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Comet Express 01215Monday Morning Music in honor of Veterans e=active Important Calendar Dates 10/31 Send NC Report Card and FAN Flyer Home 11/1 6th Grade Team begins AM/PM Duty, Candace at Principal Meeting 10:30-12:00, Flu Shots at NAMS, Submit the number or home visits you conducted during the month of October to Candace 11/2 Staff Meeting-ExC-Ell and 504 Training 11/3 Technology Showcase, Dr. Frost and School Board visit 11/8 Science/Math Vertical Meeting 11/9 Administrators at Curriculum Meeting 11/11 Holiday

Celebrations and Hot Tamales Thanks to everyone for being flexible and demonstrating teamwork during the Benchmark Testing last week. An extra special thank you goes to Krista, Matt, Leslie and Lynda for giving a 212 degree effort in the teamwork department. Congratulation to Linda, Julia, and Melanie for representing our school and district at the state Math Conference! They received rave reviews!

Learning Links and Stuff to think about Digital Textbooks in the Classroom Using digital resources for lessons on Global Issues

Flipped Education

Using technology to prepare students for the workplace

Using Fantasy Football to Teach Math

Keeping Us On The Same Page and Best Practices Expectations for Schoolwide Events  If it is a schoolwide event, I expect everyone on the NAMS team to be there for our kids and each other.  If you can’t help out with a particular event, I expect you to communicate that to me. I will understand.

10.31.11 However, you should not “just not show” or not communicate with me. EC Students and After School Detention-I have had questions about whether EC students can be assigned ASD. In a word, “Yes.” However, please remember to communicate ASD assignments to me through email. I actually get calls from parents asking if I knew there child had ASD. I support you in using this consequence. Just keep me in the loop.

A picture is worth a thousand words. “Friday!” or maybe… “Monday!”

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