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They’ve Got The Balls Tanya Calitz A few brave men from the coast have come forward, and posed naked for the Biokinetic Rehabilitation Centre and the Namib Independent’s Prostate and Testicular Cancer Awareness Initiative photo-shoot.

November, also known as Movember, is the month for men to come together in aid of creating consciousness about prostate cancer which affects about one in six men worldwide. According to the Cancer

Association of South Africa, prostate cancer is the number two cancer among men worldwide and number one cancer among black men in Southern Africa. Read more about this cancer on our double page spread on page 18 & 19. A big thanks to Sharmine Livingston Photography who provided her services, time, and studio for the shoot, and we would also like to thank Desert Catering for providing snacks and beverages for the day. Continued on Page 18


Clean-Up Operation Launched by Municipal Traffic Department Tanya Calitz A truck clean-up operation has been launched by the Walvis Bay Municipal Traffic department last week, following numerous complaints about abandoned trucks and truck parts all over town, lodged by the community for months now. “Our town is looking like a scrap yard and I am now sick and tired of truck owners treating our town as

if it is a scrap yard. Walvis Bay is not a scrap yard,” said Senior Traffic Officer Collin Rickerts from the Walvis Bay Municipal Traffic Department. The Namib Independent was present at the first truck removal following the announcement of the cleanup operation. The truck had been parked in the harbour area for almost a year, said Rickerts. Continued on Page 3

Continued on Page 3

Thursday, 21 November 2013

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There is Hope!

Suicide is Not the Answer! If you feel excessively sad, hopeless, emotionally down or depressed, please think twice before taking your own life and speak to someone you trust, or contact any of these numbers below. Circle of Friends Support Group (Facebook): 081 866 5453, (Meets every Tuesday at 17h30 on the corner of 49 Rhode Allee and Otavi Str, Swakopmund).

Childline Helpline: Monica Schikozho Hilkka Shiwalo Pastor Bennie Smith Pastor Morris Klazen

116 081 681 6080 081 439 3959 081 256 6331 081 304 8677


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Thursday, 21 November 2013

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Truck Clean-Up Operation Launched by Municipal Traffic Department

Continued from Page 1

According to Rickerts the traffic department will be removing all these abandoned trucks, or trucks left in public domain for more than seven days, under the Urban Area Act – Regulation 355 (2) and Government Notice 53/01, which states “to lawfully remove any truck / vehicle left for more than 7 days in the same place on public road.” “We have contacted the owner of the truck we are removing several times, and given him warnings and fines, but he keeps ignoring our

plea, so now we are left with no other option but to take action and remove these unwanted vehicles on the public roads,” an irate Rickerts explained. The truck belongs to Nickelback Transport and was registered in Swakopmund, but according to Rickerts the owner resides in the North. The wheels of the truck have been stolen, as well as other valuable parts of the truck. According to Rickerts there are quite a few

trucks in and around town, especially in the industrial areas, which will be removed in the next few weeks to come. “The Traffic Authority will be taking all the abandoned or illegal vehicles we remove to the scrap yard, where this truck will also be,” Rickerts explained. The next lot of vehicles, which will be removed, are in the Fruit & Veg, and Bathroom World vicinity, Rickerts said. “We will no longer tolerate these safety

hazards on the public roads, not only are the vehicles a sore sight, but it is endangering other road users’ lives,” Rickerts said. He stated that their next target will be the imported vehicles, parked illegally all over town. “The imported vehicles are another headache that we will handle with a notolerance approach,” he warned. Walvis Bay Plant and Tool Hire carried out the first truck removal.

Erongo Red Responds to Community Outcries Tanya Calitz Recently the coastal community held a demonstration, stating their upset and unhappiness with Erongo Red, highlighting the fact that they want the Municipality to take control of the electricity department. One of the demonstators’ demands was, “We are not happy with how Erongo Red is operating and want them to step down, so that the municipality can take over the task again.” On the day of the demonstration, a petition was handed over to Government to intervene and take action against Erongo Red. Both Erongo Red and the Walvis Bay Municipality responded to the community’s uproar. “The Municipality takes note of the public’s demands. Since the petition was submitted to Government, the Municipality is therefore not in a position to comment directly on the contents of the petition. However, the Municipality will consult with

all relevant stakeholders in order to address the public’s concerns,” said Public Relations Manager, Kevin Adams. According to Erongo Red it is the democratic right of the community to get their voices heard through peaceful demonstration. However, Erongo Red feels that it is sad that the community continues to be misled by disgruntled individuals. “On numerous occasions we have maintained our position that Electricity Supply Industry is fully regulated by ECB and as such Erongo RED tariffs are also regulated by ECB. Electricity tariffs are determined and regulated by the Electricity Control Board (ECB). And their responsibility is to balance the interest of the consumers and electricity suppliers. Therefore, we challenge those who claim that our tariffs are higher to compare our tariffs with other distributors,” said Ben Nangombe, Erongo RED’s Public Relations and Marketing Officer.

According to Nangombe, even if the Municipality was to take over the electricity supply, the community must remember that there is no way that they will supply electricity below the market value or industry approved tariffs. However, this is not what the community believes, when listening to their outcries at the recent demonstration in Kuisebmond. Despite all the allegations made and judgements thrown towards Erongo RED, they insist that they have done a lot, and will be doing a lot still to meet their customers’ demands. “We have always regarded our relationship with our customers as vital to our business. Electricity tariffs within Erongo RED licensed area, like with other distributors in Namibia, will continue to rise over the next five years. Hence, Erongo RED has implemented measures to cushion the impact of the tariffs to the pensioners and low income people in our community by

providing subsidised electricity. As part of our vision to have electricity to all by 2020, we have started investing in the upgrading of our electrical infrastructure and are strengthening the network capacity in various towns within the Erongo Region. “We have also commenced with the projects aimed at connecting houses that did not have access to electricity at all. The electrification of 122 houses for low income segment in Uis is well in progress. The contractors for these projects have already been appointed and the connections of these houses are scheduled to be completed before the festive season,” Nangombe explained. Nangombe also said that similar projects are scheduled for other towns. “In Omaruru 32 houses have been earmarked to be electrified, 51 in Karibib and 71 houses in Usakos. The whole

Whale Remains Intact on the Beach Lavrenty Repin Following the poignant death of a stranded sperm whale outside Henties Bay last Wednesday, several members of the community came forward enquiring about the fate of the 30 ton animal and whether or not his meat will be donated to the public. There were even rumours that the animal was slaughtered before it passed away naturally. The whale, however, is still located in the same position, and there are no plans to move him. Dr. Simon Elwen of the Dolphin Project speculated that within two months the whale, which is presumed to be a male and is 16 meters in length, will disintegrate back into the ocean.

Simon also explained that since the animal may be highly poisonous due to bioaccumulation and the possibility of it being a disease carrier, since the cause of death is unknown, consuming its meat can be very dangerous. Furthermore, the sperm whale is a protected species, which means the animal cannot be consumed even after a natural death. The cause of death could not be presently determined, because the weather conditions in the area are too erratic to examine the animal safely, Simon points out, but the animal does not appear to be very old. Simon also stressed that, although the Namibian Dolphin Project was very grateful for the attempted rescue by the coastal

community and Emed, it is strongly recommended that such daring rescue attempts should not be done in the future. There is chance that the animal can roll over someone, pinning them underwater, or simply

strike a person with its 60 kilogram tail. Furthermore, releasing the animal back into the water does not guarantee its survival, and most likely, due to disorientation, the whale will simple end up back on the shoreline.

project will cost Erongo RED around N$3 Million. Some of the aforementioned areas were previously serviced by the municipalities but did not enjoy access to electricity, which is now realised through the interventions of Erongo RED,” Nangombe said. Even though the Municipality at this stage wishes to not elaborate too much on this matter, they do however want to remind the community that they are a 50% stakeholder in Erongo RED. “It also goes without saying that with 50% shareholding in Erongo RED, the Municipality of Walvis Bay has a significant stake in all Erongo RED infrastructure,” said Adams. In the meantime the Municipality is also keenly awaiting Government’s response regarding the petition, Adams said.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

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Tumble Inn Pre-School Gets Moving and Grooving

Siglinde de Villiers Last Wednesday, the Tumble Inn pre-primary school presented their concert, themed Moving and Grooving at the Municipal Town Hall. Children from two to seven years performed numbers ranging from broadway to country rock to catching music tunes. In the opening speech by Lorraine du Toit, prinicpal of Tumble Inn pre-primary school, she said that the concert was a collaborated effort, made possible by their sponsors. “Our academy has shown exceptional results at primary schools and we keep up to date with new techniques and mind moves,” she said. The concert opened with ballet dancers performing graceful moves, imitating the fluid movement of jellyfish while different colored fairy lights in the ballerina’s dresses intrigued the audience. In the next number, boys and girls in waistcoats, canes and glamorous

dresses performed a broadway number to the setting of New York. Thereafter, a detective and children dressed in panther suits followed clues around the stage to the pink panther soundtrack. The song Footloose introduced boys with checkered shirts and cowboy hats performing a line with girls in white cowboy boots. Next, the audience travelled to the moon when children in their space suits executed a moon dance amidst eerie smoke. In a twist and jive scene one performer took the audience by surprise when he acted out a break dance and concluded it with a back flip. Another scene immersed the audience into the secrets of nightfall, when lights bathed girls dressed as butterflies in romantic colors as they fluttered along the stage. Summer arrived with the last scene when larger than life sweets and lollipops were carried around by boys in suits and girls wearing polka dot dresses.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

