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Thursday, 10 October 2013 to Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Local Beauties Bare All

as many women as possible, to urge them to take part in the Namib Independent’s, ‘Dare to go Bare in the Following the Namib Independent’s successful Breast Dunes’ initiative.The response and replies from women Cancer Awareness Initiative last year, where the NI all over the region were awe-inspiring. female staff went topless for our paper’s front page We managed to get a very brave group together to take to create breast cancer awareness, we decided to do it part in our ‘Dare to go Bare’ shoot in the desert. This again. But this time we aimed to be a little more daring, beautiful group of women all had a story to share of how and involve the community. We sent out an email to

Tanya Calitz

breast cancer has affected their lives in one way or the other. Whether it was losing a friend, relative or mother to the disease, or battling the disease themselves, each had a story, that connected them to the illness. See more of the shoot as well as our breast cancer double spread on pages 14 & 15. A big thanks to our two female photographers, Sharmine Livingstone and Sonya Amos.

“I Dreamt It Would Happen” Tanya Calitz Tragic train accident victim, school girl Benita Johannes (14), told the Namib Independent that she had a premonition about that fateful day in June of this year, when a TransNamib train ran over her, severing both her left arm and leg. After more than three months care in Windhoek State Hospital, Benita has finally been released and is back with her family in Walvis Bay. The Namib Independent spoke to Benita at her home in Kuisebmond this week about


her heart-rending ordeal, being back, life as an amputee, her premonition, and the road to recovery. The question on most people’s lips is: “What really happened that day that led to Benita ending up under the train, losing both her limbs?” Benita shared, what she can remember, in detail with the Namib Independent, from her wheelchair in front of her family home in Kuisebmond. “The night before the accident I had a terrible nightmare. I dreamt that I had no arm, and no leg, but in the

dream it was not clear how I lost my limbs,” Benita shared with the Namib Independent. “I also vaguely remember seeing a train in my dream, but it was not clearly indicated that it was the cause of the loss of my arm and leg. I just distinctly remember only having one arm and leg. The next morning the nightmare replayed itself in my head over and over. I went to school like any other day, but with the thought of this dream stuck in my mind. It bothered me,” Benita said. Around break time at school, Benita said that she started

feeling ill. She had a bad stomach ache, combined with this ill feeling of the dream. She left school, and went home. “At home I made myself some food, and sat in the sun at the back of my house eating, still thinking about the dream. My sister came home and I shared the strange dream with her. After that I went to the library in town, next to the municipality.” According to Benita she spent some time at the library and started

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

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Fundraising Brunch Held in Walvis in Aid of Cancer Association

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Tanya Calitz The Erongo Health Care Clinic organised a Fundraising Brunch under the pink theme ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’. Hosted at Oceans Restaurant at the Walvis Waterfront last weekend, the proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN). The brunch proved to be very

successful, with all the tickets being sold out. The amount raised totalled N$12 000. “A similar event was held in other regions of Namibia, and when I heard of this I thought to myself that we should also host one,” said Nursing Practitioner, Shamaine Garcia Perez from the Erongo Health Care Clinic. She then discussed the idea with two of her friends, and the rest is history.

The event also had interesting speakers on the agenda, with Sister Elanore Jansen giving a talk on cancer, HPV prevention, vaccination and treatment. Another guest speaker was the inspirational breast cancer survivor, Rashida Patterson, who shared her heroic story with the crowd. “We are so pleased with the outcome of the event, and have so many people to thank for their very generous donations, and contributions towards making the day such a success,” Shamaine said. “A big thanks to, Dawood Muller, Medixx, Coastal Imports Exports, Jumbo Charcoal and Excert Garage, to just name a few.” The next big event on the calendar for the Erongo Health Care Clinic is the Pap Smear Campaign. It will take place at the Erongo Clinic in Walvis Bay, Sam Nujoma Street, opposite the Magistrate court next to Nampost. The Pap Smear Campaign will be held on 17 & 18 October and cost N$50. The fee includes the sample taking, laboratory test, and the results. Contact the Clinic at Tel +264-202549 for more info.

Esté Kleynhans wins a 3 course dinner for two at Lyon De Sables.

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

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“I Dreamt It Would Happen” walking towards the railway in town. As soon as she reached the railway line her body froze. “The minute I saw the track I got chills all over my body. I immediately left the area and went back to the library,” Benita takes me through her recollection of events on the day of the accident. After spending some more time at the library Benita decided that it was time to go home. She walked to the railway line near Namport again. “The last thing I remember is a man calling out to me in Oshiwambo. ‘Hey girl, watch out for the train!’ The next memory I have is of lying under the train while paramedics are talking to me, telling me to not close my eyes and go to sleep.” Benita said that she cannot remember feeling any pain at the time. After that she cannot remember anything and only remembers a quick discussion she had with someone in hospital regarding contact details for her family. The next memory she has is of being in hospital, not sure whether still in Walvis Bay or already in Windhoek. “I woke up and wanted to get out of bed,

Continued from Page 1 when someone told me that I cannot get out of bed and stand because I only have one leg. I was very confused because it still felt like I had both my legs. Only once I investigated with my hand, did I realise that my leg was in fact gone,” Benita said. To this day the above is all Benita can remember and recall of that day and the few days following the incident. The areas where her limbs have been removed have recovered well. She is currently back in school. “My friend are very supportive and help me a lot to cope with my new reality,” Benita says. She finds that some days are better, and other days are bad. At the moment she only has a manual wheelchair, which she cannot operate with only having one arm, but said that TransNamib promised to help her out. They have apparently ordered her an automated wheelchair from South Africa. Then there is always the possibility of getting prosthetics at a later stage. “I really hope that I will be able to get

Benita with her mother, far left, a friend and her sister prosthetics, because that will make me feel more normal,” Benita said, trusting that TransNamib will keep their promise in helping and supporting her to improve her quality of life. Benita also wants to thank all the paramedics, doctors, nurses, people at

“Foschini Is Violating the Strike Rules,” Says Daniel Imbili

scene, and people after the accident who helped, supported and saved her life. “My biggest dream now is that my mother will get a good job, so that she can help to look after me financially, because of my special needs,” she said.

Regional Manufacturers Face Hostile Environment

Chief Executive Officer of NMA, Ronnie Varkevisser Dorcas Mhungu

Lavrenty Repin In an impromptu speech given on the doorsteps of Foschini in Swakopmund, Daniel Imbili, Deputy Secretary General of the Namibian Wholesale and Retail Workers Union (NWRWU), said that by calling police to their stores, Foschini had violated the strike agreement. “We want this agreement to be respected. Take note that these workers are Namibians, they contribute to Namibian tax, and they cannot be removed,” Imbili declared. During his announcement, the employees continued to chant their protests and barricade the doors to Foschini, while police officers, who were allegedly called by the store manager for the third time in two days, stood inside the store. Although most stores across the country have closed their doors for the duration of the strike, the shops in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay remained open, even as their employees refused to let anyone

enter. The strike rules handed out to the employees state, however, that striking workers are not allowed to prevent customers from entering the store. Mr Imbili as well as the protesters claimed that once they leave, Foschini will blame lost stock on them. “We’ve requested a letter from Foschini that relieves the workers from any stock responsibility while on strike,” Mr Imbili pointed out. Another cause for concern is a stipulation in the strike rules from Foschini that states that “no employee is allowed to talk to the media,” a request that interferes with the basic human right of free speech. One protestor in Swakopmund felt intimidated by this rule, asking the Namib Independent what would happen to her if she spoke. Ms Karde Buys, Foschini’s HR Executive told the Namib Independent that the company is working very hard to resolve the issue. In regards to the police incident, she said that the company was following standard procedure

and that the employees were well aware that they were not allowed to prevent customers from entering the store. Ms Buys said: “There has been a lot of intimidation towards customers. “When the police arrived, they were not prepared to intervene.” Whether a store remains open or closed during the strike is at manager’s discretion. “But of course we’d like to keep as many stores open as possible, we have customers and we have a business to run,” she continued. In reference to the no-media rule, Ms Buys explained that employees may not speak to the media on behalf of Foschini. “It is definitely not our intention to violate anybody’s rights, I will take this issue up with the company,” she concluded. The employees, who have gone into their third day of the nation-wide strike, are seeking an N$480 salary increase and an N$300 housing allowance.

The Namibian Manufacturing sector is operating under very difficult conditions, and one needs guts to venture into this sector, Economist Emile van Zyl told members of the Namibian Manufacturing Association (NMA) in Walvis Bay recently. He said although the sector plays an important role in the growth of the economy, the operating environment is not conducive to the manufacturer and some of the intended government interventions are limited by trade agreements. Van Zyl gave examples of developed countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Japan who managed to establish sound manufacturing industries because of strict industry protection laws that made it a criminal offence for operators to import goods into these countries. He said Namibia, a young nation with a small population, never got such protection but in fact found itself thrown into the deep end at independence - having to inherit trade agreements that were already in place and in progress. This left its own industry at the mercy of the negative impact of these agreements. “It’s a Catch 22 situation, you do not want to be isolated but you also want to protect your industries. You need to understand the dilemma Namibia is facing,” van Zyl pressed. He added that for various and valid reasons the relative level of support for the manufacturing industry is fairly low and the sector has to cope with the situation on its own.

