The last two sisters live with a depression for the rest of their lives.


Alternative Ending 1 Pepe rides one of the horses in the stable, runs fast towards Adela and pulls her on the horseback. “Tonight we are changing things, we are leaving together because we love each other and no one can stop us now. Let it be heard, let all people follow our steps, let’s give an end to this situation that torments the lives of so many people!” Saying this, the horse galloped away. Bernanda and her daughters stayed there, still, frozen, speechless… Poncia: At last!! The moment came! The moment, our lives and the lives of our daughters are about to change forever…

Alternative Ending 2 Adela: If I want something, I get it, I’m not afraid of you! Martirio: Get back to your senses! Don’t talk like that! (A whistle is heard from outside. Adela runs to the window) Martirio: where do you think you’re going? Adela: Get out of my way! My Pepe came for me! Martirio: Over my dead body! Adela: (with irony) Please sweetie! (she wakes them all up) Mother! My sisters! Come here! I must talk to you. Bernanda: What is going on here? Why did you wake us up? What is the matter? Adela: Mother, my beloved sisters, listen to me carefully, I’m 20 years old, my life is ahead of me, I decided to leave this house with the man I love. Bernanda: You shameless…what do you say? (she loses her balance – the sisters surprised, listen still and frozen) Adela: Yes mother, I can’t stand this life any more, I’m leaving with the man I truly love. Even if he doesn’t marry me, I don’t mind, at least we’ll live our love. Martirio: And what if he fools you, take advantage of you and then abandon you? Adela: At least, I won’t die virgin, like you. (The whistle is heard again) _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 8

The Dark side of the Book

Bernanda: If you dare and leave, don’t you ever come back again, do you understand? You won’t be my child. Adela: Mother, shall we tell him to come inside, he has good intentions. Bernanda: You ashamed us! If you leave, I’ll tell everybody that you died. Adela: Mother enough! I’m leaving and I’m taking my life on my own hands. And you, my beloved sisters, take courage and do what I’m doing, otherwise you are going to die in this jail. Our mother got married and lived her life, with the good and bad moments. She has no right to deprive us from our life. (the sisters puzzled, wondering) Martirio: Forgive me sister! Live happily and don’t forget us (all the sisters with tears in their eyes say goodbye to Adela) Adela: (she kisses her sisters and bends to kiss her mother’s hand) I’ll always think of you and love you. (she opens the door, rides the white horse behind Pepe and leave) Bernanda: God bless you, my child! (all are speechless)

Alternative Ending 3 Adela: (to Poncia) I’m leaving this house and nobody can stop me. I’m not going to spend the rest of my life locked in this jail. I’m leaving, do you hear me? Poncia: Don’t go, don’t do that! Wherever you go, your mother will find you and kill you. Adela: Pepe loves me and I’ll live with him free as a bird. Nobody can stop me and kill my happiness. I’m leaving, Pepe is waiting for me. (she is running towards the door) Poncia: (she raises her hands and starts shouting) Bernanda!! Wake up!! Bernanda!! Adela is leaving with Pepe!! Wake up!! (they all come to the room) Bernanda: (red with anger, shouting) I don’t have a daughter named Adela, do you hear me? If anybody asks you, tell them that Adela died virgin (she closes all the doors and says angrily to her daughters) You will never go out of this house again, you’ll never see the sunlight again Angustias: (in a corner, crying) I lost him, she stole my happiness. I wish he abandons her and she suffers the same as I do. Bernanda: Shut up stupid cow! Martirio: She was “a snake in the grass”…

Alternative Ending 4 Adela: (running and leaving with Pepe’s horse) Angustias: Oh God!!! Bernanda: What is going on? Why are you shouting? Angustias: She’s gone with Pepe! She’s gone! Magdalena: To hell! I hope we never see her again! Bernanda: Go and find them. Martirio: They’ve gone with Pepe’s horse. _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 9

The Dark side of the Book Bernanda: It was my mistake, I didn’t understand what it was happening. Poncia: The neighbours woke up. Bernanda: What a shame! Everybody will laugh at us. Bernanda’s daughter left with her lover…

Alternative Ending 5 (Bernanda enters the room and as soon as she sees Adela’s dead body, she bends on her knees, crying) Bernanda: What did I do? I am a monster! I killed my own child! I don’t deserve to be your mother, lock me up in the stable with the mules and don’t give me anything to eat, my place is with the mules! (The daughters are very sad for the death of their sister and try to comfort their mother) Daughters: Mother, don’t cry! You are and you’ll be our mother and this doesn’t change. Through this, let’s try to find love, compassion and understanding…


Alternative Ending 1 When Adela comes back home after having been out with Pepe, she talks to her sister Martirio and tells her she has decided to leave Pepe for ever and to move to another country, where she will meet another man ready to start a new life with her. A life full of colors and happiness, something she deserves for having always fight for her right of independence and freedom.

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The Dark side of the Book


Alternative Ending 1 Adela (confronting her mother): the cries from the prison have come to an end! (Adela takes the stick from her mother and breaks it ) that´s what I do with the stick of the domain; don´t give a single step ahead. Pepe is the only one who rules over me now. Mª Josefa: let´s join together to confront your mother. Magdalena: let´s do it grandmother; let´s join together an prevent her from getting her way. Martirio: you are right; we must be together so as not to go on like this. Bernarda: you´ll have to step over my dead body; yo won´t do anything I don´t want you to do. Mª Josefa: we will do what you have been forbidding to us all your life long. Amelia: yes, mother, we will do whatever is necessary to leave this prison with or without your permision. (Bernarde feeling cornered by her mother and daughters suffers a breakdown, loses her mind and begins to rave) little lamb bee, bee! let´s go towards the branches of the Nativity Scene... je, je, je Mª Josefa: Bernarda, throw your stick through the window. In this house tyranny has come to an end. Open doors and windows, put your new dresses on and let´s go together to see the sea, the fields, the flowers; let´s leave this deep well which has been drowning us... let´s go together... we will find out the happiness. Magdalena: yes, grandmother, let´s go. Time has come to see and to live outside these walls; inside there is no more than sorrow and dampness. (they leave singing together) winds in the olive groves, from this beloved land help these young girls whose life is so sad (curtain falls)

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The Dark side of the Book

Alternative Ending 2 Bernarda (in great anger): go to each of your own bedrooms! As long as I live, you´ll do what I told you to do (Adela remains impasible) Magdalena: (leaving ):Adela! Adela: (addressing her mother): I am his wife; listen you and all the rest; the one who is there outside, Pepe el Romano and I will take all the decitions fron now on. Bernarda: shameless person! Everything you say dishonours this house! Adela: I am a woman and I am in love with Pepe. You won´t beat me and you would not be able to prevent my leaving with him (she left running towards the yard). Pepe, Pepe, my love, come in and from now on these gates and these windows will be the witnesses of our love. Bernarda: before, you will have to step over my dead body. These gates will never be opened to Pepe el Romano. (Pepe, on hearing Adela´s call, come into ridding his horse) Oh my God! What a missfortune has entered into this house (Bernarda beating her chest, collapses). Adela: Pepe! My love! At last our wishes will be fulfilled. From now on, both poles and sticks will no longer exist in this house. Everything will be filled with light and life! (the rest of the daughters with Mª Josefa leading the way, come on stage singing) the door will open and on the beach we will go into a coral cave. All: silence, silence, love and freedom have won!


Alternative Ending 1 Bernarda: Rifle? Where is the rifle? Servant:Don’t do that Bernarda. Don’t shoot Pepe.(She screamed) Bernarda:What of it? Why you protected him. (She pushed the servant) Servant:Please, I am begging you. He is my son. (She cried.) Bernarda:What are you saying! Do you carry away with your temper? (She walked up to servant) Poncia:Cut the cackle. Servant:He is Antonio Maria Benavides’s son too. Your husband slept with me. He always drives me into the corner and sexually abused me.

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The Dark side of the Book Bernarda:Enough cut it out! Lowness. You are crud. You betrayed to me like he did. prostitute,. (She walked up the servant and slaped in her face.) Also, you shut your eyes to all happened things between Adela and Pepe. Servant:But I don’t know anything. Also, Pepe doesn’t know that Antonio is his real father. Adela:Lie! All are lie! Bernarda:Then why he get engaged with Angustias. Servant:Your husband arranged all these things. Aangustias:So, Antonio covet my heritage mumy.In fact, you think that he protect my heritage. Bernarda:Enough Angustias! Martirio:I can’t believe you mum. Still, you can protect my dad. Bernarda:Stop talking! Enough! (Suddenly , a thud is heared) Poncia: Adela? Where is Adela? Magdalena:She went her room. Poncia:Adela? Adela? (She bang away at the door) Bernarda:Before I broke the door, open it. (Poncia broke the door and she saw the Adela’s dead body. She screamed.) Bernarda:Anyone will not know these things. Anyone! Church bells will ring two times Adela died as a virgin. Everyone will know this like this. (She take the rifle, then she shoot the servant and Pepe.)

Alternative Ending 2 After 2 years of Adela escape. In Bernarda Alba’s home: Poncia sits Bernarda’s chair. Amelia, Magdalena and Martirio walk in the room side by side. The bells ring out of the room.They are happy alltogether.As though;they get out in the dark pit. Poncia: Miserable bernarda.she couldn’t realized she did the badness until dead. Magdalena: She lost her mind after Adela escaped.Always she was telling, ‘I am not mad like my mother.’ Poncia: I warned her for Pepe and Adela.She was trusting in her self too much.So she didn’t accept.This reason Angustias dead early. Amelia: This is not not pangs of conscience.She was mad because her daughters didn’t listen to her. _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 13

The Dark side of the Book Magdalena:Fundamentaly the pangs of conscience collapsed Martirio. (She hold herself the responsibility for Adela escaping.) Poncia : After that there is no Bernarda and there is no cry. All of you wear your new dresses and walk at the fresh air. Our curse was lifted. We are free.

Alternative Ending 3 At Bernarda Alba’s home Adela: Pepe loves me. He wants to marry to me.I belong to him. Bernardo:Oh my God .Bring my rifle. [ she is very angry] I am going to kill both of you. Adela:No one can stop me. Bernarda:You can not go, you can not leave me The villagers will kill you (Pepe enters in the room) Pepe: Adela ! I am here to pick you up, come with me The two lovers escape together.Bernarda, Servants and daughters were shocked ,even couldn’t move. A new life started for them. Happinees was for lovers, loneliness, hatred,shame for the household.

