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9.19.11 "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

This Week... 9.19

Dr. Frost visits to review CIP with LT at 3:45 Melanie's Google Site Training will be moved to September 26th. 9.20 Breakfast for the Staff in the Lounge Thank you for starting the year like champions! LT Meeting at 4:00 Softball at Home against SWRMS 9.21 7th Grade Writing Test Football at Home against RMS 9.22 7th Grade Make Up Writing Tests CDC at TAP Math PD BT 1 Meeting Softball at SERMS **Vertical ELA/SS with Kerri Lamb** The 9/26 date on the spreadsheet is incorrect. Thank you teacher editors for catching that mistake. 9.23 7th Grade Make Up Writing Tests Teacher Self-Assessments should be completed and Professional Development Plans are due. This date can be extended to 9/30 if necessary.

Next Week... 9.26

Crisis Team meeting with Dr. Rice @ 3:45 AVID sponsors McTeacher Night-5:00-8:00 Google Site Training in Melanie's room @ 3:50 9/27 Admin. PD with Teams during planning SB @ ATMS, 9/28 FB @ATMS 9/29 Golden Leaf After School in Connie's room SB @ SAMS 9/30- Emergency Lesson Plans due to April Middle School Football Night at AHS Teachers should let Candace know if they have completed any home visits since school started. The wraparound feature was not activated when I typed the Calendar information sheet so the home visit information was omitted. As always, please let me know if see corrections or know of additions that need to be made to this information.

Celebrations and Hot Tamales *Hot Tamales to our entire 6th grade team and Chester for working together to make our first school dance a success. Everybody pitched in to do their part and the students were awesome. Thank you for helping to provide special school memories for our students. * *Thanks to Janice, Karen, and Richard for all they have done to make sure we are ready to administer the 7th Grade On Line Writing Test.*

Keeping Us On The Same Page Basic Best Practices that must be consistent for NAMS to be a great school. Logistics and Safety -Teachers should be at their doorways to help supervise students during class changes. Remember a friendly reminder or warning is all that most of our students need for guidance. -Please remember that students should not have cell phones or electronic devices out at any time during the day unless they have been given permission to use them for instructional purposes. This is the ACS Board Policy that we are all accountable for enforcing. -There have been some questions about the absorption plans. The only time that an absorption plan would be needed for Core classes is if we had nobody in the building to cover a class and we could not find a substitute. Thanks for asking for clarification. -First round observations for Probationary and Beginning teachers will begin the week of 9/26. The first observation will be announced and require a preconference. These teachers will be given the date and time of their first observation by the end of the week.

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Comet Express A picture is worth a thousand words.

9.19.11 Blogs and Research Articles As you read the overwhelming amount of information that you will receive this year and in the future, I encourage you to remember the difference between blogs and research as it relates to our profession. Both serve a valuable purpose. While blogs can play an important role in professional growth and sparking future learning, they are most often opinion oriented. It would be an incredible irony for educators to lose focus on the importance of research based information. But then again, that's just my opinion. (-: Candace's Rules #1 My job is not to be the person with the answers, but to help you find the answers. #2 If you work at NAMS you are a teacher. #3 Talk the talk and walk the walk. Model what

Learning Links and Stuff to think about

you expect of others. #4 Whatever it takes attitude (Ethically and

Opinion on the Importance of Learning from Making Mistakes Support for Single Gender Classes and Teaching Black Males 10906/NEWS01/109060321/New-all-male-highschool-focuses-structurevalues?odyssey=nav%7Chead Importance of students formulating and asking their own questions Common Sense Corner-MEd of the Obvious


The link for information on the importance of students asking their own questions is full of common sense. Of course students will work harder to answer their own questions. It is no different than adults. That intrinsic curiosity is one of the major factors behind Google's success. Please remember the important role you play in sparking student curiosity.

sustain us in disagreements while nurturing us in

#5 Positive Assumptions-Start from a place of goodness. #6 Power of One-It all starts with you. Remember character is what you do when nobody is watching. #7 Stop the swinging pendulum. #8 Teamwork/Leadership-Knowing why there is no "I" in teamwork and there is an "I" in leadership. #9 Respect is the "manna" of our school. It will growth. #10 See challenges as opportunities. How you name it is how you will claim it.

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