The country, with N$107 billion Gross Domestic Product, last year imported N$60 billion worth of products into the country - a situation that, according to van Zyl, is worrisome. He stated that the many industries in Namibia are finding it difficult to operate profitably and economically in the face of stiff competition from established companies in the developed countries, who ironically enjoyed decades of protection from their governments. Challenges boggling the manufacturing and other industries include, operating in an environment where the availability of skills is low, and coping with escalating production unit cost due to high electricity and water tariffs among a host of other constraints. The manufacturing industry employs 30 000 people, equivalent to five percent of total employment in the country. It makes a contribution of N$12 billion to the total GDP of the economy. “The manufacturing sector, though not the most dominant sector, is a significant sector in the country and plays a significant and meaningful role in the national economy,” reminded van Zyl. Despite the fact that the Namibian Dollar and the South African Rand have devalued by 50 percent over the past five years, the inflation rate remained around five percent, showing that producers were prepared to offer products at lower prices. “We must put more emphasis on softer issues such as loyalty. “I believe that we must develop a sense of loyalty for our local products; loyalty between consumers, retailers, producers. Loyalty is in our own hands,” van Zyl said. He said local support should include improvement of relationships between producers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers in all the possible permutations and encouragement of industries to explore possibilities of sourcing from each other through the various upstream and downstream linkages. “If we are not prepared to be loyal to our own people, who will be?” quizzed van Zyl. The Chief Executive Officer of NMA, Ronnie Varkevisser, said the entire manufacturing sector in Namibia has tabled concerns about electricity and cost of land taxation but each region has its own peculiar needs and there is need to start focusing on the regions and hear the concerns of the members. The initiative kicked off in Erongo region with the breakfast meeting. Mr Varkevisser wished for more support and participation of members, which is lacking at the present moment.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

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Soldiers Still Missing After Military Boat Capsizes

Lavrenty Repin Two Soldiers, who are presumed to be dead, have been missing since Sunday’s war games accident. Two Military barracuda boats that were taking part in military exercises off the coast of Sandwich Harbour near Walvis Bay capsized. Inspector Iikuyu confirmed that the search was still underway on Wednesday night. He could not say what the cause of the accident was, although a local newspaper reported strong waves to be the reason. One fatality was reported

and two soldiers were hospitalised following the boat capsize. According to Grant Hull of the Swakopmund Sea Rescue, they received a call at around 8.45pm on Sunday. Mr Hull commented that although the barracudas were virtually indestructible the weather on the night was horrendous. “The water temperature was at 10°C, waves reaching four meters in height coupled with wind-chill. They [soldiers] had little time.” Mr Grant Hull says, in his professional capacity, that an average person would not last more than 25 minutes in those

conditions before succumbing to hypothermia. By that time rescue services were not yet notified of the incident. The Sea Rescue worked mainly on an advisory capacity, says Mr Hull, who is quick to point out that the NDF and the South African Defence Force handled the situation extremely well. “This is not your run of the mill lazy personnel, these are highly trained professionals with the latest equipment.” Mr Hull laughed off earlier reports by a national publication that alleged that one of the boats shot down the other. “What kind of a military boat would it be if it went down from a single shot?” he enquired. “Unfortunately, if you go against the sea, 9 out of 10 times you will lose.” He concluded: “This as a tragic accident, I don’t think anyone could’ve done anything to prevent it.” Details surrounding the incident have been scarce, due to the secrecy behind the military exercises, inciting speculations and confusion within the coastal community. By the time of going to press, the NDF failed to respond to our queries.


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New Commissioner of Inland Revenue Department: Ministry of Finance Deputy Director: Currency & Banking Division for two years. Mr Shivute has served as a Detective in the Namibian Police. Whilst in the Namibian Police, he was seconded to the United Nations in East Timor for two years where he served as Deputy Chief in the Office of Professional Standards, Audit & Evaluation. Mr. Shivute is a graduate of LLB (Honours) degree, B Juris degree (both from the University of Namibia), B.Tech: Policing (Tshwane University of Technology), and a National Diploma in Police Science (Polytechnic of Namibia). In 2012, he successfully completed an International Executive Development Programme Mr Sam Shivute has been seconded by London to serve as Commissioner of Inland facilitated Revenue Department: Ministry of Business School (UK), India Institute of Management Finance. Mr. Shivute has been employed by Bangalore (India) and Wits the Bank of Namibia for a period of ten Business School (RSA). years. Before becoming a Director of He is currently pursuing an Banking Services at the Bank of Namibia, LLM – International Finance he served as a Deputy Director: Protection and Banking Laws at the Services Division for seven years, and University of Liverpool (UK).

Thursday, 10 October 2013

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WBCG Route to Zambia Shortened

Staff Reporter The Road Development Agency of Zambia announced the construction of the SeshekeMulobezi-Kaoma-Copperbelt road, which, once completed, will reduce the distance of the road between Sesheke and the Copperbelt in Zambia from 1200km to 800km. Agnetha Mouton, Manager of Marketing and Communications for the Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG), in a media release said the announcement was made at the 7th Tripartite Walvis Bay – Ndola – Lubumbashi Development Corridor (WBNLDC) Technical Committee meeting, which was held recently in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The meeting was held under the auspices of the Walvis Bay Corridor Group in collaboration with the Embassy of Finland who financed the meeting. The conference brought together participants from the public and the private sector from the member states of the DRC, Namibia and Zambia. Efforts to address bottlenecks associated with high costs with regard to the transportation of goods along

the Walvis Bay – Ndola – Lubumbashi Development Corridor necessitated the convention. The new road, a significant infrastructure milestone, will lead to even shorter transit times, which will result in the reduction of costs and ultimately an increase in trade. The WBNLDC offers immense opportunities for importers and exporters since it provides an already reliable and shorter transit route between the inland and the overseas market and it is evident that it has become a viable alternative transport route to other traditional routes in the region. Johny Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of the WBCG, told delegates that cargo volumes have doubled as importers and exporters increasingly realise the benefits of using the port of Walvis Bay and commended the Governments of the DRC, Namibia and Zambia for the progress they have made to improve infrastructure, facilities and the economic value of the respective countries along which the WBNLDC traverse. The Co-Chairs of the Governments of the DRC, Namibia and Zambia appreciate the achievements that have been reached along the corridor and expressed their commitment to fully achieve the intended objectives to ensuring the success of the WBNLDC. “This is clearly an indication of the successful tripartite initiative in working towards a common vision for the short, medium and long-term success of the WBNLDC,” the statement said. The WBCG recently won a silver award for its “Facilitating trade to and from Southern Africa” initiative, at the 2013 Logistics Achiever Awards Gala Dinner held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Three Rhinos Poached Near Karibib

Poached Rhino - Photo by Lavrenty Repin Last weekend, a bull and a cow carrying a foetus were found dead with their ivory removed on a farm 40 kilometres outside Karibib. The two white rhinos were illegally hunted on farm Vogelsang, which is part of the Vogelsang trust. Officials announced: “Two animals had been killed, a male around the beginning of September and a female around the end of September. The male’s [horn] had been crudely hacked off while the female's had been professionally removed with a very sharp object.” While searching for bullet heads, the investigation team, which comprised of Nampol officials,

Ministry of Tourism and Environment rangers and representatives from the Save the Rhino Trust, discovered that the Rhino cow was carrying a foetus, which brings the tally of poached Rhinos to three. The cause of death, however, could not be determined, as no bullet wounds or evidence of fire arms were discovered on the scene. Inspector Iikuyu of the Erongo region confirmed that the incident took place and that an investigation is underway. He also said: “According to the post mortem examination there were no shots fired.” This tragic incident follows the discovery of 91 poached elephants in Zimbabwe last week, who were poisoned with cyanide.


The Kolin Foundation Senior Secondary School in Arandis held their annual price giving ceremony

Grade 12 learners with the proud principal and TOTAL representatives.

The Kolin Foundation Senior Secondary School in Arandis held their annual price giving ceremony awarding all the top performing learners of 2013. What an amazing surprise and blessing it was with welcomed rain. This event was hosted by the principal and his vibrant and dynamic team of teachers. Also joined at the event was the Town Mayor, His Worship Mr D. Muhuura along with invited Pastor’s J. Iyambo & Kenny, Rossing Foundation Maths & Science devision, TOTAL Namibia representatives, proud parents and invited guests. The Kolin Foundation Senior Secondary School is primarily a mathematics and science focused school. In the 2012 grade 12 final

examination, they proudly took the 3 top performing positions in the Erongo region. The school has a long chain of proud and successful alumni seating in high positions in all sectors of the Namibian industries, including the current principal and town mayor. The school honored the hard working - top performing students with certificates and public recognition. The top three achievers of each grade each received additional gift vouchers for their prestigious accomplishments. Total Namibia as part of their Corporate and Social investment in the local communities, sponsored each of the 66 grade 12 learners of the Kolin Foundation Senior Secondary school with a high-tech, multifunctional scientific

Mr Deon Williams (Tribologist-TOTAL Namibia), Headgirl, Ms Julia Imene, Mr R. Geiseb – Kolin Foundation’s school principal, Headboy, Mr David Imanuel and Mrs Charlida Husselmann-Fraser (Marketing Coordinator – TOTAL Namibia)

calculator and a high quality mathematic – geometric set. These tools are aimed to aid in the final exam and for the future endeavors that lie ahead. Total Namibia has also actively been involved, in collaboration with the school’s teaching staff, to prepare the grade 12 students for their final exams in mathematics and physical science. This entailed discussions of the real world industrial applications of the topics covered in the syllabus in the two mentioned subjects as well as tutorial sessions. Total Namibia also aims to sponsor highly recommended textbooks from Zebra publishing to kick-start the year of 2014 with good quality learning materials in the mentioned subjects.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