Alternative Ending 4 Martirio: (pointing at Adela) She was with him. Look at her skirt, it's full af straw. Bernarda: The gun! where is the gun?. (They started to search but Pepe was lost in the darkness of the night). Bernarda gave a punishment to Adela.Bernarda never let her go even backyard and see anybody.After two weeks. Adela run away from home, was in pursuit of Pepe but she couldn’t find him. She lost her way . she went to another village where nobody knew her and she had to to earn money to survive.she started to work in a brothel. She was involuntary but she didn’t have any other chance. All her life, she hoped that one day Pepe found her and let her out.

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The Dark side of the Book


Alternative Ending 1 Bernarda declares 8 years mourning period for every one in the house and orders that the windows must be enclosed. The daugthers regret this decision and the young one decide to ignore it by flirt with the man engaged with her helder sister. Everyone knows about it, and when Adela have a romantic encounter with Pepe, her mother shot him and for revenge one of her sister said to Adele that Pepe is dead. Adela runs out the house and hang herself.

Alternative Ending 2 Bernarda Alba kills Pepe Romano and Kills her daughter Adele.

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The Dark side of the Book

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The Dark side of the Book


Alternative Ending 1

But all of a sudden the world was reborn. It was a new beginning, a new hope, a new world. A world full of joyful children, happy people, warm feelings and relaxed atmosphere. Every day was Saturday and every month was August. The sun was brighter than in the past and was shining for more hours, filling everybody's soul with love, affection and optimism. The nature itself was reborn, the trees, the rivers, the streams, the leaves, the fields, the ground, the crops, the birds, the animals, everything! Every second, every minute, every day, every moment was a new and pleasant experience and even death was not the end but the beginning of a dream, of a new trip. Everything was in a celestial harmony. Yes, it was true, the world was reborn. Everything was new. Stable. Clear. Alive. It was full of gestures, words, love, light, ideas. The world was reborn. And everything was full. A full smile. A full thought. Full hope. A full gaze.


Alternative Ending 1 Even corpses got lost. P.253 Jose wake up from this nightmare.It was his worst nighmare. He felt very upset.He looked his wife that slept near him. He thought that she wasn’t guilty. His wife didn’t choose this life by herself. Why he cast out his wife and his son by giving in to temptation. He thought the person that rape his wife and he realized that he isn’t different from that person. What can she did against a person that has power like gaint. While even Moises and Elias hold on the life why he ran away. He shamed from himself because he acted his father and sister badly. He thought that I wish I saw that dream before my father died. He prayed to God because he show the hell to him in his dream before he died.

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The Dark side of the Book

Alternative Ending 2 The world ended,and everything was a blank. A Blank Smile.A blank Thought. A blank Hope. Blank Comfort.Blank Gaze. After the world ended. Kronos was the son of Ouranos and Gaea, the youngest of the Titans. Cronos overthrew his father, with the help of his mother, and became the supreme ruler of the universe. He then married Rhea, his sister, who gave birth to the great Gods. To prevent the reocurrence of his father's fate, he swallowed each of his children as they were born,held a meeting, invited the other gods and titans on Olympos mountain peak. Kronos held the floor. All gods and titans came to this meeting, were in their positions. Kronos started to talk:’ you know that I wasn’t in duty. for a long time. A 150 years ago,we made a deal. according to this deal; If people lives without us, I will go to the underworld by my own will. and If people had the courage to open the trunk that was old and polished, they would realise the hope to survive. But they wouldn’’t. Apparently you lost. But I hope each God and Titan understood that people needs us and we need their pray. I will create a new world , a new universe. They will fight, make peace,love,hate.regret, feel sorry But they will have hope.I’ll give them a most important things,belief and doubt. And all of you just will obey my rules. Now cut me some slack. I need to get back my power.’ A new life was started by Kronos.but in the following days, he woud need hope to survive. After 150 years later, Zeus was raised by nymphs and grew to manhood in secrecy of his father,Kronos. Eventually, he returned home and became cup-bearer for Cronus. After drinking poison mixed into his drink by Zeus, Cronus vomited up his five children and the stone. This is how Poseidon came to the world. After releasing his brothers, Zeus led a war against Cronus and the other Titans. The war went on for ten years when Zeus, Poseidon & Hades released the Cyclopes from captivity. In gratitude, the Cyclopes gave each of the brothers a weapon. Poseidon received a trident, Zeus a thunderbolt, and Hades a helmet of darkness. They used these gifts to finally defeat Cronus and the rest of the titans. Now that the three brothers were the rulers of all existence they decided to draw lots to determine their domains. Poseidon drew water, Zeus drew the sky, and Hades drew the underworld.

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The Dark side of the Book Alternative Ending 3 In the intensive care unit of an hospital in the city center. A patient who is ready to wake up from a deep sleep. Jose’s son, Jose opens his eyes. He sees the doctor and the nurses who are watching him by excitedly. He is very tired. The last thing he remembers , the pain which was unbearable for him. He’s in love with his cousins wife. It’s a platonic love. Without living her, he would rather die. He gives his decision, choses to die, drinks all drugs in his palm. Doctor: Welcome to life. How do you feel? Jose: Bad. I’m in the darkness. It was almost end of the world. Everything was disappeared. I have seen many painful people . My mother, father, relatives, they all feeling sorrow. They were ending their pain with their death. Younger Nurse looks at Jose : I hope this terrible nightmares gave you a lesson. Whatever happens life worths to live. Jose: I agree, living is good . Even it is better to know your beloveds’ living. A happy smile shines on his face.


Alternative Ending 1 José listen to the wise Gabriel and doesn`t return to the village and sees his sun growing up with light in his eyes. Alternative Ending 2 The blind slut have a beautiful daugher blind too, words are the bond between them and old Gabriel with blank gaze.

Alternative Ending 3 The voice inside the chest starts screaming in a violent way:maybe pain exists to show us a major suffering. And all listen to that voice, but it is so strident and loud that all inhabitants leave the village...only Devil stays with a smile on his lips _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 19

The Dark side of the Book

Alternative Ending 1 What a terrible dream! Thought Joseph shoving the sweat-soaked sheet. In the depths of the darkness surrounding him he felt the woman under his hands who was breathing calmly with her back facing him. In that moment he heard a quiet breath from the cradle placed along the woman's side of the bed. It's all right, it's all right he murmured softly, embracing a woman around the waist while he was sinking in, what this time was, arestorative sleep. Never ending pain! Alternative Ending 2 "The world ended. And nothing remained. No certainties. No shadows. No ashes. No gestures. No words. No love. No light. No sky. No roads. No past. No ideas. No smoke. The world ended. And everything was a blank. A blank smile. A blank thought. Blank hope. Blank comfort. Blank gaze." But in the distance, the sun started to shine. It lurked between the clouds. A flower rose it’s little head, feeling the warmth. One could hear the children’s laughter. New era was being born. Alternative Ending 3 I do not like to make up the alternative endings of books, but here I would still like to see a happy ending, at least for some of the characters. But that's impossible in a dark picture like this. This book is the story of the existential experience of defeat.

Alternative Ending 4 The evil would have to pull back so that a happy life of these characters could be achieved, then the end would be happy, but there is no such thing as absolute happiness.

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The Dark side of the Book


Alternative Ending 1 " ... José went to the cork tree and there he met the Devil. José told him that he was right. He had seen what she had done, and he was shocked. He had seen her in bed with the Giant, and now he did not know what to do. The Devil said to Jose that he should kill the Giant, and he had to kill his son, because his son was not his, it was the Giants. José was very sad and said to himself that now he understood why she did not love him. Afterwards he went home with his sheep. When José came home, he didn’t talk his wife, and he could not sleep at night, he thought only of the Giant. The night became day and José took a large knife and sat outside the Giants' home and waited for him. After a long time came the Giant and José killed him. Afterward he walked home while he was thinking that he should kill the son. José was injured when he came home and his wife asked what had happened to him. José told her everything, and the wife said that the Giant had told her that if she told him anything, he would kill her. Therefore, she had not said anything to him. José said that from now on, there was no Giant, and then he killed his son. José and his wife started a new life and God gave them four children and their lives became lovely."

Alternative Ending 2 "... One day, he meets the Devil. The Devil asks him teasingly what José's wife is doing right now. Do you think she is at home? Do you think she takes good care of her child? Again and again he asks the same questions. You should go home and look, the Devil says to him. José went home and looked through the window. He gets a shock. The wife has sex with the Giant. José gets very upset. He goes back to his sheep and thinks hard about what he should do. In the evening he goes home and he talks to his wife. José says he wants to divorce. He says that he has seen her in the bedroom with another man. He says he is sorry, because he loves her very much, but she did not love him. And now he can’t live with her - he has one last question: Who is the father to the son? "

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The Dark side of the Book


“And the world did not end....unaccountably, the village got filled with the smiles of the children playing under the attentive glance of José and his mother who enjoyed themselves watching them and talking with the cooker about how, eventually, things had changed after the devil´s disappearance. The people got impregnated in the optimism they needed to change things, so that nothing would remain the same, and so that certainties, gestures, words and ideas recovered the importance needed to revive from their ashes, so that death may be a synonym of life and it could be accepted as a mean to rebuild what had remained unmovable for a long time as nobody had cast a glance upon them.”

