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Media Essay  2     Comparring  Adverts   Guinness  &  Safestyle  ad   Safestyle  is  an  advert  for  bargin  double  glazed  windows  and  most   famous  for  the  hosts  crazy  antics.  Safestyle  audience  would  be   anyone  ages  18  and  over  who  has  a  home  with  single  glaze  windows   or  old/broken  indors  ready  for  an  upgrade  for  a  good  price.     The  Guinness  advert  as  the  same  when  it  comes  to  advertising  their   alcoholic  beverage  but  this  advert  stood  out  from  the  bunch  because   of  the  amazing  visuals  added.  Guinness’s’  target  audience  is  an  wide   audience  of  21  and  older  within  the  A-­‐D2  Classification  group  which   includes  high-­‐average  annual  wage  earners.     Both  adverts  are  very  different  when  it  comes  to  the  item  they  are   selling  but  they  have  many  similar  aspects  involved   Here  are  some  similar  aspects   Both  adverts  have  various  camera  movement  such  as  pan  &  track  to   follow  the  focus  to  follow  the  focus  point  of  each  scene  such  as  in   Guinness  when  they  travel  through  time  a  track  is  following  them  as   they  walk  back  and  in  Safestyle  ad  when  he  is  pushing  the  windows   over  the  camara  tracks  along  with  him  when  he’s  walking  forward   There  also  diegetic  sounds  of  each  product  in  each  video  as  in   Guinness  advert  were  they  take  a  sip  of  drink  and  sound  of  the  glass   hitting  the  bar  top  and  then  in  Safestyle  advert  when  the  host  pushes   over  the  double  glaze  windows  and  the  sound  of  the  window  hitting   the  floor.     Here  are  some  differences;   The  host  is  talking  in  the  safe  style  advert  explaining  about  the   product  and  the  deals  the  company  has  to  offer  and  in  the  Guinness   advert  there  is  no  voiceover  but  a  soundtrack  in  the  background  of   the  advert.  Safestyle  is  a  very  low  budet  advert  which  looks  like  it   could  be  made  by  the  target  consumer  as  it  looks  like  the  only  props   used  was  a  camera  and  tripod  on  the  other  hand  the  Guinness  advert   seems  like  it  took  weeks  of  preparation  and  filming  as  it  includes  lots   of  visual  FX  and  editing.  

media essay isu 2  

media essay

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