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Comet Express Monday Morning Music For Martin, For the Dream, For our Kids, For Us Important Dates 1/16 Martin Luther King Holiday 1/17 Required Workday-OSHA training for staff in the media center from 9:00-9:45 1/18 Required Workday-Common Core PD at AHS, District Vertical Science Meeting after CC PD 1/19 Window opens for 7th Grade Content Writing Benchmark, Spelling Bee at 9:00 in the theater, Superintendent's Advisory Council, SMARTS and Student Council Meeting afterschool 1/21 Wrestling Conference Tournament at RHS 1/22 Candace will visit Balfour Baptist Church to thank the church for adopting NAMS and supporting our school. An email will be sent with more information. 1/23 Kerri Lamb PD, District BT-2 meeting, BB Tournament at Eastern Randolph High School 1/24 ExCELL Training for 8th and 7th grade, BB Tournament continues, Parent Technology Meeting with Marty Williams in the Media Center at 6:00. 1/25 Report Card Pick Up at McDonalds, Admin Meeting at PDC, Human Race Breakfast, Dr. Frost will visit NAMS 1/26-CASE 21 Item Bank Training-A separate email will be sent with additional information. District BT-1 meeting, SMARTS afterschool 1/27 8th grade Field Trip to the Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro, BB Tournament Semi-Finals

Celebrations and Hot Tamales Hot Tamales to Tommy, Scott, Makenzie, Ryan, Julia, Evie, Chris, and Leslie for helping Alison’s students with their Biography project. I have the feeling that I am forgetting a few names. Alison, Please let me know if I left names off this list! Hot Tamales to Tommy, Coach Butler, Scott, and Chester for organizing and supervising Friday’s Mega NAMS JAMS! The kids had a great time! Hot Tamales to Lynda and Teresa for their work with students and the IC3 Certification Process! Hot Tamales to Coach Gary on being nominated for Teacher of the Week. The students made it clear that Chester knows how to make learning fun whether it is in the classroom or gym!

1.16.12 Hot Tamales to everyone for working together during last week’s Benchmark Testing. Time after time, you pulled together to solve the challenges while staying focused on doing what was best for our students! I am proud of you all! Learning Links and Stuff to think about -Excellent article supporting my belief that teachers are the to breaking the cycle of poverty for our students

-Thoughts on teaching about Civil Rights

Keeping Us on the Same Page Teachey’s New Head Custodian-Congratulations goes to Kevin Carter on his appointment as Teachey’s new Head Custodian. Kevin has done a great job for us and will be missed. This is a great opportunity for him and we wish him well. Kevin’s last day at NAMS will be on Friday, January 20th. Information and Technology Toolkit - A digital toolkit has been created to assist teachers in identifying information and technology resources, strategies, objectives and tools helpful in understanding essential standards, common core and professional standards. The toolkit, which is available online at, provides practical resources and ready-to-use techniques that help teachers build the relationships and teamwork needed to face the challenges of assessment, teaching and learning, and student-centered classrooms with success. NAMS Picture of the Week

The picture above is of the plate given to Dr. Frost from our school in recognition of her recent honors.

Comet Express


Comet Express 1.16.12  

weekly newsletter Comet Express

Comet Express 1.16.12  

weekly newsletter Comet Express