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Erongo Child-friendliness Investigated Siglinde de Villiers In this three part series on children’s fates in the Erongo Region, we will look into case studies, laws on child protection and baby dumping. Recent reports from the African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) revealed that when it comes to child-friendliness, Namibia has dropped 24 places since 2008 and now ranks 26 out of 52 African countries. The Namib Independent decided to investigate how well our children are treated at the coast. According to the ACPF report, a child-friendly government is defined as, “one which makes obligations to respect, protect and fulfil children’s rights and ensure their well-being.” How seriously is our community living up to this ideal? In an interview with a Constable from the Nampol Women and Child Protection Unit, the officer said that physical, emotional and sexual abuse, as well as neglect, is still abundant. “Most of my cases result from physical abuse,” the officer said. This often involves beatings and thrashings that leave marks and external injuries. “People use all kinds of objects, like electric cables for example,” the Constable told the Namib Independent. Records at the Station show children as young as three years have been

abused, often sexually. Other cases show children having been burned with an iron or forced to eat faeces. According to the Constable, a lot of physical abuse occurs because adults suffer from excessive stress and family unhappiness and then take it out on the children. Another big problem is child neglect. “If you leave your child alone even for 30 minutes, you are guilty of child neglect. What often happens is that parents go to work and leave their children home alone for the whole day,” the officer explained. The constable explained that child abuse often results in the children growing up with no self-esteem, being withdrawn and feeling worthless, even suffering from depression. “A lot of children who have been sexually abused try and change their gender,” the officer said. A detective at the Nampol Women and Child Protection Unit claimed that sexual abuse is the most prominent type. “I have not been working at the coast for very long, but in my experience, child abuse is much worse in other towns,” the sergeant said. “Alcohol is a big problem, because when adults are drunk they end up abusing children, but do not remember anything afterward.” According to the officer, children from the age of 15 downward are victims. They

also mentioned that abuse can sometimes be tied in with culture and tradition. “Some traditions believe that children must be beaten. Other tribes do not think that there is anything wrong with

incest,” the office concluded. Next week we will take a look at how well Namibia’s law protects its children and if perpetrators are actually convicted.

Financier Pulls Out of Arandis Hotel Project

Dorcas Mhungu Construction of a threestorey hotel in Arandis, the first one in the town, stalled when a financier in partnership with owner Rudy Sanderson pulled out. This somewhat smothered the excitement of local residents, who were hoping to wine and dine at the hotel as

soon as this Christmas. Squashing widespread speculation that the contractor had vanished after being paid a healthy deposit, Arandis Town Council Chief Executive Officer Florida Husselmann set the records straight. “Sanderson is a private developer who bought land from council to build the 30 bed hotel,” she explained,

adding that Sanderson commenced construction of the hotel at the beginning of the year. Husselmann added that besides the hotel, Sanderson also bought land to build other residential properties at the town and contracted his own contractors for the hotel project. Sanderson had prioritised the hotel project but when the

building was at the second floor level, his financier withdrew from the project, bringing to a halt the concrete mixers and making workers, who had found employment at the sight, idle. “Mr Sanderson has found another financier and he will resume construction work as soon as he concludes negotiations with the new partner,” the optimistic Council Chief told the Namib Independent. Contacted for comment, Sanderson pledged his commitment to complete his “unique” project. “There is no way that I can walk away after putting in more than N$8 million. “Stories that the contractor vanished are all rubbish,” Sanderson scoffed at the rumours and added that he will consider expanding the hotel as demand will justify. Work on the hotel will resume in January after the traditional “construction honeymoon” that takes place from December to January when construction companies in Namibia shut down.

Beluga Fishing Treating the Sunshine Centre to a Braai

Tanya Calitz Each year Beluga Fishing chooses an institution or group to spoil for a day, and this year it was the Sunshine Centre’s turn to be treated by the company. Nothing says Namibian festivity like a nice braai, which is exactly what they did. There were happy faces all around, with a hotdog in the one hand and a drink in the other. The kids also all

received a made up lucky packet filled with treats and goodies. To add to the fun there was some nice live music and a jumping castle for the little ones. The Sunshine Centre is an institution that looks after and cares, for children and grown-ups with learning difficulties and mental or physical challenges. Our own local sports celebrity was also there, Johanna Benson, giving a helping hand handing out the goodies and food.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

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Swakopmund Mayor Speaks Out Napwu Opens New Following Re-election

Lavrenty Repin Councillor Juuso Kambueshe, who was re-elected to serve a second term as Swakopmund Mayor on November, told the Namib Independent that he was excited and appreciative of his re-election, and above all confident about his vision and expectations for next year. The key concern currently casting a shadow over the Municipality is the DRC protests and the decision of 8000 DRC residents to distance themselves from the up-coming General Elections. The Mayor was quick to point these challenges out. “We’re facing many dawning tasks for next year, one of them definitely being the DRC issue, and the key focus would be to fast track the DRC formalisation, however, one needs to look at all issues, you don’t put your eggs in one basket.”

Mayor Kambueshe said that a pledge has been made to the residents of DRC, and it has been one of the biggest challenges in his previous term. However, he insisted that it has also been the highest point of his candidacy. “The DRC had a lot of statuary processes that had to be done in the background, that is something one doesn’t get praise for, but now we have reached the point where we can begin the DRC formalisation, so it is definitely the highest point.” The Mayor stressed that the most important challenge for the municipality is to focus on mass house development, which, according to him, will subsequently help to combat crime, HIV, domestic violence, alcohol consumption and a general feeling of discontent in the community. Mayor Kambueshe also spoke of the importance of tourism, explaining that within ten years, tourism will become the Number One industry in Namibia. “My hope is to put in place a master strategy to invest into tourism. I want to nurture those values.” Mayor Kambueshe also spoke passionately of alcohol abuse in Swakopmund.

“We have struggled to convince the community of how inhumane it is to have shebeens in residential areas. A born free child that lives in a shack, probably lives next to a shebeen, so he is conditioned to drink for the rest of his life. “One of my biggest dreams is for residential areas to have no shebeens.” Although not mentioning any specific examples, the Mayor spoke cautiously about his encounter with double standards within the Swakopmund community. “I’ve never come across such selfishness in my life, where members would mislead the public for their own agendas. Maybe because I’m raw to politics and I don’t believe in these games,” the mayor pointed out, calling it “selective morality” by some Swakopmund residents in power. “It’s not a privilege [to be mayor], you are given an honour and trust and responsibility is placed upon you, that calls for a humble comprehension,” the Mayor concluded. Catch the Namib Independent next week to read the full interview with Swakopmund Mayor, Juuso Kambueshe.

B&B in Swakopmund Siglinde de Villiers Last Friday, the Namibian Public Workers Union (Napwu) inaugurated their newly acquired Boathouse in Swakopmund. The Bed and Breakfast cost N$9 million and serves as an income-generating project for Napwu. According to Prime Minister Hage Geingob, this is an investment into Namibia’s key sector, namely tourism. Especially Swakopmund is experiencing growth in this sector, making such an investment a good choice. Peter Nevonga, Napwu General

Secretary, said that the Bed and Breakfast was evaluated at N$12 million, however, they were able to negotiate and reduce the price to N$9 million.

Comet Soon to Light Up Desert Skies

Siglinde de Villiers As comet ISON approaches the sun, it brightens and becomes ever more visible in the sky. The Namibia Scientific Society states that if comet ISON survives grazing the sun, coastal residents should be able to see a spectacular and beautiful display with a long tail spanning across the sky. Dr Michael Backes, an expert in gamma-ray astronomy and lecturer at the University of Namibia said that comet ISON follows an elliptical path around the sun, apparently crossing the earth’s orbit. “What makes ISON so special is that its path will lead him extremely close to the sun and the intensity of the light to be reflected from the comet will be drastically higher than for most other comets,” he explained. He continued to explain that this reflected light can then be seen from the earth. Michael SP Kelly, an assistant Research Scientist at the Department of Astronomy at the University of Maryland explained that most sungrazing comets do not survive being so close to the sun and are disrupted by the sun’s intense radiation and gravity. However, most sungrazing comets are quite small compared to comet ISON. “Comet ISON should be able to survive the sun, seeing as it is a larger size than other comet. “The larger size insulates the comets interior from the sun’s energy, allowing it to survive the close encounter.” According to Rob Johnstone, astronomer and manager of SOLNA (Space Observation Learning Namibia) comet ISON is about 6km wide. He also mentioned that the comet will

skim the sun's surface as close as 14 million km, or 0.012 AU (Astronomical Units). In comparison, the earth is 1 AU away from the sun. Comet ISON is on a path towards the sun and rapidly brightening as it does so. According to Johnstone, the comet will be at it closest point to the sun on 28 November. “As the 28th approaches, it may even be possible to see the comet during the daytime with the naked eye,” he said. If the comet survives the sun, coastal residents should be able to see the comet again a few weeks after 28 November as it approaches the earth, being closest to it over Christmas. “The comet should be visible again in December and be much brighter than it is now. We are hoping for its tail to stretch across a large part of the horizon, visible to the naked eye,” Johnstone said. According to Backes, the darker the sky, the easier the observations will be. Thus, the Namib Desert proves to be an ideal location, with unobstructed skies that are uncontaminated by light pollution from urban areas. Since comet ISON will be close to the sun it should be visible on the horizon just before sunrise. Johnstone said that at the moment, comet ISON can be seen closest to the star Spica in the Virgo star constellation. Due moon giving a lot of light the comet is only visible with binoculars at this point in time,” Johnstone said. If comet ISON survives its close encounter with the sun, the best viewing will be a few weeks after November 28, when the comet is heading away from the sun and back towards the earth, with a ghostly trail spanning up to a quarter the way across the sky.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