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Democracy is a Two-Way Street Lavrenty Repin Speaking at a public meeting held on Wednesday, Mr Theunis Keulder conveyed not only the importance of challenging democracy and questioning the ruling party, but also the lack of knowledge and understanding by most Namibians of their democratic rights and responsibilities. Mr Keulder, who was representing the Namibia Institution for Democracy (NID), held a public awareness meeting at the Swakopmund Museum where he touched upon various points ranging from tribalism within government structures and the drawbacks of Namibian opposition parties to the possibility of a Namibian uprising similar to those of the Arabspring. He outlined the vital role civil societies need to play by approaching local municipalities and protesting against bias decisions especially; “because we sit with a dominant party state; where opposition parties are very limited.” “Democracy has to grow from the

bottom up and needs to be practiced at the local level to ensure that it also prospers at a national level,” Mr Keulder continued, “Unfortunately, we see more often than not that once councils are elected, they don’t communicate with the public.” Mr Keulder pointed out that town councils will engage with only a privileged few who have the knowledge, time and resources to actively attend public meetings and participate in talks, leaving a gap for corruption. “One of our human rights is to stand up and demand things from our government,” stressed Mr Keulder. However, few Namibians are actually aware of their democratic rights, a problem that sits at the core of Namibia’s poor democracy record. “The problem lies with the younger majority who misunderstand the perception of democracy.” He also pointed out that although political education in school (i.e. Social Studies) may seem like a good idea, it sometimes “gets abused for party propaganda reasons”, so consequently the


Ministry of Education is uncertain of how to proceed. Furthermore, during teacher training, he noticed that many teachers knew even less about democracy than their students. A question from the public focused on why there are so many Ministries in Namibia, citing an example of Namibia’s 23 Ministries compared to Germany’s twelve. Mr Keulder said that officially the Government claims it is for development reasons, however, it may have something to do with accommodating Namibian people. “All our Ministries are very well staffed,” he stated, “and although implementation of plans are lacking, we have a large number of local experts in different fields in Namibia – foreign consultancy is often not needed.” However, he did admit that state-owned businesses in Namibia were mostly bankrupt, with only one or two making a profit. When questioned about the possibility of an up-rise in Namibia, Mr Keulder was sceptic about its likelihood. “Of course, if services are not delivered people will become unsettled, it is interesting to see what will happen. Will Namibians


11 Oct


as a card for opportunistic reasons, simply to get more votes at elections. Other questions, spurred by anxiety towards the upcoming elections, focused on the ruling party’s monopoly in media advertising, primarily airtime on TV. Mr Keulder said that according to research, airtime for advertisement in the last elections on NBC was equally distributed between opposition parties. However, SWAPO did get the prime-time slots, such as during the evening news. He did point out that, “the ruling party unashamedly uses state resources for electoral advertisement” and that opposition parties in Namibia just don’t have the budget to keep up. Although, he says, every party that has a seat in the National Assembly gets a part of the state budget to use on advertisement. Mr Theunis Keulder concluded by saying that it is absolutely vital to involve young people, between the ages of 18 and 25 in any way possible in order for our democracy to function properly. A simple look around the audience, however, yielded only one person under the age of at least 40.


Walvis Bay


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vote for an opposition party or will they not vote at all? In South Africa, for example, with the ANC, people simply didn’t go out to vote.” Another prevailing query was the unfairness of Affirmative Action in Namibia and whether or not it is a democratic procedure. Mr Keulder expressed that, “It is unfortunate that we sometimes disregard expertise to accommodate people of a previously disadvantaged group, but I am all up for BEE (Black Economic Empowerment). But it needs to be properly regulated and it needs a deadline.” He said that here in Namibia, BEE has led to only a few individuals enriching themselves, while in South Africa on the other hand, it has been regulated to such an extent that nobody can benefit from the empowerment. A big problem, Mr Keulder said, is how government parties in Namibia are built around ethnicity. Many people feel cheated in Namibia, while others such as the San lack any political representation, since they simply do not have a strong advocate. Furthermore, many opposition parties have used ethnic groups

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

News | 7

From Cleaner to Business Owner Dorcas Mhungu Determination and hard work pays off. Staying with Karakulia Weavers even after they closed shop in 2010, Moses Helao was able to buy the company a year later. He is now the proud owner of a manufacturing shop that employs 14 people and has won a number of business awards. “I dropped out of school in what is equivalent to Grade 9 today because my parents could not afford to pay for my education. Like most people, I headed for the coast to look for a job and as someone coming onto the job market with no professional qualification I got employed as a cleaner by Capital 7 and was earning a paltry [of] N$100,” Moses narrated his rag- to-riches story. Realising that the money was not sufficient for his upkeep and that he had no extra money to send to his parents, he quit the job after three months and got a job with a construction company who hired him as a general hand but the wage was just

N$20 more. “At the end of 1989, I resigned and the job that I got with an Italian restaurant was again a cleaning job. Cleaning is all I could do well, thanks to my upbringing,” Moses said with pride. The remuneration here was four times more. But it was when Moses was talking about his fourth employer, his stint at Karakulia Weavers, that he did so with a twinkle in his eyes. “The owner, Jenny Carvill, treated the employees like a mother would treat her children. She was good to all of us,” Moses said. Ironically, his colleagues were the ones who had the condescending attitude that is present in most people, regarding cleaners as inferior. But that did not dampen his spirit, which was cushioned by the bond created between him and Carvill. Even when another company offered him a well-paying job they could not cut that bond and Moses turned down the offer because his allegiance was with Karakulia and he realised he had developed an immense

interest in learning the weaving. Moses’s interest did not escape the watchful eye of Carvill, who decided to send the cleaner for a year’s course in drawing at the School of Arts in Swakopmund. After the training Moses became part of the production team but still continued with the cleaning tasks that he knew so well. His hard work and enthusiasm to learn earned him a supervisor position in his fifth year with the weaving company. “The assistant supervisor that time, Anna Amunyela, liked me and she taught me some of the processes and taught me marketing and sales. One day Jenny called me and told me that she was entrusting me with keeping the keys to the business and I looked at her in disbelief with a gaping mouth. “I was appointed to be in charge of sales and as assistant to the workshop manager and later became the manager,” Moses said with a broad smile. In 2006, Jenny sold the company to a South African couple but three years after they took over, the business suffered from the ripple effects of the global recession. All the workers except Moses left the company. In 2010 the weaving company was technically bankrupt and closed shop. Moses had continued to go to work to sell items that needed to be dispatched and to keep the establishment clean. “One day I consulted someone

Moses Helao packaging samples for a European Market in Windhoek to do a business plan but the plan was rejected. I did not give up but did a second one that was approved and on the 25th of March 2011, I became the owner to start a business with only N$120 in my bank account,” Moses concluded his tale. The loan that he got from the Development Bank of Namibia went towards the purchase of the business. The little raw materials that were still available, he used produce items for sale. He started with three workers, two men and one woman. Now the company employs 14 workers, 13 from the original operation. Moses’ management style has resulted in Karakulia Weavers winning at least one business award every year since he took over in 2011.

The first one was the Erongo Region Business Award in 2011. In 2012 he won the Development Bank of Namibia Good Business Award SMEs category. In April this year he scooped Arandis Town Council SMEs Award at the Mining and Energy Expo. He also won two awards in a contest organised by the Namibia Manufacturing Association; SME Manufacturer of the Year and the Ambassador Award. “My message to fellow Namibians is to encourage them to go into manufacturing businesses. There are very few of us. Our youth does not want to work for themselves. I want to encourage school dropouts not to despair but to know that one can start a new page in life. I did.”

Suicide at the Coast: Depressing Statistics Siglinde de Villiers It has been called one of the most selfish acts possible, but to some it is the only option left. According to recent studies conducted by the World Health Organisation, Namibia ranks ninth on the world list for successful suicides committed. Suicide victims describe their pain as so intense that the unknown is less terrifying than choosing life. Your perspective becomes darkened and disorientated. The world passes you by and you just do not want to be a part of it anymore. And when you genuinely cannot go on anymore suicide seems to be the only solution to your problems. Many can relate to the feelings described above. For the year 2013 up to 30 September, there have been 23 successful and 97 attempted suicides for the Erongo Region alone. This means that on average there are ten suicides being committed each month. These statistics place Erongo Region on top of the list. Social workers Adelheid Lekobane, Monica Chikozho and Hilkka Shiwalo state that people have various reasons for making this extreme choice. Unemployment, poverty, stress, anger, hate, fear, loneliness and despair are some of the less obvious causes. “Then there are the more obvious causes of alcohol, drugs, depression, relationship and family problems, chronic diseases like HIV/ Aids or cancer,” Adelheid said. According to Monica most cases are between the age group of 20-32 but “children as young as ten [years] have attempted suicide.” A Japanese independent suicide researcher, Hiroshi Inamura, explained that young ones often use their own death to punish others that have hurt them. “Those who contemplate suicide are in many cases crying out for help. They want the pain and suffering to stop,” Psychological Counsellor Melissa-Jane Louw from Swakopmund said. According to