Alternative Ending 1


Jose wake up from this nightmare. It was his worst nightmare. He felt very upset. He looked his wife that slept near him. He thought that she wasn’t guilty. His wife didn’t choose this life by herself. Why he cast out his wife and his son by giving in to temptation. He thought the person that rape his wife and he realized that he isn’t different from that person. What can she did against a person that has power like a giant. While even Moisés and Elias hold on the life why he ran away. He shamed from himself because he acted his father and sister badly. He thought that I wish I saw that dream before my father died. He prayed to God because he show the hell to him in his dream before he died. Alternative Ending 2 The world ended, and everything was a blank. A Blank Smile. A blank Thought. A blank Hope. Blank Comfort. Blank Gaze. After the world ended. Kronos was the son of Ouranos and Gaea, the youngest of the Titans. Cronos overthrew his father, with the help of his mother, and became the supreme ruler of the universe. He then married Rhea, his sister, who gave birth to the great Gods. To prevent the reocurrence of his father's fate, he swallowed each of his children as they were born, held a meeting, invited the other gods and titans on Olympos mountain peak. Kronos held the floor. All gods and titans came to this meeting, were in their positions. Kronos started to talk:’ you know that I wasn’t in duty. For a long time. A 150 years ago, we made a deal. According to this deal; if people lives without us, I will go to the underworld by my own will. And If people had the courage to open the trunk that was old and polished, they would realise the hope to survive. But they wouldn’t. Apparently you _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 22

The Dark side of the Book lost. But I hope each God and Titan understood that people needs us and we need their pray. I will create a new world, a new universe. They will fight, make peace, love, hate, regret, feel sorry but they will have hope. I’ll give them a most important things, belief and doubt. And all of you just will obey my rules. Now cut me some slack. I need to get back my power.’ A new life was started by Kronos. But in the following days, he would need hope to survive. After 150 years later, Zeus was raised by nymphs and grew to manhood in secrecy of his father, Kronos. Eventually, he returned home and became cup-bearer for Cronus. After drinking poison mixed into his drink by Zeus, Cronus vomited up his five children and the stone. This is how Poseidon came to the world. After releasing his brothers, Zeus led a war against Cronus and the other Titans. The war went on for ten years when Zeus, Poseidon & Hades released the Cyclopes from captivity. In gratitude, the Cyclopes gave each of the brothers a weapon. Poseidon received a trident, Zeus a thunderbolt, and Hades a helmet of darkness. They used these gifts to finally defeat Cronus and the rest of the titans. Now that the three brothers were the rulers of all existence they decided to draw lots to determine their domains. Poseidon drew water, Zeus drew the sky, and Hades drew the underworld.

Alternative Ending 3 In the intensive care unit of a hospital in the city center. A patient who is ready to wake up from a deep sleep. Jose’s son, Jose opens his eyes. He sees the doctor and the nurses who are watching him by excitedly. He is very tired. The last thing he remembers, the pain which was unbearable for him. He’s in love with his cousins wife. It’s a platonic love. Without living her, he would rather die. He gives his decision, choses to die, drinks all drugs in his palm. 1. Doctor: Welcome to life 2. Doctor: How do you feel? Jose: Bad. I’m in the darkness. It was almost end of the world. Everything was disappeared. I have seen many painful people. My mother, father, relatives, they all feeling sorrow. They were ending their pain with their death. Younger Nurse looks at Jose: I hope this terrible nightmares gave you a lesson. Whatever happens life worth to live. Jose: I agree, living is good. Even it is better to know your beloveds’ living. A happy smile shines on his face.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 23

The Dark side of the Book

…. _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 24

The Dark side of the Book


Alternative Ending 1 Injured in her pride, Concetta, with servants support, caught fire to the chapel and its relics. Assaulted by strong and painful memories of the past, Concetta, meets with sisters and transmits her desire to spend his last years of life in Donnafugata and thus leave Falconeri town. After a few days, three sisters gone out to their last address of their lives, where the time is more sluggish and lazy and will prolong the life of each one of them, forcing them to feel on the skin the cold and melancholic weight of an announced death...Angelica joined this group of women, tired of dates and misdates, sees in that life, quiet and coy of sisters, an ideal place to snuggle.

Alternative Ending 1 Prince dies surrounded by many grandchildren, and they continue to spread the joy and insouciance in his house.

Alternative Ending 2 Actually, it is sad that all three sisters remained spinsters and that the end of relics is the end of everything, end of the family of the Prince of Salina. In a better and happier end of the novel at least one of the sisters would have had a family and children.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time‌In Europe! 25

The Dark side of the Book

Alternative Ending 3 "Then all found peace in a heap of livid dust." But only briefly. From the window a figure of women soon flew, naked, and in each of its compact fraction close abstract picture in which women are human beings in the head during the life informs. Her age was also indeterminable, movements superseded. On the same axis the scalp, the neck, the back, knees and heels, and the arms completely straight and close to the hull. She was falling for so long, as in the slow movie scenes a hundred years later. Nobody saw falling nor collision with the ground. Something must have happen because the repeated calming of piles of dust could be observable and maid saw it. But the truth about what happened has gone missing in the usual short duration of every truth in Sicily: ‘’ a fact has scarcely happened five minutes before its genuine kernel has vanished, been camouflaged, embellished, disfigured, squashed, annihilated by imagination and selfinterest. Here and elsewhere: on the Adriatic coast in Croatia, Albania, on the shores of Greece, Asia Minor, through Gibraltar and further, everywhere equally. "The truth no longer existed."


Alternative Ending 1 It was after eleven and everybody seemed to have a great time at the ball. Everything was shiny and bright, under the light of the candles that illuminated the vast ballroom of the palace. The gentlemen were sipping champagne from their crystal glasses and the ladies with their colourful dresses were rolling around in the rhythm of the music. The Salina family was of course in the spotlight of the night. Don Fabrizio ordered the music to stop, as he wanted to make an announcement. Everybody stopped and looked at him. He called Tancredi and Angelica to stand by him and after a very short period of silence, he said: - Don Calogero, with your permission, I would like to announce tonight the date of Tancredi and Angelica’s wedding. Angelica expressed her gratitude with a bow and a kiss to the Prince, Tancredi thanked his beloved uncle, too and Don Calogero, obviously pleased, wished them happiness and good life. Only Concetta and Stella seemed sad and annoyed by their father’s announcement. Tancredi knew his uncle very well and was a bit puzzled by his decision, so he talked with him about it, the very same night. - Uncle, why are you in a hurry for the date of the wedding? - My dear Tancredi, you know how much I care about you, I want to see you get married and be happy with Angelica, you know, lately, I don’t feel very well… _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 26

The Dark side of the Book - I’m sure it’s nothing serious, you are just tired, everything is going to be all right. - I hope so, my dear Tancredi… In less than six months everything was ready for the big event. All the preparations were under the supervision of the Prince that had the last word for everything. The wedding was glamorous and unforgettable and all were happy. In the years to follow, Don Fabrizio looked after his family. After many years, the Prince, old and tired after an eventful life, was ready to say his last farewell. All his family was by his side and he looked peaceful but always gracious. And as all things have a beginning and an end, so this regal and handsome Prince died, having lived a life full of emotions, colours, dignity and romanticism. It was a wonderful, sunny day and everybody would remember the Prince who always had his right leg raised, that meant that he was always ready. That’s the Leopard!! After Don Pacchiotti's visit Concetta's soul was full of contrasting feelings: anger, delusion, bitterness..... but in the very deep part of herself there was still a flame burning. It was not the flame of her noble origin, but it was the flame of a person who still believed in some values, who still thought things could be changed or, at least, even though they could not be changed, she firmly promised herself to go on her way, without caring about what was happening around. She saw Bendicò in a corner and approached him. She caressed his fur and exclaimed: " Annetta, please! Bendicò needs all the attention he deserves. He has been the only trusty creature for the Salina's family! I'll take care of him myself! " Bendicò rose his sweet eyes, there was still life in, and after few moments Carolina and Caterina joined Concetta and the three sisters shared this intense moment and it seemed as they were signing a silent agreement which would last forever!


Alternative Ending 1 Angelica, had beautiful face, irrestible attraction, met Don Fabrizio at the old pace secretly. They talked their love, daily routines, Tancredi, household, made love. Sometimes they felt thet they were quilty. But the ambitious covered all thier bodies. Don Fabrizio felt more younger than his real age beside her. He believed that her youth gave him vivid life. She was also beautiful he could not help thinking of her After Angelica married Tancredi. She understood that he would be never a good husband. After their honeymoon. Tancredi came back parties, he was always looking for new things. All women were in his hands he knew that. One day Angelica saw Tancredi in Concetta’s bed, she was surprised, terrified, she sensed there was something wrong beacuse of the painful silence they shared between them for along time. She said to herself ‘time will click for revenge.’ After that night they never talked. He regularly spent some nights Concetta, actully he didn’t fel anything towards her, but Concetta fell love in with him. Angelica decided to seduce donFabrizio. Thier secret relationship started. It went on many years until Princess figured out what hapened, after learning all of these things, she killed herself. After this griever incident, Angelica decided to return her small village, Concetta started to pray all the day never saw Tancredi again. Don _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 27

The Dark side of the Book Fabrizio was thinking his end, killing himself or waiting death? He couldn’t reserve his judgement. Meanwhile he had to leave the palace because of lack of money. There was no friend, no family members, no servants. He started to pack his luggage, after he quit. He just took his old friend, his dog. While leaving home, he looked at it. And said good bye forever, he disappeared as Sicilian dust and sand were dancing outside.


Alternative Ending 1 After Don Pacchiotti's visit Concetta's soul was full of contrasting feelings: anger, delusion, bitterness..... but in the very deep part of herself there was still a flame burning. It was not the flame of her noble origin, but it was the flame of a person who still believed in some values, who still thought things could be changed or, at least, even though they could not be changed, she firmly promised herself to go on her way, without caring about what was happening around. She saw Bendicò in a corner and approached him. She caressed his fur and exclaimed: " Annetta, please! Bendicò needs all the attention he deserves. He has been the only trusty creature for the Salina's family! I'll take care of him myself! " Bendicò rose his sweet eyes, there was still life in, and after few moments Carolina and Caterina joined Concetta and the three sisters shared this intense moment and it seemed as they were signing a silent agreement which would last forever!

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 28

The Dark side of the Book

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time‌In Europe! 29

The Dark side of the Book


Alternative Ending 1 After a lot of adventures, everything came to an end, the cable system failed… Zorbas: Damn it!! Don’t worry boss, we’ll think of something… A crow flew over Zorba’s head and he threw stones trying to hit it. I wanted to amuse Zorba and make him not think about the disaster. Boss: Let’s go Zorba, I want to dance!!! Zorbas: The crow boss, this is a bad sign. We started to drink; we were now both silent for a moment, it was obvious that there was a strange chemistry between us, a strange feeling and I could see in Zorbas’ eyes the end, an end that God Himself would not choose for our story. Boss: Come on my friend! Dance! I’ll play the santuri this time. Zorbas stood up, I could see some teardrops in his eyes. Zorbas: We’ll stay together boss, forever! You have to promise me that. I felt that his soul was like a bird without wings, it wanted to fly up in the sky, he started to sing and asking for the santouri. The sun has gone, the night came and Zorbas still there, singing and dancing without stop. I start to worry, he’s an old man, what can I do? Boss: Zorba! Stop! That’s enough! He couldn’t hear me, he was dancing and singing like this was the last time, full of excitement and joy and suddenly he fell down on the beach holding the santuri tight in his hands…I ran towards him, held him in my arms and Zorbas looked me deep in the eyes and said, “Good night, boss”. Zorbas passed away and I, desperate, like an orphan, cried and yelled, “Resurrect! Resurrect!” in the morning, I buried my friend, took the santuri and left our beach…”I will remember you, my friend, forever.”