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Walvis Bay Private High School Introduces Their Medical Committee

The Sport Committee of Walvis Bay Private High School (WBPHS), under the guidance of Deputy Prinicpal and GM of Sport, Mr Wynand Moolman, assigned a Medical Committee to assist WBPHS with sport injuries that might occur during future sport activities.

The aim of the WBPHS Medical Committee is to give WBPHS parents and learners who participate in sport the surety that they will be in capable hands should a learner sustain any type of injury while representing WBPHS in a sport event. The WBPHS Medical Committee

members are Physiotherapist Anna-Mart Kruger (Chairman), Dr Callie Rautenback and Dr Roche Pitout, Biokineticist Johan Esterhuyse, Dietician Karin Templinc, Dentist Dean Kock, Pharmacist Hendrik van Schalkwyk, Deputy Principal and General Manager for Sport Wynand Moolman and WBPHS Board of Directors Member Callie van Wyk. The purpose of the WBPHS Medical Committee is to sufficiently and effectively handle any injuries that may occur during WBPHS sport activities. In addition, the Committee serves to condition WBPHS athletes and sport teams and to make sure that WBHPS athletes and sport teams can recover optimally from any injuries, which may occur during a sport

event. Also, the Medical Committee will advise WBPHS coaches, parents, teachers and learners about correct warm-up procedures and improve universal communication between WBPHS coaches and medical professionals. Another aim is to always have a Doctor or Physiotherapist either present at a WBPHS sporting event, or available on call. The contact details of the medical committee will be available on the WBPHS’s webpage. The system is implemented purely to streamline the effective handling/diagnosis and treatement of acute injuries and ethical referral towards any individual’s doctor and medical professionals will be maintained at all times.

The Moth Sentrum - Taking a Stand For Peace Siglinde de Villiers The Memorable Order of Tin Hats (MOTH) is an exclusive organisation that has a vision of remembrance in opposition to forgetfulness. Members consist of ex-combatants who hate war and its futility and now practice benevolence and friendship with the crowning ideal of helping humanity. In an interview with the Namib Independent, Chairperson Lee Liguma and Secretary Hein Altmann shared the purpose and history of the MOTH Sentrum. “The MOTH Sentrum was founded in 1927,” Hein said. “Our members meet in the Dug Out Shellhole to share our comradeship and past experiences in remembrance of those who did not return from the war.” Hein further explained that when they come together they light the symbolic candle, situated on top of a tin hat, there by preserving front line comradeship which transcends race, rank and material worth, thus keeping alive the memory of their fallen comrades. “The two bayonets that look like they have been thrust into the battlefield’s soil symbolize peace and are crossed to signify sacrifice and remembrance,” Lee said.

According to the History Book of the MOTH Sentrum, the twelve stars in the MOTH badge indicate the twelve hours of the day, a reminder that every hour presents opportunities of promoting harmony among mankind through tolerance and mutual help. In addition to the symbolic tin hat and crossed bayonets, the Dug Out Shellhole’s walls are covered with pictures of old war ships, the missiles they used and infantry medals, surrounded by many other war memorabilia. The MOTH Sentrum also has a museum, exhibiting uniforms and war equipment that was worn and used in the wars that mark the history of Namibia. According to Lee, members of the MOTH Sentrum also wish to promote a way of life and be an example in the pursuit of peace, mutual understanding, goodwill, tolerance and helpfulness towards others. “We do not wish to publicise our Good Samaritan work,” Lee said, “but we have assisted the elderly in Narraville and Kuiseb and the Cancer Assosciation, amongst others.” Lee continued to explain that the MOTH Sentrum is built on three founding ideals symbolised by three boxes marked SM, TC and MH.

“SM stands for the upholding of Sound Memory, to express things for those whom we serve. TC stands for True Comradeship in order to find our true neighbour and MH stands for Mutual Help which refers to the joy of giving,” Lee said. The 50 Year History Book compiled by

Thief Catches a Free Ride

Siglinde de Villiers Last week a coastal resident was shocked to find out that she unknowingly had been driving a man around with her. Zee Kufuna only learned about he incident when she parked at the International School, and some students came downstairs to tell her that they had observed

a suspicious male stealthily get out of her car. Zee said that she drives a Jeep where the back windows have been tinted, reducing visibility from the outside. “The man was driving around with me and no-one could see it,” she said. “I went to the Venus ATM to draw some money,” Zee

related. “It was very quiet. The only people in the street were the security guard at the ATM and a newspaper vendor.” Zee continued to explain that her anonymous passenger must have intercepted the remote control signal that locks her car with the intent to steal whatever he could find inside. According to Zee, she later found some money and her earphones missing. “The person that broke into my car did not expect me to return so quickly and had not time to get out and away. So he stayed put and simply pulled the door closed,” Zee said. “When I started driving, my car did make a warning sound, but since I could not figure out what it was I switched the alarm signal off.” According to Zee, when she parked at the International School she noticed a guy advancing towards her from the back of her car and she quickly changed her purse from her one hand to under her arm. “He came toward me onto the sidewalk and would probably have mugged me if I had not noticed him. “When he realised that I was aware of him he casually crossed the street and strolled on towards

MOTH Sentrums all over the world concludes with the words, “If all the countries in the world today could or would adopt and try to live up to these Ideals, war, strife and hatred would become a nasty nightmare of the past and human beings all over the world would be able to live in peace and prosperity.”

Woolworths side.” It chilled her to the bone when Zee found out that this man had been her passenger. “It was only when the Grade 6 learners told me that they saw the guy crawl out and get down from the back passenger side of my car that I realised what had happened.” Zee expressed how glad she was that her small daughter, who usually accompanies her in the baby car seat at the back, was not with her in the car on that day. “I really feel horrible about the incident. “I was in such a hurry and did not expect it at all. If I had been driving to my home or even a more remote location, instead of the school, who knows what could have happened,” she exclaimed. Last Wednesday morning yet another group of car thieves robbed a 30-year-old local resident in the Industrial Area, right in front of Bathroom World parking area.

“I was in my car on my phone,” she relates, “when someone opened my car door and tried to grab my phone.” However, this served as a distraction, while a second thief softly opened up the passenger sided door and silently stole the lady’s handbag. “I screamed and when I looked at the passenger seat my handbag was gone. “I saw a guy running towards town and the other one who tried to distract me towards the Industrial Area,” she said. The lady also mentioned that she saw another two guys running away, assuming that they were also part of the group. “Seconds after the incident occurred the police drove by and I called them over. We all started looking for my handbag but nothing was found.” The public is advised to be aware of who is around them and ensure that their car doors are locked at all times.

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

She Had It Coming - A Window Into the Twenties Siglinde de Villiers Friday and Saturday evening saw the International School of Walvis Bay hosting a carbaret performance in broadway theatre style. Guests were entertained by an exceptional performance and treated to a three course

dinner complemented by expertly selected wines and champagne. The performance told the story of an ordinary girl, Roxie, being noticed by a pianist who realises that her good looks and talent will take him to fame. Together, they enter the showbiz and fall in love as they tour Europe.

Audience in 20s style. Photo by Charmine Livingstone Photography

However, once the duo tastes wealth and fame, Roxie becomes ever so more obsessed with money and attention. Her partner becomes jealous and breaks up with her for he has found himself another lover. Roxie is devastated and avenges herself by shooting her partner’s lover and spends the rest of her life in prison as a result. She Had It Coming was one of the creative ideas explored by the talented and independent Esmay Campbell, producer of the performance piece. The cast consisted of Pieter van Helslandt and Louise Oosthuizen, who have appeared in theatres all over South Africa, performing their broadway songs, which were mostly taken from Chicago and Carbaret. Pieter van Helslandt started his piano training when he was 13 and has won many awards and competitions since then. He was one of the few who were selected to study under the tutelage of an internationally acclaimed concert pianist.

