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Comet Express Monday Morning Music afety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1&safe=ac tive A song about taking care of where we are-If we take care of where we are, we will get to where we need to go.  Important Dates 2/6-PD 360 PD 3:45-4:10, Dr. Frost will visit NAMS to review the CIP with the Leadership Team from 4:15-5:15. 2/7-Progress Reports, EXPLORE Parent Meetings at 12:30 and 6:30, Science Vertical Meeting, OSHA meeting with Grade Level Reps 3:45-4:15, PTO Officers Meeting 2/8-Admin at PDC in the AM 2/9-PD 360 training at 3:45, Students who need help with the Math Fair will stay afterschool 2/10-School Dance sponsored by 8th grade 5:30-7:30 2/13-ELA/SS Vertical Meeting, Soccer at RMS, 8th Grade FanFare at the PDC-6:30 2/14-Volleyball at Home, Math Vertical Meeting 2/15-Principals’ Meeting at PDC, Science Vertical Meeting at SAMS, Soccer at Home 2/16-Explore Parent Meetings at 12:30 and 6:30, SMARTS afterschool, Volleyball at SERMS 2/17-Peer Observations should be completed and post conferences held


Keeping Us on the Same Page Important Dates on the Comet Express-Sometimes it is necessary to make changes in vertical meeting dates as well as other meetings. Sometimes I simply make typos! Please help me keep updated on changes in meeting dates and feel free to wear an editor’s cap when reading the Comet Express. I need your help! Counselor Appreciation Week-Counselor Appreciation Week begins on February 6th. Please take the time to find ways to show Janice you appreciate what she does for our school. Home Visits-Please let me know if you made home visits in Jan. EC subs-We will have a trifecta team working as EC subs until we find our new EC teacher. Mrs. Vanessa Brooks, Mrs. Lois Davis, and Mrs. Cheryl McIntosh will work as an EC team for our school. Please take the time to welcome each of these “retirees” on loan when you see them. Even in retirement, they are still committed to NAMS kids! School Store-The School Store is on schedule to open on Friday, February 10th. Comet Cash should be given to students for demonstrating excellence in Safety, Ownership, Attitude, And Respect! More information will be sent this week. NAMS Picture of the Week

Celebrations and Hot Tamales Hot Tamales to parents Marie Lowery, Ophelia Jones, And Starr Grant for helping out with the PBIS Ice Cream Social on Friday! Hot Tamales to Connie, Amanda, Karen, Rupert, and Vikki for all they did to ensure that NAMS was represented well at the Science Fair. Hot Tamales to Scott for the awesome job he does as our Band Director as evidenced by the performance of his students! Hot Tamales to Maricela for being nominated as our Teacher of the Week. How wonderful that our students see her as a teacher too. Learning Links and Stuff to think about Digital Textbooks and Playbooks

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