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Site & Visibility


Lets have a look at the Treasures of Sanghol


Taking a look at the present condition of 15 the museum Key areas to be improved upon


Details of some of the key areas


Estimated cost of the project


Site and Visibility

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S ang ho l and its Impo rtanc e



Situated on the top of a mound, locally called Ucha Pind, Sanghol is famed for the Stupas, Archeaological finds and Sanghol Museum displaying the finds. These have put this village of Punjab on the list of tourist attraction sites. A large of number of relics dating from the late Harappan civilization (2000BC-1300BC), Kushana dynasty to recent past are found here.

Treasures of Sanghol Museum

Treasures of Sanghol Museum

Treasures of Sanghol Museum

Treasures of Sanghol Museum

Treasures of Sanghol Museum

Treasures of Sanghol Museum

Treasures of Sanghol Museum


The Museum of Sanghol is an Archaeological on-site Museum which means that its Importance is as much for research and pedagogical purposes as like an infotainment institute.

(Basics Apart from Infotainment)

•It is the responsibility of the museum specialist to make its display expressive  so that the spectator must feel pleased. Audiovisual and computer  interactive can be provided in various galleries to enhance the learning  experience of the visitors. It would also make the aura of the museum/gallery  more welcoming for the visitors. Ideally, at the entrance of each section, a  brief history of writing is essential. •Labels­ Individual labels for each exhibit should be developed in three  languages­ Hindi, English and Gurmukhi. •Signages – Boards showing direction and name of the galleries and offices  is a basic requirement of any museum and at present it is not fully met with.  Better quality signages need to be installed. •Drinking water –Provision of filtered cool drinking water is a basic visitor  facility required.

•Leaflets and folders serve good purpose. They are mostly informative in  character. Illustrated by reproductions of a few well selected specimens as they  mostly are, they convey to the visitor an impression of not only the exhibits of a  museum but also of the amenities provided by the museum for the public. Such  folders and leaflets should have a visual appeal in them. •  Map guides are more graphic and contain detailed information about the  museum and the approaches to its sections. •The museum needs provision of telephone system, fire alarms and  burglar alarms. •    •Seats for visitors must also be provided inside and outside the galleries. • Rest rooms for both gents and ladies with attached toilets are also  desirable in museums. Lockers for attendants and a checkroom near  the entrance for the public.  •Washrooms •Cafeteria/ Canteen

The ICOM Code of Ethics for Mus e um s

5. Mus e um hold re s ource s that provide opportunitie s for othe r public s e rvice s and be ne fits · Identification services 6. Mus e um s work in clos e collaboration with the com m unitie s from which the ir colle ctions originate as we ll as thos e the y s e rve · Origin of collections · Respect for communities served 7. Mus e um s ope rate in a le gal m anne r · Legal framework 8. Mus e um s ope rate in a profe s s ional m anne r · Professional conduct · Conflicts of interest

Estimated Cost of Expert Team

Estimated Cost of the Complete Project Structure and Material     88,05,470 Manpower                        20,40,000 Miscellaneous                    2,06,000

Consultant Organization: Heritage Restorers Prepared by: Ms. Namita J aspal

Up-gradation Proposal for sanghol Museum  

Sanghol is an on-site Archaeological Museum

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