His repertoire was skilfully demonstrated on stage as he let his fingers dance across the piano keys in the most captivating way. Louise Oosthuisen hypnotised the audience with her unforgettable voice. This is Louis’ first performance in a leading role since arriving in Namibia in 2010. As the guests arrived they were persuaded to purchase the International Herald from a newspaper boy, who had come straight from the day and age of the 20s, accent, attire and all. The International Herald provided some information on the cast, the performance itself as well as the wine list and buffet menu. Decorated in black and white with lots of feathers and pearls, the venue imposed a 20s feel. The guests further added to the 20s vibe by their innovative, creative and imaginative attire. Men wore suspenders, ties and hats and the women adorned themselves with glamorous dresses and flowing scarves and all manner of assorted headwear. Pearls, dramatic make-up and cigarette holders completed the roaring 20s look. Before the performance began, the audience was served broccoli soup sprinkled with feta cheese as a starter, followed by the first act. During the interval the audience had a buffet selection that was complimented by a sommelier wine collection. Desert followed after the last act, with apple crumple and Irish coffee rounding off the evening.

The Cast. Photo by Charmine Livingstone Photography

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

SOEs Can Grow Economies - Geingob Dorcas Mhungu The need to have efficient and productive State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to drive economic development agendas is vital, Prime Minister Hage Geingob told delegates attending the 14th Meeting of State Owned Enterprises for Southern Africa in Swakopmund on Monday. Geingob said SOEs remain one of the largest contributors to national development, citing the Republic of China as a spectacular example of a country with the fastest growing economy, mainly driven by various SOEs and using a nonconventional model of growth. He laid out that SOEs provide basic services such as water, electricity, healthcare, sanitation and transportation and essential infrastructure that supports private sector development. “SOEs are viewed as effective tools to address market failures and remove direct obstacles to development. “However, many SOEs in Africa and elsewhere are still beset by governance and efficiency problems, resulting in poor delivery of effective and affordable services to populations,” the Prime Minister noted. Namibia, like many African countries at independence, had a huge backlog in social and economic development and the country set up a number of SOEs. Currently there 86 SOEs established to tackle Namibia’s development challenges.

Geingob said the country crafted Vision 2030 to achieve the development goals and objectives of industrialisation, employment creation and prosperity with a clearly defined role for SOEs to play. “Some of the SOEs have been doing well while others are still struggling, not breaking even, performing under par and requiring constant Government bailouts, meaning that already limited resources have to be diverted to help them out,” Geingob lamented. He, however, said some SOEs’ financial woes are not the result of bad governance or mismanagement of resources but of balancing the economies of scale in delivering services like water or electricity in a social-economic context, in which the majority of citizens are unemployed, rendering profitability impossible. “Therefore we need to find the right mix between the profit motif of the private sector and the service provision motif of the private sector, and the service provision motif of the SOEs,” Geingob said. Based on that realisation, Namibia recognises the fact that not all SOEs can and should be profit-oriented but there is need for them to factor into their business operations the rationale that no citizen can be denied a basic right such as access to water or shelter, especially the weaker segments of the Namibian population. Namibia established the State Owned Governance Council (SOECG), whose major responsibility is to manage the SOE

sector guided by policies and guidelines to aid the transformation of SOEs into effective and efficient tools for the implementation of national development plans and attainment of objectives. Geingob said the Government will soon review the entire SOE regime with the a help

of a renowned consultancy with expertise in this sector, who will look at all aspects of SOE governance and the feasibility of consolidating the profit making SOEs under a single institution to derive optimal services from SOEs.

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Award Winning Group Return to Their Roots Tanya Calitz The Duet Group ‘HULLE’ humbly started out in Walvis Bay, having had their very first gig at The Raft ten years back, but has since then enjoyed many achievements on their way up, boasting with six Afrikaans Number One singles. The good news for the coast, is that this due

will be paying their hometown, a visit on 29 November. They (HULLE) will be performing at The Raft on that Friday night, playing all their best Afrikaans singles, as well as their favourite English cover songs, says Johan Oberholzer, one member of HULLE. The group consists of Johan Oberholzer and Wilmare Rautenbach, who both grew up in Walvis Bay and attended the same schools. “We never really noticed each other in school, seeing that Wilmare is three years older than me,” Johan told the Namib Independent in an interview this week. “Only years later, in 2003, Wilmare and I 'hooked up' musically. She came to record a little demo in my bedroom-studio in Walvis. “We got along really well, and decided to have some impromptu jam sessions over a couple of glasses of wine, at a local pizzeria, Harry Pepper. We were spotted by the management of 'The Raft' who then booked us for a gig. And that is basically how it all started,” Johan said. “The following Saturday, we played our very first gig - lots of cover songs, stripped down to acoustic versions. It was magical for us. We kept doing this for about a year, and our paths split - mine to Joburg, and hers to Cape Town,” he shared their story. Then in 2011, when Johan had just started a new Record Label with SONY, he saw the gap in the Afrikaans market for a good duet. He phoned up Wilmare, and a few weeks later they had a Number One single. In a short while the group had quite a few achievements. Their first single is ‘Laaste Asem’ which already has over a 100 000

views on YouTube. Following the success of ‘Laaste Asem’ they had five more number one singles. From there they had several SAMA, Ghoema, and Tempo nominations, and this year in October they walked away with the 'Group of the Year' Award. “It was such an achievement for us, since we haven't been around that long,” Johan shared. Now in a week’s time the coastal community can go and see these two successful locals return to their roots when they will be entertaining the Raft crowd. “We pride ourselves in the fact that we write, produce and record all our

music ourselves. “During live performances, I play the guitar, and both Wilmare and I sing - we love old influences, like ABBA, Counting Crows, and good old country,” said Johan. Fast Facts about the Duo: Wilmare is quite a big name behind the scenes in both local and international advertisements/ series like Cell C campaigns, Survivor etc. She is in production. Johan is one of the biggest songwriters in SA, writing for acts like Theuns Jordaan, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Eden, Kurt Darren, Juanita du Plessis, Nicholis Louw, Laurika Rauch, Arno Jordaan, and he also recently placed songs on international superstar Jackie Evancho's new album.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

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RDP Denounces DRC Residents Decision to Hand Over 8000 Voting Cards

Lavrenty Repin RDP has appealed to DRC residents in Swakopmund to “stay calm and reflect wisely,” after nearly 8000 residents handed back their voting cards in protest of insufficient housing. A statement released by Nghiningiluandubo Kashume, RDP Dept Secretary for Information and Publicity, stressed that concerned residents should refrain from handing in voting cards. “Returning the voters’ cards to ECN is neither the answer to their plight, nor will abstinence from participation in the General and Presidential elections bring them the necessary changes they so need. It is emotional and selfdefeating to think that by returning the voters’ card to ECN and or abstaining from voting, one is bringing change to one’s [plight]." The statement insisted that the ruling party is not capable and or willing to bring change into many

people’s lives. “To ask the ruling party to bring you meaningful change,” the statement reads, “is like asking the former apartheid system to bring you independence.” However, DRC Resident Concerned Group Association Chairman, Mr David Nghiimbwasha, told the Namib Independent that the Concerned Group’s decision is not aimed to cripple the ruling party. “We are not attacking SWAPO, we’re attacking the Councillors, of which there are those from RDP too.” David has emphasised that the residents will only vote once the councillors leave their post. A Press Statement by the concerned group states that this decision is the result of the High Court order to cease protest, imposed on the peaceful demonstrators who camped outside the Municipality for a week last month, protesting against the Housing Registration

Forms, which they believe will be used by the Municipality to evict DRC residents within a period of 21 days to relocate them behind the Swakopmund Dumpster. Swakopmund Mayor, Juuso Kambueshe has previously denied that the Municipality is planning to move people to the dumpster. He has also stressed that he does not plan to evict anybody until adequate and affordable land is allocated for people to move on to. Nghiimbwasha stressed it is not his intention to go against the government. “If I want my people to have a piece of land, does it mean I want to dissolve the party? That’s what the SWAPO co-ordinator is saying.” However, he says he is determined. “We are you united as people of DRC, we want our piece of land.” He also denounced the Municipality's promise, saying, “There is not even a smell of trust towards Town Councillors.”

“We are furious, sick and tired of being foreigners in our own country,” Nghiimbwasha said that if nothing changes, they will apply for refuge status, since they don’t feel as if they have a country. He also provided a copy of a waiting list, dated 2011, which shows residents of Swakopmund allegedly waiting for land since 2003 and 2004.

“Help these people first,” said Nghiimbwasha rhetorically directed towards the municipality, “and then say that you’ll do formalisation tomorrow.” The Municipality of Swakopmund has insisted numerous times that they are well on track with the formalisation, even though they are allegedly lacking funds. When Mayor Kambueshe and Municipality CEO Demasius spoke to the media last month, they announced that the planning is complete and the municipality is ready to award a tender for the DRC construction. Mr Demasius pointed out that an extra water reservoir, costing N$15 million, has specifically been built to accommodate the newly planned DRC housing project, which aims at providing 3000 erven with water and sewage systems.