Rupert Davis from Circle of Friends, feelings of helplessness are a big contributing factor. However, feelings of hopelessness can be reversed and the underlying factors dealt with. Childline explains that when someone is considering taking their own life they often show certain signs. These signs are like red flags and show up in the way someone thinks, behaves or talks. The more red flags there are the more serious the situation is. Examples of red flags can be when a person starts to give away prized possessions. They stop eating or eat too much. They withdraw into themselves and lose all zest for life. They might write notes or poems about suicide or be preoccupied with death. A local psychologist, who wishes to remain anonymous due to doctor– patient confidentiality, said that people are capable of handling negative events in their life as long as there is hope for improvement. “However, when the cumulative despair becomes unbearable, the ability of the mental system to restrain suicidal impulses gradually weakens. It is like a car whose brakes are worn thin by constant stress,” she explains. “When everything seems gloomy, trivial things are perceived as an overwhelming problem. You keep telling yourself how horrible everything is and this gets soaked up by the subconscious mind. Once you believe these thoughts they are intensified by your active mind and fed back into the subconscious. The result is a vicious cycle of a downward out-of-control spiral. At some point the desire to be dead becomes very powerful and inviting.” This is very true when considering the experience of *Charlie (pseudonym), a coastal resident who attempted suicide three years ago. “I suffered from depression. At first it was only mild, but as time went on

life became more and more bleak and mundane. The more I thought about it, the worse it got. No one knew because I was very good at hiding it. I put up a false pretence of happiness but behind the scenes I was an emotional wreck. Small things would turn into massive issues causing immense emotional turmoil. My interests and hobbies dissolved and I started to sleep a lot, because that was the only time I did not have to deal with my feelings. Physical pain was easier to bear than my heavy emotional burden and I started cutting myself. I kept telling myself that we live in a selfish world and that nobody really cares.” Charlie started to draw into herself and pushed people away who were becoming concerned. “I still remember very clearly how one day each emotion that welled up in me jabbed like a sword through my deepest core. It happened again and again when everything was just too much and I could take no more. So I took my blade and slashed my wrists.” Charlie was found by her father and rushed to hospital where she regained consciousness. “It has been a rough ride since then. But I am so glad to still be alive. I received help and from there on the sun broke through my dark clouds and I could enjoy life again. I cannot even comprehend the pain I caused my loved ones. If I only had spoken up earlier and accepted help I could have avoided a lot of heartache. Suicide is definitely not worth it.” According to Psychological Counsellor Louw, failed suicide attempts often result in physical and emotional trauma for the victim as well as the family. “The negative thought cycle continues or worsens. Close family and friends keep on asking why [it happened] and what could they have done differently.” In the worst cases,

failed suicide attempts often end with the victims having brain and organ damage or being paralysed and disfigured. Namibia still has a stigma attached to suicide. “In society, suicide is viewed as a heroic deed and failed attempts something to brag about amongst friends,” Mr Davis said. Social worker Hilkka Shiwalo also said that in some communities, suicide and its causes carry the cliché of a mental illness and so people who struggle with suicide ideas hide it from others. However, it is important for these people to talk about their feelings with somebody that they can trust. “Learning how to communicate your feelings prevents them from becoming bottled up and leaving you frustrated,” Hilkka said. Feeling heard and understood often changes a suicidal person’s perspective and they find hope in what seemed to be a hopeless situation. Death is not a solution to life’s problems. Those who are in need of help can call 116 from any network and speak to a counsellor free of charge. Church leaders, social workers and support groups are also being trained by the Ministry of Health to assist those who are considering suicide. For further help a person can phone social worker Monica Chikozho on 081 681 6080 or 064 216352, Hilkka Shiwalo on 081 439 3959/ 064 216 366 or Adelheid Lekobane on 081 278 0473/ 064 216 322.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

8 | News

Scottish Knitting Group Keeping Erongo New-borns Warm

Tanya Calitz

A knitting group of about 30 ladies from Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire in Scotland has been very busy making little jumpers in aid of the ‘fish and chips’ babies from Africa, who often get wrapped in no more than a newspaper to protect them from the cold. Subsequently, these good Samaritans’ work has made it all the way to Walvis Bay. Joanne, a Scottish ex-pat living in Walvis Bay, has a friend named Sheila, who is part of the knitting group back home. Sheila came to Joanne and Deirdre in front with Social Worker, Amanda visit Joanne here in Walvis Bay and discovered that there also exists a need for warm clothes for babies here in Erongo. “Sheila is a member of the [above] group and a good friend of mine. Earlier on this year Sheila visited me Maersk Namibia (Pty) Ltd t/a Safmarine Namibia have a vacant position for: here in Walvis Bay for a day and brought some of the knitted jumpers with her.

Customer Service Agent Local Position: Walvis Bay

Sheila was very interested to hear about the children and babies and I showed her where the Sunshine Centre was. On her return to Fraserburgh, Sheila told the ladies of the group and this is where it all began,” Joanne explains. The next time Joanne went home for a visit she brought back a lot of the beautifully knitted jerseys with matching little hats. The Namib Independent was present to witness these jerseys being handed over to local social worker, Amanda Baard, from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare. “There is a great need for these little jerseys here in Erongo region,” Baard said. “We will be distributing these jerseys to all the little villages in the region, as we feel that the biggest need is there,” she explains. Happy to have made the connection is Deirdre who has introduced the different parties to each other.

MUNICIPALITY OF WALVIS BAY NOTICE 89/2013 CLOSURE OF DAY VISITOR AREA AT THE DOLPHIN PARK RESORT FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC 1. Notice is hereby given that the day visitor area at the Dolphin Park Resort will be closed to the general public from 08 October 2013 to 13 December 2013 due to an upgrade at the Resort. The Grand Re-Opening of the Park for the general public will be on 14 December 2013. 2. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the closure.

AT Victor

General Manager: Community and Economic Development

The knitting group also donated some money to the welfare organisations this side, which will assist in helping them buy some desperately needed items for the children from the orphanage. Through the word of mouth and a few good Samaritans, everyone can make a difference in a little child’s life.

Caring for our Customers is your passion as well as your profession. As a key member of this small yet highly competent and energetic Safmarine team, your role is to deliver the Safmarine brand of service to Customers who find our value proposition attractive. You respect that our Customers have choice, and strive to consistently provide excellent customer service in shipping to ensure Safmarine retains preferred carrier status. You are empowered to be responsive, accessible, adaptive and committed to ensuring Safmarine Customers expectations are understood and met as well as coordinating efficient and effective completion of all customer service activities for our clients.

Key Responsibilities

• Ensure all export booking activities are completed in line with internal & statutory bodies’ requirements, including managing interaction with the Global Service Centre • Proactive Shipment Management (entire shipment) • Optimal exception management in support of Service delivery and Access & Experience strategy for named Customers • Building on the baseline service provided by the GSC and Central Documentation team, create a differentiated service value proposition for flagship accounts • High quality, sustainable, cost effective customer care solutions • Ask or additional, profitable cargo, either in response to existing or new opportunities • Serve as an e-commerce focal • Identify, recommend and implement improvements relating to export processes and service delivery • Optimize Revenue opportunities • Evaluate or assist with import and export commercial decision proposals • Ensure CXED filings are maintained and up to date • Conduct export vessel reconciliations (which are done on a roster basis) • Conduct phone and face to face visits with customers for client engagement, relationship,

maintenance and resolution of specific processes or tasks • Assist with Safmarine customer and CSI events held in Walvis Bay

Who we are looking for

• Good knowledge and understanding of the export and import process • Preferably 2-3 years customer service experience • Systems knowledge (including but not limited to GCSS/MDWS/ Navis/ RKEM/Aperak Pending Tray/ CXED/ Finforms) • Pro Activeness • Sound Listening • Good interpersonal skills • Composure • Problem solving & Root Cause Analysis • Attention to detail, follow up and control • Ability to work independently and within a small united team adhering to agreed deadlines / timelines.

f dO

le tab a e



, fer

b Un

s! e ic



• Customer Focus • Decision Quality • Integrity and trust • Team player • Interpersonal savvy • Timely responses • Simplicity • Drive for results

We are a global shipping line and conduct business in more than 110 countries around the world. Safmarine is a merger of two proud shipping companies - Safmarine, which originated in South Africa, and CMB-T, founded in Belgium. We were acquired by the AP Moller-Maersk Group in 1999; the acquisition part of our intention to widen our network by linking with a global carrier. So we are no longer a purely South African business; rather, a global company with a global perspective. Being a member of the AP Moller-Maersk Group provides access to the most modern vessels, the world’s largest and most sophisticated container pools as well as world-class information systems – in other words, our customers have access to the finest shipping infrastructure in the world

If you feel you meet the requirements, please send your CV to OR Applications close 15 October 2013.


Pack Size

Selling N$

Protecta High Mileage

500 ml


Engen Gearlube HP 80W90

500 ml


Engen Super Outboard TC –W3

500 ml


Engen Dieselube 530

500 ml


Engen Dieselube 530

5 lt


Engen Dieselube 540

500 ml


Engen Dieselube 540

5 lt


Engen Premium Motor Oil 40

500 ml


Engen Premium Motor Oil 40

5 lt


Engen Premium Motor Oil 30

500 ml


Engen Premium Motor Oil 30

5 lt


*Offer expires 30 October 2013

Lüderitz 063 - 203 241 Ongwediva 065 - 231 331 Otjiwarongo 067 - 303 104 Rundu 066 - 255 600

Tsumeb 067 - 220 264 Walvis Bay 064 - 205 632 Windhoek 061 - 309 805 Email:

*All prices: VAT inclusive

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Lucky Star Marathon a Flourishing Delight Lavrenty Repin The Lucky Star Marathon was a calm, festive family event that would now and then erupt into cheers as various sweaty, exhausted athletes completed their gruelling run. The melodrama, mixed with the casual bratwurst eating audience leisurely spread out on the grass on a sunny Saturday in Swakopmund, gave the event a peculiar atmosphere. Nevertheless, balanced with the superbly organised event coordinators, competitive participants and hilariously dressed marshals (who must have amused some of the unaware drivers), the end result was an event worthy of applause. The winner in the Males 42km run was Martin Ntinda, who completed the race 15 minutes ahead of 2nd place Herobeam Amunjoko, who finished in 2hrs 33min 24sec. Natangwe Hamukoto came in 3rd place. The female winner of the 42km race was Sofia Nambabi from the National Defence Force, followed by Ashley Hazel and Adri Coetzee. The 21km race was dominated by athletes participating on behalf of the NDF, with all first three finishers completing the race seconds apart. Paulus Iiyambo came in first with a time of 1hr 8min 55sec, followed by Simon Shipanga (01:09:01) and Hosea Frans (01:09:17). In the 10km race, winner Johannes Skrywer and second place Uveninawa Kugongelwa set the highest pace for the event, both averaging a speed of 19.7km/h and setting the stage for a nail-biting sprint to the finish. Winner Johannes, representing the Swakop Striders, finished with a time of 30min 27 sec, only a second apart from 2nd place Uveninawa who completed the race in 30min 28sec. Reonard Nampula came in third.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

10 | News

Financial Administrator - Inland Services Based in Walvis Bay, Reporting to Depot Manager with dotted line to Cluster Accountant in Head Office (Cape Town) APM Terminals operates a Global Terminal Network of 20,000 employees in 60 countries including interests in 69 port and terminal facilities and over 170 Inland Services operations.