Many icelandic people saw the film in tv when I was a child. Also some old people, they talked about Anthony Quinn a great actor, people can not forget. People seems to remember the film very well. They did not like the end it were frustrating for them, it reminded them of their owns friend deaths. “They talked about that it is not good when religious customs are too strict.”

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 30

The Dark side of the Book “I saw a different ending when I was a child. Instead of the widow being killed by the people in the village I saw her leave in beautiful white clothes with Basil on the Ferry, Basil the main character who tell the story and did have a love affair with her.”


Alternative Ending 1 Zorba was a very good foreman.He made many benefits from running the lignite mine.But he started to steal Boss by keeping some of the money for himself and spending it with women. When Boss realized what was going on,he was deeply disappointed.The man he trusted so much,stabbed him in the back.He then decided to take revenge.He imagined a plot to unmask him.Boss said to Zorba that he had to leave the village for few days for personal reasons. But he didn’t go,hid and followed Zorba to be sure of his stealing. Zorba went to the lignite mine to open the safe and take money as usual, but this time things went wrong. Boss was there and he caught him red-handed.They fought so violently that at the end Zorba messed his face up.Without saying a word,they walked to the seaside and sat down on the warm sand.Zorba said to Boss that he didn’t steal him,he just took what belongs to him.He did the job,so he deserved more money than he paid him. He was not a bookworm like him and trying to hide behind books.0n the contrary,he faced life and made most of it.He said he didn’t have the guts,he couldn’t even protect his beloved.He cowardly left her to her fate.On that word,their friendship came to an end.They went their separate ways.Zorba left the island taking with him his only valuable belonging,his santuri.

Alternative Ending 2 Monalakas and his fellows want to kill the widow woman and take revenge of Marvandoni's son's death.But Boss does not let them do that. He fights against Monolakas and he finally kills him ! Boss helps the widow woman and saves her life because of his passionately love for her. They decide to leave everything behind them and start a new life in England where they get married. Boss leaves the lignite mine to Zorba. Zorba has to marry to Madam Ortans to repair the mistakes he has done before. He operates the lignite mine and earns a lot of money of that.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 31

The Dark side of the Book With this money, he restores Madam Hortans's hotel and helps people in the village who suffer from poverty , laziness and ignorance.

Alternative Ending 3 For the first time Zorba lost control of the situation.There was no way to escape.He couldn’t deny it any longer.He had to admit it : he blindly fell in love with Madam Hortens.She was his destiny.He was ready to spend the rest of his life with her.One day,he shared his intentions with Boss.He wanted to marry Hortens,and asked him to be his best man.Boss wasn’t happy at all.He didn’t share his friend’s joy.He was afraid of losing Zorba.He blamed Hortens for stealing his beloved friend.The only thought of it was unbearable for him.He then decided to get rid of Madam Hortens.One dark night,he kocked at her door.He said he came to congratulate her and gave her his marriage present.She let him enter.She was glad to see him before the ceremony.She didn’t suspect any second that he was there to kill her.He brought with him a phial of poison.He poured the content of it in her cup of coffee when she went to the kitchen to get him some milk. As they were chatting,she suddenly stopped drinking the deadly liquid.She first felt dizzy and finally lost consciousness.Her heart stopped beating.She was now dead.He dragged her to her bedroom and laid her on her bed to simulate a natural death.İn the morning,Zorba knocked at her door but in vain.He saw a window open and passed through it.When he finally reached the room,he found Hortens’s pale lifeless body lying on the bed.His friend Boss came to comfort him,and helped him to organize her funerals.To say good-bye to her beloved,he played his favourite instrument,the santuri.

Alternative Ending 4 Boss tried to stop the ruthless villagers throwing stones at the poor widow woman but in vain.She was lapidated on the public place to serve as an example to other women. And to hide her shame, they buried her underneath _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 32

The Dark side of the Book stones far away from the village. They were determined to kill all the sinners so as to repair the village’s honor. Zorba said to Boss that he didn’t deserve going through even one day mourning period of her dead beloved.He could have saved her life, married her and escaped far away.Nothing could stop the rageful villagers on their way.The next victim on the red list was Madam Hortens.She had to pay the wages of sin with her own life.This was the sad fate of sinners.Meanwhile Mimiko tried to find an answer to the following question:was the burden of forbidden love affair heavier than killing a woman by throwing stones? Boss was losing all his belief in men.What could justify so much violence and hatred?Did all that blood shed wash away the sins of all mankind? Boss was firmly determined to save Madam Hortens’s life even at the cost of his own life.After nightfall,he sneaked into Hortens’s house and without getting caught they managed to elope from the village.But quickly,the church’s bell rang and a hord of unruly villagers sprung from nowhere and hunted down the fugitives the way criminals were.Darkness and mist made their progression increasingly difficult.Fortune smiled on the runaways at last. They reached the port of Creta where they found a ship sailing into Athens and got on board. Behind them,they left all their belongings,hotel,mine and dear friends. When Zorba heard the news,their friends were safe.He was now on his own.What was he going to do? Leaving or staying?During that time the villagers took revenge on Boss and Madam Hortens.As a last resort,they put the hotel on fire and blew up the mine.Thus they symbolically killed them.Zorba didn’t have a place to stay anymore,nor a mine to manage. Nothing could keep him there any longer. One day,he left secretly the village taking with him his friend’s manuscript and his santuri.He was going to join his friends : he was then overwhelmed by a feeling of serenity

Alternative Ending 5 Zorba arrived at the scene, fought Manolakas and prevented the murder momentarily, but Mavrandoni cut off the widow's head. Boss and Zorba never talked along the road .When they got back to their hotel Zorba suggested taking a walk before the sunset, and said to his friend that walking on the seaside would sweep away the evil thoughts and ruthless villagers’s faces from his mind. As they were walking along the magnificent beach,Boss suddenly stopped.He coudn’t take breathe,he fell on his knees, saying something about loving the widow woman.He would have liked to spend the rest of his life with her,he was still in some sort of weird shock .Zorba said to his friend: ‘Life taught me a lot,things can sometimes be full of sorrow and pain but always full of love. In this life you can’t find yourself, you create yourself and the same goes for love you can’t find love, you create a road for love to travel and wait for it to come.’ Boss asked Zorba to leave him alone.He said he would meet later. Zorba thought that his friend needed some time to heal his wounds.When he went back to the village,he didn’t think at all that his dear friend would commit something irreparable. _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 33

The Dark side of the Book Boss kept looking at the horizon,lost in his thoughts.All of a sudden,he got back on his feet ,took off his jacket and put it on the sand.He then started walking toward the sea where life began until he completely disappeared. As the tick-tock of the clock was ticking away,Zorba felt like a knife was stuck in his heart.He ran as fast as he could to the seaside,but when he finally arrived he only found a jacket lying on the sand.He started to dance.

Alternative Ending 6 While the group of furious men were throwing stones to the poor and defendless widow,Mimiko suddenly walked out through the crowd and made a barrier with his body to protect the woman.The villagers didn’like him because he spent his time spouting random wisdom.He saved her life but he needed help to take her away.Then Boss found enough strength to grab her hand and quickly ran away from the place.They went to the harbour and take one-way tickets on the first boat to Athens.All the way along they didn’t say a word,they were lost int their thoughts,wondering what would happen after that.They couldn’t go back there.When they arrived,Boss sent a telegraph to Zorba.He asked him for money.He explaned what happened and why he had to flee away.The widow woman’s life was between his hands.He didn’t know exactly what he felt for her,he just knew that he had to help her.Zorba prepared the money and wrote a note: " hope for nothing. fear nothing. Now,you are free." When Boss got the message from his dear friend and read the lines,all his fears blew away.He knew that he was ready to write a new chapter in his life.In a sordid hotel room,he looked at the woman lying on the old bed and said to her: " Now join your hands with mine, and with our hands our hearts."

Alternative Ending 7 As every Sunday morning,the widow woman left her house.She was very elegant as usual.She was all in black,wearing a long silky dress with frou-frous and lace. Her black brilliant hair was hidden under a black scarf.She was on her way to church where she used to assiduously attend Sunday Mass since her husband’s death.She was in mourning. Boss decided to attend the mass that Sunday for the first time since his arrival.He thought that it would be a good way to meet villagers.As he was talking with the priest in the parish,the widow woman join them.She gave the priest a donation to commemorate the anniversary of his husband’s disappearance.And she left.Immediately he questionned the priest to learn more about this enigmatic and fascinating woman. He was in love.He _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 34

The Dark side of the Book confided in his friend Zorba.He was very happy for him.The widow woman was a friend of Madam Hortens.That was a great chance for Boss.Zorba asked Hortens to invite the widow woman for brunch on Sunday after the mass.It was an opportunity to introduce Boss to Madam Hortens.When Boss heard the news,he was very excited.The day soon arrived.He wore his best suit he bought from Harrods in London last year.Madame Hortens had no knowledge of what was going on.When she came at her friend’s house,she saw Boss sitting at the table.She had the feeling that she saw him before.Suddenly she remembered.İt was last Sunday at the church.She found him very attractive.They were both glad to know each other better throughout the day.Madame Hortens and Zorba were glad to see how things were going between their friends. As time passed by, Boss decided to ask Hortens to marry him.First she was a bit frazzled and after a while a feeling of happiness overwhelmed her. Zorba told his friend that he had also the intention to marry Hortens.Boss was so happy to hear that he suggested him to have a double wedding ceremony. They organized a great feast where they invited all the villagers.Zorba played his santuri and all the guests started to dance.

