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Comet Express Important Dates 3/19-8th graders register for HS in the media center, ELA/SS Vertical Meeting, BB at Home 3/20-8th graders register for HS in the media center, Track at Lexington, Leadership Team Meeting 3/22-Progress Reports, BT 1 & BT2 meeting, Staff Social at Main Street in Randleman 3/24-Human Race 3/26-Jr. Civitan Meeting 3/27-Kerri Lamb PD, Soccer at Home, BB at SWRMS, Parent Assist Module Training 5-6 3/28-BB at ATMS, Track at Home 3/29-7th Grade Field Trip, Golden Leaf After School, Soccer at Uwharrie 3/30-8th grade Math Benchmarks, 7th Grade Reading Benchmarks, Relay for Life Luncheon, School Dance sponsored by the 8th Grade Team 3/31-NCCTM conference at NAMS

Celebrations and Hot Tamales Hot Tamales to Faye who is now the President-Elect for the NCAEOP, Georgia, April, Chris, and Natasha on conducting successful home visits last week, Kerry, Amanda, Lynda, Georgia, and Chris (super sub) for being nominated by students for Teacher of the Week, The 6th grade team for teaching kids PBIS lessons through kickball, April for organizing another awesome PBIS reward event for the students, Rupert, Jordi and the soccer team for a championship season! Learning Links and Stuff to think about

3.19.12 NAMS Pictures of the Week

Sixth grade students loving NAMS!

NCAEOP President Elect Faye McLeod

Common Core-Informational and Nonfiction Text Five lessons about teaching from Marines Five Tips for Classroom Management Writing to Learn Blog Post Shared By Melanie

Soccer Champs! Keeping Us on the Same Page Reminder for Students-Please remind students that the incentive period for the last PBIS reward of the year begins on Monday.

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