Job purpose/overview

Ensuring all income and expenditure is reported as per regulatory, legal and group requirements

Key responsibilities

- Execute and report on all strategic income and expenditure, ensuring completeness and accuracy. - Correspond with Global Service Centre (GSC) to ensure all processing is complete and accurate. - Vendor administration and compliance with the Authorization Matrix. - Creation of purchase orders in financial system (IFS). - Record inventory consumption and physical count according to EMR Reefer Department figures; and reconcile to financial system (IFS). - Load vendor payments in Business Online and ensure vendors are paid within payment terms. - Maintain banking relationship with Standard Bank and any related administration. - Control all petty cash transactions and record same as per Guidelines. - Debtor administration and compliance with the Authorization Matrix.

- Initiate annual renewal of APMT credit agreements and collection of any outstanding debtors. - Monitor and direct timeous billing of all sales orders. - Reconcile income reported in financial system (IFS) with what is recorded in operating systems (Merc + and Constar). - Submit customer invoices promptly and weekly submission of customer statements. - Administration of container sales (liaise with APMT staff and Operations, initiate customs clearance, arrange disposal and request Copenhagen for prompt invoicing thereof). - Calculation and submission of VAT reports; Agency Import Tax, Non-Resident Withholding Tax and PAYE as per regulatory and legal requirements. - Follow up on VAT refunds claimed from Receiver of Revenue.

Required competencies -

Planning and organizing ability Problem Solving Analytical skills Good sense of urgency Ability to perform under pressure Assertive

Last application date: 16 October 2013

If you feel you meet the requirements, please send your cv to

Depot Operations Manager - Inland Services Based in Walvis Bay, Reporting to the Managing Director in Cape Town, South Africa APM Terminals operates a Global Terminal Network of 20,000 employees in 60 countries including interests in 69 port and terminal facilities and over 170 Inland Services operations. PURPOSE To manage and ensure the activities in the depot and port, operating within customer standards and cost effectively. This person will also be responsible for depot growth, cost and revenue for the depot. PRIMaRy accOUntabIlItIES • Fully responsible for port, workshop, reefer, yard and spares operation. This includes training, employment and assessment of staff • Ensure highest level of workmanship is maintained according to client’s standards. • Ensure adequate level of spare and parts are available • Ensure that containers are prepared and ready for all export requirements. • Monitor and control supplier performance • Maintain, develop and promote tight cost and stock control. • Identify potential problems at an early stage to ensure contingencies are put in place to allow business and service to our customers to be conducted without interruptions • Ensure all services are billed accurately and timorously • Develop / Co-ordinate and implement standardized depot procedures • Find synergies within operation with a view to improve productivity • Develop the depot business, through unique services and third party business • Develop and implement new products and services • Meet all operational budget as set out by head office • Full accountability for profitability of depot • Monitor operational performance and purpose corrective action • Produce weekly and monthly management reports • Ensure excellent working relationship between APM Terminals and clients • Manage claims again depot • Ensure good governance in all our dealings

cRItIcal QUalIfIcatIOnS / SkIllS/ExPERIEncE • Good management skills • Technical qualification with regard to container structural and reefer unit repairs • Knowledge of handling and specialized container equipment • Extensive knowledge of depot operations • Minimum of 5 years relevant working experience in a managerial position • Assertive and innovative skills • Good computer skills • Ability to perform well under pressure • Negotiation skills • Knowledge of a modern and international depot operation • Advance knowledge of refrigerated containers and logistics • Strong knowledge of container repairs and storage • Advanced knowledge of container handlers • Strong verbal and written communication • Leadership skills • Assertiveness • Strong administrative skills • Financial knowledge lEaRnIng & caREER OPPORtUnItIES In this position, the incumbent will have an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge in the following areas: • Depot operations • People Management • Run an independent business • Financial exposure RElEvant nExt caREER StEPS MIght bE: • General Manager and/our Country manager

laSt aPPlIcatIOn DatE: 16 October 2013 If you feel you meet the requirements, please send your cv to

Thursday, 10 30 October August 2013 Thursday, 2013

uton Cayden Mo

Lynique Fourie

1 News || 11

Charles Micheal Montgomery

Madelein van Donkelaar

urie Elmoné Fo

k Eden Sm Bemich Miea van Ec


Fanilo Haller

Christopher Nel

Kelsey Mae

Kynan Mouton

Keon Mungendje

Mia Mae



If you think your little one(s) reflect the future of our coast within their adorable faces, enter them into our Face of the Future Competition today. 12 Lucky winners will receive a professional photo-shoot with Photo Volker and shall appear on our 2014 Calendar!

Simone le Roux

Tayana Isaacs

ith Eden Sm er Bemich Viené Vent

(Ages 1-8 only) To enter today, email your pictures to or call Helena on 064 200 497 for more details Terms and conditions can be found on

ENTER UR D FO ROUN AY!! TOD test, r the cu looking fo warming rt We are ea h t es and mos little on funniest of your ar. d pictures en al C 2014 for our

EMINENT BLUESTAR Sanlam Building, 12th Road, Walvis Bay, Namibia

A house is a building; a home is where your loved feel secure. Call us today and let us help bring you financial security. Danny Beukes

064 215311

Blue star logo

PO Box 1194, Walvis Bay, Namibia Tel +264 64 215311 Fax +264 64 215301 Fax2Email +264 886518952 Mobile +264 811282 256 Web: e-mail

12 | News

Coastal Students Represent Erongo at UN Convention On Thursday 19 September, eight Grade 11 students from several schools around Erongo Region presented at the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification’s (UNCCD) Eleventh Conference of Parties (COP11). The eight students participated in Gobabeb’s Youth Environmental Summit in August, a programme funded by the Finnish Embassy’s Fund for Local Cooperation. The programme brought together 40 students from Erongo and Ohangwena for a week of intensive field research under the guidance of senior researchers affiliated with Gobabeb. In anticipation of the upcoming COP11, the summit’s theme was “Proud of our Deserts while Combating Desertification” and research projects focused on desertification, land degradation, drought tolerance, and ways of monitoring the Namib Sand Sea, Namibia’s newest UNESCO World Heritage Site. Collectively, the students spent over 2500 hours in the field collecting information, processing their data, and preparing for a series of presentations to Gobabeb staff and visiting researchers from around the world. Following the summit, eight students were

selected to present their findings at a formal side event of the COP11 in Windhoek. For several days leading up to their presentation, they worked with Gobabeb staff and others to develop their presentation at the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) in Windhoek, which graciously made their offices available for practice space. The students also had the opportunity to see the botanical gardens and speak with NBRI researchers about Namibia’s current gene bank programme to safeguard genetic resources for future generations. The presentation itself was part of a broader session called “Institutional Development and Mentoring for Sustainable Land Management” hosted by the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia. Bertus Kruger from Agra presided over the session that also included a presentation by Arnoldt //Gaseb, a farmer from the Grootberg Farmers’ Association and talks by Miya Kabajani and Ruusa Gottlieb, both graduates of the Summer Development Programme. This initiative annually brings together ten tertiary level students for two months of field work in environmentally relevant areas. The session was held in the Namibia pavilion at the COP11

and had over 60 foreign delegates in attendance from countries around the world. Upon leaving, several of the delegates even commented that the session was the best formal side event they had attended at the conference. Gobabeb would like to thank the Finnish Embassy’s Fund for Local Cooperation for their continuing support of both the Youth Environmental Summit and the learners’ presentation at the COP11. Gobabeb would also like to thank Jan Möhr Secondary School for helping provide transportation and accommodation for the learners during their stay in Windhoek as well as the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia for providing additional practice space for the learners. List of participating schools:

The learners were selected from a larger group of 40 learners from Erongo Regions who participated in Swakopmund Secondary School - 2 students the weeklong Youth Environmental Summit held at Coastal High School - 1 student Gobabeb in August. During the summit they conducted Namib High School - 1 student research projects in areas as diverse as desertification De Duine Secondary School - 1 student Kuisebmond Secondary School - 2 students drought tolerance land degradation and monitoring the Namib Sand Sea, Namibia’s newest UNESCO World Kolin Foundation Secondary School Heritage Site. Pic provided by Gobabeb Research 1 student and Training Centre

LANGER HEINRICH URANIUM (PTY) LTD A Member of the Paladin Energy Ltd Group of Companies (An Equal Opportunity Employer) Langer Heinrich Mine is committed to invest in and assist Namibians to acquire the necessary education, training and exposure, which will enable them to enter the Namibian labour market with confidence and to alleviate the shortage of a series of professionals, currently in demand in the mining sector.