Alternative Ending 1 His wandering all over the world, searching for a job, working at mines and ports, but all with a relentless optimism, would prove that it's all paid off. And in the end, that would be lesson – the most important is to have a ''great'' heart and will, which hold the man together, give him strength and make him go further, over all obstacles, to reach the desired goal. And Zorba's had it all, although sometimes he showed it in a somewhat crude way, similar to his appearance. I would complete his roaming on Crete, by the lift, which would be his greatest pride, besides the love of dancing and playing of santuri, and he could confirm to himself that the biggest lesson is the ''school of life'' and that he did something what he will be remembered for in his life.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 35

The Dark side of the Book


Alternative Ending 1 Once the golden legend of Zorba had ended - the shadow that till then had used to go beside me- as if it were satisfied with what I had just finished to conclude- went on being there, but we less insistence. After having finished reading the letter in which the death of my friend was told to me, I knew that he, by means of the desire expressed by the presence of his shadow, compelled me to visit his house, so that, in that way, I could meet his widow, and at the same time, receive from her hands the “santuri” that he had let to me so that I could remember him. After some days of deep thought, I left for the Serbian village where Zorba had left this earthly world, and where his widow, called Liuba, was living, and I addressed myself to her. With her warm embrace, she expressed all the knowledge she had gathered of me, through what my friend had told her. After having spending some days in her company, when she referred me all what Zorba had told her about the things we had lived together, and after having visited his grave, I left her house with the “santuri” in my hands. As if Zorba had been satisfied with my visit, the shadow stopped letting me feel its presence. Alternative Ending 2 It was Easter, everybody was enthusiastically dancing under the elm trees, when, suddenly, the widow arrived with a bunch of flowers to go into the church and left them to the the Virgin. The dance stopped, all the glances were cast in her direction, as if they wanted to kill her. Everybody started shouting: Kill her! Two young men seized her and pulled her hair, they torn her clothes; others, threw stones to her face and made her bleed, all of them took out their knives. One of them shouted: “Stop that- she belongs to me” and seized the woman´s throat, with the intention of killing her. Zorba, with a jump, caught his hand and said: “Which crime has she made to deserve to be treated like this and be killed?”He was not let it happen; he wanted to defend her. He knew that his friend, the master liked her. He was very shy and didn´t dare to tell her, but Zorba wished he were with her, in this way he could protect her as she was desired by every man and envied by every woman. The three of them left. On the next day, everyone returned to his job. Zorba in the mine, with the workers, trying to construct the cableway to carry the logs. Some months passed by and everything was going all right. Zorba decided to leave, to look for new horizons; his dear Bubulina had passed by, and his master had begun a new life with the widow. It was time to leave. From time to time he received a letter from Zorba telling him about the countries he had been to. He also told him he had another master who had a mine as well and that he had married a beautiful young woman and they were about to have a baby. His friend answered that he was very glad, that he missed him a lot, and that he was looking forward to see him again soon.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 36

The Dark side of the Book Alternative Ending 3 “Life, farewell and friendship” Basil and Zorba stood silently near the hearth till deep at night. Zorba liked dancing independently from his state of mood. They were alone the two of them, there was not any women. Only they two, and in this way they could enjoy the sound of music and look into each other´s eyes till losing their breaths. After having drunk a bottle of good wine and listening to the murmur from the sea, he took advantage of the moment and asked him to not to leave. Basil, without a blink and with the taste of wine in his mouth said: A good friendship is like the good wine. It may last for a minute and will leave a pleasant taste for ever. He stood up and going away from Zorba answered: -For the first time in my life I feel free and I wish to remain like this. Happiness is not a discovery at the end of one´s existence, but something you find in the way. There cannot be friendship if there is not freedom. With this sentence he left, losing his way in the mist of the night.


Alternative Ending 4 After this Zorba friend Basila lived in the land of Avanti. Although he was rich, he was extremely miserly, and he would not spend even a penny for the pleasure of his community; rather, he was always engaged in accumulating wealth. When his children grew up, they became very perturbed by his behavior, and his neighbors, family members and others in the community also became opposed to him. Because he did not pay his taxes, even the royal servants opposed him. One day, due to ill fortune, his house burned down, and his family and community members rejected him. However, due to some good impressions from previous and the influence of the association of Zorba, he accepted the Greek dress of one in the renounced order. On the instruction of his master, he engaged in devotion to the Supreme Lord and began to see with equal vision friends and enemies, happiness and misery, good and bad, and himself and others. He remained satisfied even when the people from his own village mistreated him while he was begging. They would call him an impostor and a cheater, and they would throw stool and urine into his begging bowl instead of foodstuffs. Yet with an undisturbed mind, he always meditated on God and finally he attained eternal service to Absolut Mukunda.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 37

The Dark side of the Book

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time‌In Europe! 38

The Dark side of the Book

Alternative Ending 1 After some time the swan and his new family were swimming and they came across his mother and brothers and sisters with their families. He introduced himself and his family to them and they did not believe him at first, but after a few minutes they realized he was telling the truth. Since they now understood how wrongly they treated him, they felt ashamed and apologized to him. He gave them his forgiveness and asked them to tell the story about him and their meeting to everybody else so they could learn never to make the same mistake again. They promised they would. After some time a young duck, a great great granddaughter of ''The ugly duckling's'' mother was swimming by the coast where the young boy was sitting and looking very sad and poor. The young duck asked him what was wrong. He told her he felt lonely and not good enough. The little duck told him a story of her great great uncle and made him realize how truly special he really was. He felt grateful and asked her if there was anything he could do for her. She smiled and asked him if could tell the story to somebody else. And he did. To all of us! Alternative Ending 2 The Ugly Duckling was persistently seeking a warm corner where he would find a little love. He was passing from lake to lake, from river to river, but everywhere he was tortured by loneliness. Day after day, he went to the darker parts of the forest. He was becoming increasingly sadder. His heart was beating weaker. Completely unaccepted he disappeared in wilderness of life, sad and misunderstood. And although he was transformed into a beautiful swan, he never became aware of it.

Alternative Ending 3 In the end, the duckling comes back as a swan and as the one who has conquered the prejudices of the society – all by himself. Everybody recognizes him (perhaps not all of them, because there really is a difference between a chicken and the adult individual) and now know that they had made a mistake. A new swan again shows his great soul, and does not hold a grudge.

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The Dark side of the Book


Alternative Ending 1 "... The Ugly Duckling is sad. He wants to die, and when he sees the beautiful swans, he thinks that he will die by their side. But when he comes near them, then he gets new friends and the beautiful swans says he may stay with them, for he is a good swimmer and he is beautiful. The Ugly Duckling becomes very fond of the beautiful swans and suddenly he finds out that he is one of them. " Alternative Ending 2 "... He swims against the swans. He swims against them because he wants to marry a swan. He asks and she says yes. They swim together and they are happy."


Alternative Ending 1 The time passed by and after a lot of roaming and many misfortunes the ugly duckling grew up. Until then, nobody cared or looked for it, it must have been miles and miles away from his home. Disappointed and tired, it found itself in a beautiful lake with many trees and it went at once towards the water. From the other side, a herd of cows was coming to the lake to drink water, the duckling got scared and unconsciously it flapped its wings and flew off. When it realized what it did, it gained confidence and started to make circles in the sky. Even the cows stopped to watch this beautiful, white bird. - Eh, mooo!!! Yelled a lively, white with black spots calf. Then, the white bird went and stood on the calf’s back. -Hello, beautiful swan! Said the calf. - Are you talking to me? You mottled calf! Answered the bird. How did you call me? Swan? Do I look like a swam to you? - Haven’t you seen yourself lately? Come on, let’s go to the water to see how beautiful you are! And suddenly… - I can’t believe it! Is this me? I was never like that… Thank you so much that you helped me with that. And the white bird told his story to the mottled calf. - My dear mottled calf, I would like very much to stay with you. - We’d like that, too, but under a condition, said the calf. - Tell me, whatever you want. - You’ll stop to call me mottled, my name is Milky Moo. - Nice to meet you Milky Moo and forgive me for before. _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 40

The Dark side of the Book - it’s OK, come, I want you to meet my mum and the herd. From now on, you’ll never be alone again, don’t be afraid! - Mum, can this beautiful swan be my friend and be part of our herd, too? Please mum! - Of course, my Milky Moo, welcome to our family beautiful swam! You can feel like your home here, said Milky Moo’s mum. - Thank you so much, I’ll never forget that! And the beautiful swan stood at his best friend’s back. The two animals became the best friends, they had good and bad moments together but they remained two close and trusted friends, as real friends should be. The swan found a real family in a herd of cows.


Alternative Ending 1 While he was walking in the happy side for no longer being a ugly duckling he passed by the most beautiful female he had ever seen. He was so fascinated by her that he dared himself to ask her name. When asking the question he noticed that she shrunk like when we fear what one would say or do! Humm! She looked like him some months ago! Would the others think she was ugly? Trying to understand the beautiful duck’s reaction, he insisted by asking: “-What is your name? What are you doing here alone?” Although a bit scared the female answered: “-I am Matilde and everyone runs away from me because I am very ugly and clumsy.” “- Well I don’t find you ugly! You have an elegant neck, beautiful eyes and you slide in the like as if you were dancing.” – The swan answered. “- You are still young that is why your feathers aren’t white and shiny and your beak isn’t orange. But soon you will be a beautiful white female adult.” – continues the swan enthusiastic and knowing her despair. The swan was so convincing that Matilde accepted him as her partner because she was so tired of being alone. One day, while day were going for a walk, the swan saw his brothers and went to meet them and introduced his partner to them. Seeing him as a beautiful swan, his brothers walked to him since they also missed him, specially his mother that recognized the entire bad thing she did to him. Enthusiastic they asked him if he wanted to live with them in his old house. The beautiful swan accepted with the condition that Matilde would also go with him. And just like that they lived happily together as a family. Who loves the ugly, beautiful it seems.