N$3 Billion Namport Tender Deal Sealed Dorcas Mhungu According to the Chief Executive Officer of Namport, Bisey /Uirab, the upcoming N$3 billion Namport new terminal project value is equivalent to three percent of Namibia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). After completion the terminal will triple the port’s capacity and unleash another N$500 million per year as value-added to the country’s economy. The tender was awarded to the sole finalist, China Harbour Engineering Company. /Uirab said the multi-billion tender was the country’s largest single investment since Namibia became independent in 1990. The contract requires the contractor, CHE, to allocate 30 percent of the work to Namibian owned companies, of which five percent must be allocated to local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). “The concept of an expanded

port facility at Walvis Bay has been considered for many years. However, it was not until Namibia and all the countries in the region achieved independence and full democratic status that this vision was able to gather momentum. Upon transfer of the assets of Walvis Bay in 1994 to Namibia, the Port of Walvis Bay was identified as a gateway to the SADC region due to its locality, natural harbour and port efficiencies,” /Uirab reminisced. He said Namport’s handling capacity grew in leaps and bounds from 2000 containers per year over the last decade to the current 350 000 containers and noted that the new terminal will push the capacity to a million TEU. /Uirab paid tribute to the critical role played by the Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG) and its efforts to develop sustainable volumes for the port by providing secure and

reliable access to neighbouring countries. “The Walvis Bay Corridor Group is an integral part of that evolution and I am pleased to note that the African Development Bank is also signing an agreement today for a Capacity building initiative for the WB – Ndola – Lubumbashi Corridor administered by the WBCG. In many ways, the WBCG is a leading agent of Namibia’s ambition to be the Logistics Hub of the SADC region as envisioned in our National Development Plan 4,” /Uirab said. China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), Uirab said, amongst their other projects, have built the world’s busiest container terminal, the Port of Shanghai and the 32km long Donghai Bridge. “I have complete faith that our New Container Terminal will be a facility that will make Namibians proud for decades to come,” /Uirab said.

Namport CEO Bisey /Uirab right, and Regional Manager of Southern Africa for China Harbour Engineering Company Li Yi, after the signing ceremony

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

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Erongo Govenor Blasts Chinese Dorcas Mhungu The Governor of Erongo Region Cleophas Mutjavikua has come out, guns blazing, at the Chinese company Dreamland quarrying in Karibib, following an article published by a national daily recently exposing the squalid living conditions its Namibian workers are living in. “This company cannot take our mineral resources and not respect the dignity of our people. “I remain on record to condemn it.

“It is not allowed in Namibia and Erongo Region is no exception,” the regional governor fumed when contacted for comment. Mutjavikua said his office received complaints from the workers sometime in September and he summoned the Chinese company to his office. Mutjavikua said the meeting with the owners of the quarry company in September was tense and he gave them a stern warning to shape up. “I told them to go and have a

look at other mining companies’ workers accommodation and specifically told them to go to Rössing and take a look at their pre-fabricated workers’ houses but they said they did not have the money and I don’t believe that,” Mutjavikua ridiculed. He said Namibia is a country with rules and regulations in place to deal with such issues and he has advised the union leaders to take the legal route with relevant authorities and departments. Mutjavikua added that it is

disturbing to know that the Dreamland owners dismissed the workers who voiced concern about their living and unsafe working environment as a strategy to silence others. Numerous reports of inhuman treatment of workers at the hands

of Chinese investors in the country have been reported in the media and President Hifikepunye Pohamba has warned them to abide by the country’s labour laws and regulations earlier this year.

From Nampol to Namport Staff Reporter Nampol Khomas Regional Commander Festus Kondjeni Shilongo is taking off the Nampol force uniform and boots at the end of the month to join Namibia Ports Authority (Namport) as Security Manager, a brand new post recently created by Namport.

His appointment is driven by Namport's strategy to cement its competitive position as a safe destination for national, regional and international seaborne trade. In a press release, Corporate Communications Manager at Namport, Liz Sibindi, expressed confidence in the incoming incumbent. Sibindi said, based on Shilongo’s

wealth of experience, professionally and academically, and a fantastic policing track record, the valuable attributes will advance Namport’s endeavour to create a crime free environment and adherence to International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code standards. Shilongo has held senior positions in the police force during the past decade. He is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in

criminology but also has a BTEC Policing Diploma and numerous certificates in related disciplines. “His experience in the security fraternity both at local, national and international levels will enhance our relationship and cooperation with the security agencies at the said levels. “Commissioner Shilongo is not new to the Erongo Region. We therefore trust that he will enjoy good cooperation from

the Port Operators, employees of the Port’s Authority and the community at large,” Sibindi said.

Waiting to Happen Staff Reporter This roadside sign has a quarter coming off and during the typical Walvis Bay sandy wind blasts, it flaps ferociously. One shudders to think what might happen should it rip off and get affixed on someone’s vehicle or block the driver’s vision. The tear gets bigger by the day. May the custodians of the town take proactive action to avert a possible disaster?

School Unveils New Facilities

On Monday Walvis Bay Primary School officially opened a Pre-Primary ablution block and the fourth Pre-Primary classroom. The ablution block will also be used during the school’s sports competitions.

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Give a Helping Claw, Support the Santa Paws Project

With great excitement we announce to you our bag for one of our four-legged friends. year end task, the Santa Paws Project! We're asking you to include a few 'essential'

Shelter animals are often overlooked during the holiday season. Our goal is to make sure they get some of the love, attention and gifts that other pets are lucky enough to get. Please help us bring these dogs and cats at the Walvis Bay SPCA some cheer! Get your family and friends and even your employer involved and let’s make things better. Pledge and put together a doggy or kitty

items as well as a toy and a small donation towards our Vet bill. Please like our Facebook page (Walvis Bay S.P.C.A.) and inbox us with your email address or you can send us an email at if you are interested in pledging a bag, so we can get the ball rolling and make some hearts happy this Christmas. For the love of animals

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Kulila - First Rhino Hunting License, Music Video Not the Answer Released by The All Sorts w e ' v e got M AI L

Photo from:

To the Editor I have read Rob Moffet's opinion piece (Namibian 01/11/2013) on turning rhinos into a commodity with interest. I have also seen some other press coverage of this issue. All I can say is that this is a morally reprehensible act on the part of the Namibian government and that any serious conservationist who supports this hunt and, by implication, auction of a wild animal to some bloated American fat cat in Texas, should reconsider their ethical and moral standards. The black rhino is being pushed to the brink of extinction in their last remaining pockets of existence and has been wiped out from many of its historic rangelands across Africa. Namibia deservedly has gained an enviable reputation for innovative rhino conservation, but how often do we hear of the rhinos in what was the Caprivi Strip? This is, or rather was, a sub group of rhino that has been wiped out in Namibia, something that is seldom mentioned. This permit that is to be auctioned off raises many questions. Perhaps the answers are out there and have been published, but if they have I have not seen them. Do we, the Namibian public, or the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET), or indeed the brave heroic saviour of Namibia’s rhinos who is going shoot a rhino to do it, actually know which individual trophy animal is to be shot? Is the hunter just buying a permit to shoot a rhino or is he buying a specific animal? Does anyone know what the animal looks like? The justification for this hunt is that a male animal past his prime and no longer of value to the gene pool will be selected and shot. Great!

This implies that the highly professional and competent MET officials are, at this minute, out there studying the animals and know exactly each and every animals behaviour and contribution to the good of rhinos in Namibia, I am impressed if this is so. Also, by some quirk of fate, the selected individual will be of trophy quality and worthy of being hunted by a wealthy patron of conservation. If by some bitter twist the animal is not a magnificent trophy worthy of the Safari Club International member I am sure that the wealthy wally will also be more than happy to shoot some obviously decrepit animal on its last legs with a splintered nub of a horn worn down by many years of fighting off younger animals trying to usurp his position. Maybe there is a photo of the trophy animal to be hunted at the auction? It may even have a mark banded on to make it identifiable to the hunters and hopefully the MET officials tasked to see that the correct rhino is shot. In recent history rhino populations have been wiped out in many African countries by poachers. Namibia still has a healthy rhino population, which apparently, is increasing. We also have the largest, if not only, wild free ranging rhino population. To widen the safety net animals have also been put onto private farms as part of the rhino custodianship programme and some have been sold as live animals to farmers. None of these animals were, however, to be shot. Namibia is in the enviable position of a relatively low human density and all our rhino populations are very far from our borders with poor neighbouring countries making cross border poaching forays impossible. Except for those unfortunate animals that used to occur in what is now Zambezi and were within

easy reach of cross border poachers from Zambia and Angola. This geographic phenomenon is an important reason for why we still have rhinos in Namibia. Who is shooting the rhinos in the Kruger Park in South Africa? Who shot the rhinos in Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley? Are the armed gangs that plunder Kenya’s wildlife Kenyan? The sustainable use of natural resources for both consumptive and non-consumptive purposes is an important conservation tool. Game populations in confined areas need to be managed. Gaining community support for conservation through benefits to the communities from wildlife is an important conservation initiative. Conflict animals such as large carnivores or even elephants may need to be shot to keep the community on the side of conservation. These are all understandable and defensible conservation actions. Dare I say it, but even trophy hunting of abundant species can be accommodated here or maybe as part of management intervention, trophy hunters could shoot trophy wildlife earmarked to be culled. Proceeds from these hunts must then go back to conservation or the community on whose land the hunt took place. A species that is extinct in most of its former range and is under threat where it still occurs should not be sold off to a wealthy hunter as a trophy for his wall. Experience has shown that when a lion has caused problems and the problem animal has been allocated to a professional hunter, inexplicably, the wrong animal has been shot and it is usually a prime animal. There will be pressure by the hunter demanding a decent trophy, which may, in all likelihood, result in a younger prime animal being shot. The hunter will be happy, the outfitter will be happy, MET will be happy, the tourism sector will be happy, the community will be happy and I suppose through all this we will have advanced the conservation goals for rhino conservation in Namibia. Rob mentions the term “business model” in the context of conservation success. While I agree to a certain extent on gleaning economic returns from wildlife, there is also a moral and ethical responsibility to conserve wildlife, even without making any money while doing it. If conservation only happened for species that could pay their way, then our wild animal populations would be in a sorry state. In Namibia rhino conservation is the responsibility of the state. It is the state’s moral duty to protect them for future generations. Rhino’s should not need to die to pay for their continued survival. We owe it to them. Sincerely John Paterson

