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Aspiring Musicians and Producers – AMP is designed to help students produce, record, perform, and even release their original works! We Club Name: Short (1-2 sentence) info about will teach students the basic fundamentals of music your club. This should be something students production anddecide guide them can look at and if theythroughout want to jointheir yourmusical career. Each student will have his/her track(s) club or not mastered by professional record labels!!! Key Event Music Production Club Partnership Basic Information

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Audio mastering will take place on January 11th of each year. One this day, students will have their audio professionalized.

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1st for students to expose their music to other students!


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Key Event One sentence info: what? when? why?

Production will take place on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Students will apply what they have learned throughout the past 3 weeks.

Officers and Advisor(s)

Jay Shelton Advisor

Atharva Rohatgi Public R.

Namir Hassan President

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Paras Jain VP

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Ajay Jain VP

Name Position

Nishith Modi VP

Name Position

Jonathan Fung Treasurer

Name Position

Annie Liu Oral Instructor

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Aspiring Musicians and Producers