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The Dark side of the Book

Alternative Ending 2 When winter arrived and the swans flew south, the young swan met a beautiful partner and got married. The following spring, when the swans returned home it was time to prepare the nest. The swan and his wife built theirs and the beautiful wife started to put the eggs. Some days after and during the night there was a big storm and all nests around the lake were in such confusion that it was necessary to rebuild them. After rebuilding their nest, the swan and his wife were happy to see that their eggs were not lost or broken but… the swan was surprised to see that there was a new egg next to theirs. With all the confusion the swan’s wife didn’t remember if she put another egg, if it was premature or if it wasn’t hers. The couple thought it was best to leave nature do its will and a child was a child even if it was premature. When the time of the eggs to hatch arrived, the first egg to brake was the premature one. But instead of appearing a little grey baby swan, there was yellow one. Since this was the first time the swans were parents they didn’t have much experience so they thought it could be possible that baby swans could be yellow to. But as the eggs broke little grey swans would appear being even more noticeable the yellow one for being so different. The parents cherish it as much as the other ones but all the other birds that lived around the lake would make fun of the little one and they would question if the yellow one had the same father. The comments influenced the way the swan treated the little yellow sawn. And the worst was that both parents started to act differently towards the yellow swan as well as his siblings which made the yellow swan feel left out. But what made him really sad was to see his father teach his brothers how to swim in the lake and show proudly to everyone his beautiful children leaving him behind as if he didn’t exist. One night, when the parents were talking, thinking that all their children were sleeping, the little yellow swan heard his father say “I wish he would disappear!” The little swan cried all night thinking what he would do because he couldn’t stay there. So he decided that he would leave before everyone would wake up. When the family woke they didn’t even notice that the little swan was missing so they performed the daily routine, the mother went to feed her children and the father flew around the lake. While he was flying he noticed a yellow ball dragging itself through the road. And it was then that he recognized that it was his son and remembered what he had said to his wife the night before. The words he said echoed in his head but it wasn’t his voice but his mother’s “I wish we would go far away!”… “I wish he would go far away!” He thought he had forgotten those cruel words… but they were only hidden craved in his heart! And just to think he had done the same to his son! How could he have done it?! He flew towards his little son who thought his dad was coming to hurt him and lifted his wing to protect himself. But the father hugged him with his big white wing and said “I am sorry for what I said and for the way I have been treating you. I have forgotten that I to was born in a different family and that I was also rejected and… I know how that hurts! A son is a son, whatever his appearance is! Come, jump on my back. Let’s fly home! And like that, the little swan that actually was a duck, never again was put aside by the family because his dad, his protector, had a serious talk with all the family so that no one would molest his child… _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 42

The Dark side of the Book … and when they would go swim in the lake he would happily show his family to everyone, “but not proudly because no good heart is proud!” Alternative Ending 3 During the morning a farmer arrived. Saw him and walked towards him, he hit the ice with his shoe and broke it in little pieces and took him how to his wife. He continued with his day. When he arrived home the children were clapping their hands in contentment by seeing a different duckling to what they were used to see… surprised, he felt scared due to traumatizing life experience, what would he expect? What would happen now? But, the children’s enthusiasm was infectious and quickly they took him to the hen and there, one more, what a surprise! The others looked at him admired but with no alarm; it was one more that wasn’t the same as the others. Those attitudes enabled him to build some hope and little by little his initial distrust was being overdue since it was heart-warming to savour those moments, it was such a warm environment that was accepting him naturally. Was it true? Or were they preparing themselves to run with him once more? The children’s mom approached with food and all ran towards her and there also was space for him, the children continued to caress him and incentive him to eat which made him feel surprised and also the food was so good… he ate until he felt he was full. Oh! It was so good this comfort feeling… Finally he felt welcome, a part of a group, being able to share food, being able to snuggle with someone… The days passed and his satisfaction was greater, he would learn with the others and teach what made his confidence grow and in the others that surrounded him. He lived peacefully with his partners in a family that accepted them all, each one with a different personality. Far away were those sad and lonely days that he had lived, in which he wasn’t understood and was banished. Sometimes he would think it was strange to be so happy and that happiness lived in the fact that someone had naturally accepted him and his difference and allowed him to show that being different could make everyone richer… During his life, the difference, always being a minority, were motives to put him aside, by everything and everyone, starting with his own mother… No one came close to know him, to enter in his intimacy, to know what he felt; only his appearance counted, until the day that the farmer found him and specially those children, that looked at him in another way, that believed in him and that allowed that all the other with whom he shared the hen also would accept him. He learnt a great life lesson, in a hard way but he was convinced that he would never forget it: the difference isn’t only visible in the outside nor can it be a motive to marginalize thus because in life everyone has a role so it is necessary to create the opportunity so they can demonstrate it… _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 43

The Dark side of the Book Alternative Ending 4 When the ugly duckling ran far away from everyone, he found a female duck nested between bushes next to a lake. Since he was feeling so depressed and so ugly, he decided to turn back so she wouldn’t notice him. He was so afraid of being criticized again that he covered his eyes with his wing. Suddenly he heard the sound of leaves and old branches as well as a melodious voice saying: “- What are you hiding from, friend?” “Friend?” – thought the duckling. Who could be so nice to say hello to an ugly duckling, as ugly as the night? “- Hello…” said the ugly duckling in fear. “- Hello. My name is Cristal and I am alone. Would you like to keep me company? -“But… no one ever wants to play with me. It is because I am ugly as the night.” Cristal looked at him and said: “- Wait until the night falls. You will see how beautiful the night is! Everything depends on our point of view.” As soon as the night fell a dazzling moon appeared in the horizon. Cristal drew the ugly duckling’s attention to the moons beauty. “- You see? We would never have this sight during the day! Suddenly, and while the sky got darker, some sparking points appeared and Cristal said: “- You see? When can you see a sky full of shimmering stars? It is during the night duckling! The night as well as the day has good things and bad things as well as beautiful things and ugly things! Everyone as good things and bad things so don’t permit that others put you down.” The ugly duckling caressed his new friend’s beak with his wing and they slept embraced in each other. As the morning arrived, Cristal woke up and looked at the ugly duckling that was still sleeping. First, she jumped frighten then she was so happy that she shouted until the ugly duckling woke up. She then said: “-Duckling, go see your reflection in the lake and see in what the night as transformed you…”


Alternative Ending 1 While the duck was swimming in the lake, a swan came duckling said that ‘’Hello, I have never seen you before here’’ The duck replied ‘’you are right. This is my first time, what such a beautiful swan, you are. ’’The swan said that‘’ Yeah, you can be sure that I am the most beautiful bird you have ever seen. But unfortunately I can’t fly like the other birds. Because I haven’t got any wings’’. The duckling was surprised and glanzed its wings and felt sorry for the beautiful swan. Swan noticed how the duckling was sorry. After the swan said that ‘’I quitted being sorry for that situation. Because I have friends and I can swim. I am so healthy that enjoy life. What makes you beautiful is the love in your heart, not your physical appearance the duckling thought that health was more important that beauty. There are many things are important than beauty the swan said that.’’The _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 44

The Dark side of the Book best friend is the one who lighten your way, and brings out the best in you. Never make friends with people who are above or below you in status. Such friendship will never give you happiness.. Also everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.’’ They became friends forever. Alternative Ending 2 Once upon a time a prince and princess were living happily in a beautiful country. A witch was jealous of them and enchanted them. She converted them into swan eggs and put them in different farms. When a prince and princess see each other and fell in love with. She will break the curse. The little swans grew up in duck flock, the other ducks used to mock at them because of their appearances. Many years later, they became beautiful swans and they met in a spring day. The witch broke the curse. And they live happily in their kingdom forever. Alternative Ending 3 The ugly duckling escaped and start to swim in the small river, the farmer who lived in a small village saw it, and caught it. The ugly duckling begged the farmer to spare him ‘’ please let me go’’ he pleaded. ‘’ I am very ugly, even my kind left me, what will you do with me? ‘’ The farmer who called Jack started to laugh and added. ‘’If you were a duck why would I catch you? You belong to Swan family who you know are the most beautiful and elegant birds Are you mocking me?’’ He looked at the mirror which the farmer gave. The ugly duckling was shocked. He felt quite ashamed and he did not know what to do, he was so happy. He had been persecuted and despised for his ugliness, and now he heard him say he was the most beautiful of all the birds’’ I never dreamed of such happiness as this, while I was an ugly duckling’’ After a short time, he realized that now he was taken prisoner. The farmer said that ‘’I am a simple man. Beautiful creature When I was a kid my father told me that ‘’ If you live long enough, you'll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you'll be a better person. It's how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit.’’ So I will let you go, fly and to be free is to have achieved your life.

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The Dark side of the Book

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The Dark side of the Book


Alternative Ending 1 Mediterranean is not just a geographical sea (and is a disperse geography)! It’s a mixture of smells of sea and sea plants, fisherman and lighthouses, foam, sand seashells and sea urchin. Sun, reflected white light on the walls of the ethereal, houses, a dry landscape. But not so dry! Harbors in the cost and in land were one need to follow the rivers to arrive at a “sea in the land”. The Mediterranean is a state of spirit, are influences of literature, poetry and romance, architecture, landscape, ocean currents (with a huge influence in the climate of that region – with a sea inside). The Mediterranean is a culture made by flavours: a fig and jam, olive and olive oil, tomato, fresh sweet orange juice… the flavour of calm evenings, flavour of small boat floating on the waves, flavour of a procession that carries the holy mother projecting the sorrows in the faces and hope the hope of a better year with the help of the Holy Mother. The Mediterranean is centuries of history, stories of civilizations and people that rambled/ramble between the wind and the great trade roots, in the remains left by the Egyptians, Canaanites, Hittites, Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Berbers, Macedonians, Genoese, Venetians, that are some of the people who live in coast of the Mediterranean. And The Mediterranean goes beyond theirs coasts. The Mediterranean is a chest board of the political geostrategy that evolves a world of diversity! It is a “beach” between the Meridional Europe, the western Asia and the northern Africa. It used to be the entrance of the Ottoman influence in the west, it used to be the Mare Nostrum of the roman civilization, now it is the Mediterranean of blue seas and white sands where people dream to pass their holidays or… the door to shipwrecks of those who wait for access to Europe with hope of a better chance in life. The Mediterranean of dreams… broken dreams.