Siglinde de Villiers Even though they are only a year old, The All Sorts have released their first music video, entitled ‘Kulila’, which is of an international standard. The Namib Independent obtained an exclusive interview with two band members, to find out more about the band as well as the production of ‘Kulila’. The All Sorts feature mainly percussion and string instruments. One may wonder as to how they conceived such an interesting name. Gerson Dollar answered, “It was quite a struggle to find a name for ourselves because our band is a combination of Spanish, Afrikaans, American and Oshiwambo cultures. “However, a year ago, we simply stumbled upon the name ‘The All Sorts’ and I think it describes us quite well. In the end music is not about a specific culture but about sharing your culture.” Alberto Bazan added, “Under different circumstances, our different personalities and backgrounds would be quite a culture clash, however, music is what has brought us together. “We got to know each other through music and started to play and make music together. What started out as an experiment is now The All Sorts.” The All Sorts have invented their own music genre, and are able to present their audiences with something unique. “We cannot tell you what we are playing, only that it is completely different to what people are used to,” Alberto explained. “There is no music genre into which our music can be categorised for it has something of each one of our cultures in it, and is a one and only mix of style and tradition.” How do The All Sorts match with their contemporaries in Namibia? “We do not need a large setup in order to perform. We can go and play in the middle of the street in a matter of minutes and produce good music,” Gerson answered. “It just makes life so much easier. “We are not really there to compete. A song that comes from the heart never loses its character and the songs we write all come from our hearts.” Alberto explained, “Many artists try and imitate other musicians and their styles. In

that sense we are unique for there is no style that we imitate, just our own style that we invent.” 'Kulila' is the first music video created by The All Sorts in collaboration with Namib Films. According to Gwen Swart, Prodcution Manager of Namib Films, they realised that there was a gap in the Namibian market for the production of international quality standard music videos for Namibian artists. “We have designed a package deal to give artists the opportunity to compete on an international level as well as being aware of the cost of creating a music video of international standard without having to go through the time consuming budgeting process,” Swart said. “Before we could launch the package deal,” she continued to explain, “we had to test the service product. “We decided to do a pro-bono music video for a talented band. The selection process was rigorous and lasted for more than two months, However, The All Sorts proved their talent, were hard-working and humble, and thus came out on top.” How did The All Sorts feel about the opportunity? “It was a very extensive experience for us,” Alberto related. “First we had to record our song in Windhoek. Then we got to the filming. Five seconds on the music video actually took at least 40 minutes in reality to film.” According to Gerson, 'Kulila' has a very deep symbolic message inscribed. “It is very personal to me, a celebration of life but at the same time life is not always sweet. “We are like a river that flows by the wind, moved along a course through circumstances beyond our control,” Gerson explained. He also mentioned that The All Sorts have received invitations to tour Switzerland and Germany, however they still need to finalise their arrangements before they go. In the meantime they are working on recording an album consisting of songs that were written by the group. “To create an album takes lots of funding and we first need to figure out how we are going to finance the project, before we can share it with the public,” Gerson concluded.

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New Results on Prostate Cancer Research Siglinde de Villiers Medical centres throughout the world are conducting ongoing research into the causes, prevention, detection and treatment of prostate cancer. Several new studies have shown promising results, joining the battlefield in the combat against cancer. Scientists better understand how prostate cancer develops by researching how genes and cancer are linked. By identifying genetic changes that lead to prostate cancer, scientists are able to design medicines that can target those changes as well as identify men who are at a high risk. According to research results released by the American Cancer Society, a recent study has revealed that a mutation gene, called HOXB13, can be linked to the early onset of prostate cancer running in families. Researchers are now trying to decide whether the presence of certain gene products in the body indicates that a cancer is more aggressive or not, helping with the type of treatment that is most suitable to treat a specific cancer type.

According to the American Cancer Society, a lot of research is being done on the effect of food and food substances on prostate cancer risks. Scientists have found some substances in tomatoes and soy beans that reduce prostate cancer risk. This allows the development of related compounds that are even more potent and could be used as dietary supplements. Up to now, though, most research suggests that a balanced diet including these foods as well as other fruits and vegetables is of greater benefit than taking these substances as dietary supplements. Some earlier studies have suggested that certain vitamin and mineral supplements might lower prostate cancer risk. However, the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT) found that neither vitamin E nor Selenium supplements lowered prostate cancer risk after daily use for about five years. In fact, men were found to have a slightly higher risk of getting prostate cancer. Another study found that men with high levels of vitamin D seemed to have a lower risk of developing the more lethal forms

of prostate cancer, however, it could not be established that vitamin D protects against prostate cancer. It was discovered that men, who take more than seven multivitamin tablets per week or have high blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids, may have higher risk of prostate cancer. Thus, high doses of vitamins and other natural substances may actually be harmful, including those supplements marketed specifically for prostate cancer. Researchers are currently conducting several studies on developing new strategies for early detection of prostate cancer as well as its treatments. A new method called enhanced MRI involves first having a standard MRI and then injecting the patient with tiny magnetic particles and have another scan on the following day. The differences between the two scans can point to possible cancer cells in the lymph

nodes. However, this method needs more research before it becomes widely used. According to the American Cancer Society several types of vaccines for boosting the body’s immune response to prostate cancer cells are being tested in clinical trials. These vaccines are designed to help treat, not prevent, prostate cancer, and seem to have very limited side effects. An example of this type of vaccine is called Provenge, which has received FDA approval. Another development is a vaccine that uses a virus that has been genetically modified to contain prostate-specific antigens. The patient’s immune system should respond to the virus and begin to recognise and destroy cancer cells containing prostatespecific antigens. Early results with this vaccine have been promising and it should gain FDA approval soon.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

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Movember Month - A Great Excuse to be Macho! Lavrenty Repin How did most traditions begin? Halloween, Valentines Day or April's Fool? Well, the majority were born out of sinister, often tragic, situations and became folklore over time to entertain the ever apathetic human mind. So it is a breath of fresh air when a new tradition with a humble beginning and a good cause behind it sweeps over the world and one begins to wonder whether it too will join the realm of folklore, lasting for centuries. Movember Month is first and foremost fun. It’s an excuse for men to let go of social standards and prerequisite restrictions. I’m speaking for many men when I say that shaving is often an obligatory burden, a precondition in a strictly orderly business world where well-pressed suits, straightened ties and clean shaved mugs are expected and even demanded. So, how great is it that for a month you can be relieved

of conformist clichés, and not only will you be accepted, you will be trendy and might even be applauded for your support to men’s health awareness, all the while you relish in your guilty-free pleasure. It’s a win-win, and that is why Movember Month has taken off like a wildfire, stirring politicians, celebrities and business gurus from all over the world to participate. Namibia has not been spared of the hype, either. Like all great traditions, the Movember Month idea was born in a pub in Australia ten years ago, and the Movember Foundation has since raised 147 million dollars worldwide for men’s health awareness. An outline on the official website (which you can join to help raise funds) plainly states that “during November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of millions of moustaches around the world. With their “Mo’s” men raise vital funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health. As an independent global

charity, Movember’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.” A big part of men’s health, or lack thereof, is our reluctance to admit that we are not feeling well, chiefly due to pre-existing notions that men should “suck it up.” So, paradoxically doing something as manly as growing a moustache, or a beard, which ever you prefer, breaks down social barriers that prevent men from diagnosing health conditions early enough. Furthermore, as Garron Gsell, the Country Manager for Movember in South Africa, the only official Movember campaign in Africa, points out: “By growing a moustache for 30 days, men effectively become walking, talking billboards for the health issues that they are faced with and there is still loads to be done in creating awareness and educating men about their health issues.” He has also taken interest in Namibia’s enthusiasm for the Movember Month, and hopes that by next year Namibia can join the Movember movement

officially. Ladies are asked to endure with their man for one month, as his face takes on the characteristics of a thorn-bush. There is even an International Man of Movember, who is chosen to be the face of Movember for a whole year. Closer to home, South African Afrikaans rapper, Jack Parow, is the Movember Month

Ambassador for South Africa, and he, by the way, wears a pretty striking moustache all year round. The Movember Month is a global movement that is rapidly transcending into a culture. So, what are you waiting for? Ditch that razor and join over 1.1 million people (officially) worldwide in raising awareness for men’s health.

