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Asset Log Name: Nana Assibey

Date: 13-01-12






USER > Music

Production Title: Lucozade Advert Description



Music used to create a non Searched on diegetic remake of the phone ringing. Rendered .Mov USER > My Videos Finished advert ready for Rendered with H.264 to Rendered from premier pro video uploading ensure the maximum software possible quality from my clips. Video clips .Mov Computer > EOS_DIGITAL Clips recorded onto my SD Ejected from a Canon Dslr. (F:) card and saved onto my pc Premier pro .PPROJJ USER> My Video > Premier pro Adobe Premier pro files Lucozade Ad timeline/sequence file software. Cinema 4d C4D File USER > My Video > 3d text File used in the Cinema 4d software Lucozade Ad intro. Photoshop .PSD USER > My Video > Text file used at the end to Done this to give the Adobe Photoshop file Lucozade Ad highlight Lucozade’s advert a traditional feel that Software slogan. is included in all Lucozade adverts. After Effects AEP File USER > My Video > Used to stabilize a number This was to eliminate some Adobe After Effects file Lucozade Ad of shots within my advert. shaky shots and to make it software smooth and stable.

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