Alternative Ending 1 I am the granddaughter, daughter and wife of sailors, that’s why I always have something to tell related to the sea. What I’ll never forget is what I went through when I was young. I was about 14 or 15 when one morning everything at home was very sad; my mother, my grandparents and my uncles cried desperately. My brother and I didn’t know what was going on, nobody told us anything. Days went by and everything was the same, we hardly ate and my mother thought of dyeing all our clothes in black because we were told that there were rumours that my father’s boat had shipwrecked and the crew was unheard of. Those were very sad days, we didn’t have a phone, we could only communicate with my father by ordinary mail; that is, the letters that the postman delivered home, but this time, they never came. Time went by very slowly, it was endless, I’ll never forget that feeling of sorrow and eternity. After a few days, we got a wire from my father. It said that they had been adrift because of the bad weather and they had no way to contact us; but suddenly, everything changed. My mother made me go with the wire to a workmate of my father’s to give him _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 47

The Dark side of the Book the happy news but, unfortunately, the outcome is not always like that, the sea is not always on our side.


The Mediterranean is that sanctified section of the globe where life is simpler and more beautiful. Everyone knows many places , but from now on you wil start to seek for the real Mediterranean, the place that was once an unspoiled before reading this book you may not have heard of all these towns, but now you are aware of the history of The Mediterranean you’ll see something from a different perspective. Who knows you may hear the songs of mermaids

A MERMAIDS TALE I have nobody for a conversation, it might be pretty normal in my situation. Im in the ocean, floating under burning sun, completely alone and trying to find someone. I hear a song, its like a prayer. This melody shows me the way. It carries me like the wind, a feather, and in the nights its a shining ray. Everytime louder, I can hear you sing your song. I just hope Ill find you after so long. Im nearly fainting, I go on the blink. Its fun, so much water and not one drop to drink. I hear a song I still remember when I left the ship. The ones I love, they were all asleep. No-one believed me, cause they couldnt hear you, they must be trying to find, where I was going to. I heard a song, it was like a prayer. This melody was sung for me. It carried me like the wind, a feather, and now I am drowning in the sea. I hear a song, its like

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time‌In Europe! 48

The Dark side of the Book


Alternative Ending 1 "... That is why the mother walks into Stribors Forest. She talks with Stribor about her situation. She falls in love with him and he with her. They marry shortly after. Son and daughter in law continue their lives and they forget their mother forever. But one day the daughter in law turned into a python and eat her husband. The python goes into Stribors Forest, she finds the mother in law and Stribor and eat them. From that day the daughter in law is the boss in Stribors Forest. "

Alternative Ending 2 "... The Brownies take the mother with them to Stribors Forest, and she tells Stribor about her son and daughter in law. Stribor reports that now the scales finally fall from the young man's eyes, and he must realize that the daughter in law is a snake. This happens and the son throws daughter in law out of the house and welcomes his mother when she comes back. A year after the young man meets a beautiful girl, and they now live together as husband and wife and also with his mother. "

''The Mediterranean is such an inspirative part of the Earth, I am sure this is not the last time somebody will write inspired by its' special character. It might be a novel or lyrics to some of the most beautiful songs sung by the sea!''

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The Dark side of the Book

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The Dark side of the Book

Alternative Ending 1 ''After all of the traveling, journalist came home, took a piece of chalk, drew a circle around his home and decided that sometimes the boundaries are there to be crossed, but sometimes, only sometimes, there are here to stay within them!'' Alternative Ending 2 ''When he was older, the journalist became a mentor to the young journalist and gave her the same book, smiled and asked her: ''Where do you want to go?'' She was excited and named the first country that came to her mind. The old journalist smiled and said: ''I had said long ago that I wanted to visit Czechoslovakia, so I ended up in India. Let me know where you'll end up!''

Alternative Ending 1 TURKEY

Journey will change you,” people said to me,”There’s something about it that affects us all.”. I’m not still the same old me, it taught me many things or, should I say, reaffirmed a long felt feeling. And as I sat there one night in İstambul, staring out at one of the most perfect sunsets I’d seen in a while,. Sometimes the beauty of travel is not as beautiful when you don’t have someone to share it with. And there I was, staring out at this gorgeous sunset, and I was alone. I had no one to share that moment. I think everyone should travel alone at some point in their life; you learn a lot about yourself doing so. I never regret the solo travel I’ve done in the past and never felt alone or bored during those years, but İstanbul made it clear that it’s time to move on to a new chapter of my life. I decided to marry to my lovely wife Selin, turkish girl who brought the essence of life into my life. I’ve always defined travel as an adventure, exploring the unknown and breaking out of your comfort zone. I don’t look at this new move as giving up on travel. Travel is my life. I don’t want to stop, just find a better balance between a home life and a road warrior life. _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 51

The Dark side of the Book

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time‌In Europe! 52

The Dark side of the Book


Alternative Ending 1 When Diana came back from her trip and saw the chauffeur of the hotel, she asked him if anyone had gone asking for her, and he answered that nobody had. She went home and asked the same question to all her employees, whose answer was also a negative one. As all of them knew she had gone on a trip, nobody paid much attention to her question. At that moment, she realised that it had been a mistake to have gone on a trip and she kept wondering: “might I have passed my sister in the street without even realising?” On the next day morning, she went to the graveyard to visit her mother´s tomb, and she told her all the things she had done on her trip, that she had met a very important person whose name was Zeinep Hanin who had taught her to listen to and to speak to the roses. On the next day, she was walking along the park when she met some friends, and she stopped to talk to them; they were the painter and the beggar. She told them about the trip, she said that her mother had left a letter written for her, that she had a twin sister and that she had to look for her. They were surprised on hearing the news and knowing the things she had to do and advised her to let time go by: “whatever will be, it will be” they said. A certain morning, when she was still in bed, the bell rang. Felling a little afraid, she went to open the door....she doesn´t know what is her surprise, opposite her there was a woman who looked exactly like her. After being staring at each other for a while, they introduced each other: at last, the two sisters had met. On the next day they went visiting the graveyard. They talked to their mother and left a letter on her tomb. They had written it together on the night they had spent talking sitting one opposite the other. The night they had realised they had the same tastes, the same hobbies and that they both loved their mother very much.

Alternative Ending 2 When Diana had come back from her trip to Istanbul, the first thing she did was to inquire if anyone had asked for her, and as the answer was that nobody had, without giving it a second thought, she started writing. Hello María, Today I have come back from a long trip, I had hoped to meet you at home. It was not this way, and this fact caused me a great sorrow, although, on the other hand, thanks _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 53

The Dark side of the Book this fact I found the necessary strength to be able to write to you and to tell you that I am looking forward to meeting you and giving you a big hug after so many years. María I had some bad news: our mother has died. I am aware of the fact that this will hurt you a lot as you already know how much she loved you. I hope to see you soon. Your sister. A week after this letter had been sent, when Diana was about to written the last pages of her book, she heard the bell rang. He opened the door and found a girl that looked exactly like her. Diana was not able to refrain tears of emotion, they embraced tenderly and she asked her to come in. they spent the rest of the afternoon taking. They told each other everything about their lives and they agreed on visiting their mother´s tomb on the following day. On their way to the graveyard, María told her she had a surprised for her. They were carrying a beautiful bunch of red and white roses. On approaching the tomb, Diana saw two people. One of them was Mrs. Honso holding a bunch of yellow roses on her hand, they greeted each other, and then María went near that man and kissing him, she addressed her sister and said: “Diana, this is the surprise; he is our father”. Father and daughters embraced each other. “Thank you María”, and putting the roses into a vase, Diana exclaimed: “thank you mother” and two big tears dropped on the roses.

Alternative Ending 3 As soon as she saw the chauffeur from the hotel that had gone to pick her up, Diana asked him: -has anyone gone to the hotel asking about my mother? Anyone who looked like me? -As far as I know, it hasn´t, Miss Steward. Then Diana decided to write to María what was supposed to be her last letter before turning the page and going on with her life. Dear María, Time goes by and I, Diana, do not think about you anymore. As days and years are spent, I have not also forgotten you, but also Artemisa. I forgot as well the painter that used to spent his days by the sea, painting the waves and the two seagulls that always appeared on his pictures, and the wanderer that to give me so much advise. All these things together with other ones that time had forged into my head, and that nowadays are of not importance to me. But I will never forget our mother that, even dead, remains alive in my heart, as nobody leaves totally as far as it can be often remembered by another person. In that way, mum lives still in me.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 54

The Dark side of the Book As you can see, my life is not like it used to be. Loneliness does not longer exist at my home. Some time ago, I met a handsome and wealthy man and I felt deeply in love with him. With him, I set up a beautiful family. In the garden, at home, I had a lot of rosebushes with flowers of every colour: some are white, other yellow, red....their perfume fill every corner. And now I will tell you the best: at this very moment, two precious girls are playing in this marvellous garden; one of them is called María, the other one is Diana. They are my greatest treasure. As you can imagine, I am very happy. They and my husband make my life be what I have always wished for. In this time of my life, I have realized what important is to believe in myself and to be able to fulfil my dreams. I won´t tell you anymore; I am going to go on with my life, I hope to be able to remain like this for a long time. Yours for ever, Diana


Alternative Ending 1 One day, many years later, Diana finds her great love in a writers’ conference. When pregnent, discovers that she will have no tone but two girls… the really twins! All her life, when she observe her daughters, she will remembre the great lesson of her mother. Love will endure!


Alternative Ending 1 Diana, (Artemis), and Mary, (Apollon), were twins. Letona was their mother, Zeus was their father Diana was the goddess of the hunting and the moon. She was elegant, virgin goddess. Diana was born before Mary and she helped her mother during the birth of her twin sister. Once she saw the pain her mother was going through, she decided not to get married. Mary, (Apollon), was Sun Goddess and was the God of music and poetry. She never lied. The two twins were very good archers. They didn’t used to live in Olympos but in the city. Diana used to walk every evening. One evening, she met the young, handsome and attractive painter Mathiasan she fell in love. She decided to marry to him. Once Mary learned this situation, she got very jealous and tried to convince his sister not to marry to him. However, instead of giving up, the feelings that Diana had for Matthias became more and more stronger than the past. For that reason, Mary settled up a trap in order to get rid of Mathias. _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 55

The Dark side of the Book One day, while the painter was walking near the seaside, Mary took Diana to a place far away from him until she couldn’t recognize his silhouette. As a challenge, Mary then asked Diana if she could aim the head of the person who was far away near the seaside. As Diana was good at archer and she didn’t know that the target was in fact her lover, she aimed him and killed him with her bow and arrows. Once she realized that the person she killed was the man she loved, she was devastated. So, she asked her father, Zeus, not to see him, to forget him and even not to have him as a sister anymore. Zeus accepted her request and casted a spell. The spell converted them into two strangers. After the spell was casted, Mary was living with Zeus in Olympos and Diana was living with her mother in the city. Their love became a legend all over the world.