Evil Alliance - Radiation & Cancer Lavrenty Repin

Nobody wants to get prostate cancer. All cancer is terrible beyond description. For a man though, prostate cancer is a particularly heavy sentence, physically and psychologically. So obviously you want to live your life in such a way that you avoid, as far as possible, developing prostate cancer. There is a number of agents directly linked to prostate cancer, mainly genetics (nothing you can do about that), diet (eat less fatty food) and according to some studies, frequent sexual activity (can not help you with that one). Another factor in all cancers, although not "officially" confirmed, is radiation, and it is something one is advised to steer clear of. So we know it is dangerous, but how does radiation actually cause damage to

our bodies? Derek Muller, who holds a PhD in physics education research and is the founder of scientific YouTube channel Veritasium, explains in layman’s terms that radiation on its own is not harmful. “Radiation is anything that radiates out of an atom's nucleus, therefore we call it nuclear radiation, and that’s the stuff that can do damage to your molecules and cells. “But most radiation cannot pass through air, and dissipates after only a few centimeters in the atmosphere. It cannot travel long distances. So we are not worried about the radiation itself, emitting from a nuclear plant (or uranium mine), we’re worried about the radioactive atoms that release it. “These atoms can escape into the atmosphere or environment and spread over 100’s of kilometers. So once you breath in radioactive

dust, or you eat something coated in this dust, the radiation becomes damaging, because then it is released directly into your cells.” It is no secret that our coastal town community is well in contact with radioactive atoms, there would be no other way, Swakopmund is a mere 40 kilometers away from Rössing mine, the world's longest running, open-pit uranium mine and the third largest producer of uranium oxide globally. Although Uranium is actually completely harmless, like a piece of quartz or granite, the process of Uranium decay, that happens naturally underground, produces byproducts, like the infamous radon gas, and that is what is radioactive. So just imagine how many of these radioactive atoms are potentially brought to the coast, each time the East Wind blows? A cancer cell, in layman’s

terms, is a mutated cell that grows and multiplies in an uncontrolled quickened pace, hence, when chemotherapy is applied, hair loss is a prominent side-effect, since the chemicals indiscriminately target cells that are rapidly growing/ multiplying/dividing – like hair. Radioactivity can be damaging enough to mutate a cell into uncontrollable division. And it is not just me who is saying this. According to research of eleven separate nuclear power plants around the world, an increase in prostate cancer deaths was found in all facilities. In Mallinckrodt, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 2,514 males employed in uranium processing died of prostate cancer between 1942 and 1966 and Oak Ridge Nuclear Power Plant saw over 8000 deaths from prostate cancer between 1943 and 1972.

Take note that these statistics do not include incidents of prostate cancer, just deaths from prostate cancer, so the number of cancer cases may be substantially higher. Prostate cancer is not designated as a “specified” cancer under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act, and accordingly a company does not need to provide any extra precautions, and probably cannot be successfully sued by a prostate cancer victim. Rössing and Langer Heinrich mines do not allow smoking and food ingesting on site, and with good reason. Always take caution and keep away from dust as much as possible, because theoretically, one radioactive atom inhaled or ingested is enough to mutate one cell that will begin dividing uncontrollably and in no time consume your entire organ.

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Thursday, 21 November 2013

mOshiwambo | 21

m O shiwambo

Thursday, 21 November 2013

22 | Community Lens


Potjie-Kos With The International School Of Walvis Bay Andrea van Rhyn On Friday 1 November the International School of Walvis Bay had their own Potjie-kos day. Students from Grade 4 till 11 took part and also dressed up according to a theme that matched their dish. Each group made their potjie without any help from parents and was later judged according to the Best Potjie and Best Team Spirit. The day was a huge success and teachers and students had an overwhelming, fun day.


Thursday, 21 November 2013

'Here' Say | 23

m'Here' O shiwambo SAY Why Do You Think the Suicide Rate at the Coast is So High?

What Can Be Done to Prevent Suicide at the Coast? Andrea van Rhyn

Harry: “As iemand ‘n probleem het dan moet hulle hulp kry,

Johanna: “If there’s a problem then the individual needs to seek help. The longer they avoid the issue the more they feed the problem and end up committing suicide. The community needs to stand together to avoid suicide in the future, and help each other.”

want dit begin aan die persoon eet en dit lei tot selfmoord. Die enigste oplossing lê by die persoon wat ‘n probleem het.”

Kaylan: “Dit is duidelik dat die mense wat selfmoord pleeg ‘n probleem het en dit is ‘n groot probleem in Walvisbaai. Dit kan nie verhoed word nie, want die probleem lê by die persoon self.”

Heleni: “The problem lies within

society that puts a strain on the community and the majority cannot handle stress, and end up with depression that leads to suicide. The suicide rates along the coast have increased at a fast rate the past few years.”

Rheta: “Wanneer ‘n familielid sien dat daar ‘n probleem is en dat die persoon aan depressie lei dan moet jy hom of haar help deur hul geestelik te bemoedig en dit met die woord van Christus te lei.” Dit is een manier om dit te verhoed as die wil werklik daar is.” Olavi: “Most people cannot afford help and seek help through alcohol and become more depressed, which leads to suicide. There is nothing that the community can do to avoid this, the individual needs to help himself in order to avoid suicide.”


“A person who is considering suicide needs family guidance to solve their emotional trauma. There have been many cases of people committing suicide without the family realising that there has been a problem. The community can stand together as a family to avoid further increase in suicide."

Thursday, 21 November 2013

24 | Motoring

m O shiwambo MOT O R ING The New Mercedes S 65 AMG Has 630bhp The latest Mercedes-Benz performance saloon's twin-turbo V12 provides 0-62mph acceleration in 4.3sec the head-up display and the touchpad. The head-up display projects important information such as vehicle speed, speed limits, navigation information, traffic signs and information from Distronic Plus on to the windscreen. The new touchpad controller is said to be significantly easier to operate. UK pricing and specification are still

Shiny wheels and massive air vents distinguish the mighty S 65 AMG from lesser S-Class models. The "V12 BITURBO" badge is a bit of a giveaway, too. A twin-turbocharged, 6.0-litre V12 developing 630bhp is at the heart of the new Mercedes-Benz S 65 AMG, which goes on sale in the UK next year after making its global debut this month at the Los Angeles and Tokyo motor shows. Mercedes claims modestly that the S 65 AMG sets new standards as the most powerful vehicle in its segment of the market. Although the mighty engine is its defining character, like other versions of the new S-Class, the S 65 AMG features a raft of technology such as sports suspension based on Mercedes' Magic Body Control system in which the Road Surface Scan functions detects undulations that might upset the car and MBC adjusts the suspension in advance to suit. The latest S 65 AMG is the only high-performance 12-cylinder car from a German premium manufacturer and it is the third generation of range-topping rapid saloons. The first generation (model designation V 220) was launched in 2003, with V 221 in production from 2006 until earlier this year. Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG, said: "Supreme exclusivity and incomparable dynamism provide the guarantee of a high fascination potential. With the third generation of the S 65 AMG, we offer our loyal and discerning V12 customers a unique high-performance automobile." The 5,980cc engine develops 630bhp at 4,8005,400rpm and 738lb ft (1,000 Newton metres) of torque at 2,300-4,300rpm. Its claimed economy is 23.7mpg Combined, with CO2 emissions of 279g/km. It meets EU 6 exhaust emissions requirements due in 2015. Acceleration from 0-62mph is accomplished in 4.3sec and the top speed is electronically limited to 155mph. The 12-cylinder engine is assembled by hand at AMG's engine production facility in compliance with the most rigorous quality standards; according to the philosophy "one man, one engine." Like the similarly powered SL, the S 65 has a seven-speed 7G-Tronic automatic transmission with three modes: Controlled Efficiency (C), Sport (S) and Manual (M). The S 65 AMG is equipped as standard with Dynamic Cornering Assist, which brakes the inside rear wheel to ensure greater agility and negate understeer when cornering at high speed. The electromechanical AMG speed-sensitive sports steering offers a variable steering ratio. In "Comfort" suspension mode it provides greater assistance, while "Sport" mode gives a stiffer feel.