GRADUATE TRAINEES 12-MONTHS INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME Langer Heinrich Uranium prefer to focus on solutions to challenges and we are looking for likeminded young Namibians in the following disciplines: •

Metallurgical / Chemical

• • • • • •

Engineering Mechanical / Electrical Engineering Industrial Psychology (Hons) Business Administration / Logistics Journalism / Public Relations Financial Accounting BSc with either of Physics and/or Chemistry as majors

FULL-TIME BURSARIES Langer Heinrich Uranium invites Namibian students who are commited and interested in a careeer in the mining industry to apply for the following bursaries. Only students who have successfully completed their second academic year will be considered: • •

Metallurgical Engineering; Mechanical / Electrical Engineering


• • •

Namibian citizenship An average of 60% for mid year / August results An overall average of 60% in all subjects for studying students


• •

Namibian citizenship An overall average of 60% for major subject’s end-year results

Kindly submit your application, supported by the following documents: • • • • • •

A comprehensive CV Certified copies of the grade 12 results and academic record Certified copy of your Birth Certificate or Identity Document Admission or provisional acceptance at a recognised accredited SADC tertiary institute (for bursary applicants) Institutional Reference letters for active students Please state in the subject box whether you are applying for the Bursary or Graduate Trainee programme.

Only the above fields will be considered. Persons from the designated groups, especially the disabled and women are encouraged to apply. Please submit ALL relevant supporting documentation as listed above by advert criteria to: Email: Tel: +264 64 413450 Only short listed candidates will be contacted and should be prepared to undergo relevant, psychometric assessments and interviews.


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ISWB Valedictory MUNICIPALITY OF WALVIS BAY TENDER NOTICE: 87/2013 EARTHWORKS & CONSTRUCTION OF A BOUNDARY WALL AT THE NEW CENTRAL SEWAGE PUMP STATION Tenders are herewith invited from experienced building contractors for Earthworks & Construction of a new boundary wall and associated earthworks at the central sewer pump-station.

On the 2nd of October the International School of Walvis Bay Matric students celebrated their farewell with parents and teachers. They were the third group of IGCSE students to celebrate their Valedictory but also the very first group to launch their Valedictory in the newly built school hall. Ms Coulson shared a very inspirational speech with the group -“Key to happiness “. The IGSCE group shared their best memories and expressed their gratitude towards the teachers AND Mrs Meyer the principal.

The project will consist of importation and compaction of fill material, importation and compaction of gypsum gravel sub-base material, construction of a new boundary wall and gate as per drawings and specifications. Finishing and cleaning of site and removal of any building rubble. CLOSING DATE DOCUMENTS

: :

Friday, 1 November 2013 – 11:00 AM Available at the Municipality of Walvis Bay, Cashiers,1st Floor, Civic Centre. COMPULSORY : Wednesday, 10:00am ; 16 October 2013 SITE MEETING Central Sewage Pump station LEVY : N$ 115.00 (Non-refundable, VAT Inc.) ENQUIRIES : C van Wyk Windhoek Consulting Engineers Tel. : +264-(0)64-20 6401 Fax : +264-(0)64-20 6525 Tenders in sealed envelopes clearly marked: TENDER NO: 87/2013 – EARTHWORKS & CONSTRUCTION OF A BOUNDARY WALL AT THE NEW CENTRAL SEWAGE PUMP-STATION and addressed to: The Secretary of the Local Tender Board, Municipality of Walvis Bay, Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay. For your convenience a tender box is placed at the entrance of the Municipal building on the Ground Floor, Nangolo Mbumba Drive, Walvis Bay.

The International School of Walvis Bay

8 October 2013 ISWB invites applications for an Art and Design lecturer for 2014. Candidate needs one or more degrees in Art. Additional postgraduate qualification and a minimum of 4 years experience in offering the subject at college level required. Contact or phone +264 203995

J A J KRUGER Secretary of the Tender Board

WATERBAY WOODS & JOINERY cc P.O. Box 2938, Walvis Bay | Tel: +264 64 205-377 | Fax: 0886 21006 |




081 146-2171

Dog houses Large N$750.00 Small N$400.00

Pieter 081 754-8032

Rheta 081 147-3242

P.O. Box 2938 Walvis Bay up to date, New, fresh, no nonsense and great newspaper. Tel: +264 64 205-377 Although you are new in the market, you haveFax: already put your stamp down. 0886 21006

Table & Bunks Large N$750.00 Small N$400.00

Specials for October & November Only Wishing the Namib Independent Circumferential Walvis well andRoad all the(Opposite success for your next 50 years in this field!!!

Fitment Centre), Styropark No. 1

Fritz: 081 146-2171

Rheta: 081 147-3242

Pieter: 081 754-8032


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14 | Breast Cancer Awareness 2013

Surviving Against All Odds Siglinde de Villiers Life took on a new meaning for breast cancer survivor Roshida Patterson, although the long journey to recovery has taken its toll and is far from over. Roshida shared her story and the things that motivated her through this rough experience with the Namib Independent and the Cancer Fundraising Brunch. “In 2006 I felt a small lump under my arm. It did not hurt, so I did not think much of it and left it for a year,” Roshida (40) relates. “However, this lump kept bothering me and so I went to see three different doctors, each one coming to the same conclusion: that it is a milk clot. During that year the lump grew and moved down. I could feel the hardness behind my nipple and started to get really worried.” Roshida says that she then decided to go back to her house doctor who send her for scans and a mammogram. “He took a sample from the lump and send it away for testing. I was nervous about the results and could not wait for them. When they finally arrived everything came back clean and was negative for breast cancer.” Nevertheless, Roshida decided to have the lump removed because it still bothered her. Unknown to her, the doctor who removed the mass send it away for further testing. “When I returned to the doctor to have the stitches removed he told me to sit down. Then he broke the terrible news to me. I had breast cancer.” Roshida did not know what to say or think. “I was completely shocked and dumbstruck. It felt like somebody had slapped me in the face.” The doctor immediately made an appointment for Roshida to see the cancer specialist in Windhoek on the following day. “I had to go back to work and make travelling arrangements. On my way to the office I was still in a haze but when I had to tell my employer, everything around me started to crumble and I broke

Living with Breast Cancer: A Constant Fear Siglinde de Villiers

down and cried.” The reality of having breast cancer only struck Roshida once she received treatment. “While driving to Windhoek my thoughts were flying in all directions. ‘It cannot be me. This must be a big mistake, somebody else’s results. My results were all clean, the tests were negative, the mammography showed nothing. Why me?’” Roshida remembers how she thought this whole misunderstanding would be cleared up as soon as she arrived at the specialist. “That thought gave me some hope and [I] managed to maintain a positive attitude. When I arrived at the specialist I was immediately started on chemotherapy because my cancer had already progressed to Stage 2. My hair started to fall out, but fortunately I did not get as sick as most other people who receive chemotherapy.” After the first chemotherapy session Roshida had to undergo a mastectomy followed by radiation therapy and a second session of chemotherapy. “It was a really terrible time, but if I was going to do the chemotherapy, I would have to push myself through it for the sake of my loved ones. This gave me the strength to endure. Once I completed the whole cancer therapy I had my breast rebuild,” Roshida told her listeners. “During the therapy I was very afraid, because my mom was also being treated for cancer in South Africa and her experience was scary. Focusing on helping other people like my mom and daughter helped me not to concentrate too much on myself and disintegrate with selfpity. I discovered who my true friends were that stuck with me through the hard time. They held my hand as I received therapy and we chatted about everything else except cancer. Treating me like I am still the same person really helped me to not lose my self-respect.” Even though Roshida has been clean now for three years, life is still not without it challenges. “My greatest fear is that the cancer will return. But then I look at all those women who have survived breast cancer and are living a good life. If they can do it, then there is no reason why I cannot.” Roshida’s experience has changed her attitude towards life. “I only live for today. I realised what life is all about and what the things are that really matter. The important things in life are the things we take for granted. My mother has passed away during my struggle and this taught me to cherish our family members and not take the little things in life for granted. “I spend a lot of time with my daughter, focusing on building beautiful memories with her as well as my good friends. In the end, those memories were really worth living for. I hope to live for the next ten years but if I do not, I want my daughter to have wonderful memories of our time together to cherish for as long as she lives.”

Two years ago *Betsie Smit (pseudonym) was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her treatment involved numerous challenges and even though she has been clean for a while, the constant threat of breast cancer returning hovers, like a predator ready to strike. “Two years ago I had a melanoma on my one breast. When they removed it, I discovered a lump right next to where the melanoma was and became worried.” Betsie tells the tale of how the lump led her from doctor to doctor and then from specialist to specialist. “Each one told me that it was not really serious, that I had nothing to worry about.” It was not long before Betsie felt two more lumps on her one breast. “Since I had no medical aid at the time it was difficult to afford medical care. I went back to the doctor and after four of them inspected the lumps I was stunned to find out that it was cancerous. I was admitted to the operating theatre the very next day.” According to Betsie, the lumps were very small and still in the early stages of cancer. “The doctors were going to use an injection that would dissolve the lumps,” Betsie explained. However, in the operating theatre, the treatment changed. “I had to lie there for three and a half hours, waiting for the anaesthetist to pitch. It was uncomfortable and I felt exposed. Then suddenly the doctors realised that the lumps were too small to inject and could increase the risk of the cancer spreading to more tissues. So they decided to cut the lumps out under local anaesthesia. I was fully aware of what was happening with me the whole time. They numbed the area of my breast with injections, but I lost count after the 19th one. It was really awful. I could hear every word the doctors said, as well as them cursing when things did not go according to plan. The worst was seeing and smelling the smoke form the burned tissue as they cut into my breast.” Betsie says that she went to get the stitches removed ten days later and received medication. “The medicine made all my hair fall out [and] grow back grey and in a different texture. I tried dying it but only ended up with handfuls of hair.” According to Betsie, the trauma of the


operation caused her to develop Type 2 diabetes two months afterwards. “My greatest challenge is to stay positive. Doubts and negative thoughts keep creeping into my mind, even though I try hard not to concentrate on them. I constantly worry about the future, about dying and leaving behind loved ones and my children. Then I am also constantly afraid about recurring cancerous lumps. I have to do a breast self-exam every day and recently found two new lumps. Just the thought of having to go for a check-up makes me nervous and scared because of my bad experience with doctors. I do not look forward to getting my lumps checked because I already know what the doctor is going to tell me. If my new lumps are cancerous, I have to face a mastectomy,” Betsie said. According to Betsie another great challenge is telling family and friends. “Their attitude towards me changes and they think that I have been handed a death sentence. With the fear of death and the future constantly nagging in the back of my mind the last thing I need now is pity. I need to first sort myself out in my own head and work hard at staying positive. For that I need positive people around me that can build me up.” She also had to accommodate a few lifestyle changes. “I have to eat healthy and discovered that eating tomatoes every day as well as a dessert spoon of honey and cinnamon really boosts my immune system. Other than that I need to stick to natural products as well as exercise regularly. Being busy prevents me from thinking too much.” Betsie says that it is important for women to do regular breast self-examinations. “Breast cancer spreads incredibly fast, there might be nothing today and then tomorrow suddenly it shows itself. A lot of women make the mistake of finding lumps that are not painful and dismissing them as not serious. Painful lumps are often glands, non-sore lumps are cancer.” “I always hear women complaining about how their breasts are too big or too small, but they do not realise what they have unless they risk losing them. Women should never take their breasts for granted and be proud of what they have, regardless of size,” Betsie concluded.

