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Media Essay 1 Final Comparing Adverts Honda Vs. Cresta Cresta is a drink produced in the 70’s and is a frothy flavoured drink which came in four different flavours (strawberry, lemon & lime, pineapple and orange); Cresta has a mascot bear as their main character in every advert whose character is based on the world famous actor Jack Nicholson how was known for his famous roles of the goofy character. Honda is a very popular vehicle company known worldwide but the advert is like a parody of films from the 30’s & 40’s with the pink flamingos dancing around the water fountains. Hondas advert is aimed at adults who were children in the 1960s because adults around 40-50 would of grown up on fluorescent colours as back then it as a very fashionable trend. The Cresta adverts main audience is those of 10-21 as the advert is a drawn animation but could also appeal to adults in the sense it uses slapstick comedy, which most kids would not understand. The Cresta & Honda advert is very different in the way that they are both advertising totally different items. There are many Similarities between the adverts; Both adverts use persuasive techniques to win over the target audience to their side. Honda uses maternal & paternal love in the advert because parents would want to save the world for their children to have a better life, so they would want to switch to an environmentally friendly engine. There are also many differences between the adverts: Cresta & Honda ad share different audiences as Cresta is more for the younger audiences and Honda is set for adults specifically those old enough to drive and be able to afford a car. Cresta is a drawn stop motion animation and Honda is a 3d animation. Camera angles pan and zoo in the Honda advert, as with the Cresta the camera has no movement at all. Cresta ad has no background music making the audience concentrate more on the product and Honda has ahs some background music to hep tell the story of the advert and the set the mise-en-scene of the ad.

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