Forged light-alloy wheels reduce weight while increasing strength. The standard, high-gloss polished 20in wheels wear 255/40 tyres at the front and 285/35 rubber at the back. Three other designs of forged wheel are also available. Ceramic composite brakes are optional. Aerodynamic and cosmetic tweaks include a front splitter with a chrome lip and a high-gloss black rear diffuser insert, which is flanked by a pair of chromed exhaust outlets at each side. The chrome additions are a delete option for those who value a touch more discretion. Inside, the defining features are sports seats finished in nappa leather featuring a diamond-pattern design. There are two individual seats in the rear, with AMG logos dotted throughout. The two-spoke sports steering wheel is also covered with nappa leather, with perforated leather in the grip area. Aluminium shift paddles allow manual gear selection. Two innovations make their debut in the S 65 AMG:

to be confirmed, although the car will go on sale in 2014. It has a simultaneous world premiere at the Los Angeles International Auto Show and at the Tokyo motor show, both of which run from 20 November to 1 December. Article by: Paul Hudson http://

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Business Boxes | 25




Electrical, Travel, It, Home, & Security




Auto Repairs CC • Repairs & service on all vehicles outside the warranty/service plan period. • Oil-and-Go for your convenience. • Pre-holiday inspections, pre


roadworthy checks. • Headlight adjustments. • Diagnostic testing. • Service agent for Hyundai & KIA.


• Specialists in Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi.

234 Theo-Ben Gurirab Street, Walvis Bay Tel: 064- 200888 Fax: 064- 200840 Bennie- 081 204 3885


Advertise by calling +264 81 147 8648 or email greg@ namibindependent.

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5 77 77


Tuesdays 10:30 TUESDAY 10:30am

Contact Helena to place your classifieds 064 200 497 helena@ namibindependent.

services spuitverf jou yster na jou keuse. Let wel ons doen geen paneelklopwerk nie. Skakel 081 322 0547

Extra Income

Do you need extra income? Create a fortune with date entry. Earn up N$3 750 per form. No Services computer needed, own services hour's. PRODEL Tuhafeni Human SMS your name and CONSTRUCTION Resource Consultants email or postal address For all your Construction Virtual Assistant Services to 081 422 4949 for more needs help you cut your business information Call Johann Steyn at costs. Our Virtual Assistant 081 128 0848 Tutoring Services offers you the Retired teacher with following services: I.G Trust Salon 37 years experience is in - Feasibility Studies We do nails & eye lashes, need of a temporary or - Stock taking we also do braids; any permanent vacancy at any - Administration work kid of style and we sell school or institution. With - Events Management 100% human hair. We a B.E.T.D qualification in - Data Input are situated at the Corries lower primary. Can also - CV/ Resume writing Street in Kuisebmond - Filing and sorting of your assist with home work or near Swakopmund taxi after school care. documents and Woermann Brock. Please contact - Typing of proposals, Contact Lavinia 081 255 8062 or business documents 081 246 2736 081 468 7569 - Editing of proposals, business plans, Champion Driving Are you struggling to marketing plans etc School sell your MOTOR? Contact us for a free N$80 per person Well, the struggle is OVER! Pay for 4 and get one free quotation today at Visit www.onlinemotors. N$140 0814247723 or email: or www.facebook. Natis Call 081 819 0946 com/onlinemotors . We will try our best to get it SOLD.

Gemapen Driving School

Educational Products

With the imagination and energy of children in mind, N$95 p/ lesson to nurture a magical time N$200 for NATIS test. of discovery and learning. Qualified, friendly Transform everyday instructor. actions into exciting growth Contact 081 281 9318 and exploration. Lots of other safety, clothes and Kerrie En Rys! accessories available. Vrydag middag lewer vir Kindly mail jou af! Sit jou bestelling in. N$20 or whatsapp or sms Contact 081 210 1843 Alida 081 279 4345 during office hours.

Henks Transporting Transport of - Building Rubble - Garden refuse - Furniture Removal - Anything else CALL HENK on 081 780 4155

Erongo Gritfix

Ons doen gritblast/ sandblast werk op enige metaal, so as as 'n geroeste hek of motor rims of traliewerk jou pla, kontak my gerus, ons gritblast en

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Use your logo as a banner., with a link to your website. IT'S THAT EASY! We will promote your company. For a quotation email us: 0r call 0811245869 For All Professional Cycle Repairs & Services. CHAPPIES @ 081 753 2415

Mopanie Hout

20 kg in Swakopmund vir N$35 sak en as jy 10 of meer vat is dit N$30 sak Skakel 081 223 8083


RGR Daily Express

Daily Transport between Swakopmund & Walvis Bay Swakop - Walvis Morning: 06:00 Afternoon: 17:00 Walvis - Swakop Morning: 07:00 Afternoon: 17:00 Contact: Granville: 081 812 3071 Roseline: 081 882 9042 Vacancies

REE Bodyworks

We are in need of panelbeaters. If you are a panelbeater and want to be part of our growing bussines, please contact me at 081 343 8104 or Ruben at 081 400 3654 Magic & Jumbo Discounters Looking for a dynamic male sales person. Salary is according to your experience. And a motorcycle delivery guy. Bring CV to magic discounters. Martin Cordier. Wanted

Looking for Work

We are two ladies aged 21 and 19 in Walvis Bay looking for any types of work like, cleaning shops and offices, domestic work or security guards, etc. in Walvis Bay only. Contact us Mberii 081 327 5906 and Vijanda 081 346 1865.


Mature, single well educated man looking for a supervisory position on a lodge. Experienced in many spheres of business life, management, marketing, hospitality, etc. Willing to relocate. Kindly contact at 081 147 8648


My name is Noa Shomongula

I am looking for any kind of job. Please contact me on 081 697 3539

Animals for sale Chow-Chows Thorough bred Dogs for sale 5 males/ 1 female Price on request Call 081 255 8356 Goods for sale Stainless Steel Canopy Nissan Hardbody 2009 Walvis Bay, make me an offer! Contact: 081 487 3250

Hilux double cab 2.7i Raiders, model 2000 N$120 000 neg Contact John 081 148 7120

Toyota Runx 1.4 RS Sport 2005 model, FSH, full record with Indongo toyota.Local with alot of extras. In very good condition.

N$60 000 Contact 081 223 3357 Imports

UK Vehicle Importation

facilitated on your behalf by the experts. Strictly 2005 models and above. Any kind of vehicle or truck sought. Contact us on 081 347 1558 or 085 623 0513 or email: info@ Beauty


It's that time of the year again, why not spoil your loved ones with a nice gift from Avon? Lots of specials. Need a sales rep, of want to become a sales rep yourself? Please contact me on 081 657 5488 or avon_

to rent


Walvisbay - Town (behind Municipality) 1 x Bedroom, Open Plan Kitchen lounge, Shower, Garage. Full Bouquet DSTV – includes, Water and Electricity. N$3 900 pm Deposit: N$3 000 Up front Contact: 081 314 6628

Flamingo Cottage

Long term only. Caroline 081 129 3658 Property


3 Bedrooms with lots of bic. The main bedroom has an en-suite. 1 bathroom, diningroom, lounge, kitchen, double garage with remote controlled door. Burglar bars and alarm N$980 000


Newly build Units Excellent Investment 2 x bedroom Units with single garage

N$579 000

2 x bedroom Units with tandem garage

N$625 000

Plus each Unit with balcony or garden

Chantell @ 081 207 2105 / 081 618 1667 Services


Thursday, 21 November 2013

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5 77 77


Tuesdays 10:30 TUESDAY 10:30am



Rezoning Notice Take notice that Bruce Stewart on behalf of the registered owners of Erf 1541 Kuisebmond, intends to apply to the Walvis Bay Municipality for: • Rezoning of Erf 1541 Kuisebmond from ‘ Single Residential’ with a density of 1/300m² to ‘General Residential’ with a density of 1/150m², • Consent to use Erf 1541 for General Residential purposes with the new density of 1/150m². Erf 1541 is located in Anchovy Crescent Street, Kuisebmond. This Erf is currently zoned ‘Single Residential’ with a density of 1/300m² and is 727m² in extent. There is currently a main dwelling on the erf. It is the intension to upgrade to a higher density to allow to add two extra flats and to sell them as separate dwellings as sectional title units. Further take note that the locality plan of the Erf lies for inspection at the Walvis Bay Town Planning notice board. Further take note that any person objecting to the proposed use of land as set out above may lodge such objection together with the grounds thereof with the Walvis Bay Municipality or the applicant in writing within 14 days of the last publication of this notice. The final date for objections is on the 5th December 2013.

ZK T-shirts & Tops Available in all colours


To order please contact Rosalia on 0841 652 9946

Bruce Stewart P. O. Box 2095 Walvis Bay Cell: +264 81 170 0960 Email Address: brucestewart.

Goods for sale

Goods for sale

Bumbo Baby Booster Seat

Inflatable Monkey Baby Seat



081 129 2158 Carrycot Cover


081 129 2158 Stove with ceramic hob. Great working order. N$1 000

081 129 2158 Salton Steamer Brand New - Never Used - N$300

081 129 2157

081 129 2157

Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker (6.5L) - used twice! N$500

Footspa - Great Christmas Gift N$400

081 129 2157

081 129 2157 Brand new (one month old) Blackberry -9900 Bold. Retail price: N$4 350 Will accept N$3 000

Round Ceramanic Garden Pot (large) Was N$1 200 new will accept N$700

081 129 2157 Large Garden Pot (1.2m) N$1 000

081 129 2157

081 129 2157

Kayak for Sale (2 yrs old, cost N$12000.00 new) Kayak with Oars, Life Jacket, Helmet Only N$8 000 onco. 081 129 2157

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