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Breast Cancer Awareness 2013 | 15

DetectingBreast BreastCancer Cancer Detecting


Giving yourself a breast exam is quick, Giving yourself a breastitexam is quick, easy and effective, can save your life! easy and effective, it can save your life!

Howeffective? effective? How

40% 40%

of breast cancers are of breastdetected cancers by arewomen who feel a lump detected by women who feel a lump

70% 70%

Breast self exam is 70% effective detecting Breast self in exam is 70%abnormalities effective in detecting abnormalities

78% 78%

of breast cancer feels a hard of breast like cancer feelsrock in the breast like a hard rock in the breast

How to do a self exam How to do a self exam


Put your hand behind Put your yourhand headbehind to make sure your that headthe to make breastsure tissue is that the breastspread tissue is properly out. properly spread out.

Breast Cancer Most Common Cancer among Namibian Women Tanya Calitz According to the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN), breast cancer is the most common cancer amongst women in Namibia, as well as the number one cancer among women worldwide. The lifetime risk for women in Namibia to develop breast cancer is one in eight, says Sister Nellie Coetzee from CAN. According to Sister Coetzee, most cases of breast cancer in Namibia are diagnosed in women older than 40 years. “However, it also occurs in younger women, therefore all breast lumps should be

investigated,” she warned. The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the more treatment options are available and the greater the chances of longterm survival, Sister Coetzee explained. Breast cancer is not something that only affects certain women, or women with this or that virus. It can and does affect women from all backgrounds, sizes, ethnics and ages. “All women are at risk of getting breast cancer, although there are some factors that increase your risk,” Sister Coetzee said. These include a history of breast cancer on your mother’s or father’s side – especially if close relatives develop it at a young age.

Breast Self – Examination Siglinde de Villiers There are several ways to do a breast exam. When you are in the shower, use the pads of your three middle fingers and move around your entire breast in a circular pattern from the outside to the center, checking the entire breast and armpit area for any lump, thickening or hardened knot. While standing in front of a mirror, press your hands firmly down on your hips. This position contracts the chest wall muscles and enhances any breast changes. Look for any changes in size, shape, and contour, or dimpling, redness or scales appearing on the nipple or breast skin. Next, raise your arms slightly so you can easily feel this area. Look for any of the signs mentioned above. Raising your arm straight up tightens the tissue in this area and makes it harder to examine. When lying down, the breast tissue spreads out evenly along the chest and is as thin as possible, making it easier to feel all the breast tissue. Put your right arm behind your head. Using your left hand, move the pads of your three middle fingers around your right breast gently in small circular motions covering the entire breast and armpit. Use light pressure to feel the tissue closest to the skin, medium pressure to feel a little deeper tissue and firm pressure to feel the tissue closest to the chest and ribs. Squeeze the nipple and check for any discharge and lumps. Repeat the steps for the left breast. Any irregularities should immediately be checked by a doctor.

Also, women who start early with menstruation or who go through menopause late in life, women who have children after the age of 30 years, or women who drink two or more alcoholic beverages every day are at an increased risk. Prolonged use of HRT (hormone replacement therapy), being previously treated for breast cancer or a high fat diet and being overweight further increase the risk. Sister Coetzee also urges women to self-examine regularly and act upon feeling a lump or any form of abnormality in their breast. “Early detection really saves lives. There is a survival rate of 90% if breast cancer is detected before it spreads. When breasts start to develop, you should perform a monthly self- examination with the pads of your fingers approximately one week after your period,” Sister Coetzee explained. If you no longer menstruate, pick a date of the month to do regular checks. Sister Coetzee said that one should consider getting a genetic test for mutation if two or more family members have been diagnosed with breast cancer, as one may have inherited the altered genes. Ladies who are diagnosed can be supported by the Reach for Recovery Breast Cancer Support Group (RFR - Ladies Who Are Survivors of Breast Cancer). The Cancer Association also assists

in counselling and provides the necessary information if the patient is uncertain of the path forward. There are also other people who can assist in the journey of cancer treatment, for instance the dietician, physiotherapist, spiritual advisor and the RFR. Male breast cancer: Sister Coetzee wanted to remind the public that men also get affected by breast cancer. Even though it is not as common as in women, it is still possible. Men are born with small amounts of breast tissue and can therefore also develop breast cancer. The risk factors also include age, family history, excessive use of alcohol and obesity. According to Sister Coetzee, in order for us as a nation to move forward we have to keep on creating awareness, especially in the more rural areas of Namibia. “The biggest challenge we as the CAN face here in Namibia is ignorance among the people about this disease, and vast rural areas with lots of different languages. Creating awareness is important to help ladies to become conscious of the reality of the disease. “If they become aware, then they can act, detect and survive, rather than become victims,” Sister Coetzee concluded.


Press gently while Pressmoving gently while your fingers in moving your fingers in a circular fashion. a circular Fromfashion. the outside of the Frombreast the outside the to theof nipple. breast to the nipple.


Repeat on the other side Repeat on the other side Adult women of all ages are encouraged to perform Adult women of all ages are encouraged breast self-exams at least oncetoa perform month. breast self-exams at least once a month.

at Risk? AmAm I atI Risk?

1/8 1/8 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime

Riskincreases increaseswith withageage Risk ByBy 3030

ByBy 7070

1/233 1/233

1/27 1/27

Other factors Family Family matters Other factors matters

20-30% 20-30% You are at high risk You are at high if you drinkrisk alcohol, if are youoverweight, drink alcohol, or inactive are overweight, or inactive

of women who develop of women develop breast who cancer have a family breast cancer have a family history of the disease history of the disease

I found a lump! I found a lump!

Nowwhat whatdodoI do? I do? Now

If you find a lump, schedule an appointment with your doctor, If youbut find a lump, schedule withcancerous. your doctor, don't panic — 8 outan ofappointment 10 lumps are not Your doctor but don't panic — 8 out of 10 lumps not cancerous. Your doctor may recommend that you see aare radiologist for a mammogram. may recommend that you see a radiologist for a mammogram. Don’t put it off. Annual mammograms are an extremely important Don’tpart putof it off. mammograms are an extremely yourAnnual preventive healthcare. When choosingimportant a center for part of your preventive healthcare. When a center your mammogram, research the teamchoosing of specialists thatfor will be your performing mammogram, research the team of specialists that will be and interpreting your exam, as well as the equipment performing and interpreting your exam, asthe well as the equipment can being used. The best equipment and best interpretation beinglead used. Thebest bestoutcomes. equipmentEarly and detection the best interpretation to the can save lives.can lead to the best outcomes. Early detection can save lives.

THE SURVIVAL RATE FOR THECANCER SURVIVAL RATE FOR DETECTED AT STAGE 1 CANCER DETECTED AT STAGE 1 Call us today at (732) 223-XRAY (9729) Call today atyour (732) 223-XRAY appointment. (9729) tous schedule mammogram to schedule your mammogram appointment.


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Jolly Old

Time with the Oompah Band Tanya Calitz The annual October Fest kicked of its celebrations this weekend, with a well-received addition to the festival – the Oompah band flown in from South Africa. Many locals made their way to the Atlantis Sports Club, contributing to fun and merry-making at the Beer Fest. All over revellers could be seen with traditional German food, and massive mugs of beer. The festival also had some fun activities for the children, offering paint ball target shooting, jumping castles, and other prize winning games. Despite all the fun and happy faces, the festival was not as well attended as expected by the organisers.


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mOshiwa 'Here' SAY S Am Yb o

What is Your Favourite Activity to do Over a Weekend at the Coast? Olavi "Socializing with friends at the beach and enjoying day out. I enjoy this because there is no better company than your friends company over a weekend after a long weeks work.”

Jessica “Going to the waterfront after a long weeks work and enjoying the sea breeze and the view. i absolutely love the view and the fact that i can just sit and relax with no one demanding anything from you and there is no time curfew.”

Katryn “Enjoying a weekend home with a great movie and spending the weekend with my daughter and family and friends. There is nothing better than spending my day with my daughter.”

Harry "Going to Swakopmund and going to the beach and relaxing while watching the sunset and enjoying a good comedy at the cinema. It’s different scenery than the scenery in Walvis Bay.”

Jasmie "I absolutely love going to swakopmund over a weekend and going to the cinema and watching a good movie and afterwards going on a shopping spree and enjoying food from various restaurants.”