Alternative Ending 1 ''Diana went back home, wrote a book about her life and started to grow roses on her balcony to remind her of her mother and the dear friend who helped her through the grief, but also to remind her she has to be true to herself to be truly happy.''

_____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time‌In Europe! 56

The Dark side of the Book

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The Dark side of the Book

Alternative Ending 1 ''One day Gryla decided she had had enough and that it was time her for boys and their dad to do more housework. Some of the boys helped, some did not. In time they learned to help their mother and they lived a more happy life.''


Alternative Ending 1 The yule lads want to give present for the kids and Gryla is thinking of dinner, because the don’t have anything to eat. They have a cat. Bamse is the name. Bamse is also hungry and wants to eat small children. But the yule lads say ‘no’ to Bamse, because if Bamse eats all the kids, who can the yule lads give all the presents to? Bamse looks at the children and says: ‘You all look so delicious and I’m very hungry!’ The kids get scared and start crying. Gryla says: Let us eat Bamse for dinner, because we are all hungry and the kids are afraid of him!’ Bamse became angry and said ‘no’ in english. But in the end of the day, the ate Bamse for dinner.

Alternative Ending 2 Some people are very scared when the day becomes night and everything turns dark. The youngest of the yule lads is very addicted to light and that is his name; Addicted-to-Light. He doesn’t like the dark, because he have been living all of his life in a small cave with his parents and 12 brothers. When Addicted-to-Light comes to the city it is in the middle of the night and it is all dark. There is no light at all and he is afraid of walking alone in the street. But he has no choice. All of a sudden he sees a huge house. He looks at it and sees an open window. He walks to the house, opens the window and finds a candle light. He leaves a present in the house. When he walks home, he is so happy, that he found a candle light.

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The Dark side of the Book


Alternative Ending 1 Summer tale The Green Foxes On June the 21st, summer arrives at our land, and along with it, it comes good weather, and according to what our ancestors used to tell, on this day, a pack of foxes of green colour travelled from the Iroite Mountain to the Moura Cave; they were very beautiful and showy, and also plentiful, as they used to turn up carrying a lot of good things for us who were looking forward to their visit; they would bring sardines to be eaten grilled with boiled potatoes, corn bread and nought and also cherries and they made merry with bagpipers and fireworks. It was such a big party, that it was always remembered year after year. The beasts were so affectionate that everybody loved them, both young and old, and also children who remembered them as one of the best things to happen along the year. We were so thankful to them that we waited for them as a blind mind waits for his sight to return again, and we allowed them to eat as many hens as they liked to, till they were satiated and left happily, longing to come back again. I no longer remember it, but the tale is said to be like that. Summer solstice Summers begins on June, 21st, and for this reason it also begins the time of dwarves, witches and sorceries. In the little village where I was born, there is a fountain that is called “A Fonte das Avoas” (the grandmothers´ fountain). It is said that on the night of June, 21st, a hen with twelve chickens always comes through the fountain at dawn. Just before the sunrise, she goes inside the fountain pipe and there also go the chickens, one by one after her. We don´t have trolls, but people tell that, on Saint Johns´s night, on this magic night, a young woman laid an egg on a glass, and in the morning when she was looking at it....poor thing!, it is said that there appeared a form: it was a plough....that meant that she was going to marry a ploughman; time went by and so it happened: the one who told the story is still alive......

Alternative Ending 1


HURDASKELLIR 1. On December 18th, Hurdaskellir was again visiting the town and that one night changed it all. He was walking along the street until he noticed a half open door. He immediately wanted to slam it and hear the loud bang. However, when he reached out for the door, someone else suddenly shut the door and his fingers got crushed by the door. It was very painful so he decided not to bang the doors anymore. 2. In time Hurdaskellir got so obsessed with doors that one day he eventually managed to convince Gryla to get a small door for their cave. He is now the happiest person in the world. SKYRGAMUR 1. One day on his way into town, Skyrgamur was again sliding down the mountainsides. He lost control, fell and his head on a rock. It knocked him out for a while. _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 59

The Dark side of the Book Luckily he had no serious injuries and was feeling better the next day. So he decided not to slide again and Gryla was happy she doesn't have to mend his trousers again. 2. Having missed the old style of dairy products, one day Skyrgamur decided to try doing home-made skyr. After a week of efforts, he managed to do it as he always knew it; thick and sharper tasting. He was so proud of himself and loved the skyr he did. BJUGNAKRAKIR 1. One day on his way into town, Bjugnakrakır felt really hungry. He was longing for bjuga. He went into a café and had the best bjuga ever. He asked the chef for the recipe and gave it to his mum. Gryla used this recipe from that day on and all the boys loved it. 2. One day on his way into town, Bjugnakrakır felt really hungry. He was longing for bjuga. He went into a café and had the worst bjuga. It was really disgusting. It was a lot worse than the one his mum does. He felt bad and decided not to complain about his mum’s food ever again.

Alternative Ending 2 HEEP WORRIER After the long and painfull walk with his creaky legs he stubbornly climbed the stairs to house.He was dreaming a piece of cheese on the way but he was so surprised and disappointed when he saw there was nothing by the window most probably a crow had stolen it! GULLY GAWK Unfortunately,Gully forgot to feed the cat on Christmas Eve.The hungry cat went down town to eat a child luckily Gully was in town and saw the cat caught a child.He jumped on cat and save the child. STUBBY He couldn't find the chair when he arrived at home where he had to visit.He felt himself bad because of his size, he couldn't reach the window to leave his present.He looked around and noticed a piece of wood and took it.He jumped on it and left the present. SPOON LICKER He was again sucking his thumb behind the tree.He was thinking that nobody could see him but his mother.In the night,she put some hot pepper on thumbs.When he woke up,he met with big surprise! POT LICKER One night after the meal,Pot Licker left the table,run to the kitchen to lick the pots but unfortunately the cat was quicker than him licking the pots. BOWL LICKER His mother threw the waste meterials away and his askur too by mistake.Since Bowl Lıcker couldn't find his askur,his alternative was only to lick his lip. DOOR SLAMMER _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 60

The Dark side of the Book One night he found a door and started slamming it as much as he could but a while later the door was broken and fell on his head! SKYR GLUTTON He went directly to the town from the mountain sides with his torn trousers.A child noticed his torn trousers put the new trousers instead of snack. SAUSAGE STEALER Most people in town knew that Sausage Stealer has used to eat fatty meal because of this they always put fatty food by the window for him.

WINDOW PEEPER He saw Christmas Tree covered with colorful lights while he was peeping next house window.It was so fascinating to him. DOOR SNIFFER When Door Sniffer arrived at town he noticed that some people were searching for a lost little girl.He wanted to help them and he started sniffing the environment. A while later he got the smell of chocolate he followed the smell and found the girl who was holding a piece of chocolate in her hand. MEAT HOOK One day he used his hook to get the lamb but surprisingly he received another hook instead of lamb.It was a joke of family in that house. CANDLE BEGGAR A man opened a shop to sell teeth marks candles as a gift to celebrate birthday and Christmas parties.


Alternative Ending 1 Grýla is in good mood! Leppalúdi is not snoring so laud as he used too, she manage to clean up the cave, beds are made, no clothes to iron or wash (not today anyway) and a delicious smell came out of the pot soup that she had put on fire earlier in the morning. For sure her children should be entering the cave any minute now! Yes children, although they have centuries on their back, Grýla still´s a mother and on this special day Stekkjaustaur, Giljagaur, Stúfur, Pvörusleikir, Pottasleikir, Askasleikir, Hurdaskellir, Skyrgámur, Bjúnakraekir, Gluggagaegir, Gáttapefur, Ketkrókur and Kertasníkir are her beloved children! She had put the big wood round table in the center of the room, a big fire illuminate the dark shadow of the cave, the air is warm and all sort of their son´s favourite food is on the table. Clock tic, and it´s now almost 13h, the floor tremble a bit, a kind of song start is way to Grýla ears and she sensed her sons coming in, the quiet (well, if we ignore the snoring) of the cave knows it´s end. As soon as the 13 yule lads enter the cave the sound of their voices fill the air with laughs and pieces of their stories of the walks and treats they have experienced this days! _____________________________________________________________________________ Once Upon a Time…In Europe! 61

The Dark side of the Book All sounds stop abruptly when they meet Grýlas eyes, and then… the shock slowly gives place to shy smiles that turn into laughs and giggles, Grýla was in good mood! And as they sat down around the table to enjoy the wonderful food, all speaking to their mother, tell her about their adventures and how it goes for last Christmas, Grýla enjoy the moment, tomorrow maybe she would became grumpy, disgruntled and annoyed, but for now it is still today, and a family is having lunch together! The alternatives endings were made by the following students: Maja Uzelac, Stella Židan Pehnec, Sonja Fištrek, Mirjana Res Koritić, Radojka Živković, Marija Živković, Yodjaj Mantharika, Dimitra Thanou, Eleni Markandona, Georgia Koumbarouli, Jadranka Lefkelis Tashkova, Anna Nadirashvili, Sara Sanmartín, Mercedes Trillo, Loli Nieto, Carmen Rial, Miguel Carreira, Saturnino Castro, María Teresa Couto, Nélida Pouso e Juan Rego, Neslihan Gür, Hasena Gürtan, Ayşe Uğursoy, Céu Jacob Martins, Serpil Çoker, Arda Tuna, Nilgün Kansak, Fatma Gul Elmas, Mário Martins, Maria João Casimiro, Ria Olić, Aleksandra Cesarik, Nada Cesarik Zupanc, Waewdao, Sayed, Arda Tuna Aktoğu, VlastaŽižak-Tocauer, Marija Ajša Penc, Maja Baće-Dumančić, Nada Bosiljevac, Banu Öndeş, Ömür Gedik, Sati Tufan-France, Charo Barreiro, Awas, Xeng, Joaquim Martins, Maria do Rosário, Cristina Armstrong, Conceição Durão, Dariusz, Manola Barreiro, Carmela Róo, Guòbjörg Eggertsdóttir, Eliza Ashkan, Marzena, Wedad, Layla, Ashkan, Eliza, Bilgin Sarica, Nilgün Kansak. Belong to all partners: Spain









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