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Entertainment || 37 Entertainment 37 Thursday, 24 Thursday, 10January October2013 2013

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VIRGO It's an excellent week to make progress at work and on career VIRGO You mayday. feelAssert as though you'rewith in the zone as one good Thisgoals. is a fantastic yourself confidence news after another brings positive change. Expect andpiece moveoftoward your goals. Your emotions are working the unexpected since the best deal may come out of the blue. harmoniously with your outer-directed nature. You may You could be living on your nerves and perhaps burning the want more attention from others today. Enjoy jovial times candle at both ends. There's so much to do that you'll be busy with friends and loved ones. Plan an activity with children all hours. if you can. Break free from your normal routine and create yourLIBRA own fun. Relationships, friendships, and romance could all be hot topics this week, in a positive way. Expect a meeting out of LIBRA the blue thatfocused could lead to a creativeleaving partnership People will be on themselves, you or budding romance. You'll notice chemistry involved that wondering what all the fuss aisdefinite about. You have a strong inspires you to takeemotions. things further business or desire to express your It maywhether feel likefor you're pleasure. Oneway. of these connections may also on stage in some You wish to be recognized andencourage you to broaden horizons andand seepassionate life from a new appreciated for your your sensitive, devoted, perspective. nature. Speak up. SCORPIO Family life is boisterous and energetic. You might be doSCORPIO a lotflows of entertaining or have family seem and friends Theing energy smoothly today. Obstacles to havecome to stay.There's It's alsoa possible that cleaning dissolved. great deal of you've energy started at yourspring disposal. decided to tackle the décor,emotions too. There seem to be Youearly haveand strong thoughts and powerful backing events or news associated with the home. possible youlucky up. Work with partners and promote your ideas.It's Speak might get out of thedreams blue, perhaps from family youryou passions out money loud. Help your manifest by awriting member. them down. SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS All kinds of associations and relationships work for you this There's a spark about you to ignite Payshare closeinformation attenweek. The people meet inside or talkyou. to may tionthat's to your andyou take care aofjob, yourself physically, vitalemotions in helping secure contract, or move one emotionally, and spiritually. yourpossibility plans withofpassion. step nearer a goal. There'sInfuse also the a romance Breathe life into out your and act with that happens ofdreams the blue. There's a lotconfidence. of chemistry in the Theair inner and outer your being working in bringing folksaspects togetherofbuzzing withare excitement. harmony. CAPRICORN Finances are looking perky, with a chance to get more earnCAPRICORN ings. You might be in the mood to buy extra gadgets Your emotions are piqued today. You're spurred to take for the home, perhaps a new computer or something else that helps action. People might have a me-first attitude that may get make life easier. The more the merrier as far as you're conon your nerves. You're more interested in the collective and cerned. You could be given a raise or find that you've been improving the situation for all. Someone may be working given additional responsibility at work for which you'll get counter to this mode of action, causing friction in your dealmore money. ings. Stick to your principles and act confidently. AQUARIUS Things may seem surreal today, Aquarius, so don't take other AQUARIUS chatterand tooget seriously. ThisCome is a day out and Getpeople's off the couch into action. outtoofreach hiding someone, so pick uphave the phone. goodemotions day to share andtouch let others hear what you to say.It's Letayour your matter how farfetched theythink. sound. Others shine anddreams, don't benoconcerned about what others maylike look you watching. as if you have three Dance noatone's Passion willheads, be thebut keyastolong as you're being with yourself, there's to be shy manifesting yourhonest dreams. This is a great dayno to reason act bravely about sharing. toward those dreams. PISCES PISCES You might be in a more reflective mood, especially as there's Thisa is a fantastic Assertzone. yourself confidence focus on yourday. spiritual Yourwith inner life is important, andand move youryour goals. Your emotions are working thattoward includes self-talk, hopes, dreams, and fantaharmoniously outer-directed nature. You sies. If youwith wantyour exciting and positive things tomay happen for want more attention from others Enjoy jovial you, then start creating themtoday. in your head. You times might get withideas friends andhow loved activity about to ones. make Plan moreanmoney orwith makechildren your home if you can. Break homier. Go forfree it! from your normal routine and create your own fun.

• • • • • • • • • •

They have a lot of data, but they’re still clueless. A better model is just around the corner. They look nice and shiny until you get them home. It’s always essential to have a backup. They’ll do whatever you want if you push the right buttons. The best part of having one is the games you can play. In order to get their attention, you have to turn them on. The lights are on but nobody’s home. Big power surges knock them out at night. Size does matter.

• • • • • •

wrong, they always say ‘nothing’. They can produce incorrect results with alarming speed. They are always turning simple statements into big productions. Small talk is important. You do the same thing for years, and suddenly it’s wrong. They make you take the garbage out. Miss a period and they go wild.

********************* Humankind’s propensity for imposing anthropomorphic characteristics on inanimate objects has now reached computers. But, which gender should your PC be?


But then again, here are the top ten reasons why they are obviously female. Suduko is easy to play and the rules are simple. Fill in the blanks • •

Here are the top ten reasons why

so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids

3 8 They’re oh so picky, picky, contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 though 9. picky. 3 9 7 They hear what you say, but 5 4 not what you mean. Solution to Last Week's6Suduko Beauty is only shell deep. 8 7 3 4 8

2 4 6 3 4 6 are simple. Fill in Suduko is easy to play and the2 rules the blanks so that each row, each column, 5 1 8 and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the 2 3


numbers 1 though 9.

Daily Sudoku: Mon 14-Jan-2013

6 8 9

1 2 8 4 5 1 8

5 7



3 8 5 8 6 7

Solution to Last Week's Suduko

6 2 4 3 1 8 3 9 5 7 1 2 1 7 5 4 2 5 FOR 1 6 TWO 9 8 A SET THREE COURSE MEAL AT DES SABLES! CHEF'S 3 9SPECIAL! 8 2 4 4 LYON 3 2 4 7 6 3 4 5 1 8 9 9 6 3 7 5 9 4 7 8 2 1 6

WIN 8 1


(c) Daily Sudoku Ltd 2013. All rights reserved.

LEO LEO Relationships seem be fastuppaced exciting Something may get yourtodander today.and There are hotwhether linkedand to strong business or romance. Theleft. connections tempers opinions right and Try to seeyou the make encouraging youextra to explore a new Someone big are picture. You'll seek attention fromdirection. others, espemay giveit you a tip your horizons, cially when comes to that yourcould needsexpand and emotions. People open vistas, and possibilities. is also a willnew be irritable, but suggest arguing fresh will only make the There situation connection to your social life and worse. Give everyone some time andnetworking you'll find that that adds manyto the funwork and upbeat energy of the week. issues themselves out.

In their honeymoon suite on their wedding night. As they undressed for bed, the husband, who was a big burly man, tossed his pants to his bride and said, “here put these on.” She said “I can’t wear your pants.” “That’s right!!” said the husband, “and don’t you forget it. I’m the man who wears the pants in this family!” With that she flipped him her panties and said, “Try these on.” He tried them on and found he could only get them on as far as his kneecaps. He said, “Hell, I can’t get into your panties!” She said, “That’s right, and that’s the way it’s going to be until you change your attitude.”

When you ask them what’s

CROSSWORD Daily Sudoku: Mon 21-Jan-2013

9 8 5 7 6 4 2 1 8 3 9 6 7 2 3 4 1 7 6 5 5 9 Lyon 1 8 des Sables 2Restaurant, 6 7 3 Cocktail and Wine 4 1 8 2 3 5 4 9

Daily Sudoku: Mon 14-Jan-2013


CROSSWORD How to enter: fill out and drop in PO Box 5085 or email: or fax: 064 200 474 with your name and contact details

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GEMINI GEMINI The might desirestep to explore andtry getnot away from it all People on yournew toesoptions today, but to react. be flow. stronger you way haven't taken your Go could with the Thisthan mayever. be theIfonly theyyet know this might a good Open time toyourself get away a wellhowvacation, to act. Express yourbefeelings. up for to the deserved The who cosmos world. There break. are people wantistoencouraging get closer to you you,tobutleave explore to new places perhaps theydaily mightroutines feel tooand intimidated do so. Takeand it one step atnew faces. be excellent business a time, butCurrent realizeinfluences that you'remay probably the onefor who needs trips sincethethis to take firstweek's step. upbeat aspects seem to hold the potential for success. CANCER CANCER ThisThere's is a fantastic dayafor you,insothe celebrate. the sparkles star definitely buzz air, withYou're financial of the show, and you'll be up new on stage more and than potential usual. busipromising some positive contracts People lookYour up tointuitive you andhunches respect you your incrednesswill deals. mayfor play a big part in ibleenabling leadership confident and express yourself youskills. to beBe in the right place at the right time. There from heart.ofActions should run smoothly. canrelated is your a chance some excellent news - again,You career accomplish quite put a bit. Don't this day. Do second-guess some which should you in a waste good mood. Don't a creative work. romantic offer of a date.

they have to be male.

(c) Daily Sudoku Ltd 2013. All rights reserved.

ARIES ARIES People seem a and bit more stubborn It's may an upbeat positive timeand foremotional you, withthan lots of usual. Try not to contribute to agenda. it by being vain and is stubborn. socializing and fun on the Networking one of the Thisbest isn'tthings the time contemplate. It's time to act. YouFabulous have youtocan do right now, so keep it up. all the information need. Make you'll sure you're actively aspects over thisyou week suggest be busy making new getting the attention and you're giving credit connections that you coulddeserve be very lucrative for you. Youtomay the also people helped alongbut theyou way. be who've in the mood to you splurge, might be restrained by your credit limit. TAURUS TAURUS This is a very opportune day for you. Say hello to the Career possibilities look very promising this week with a stranger in line or follow through on a tip or comment. Opdazzling lineup that could make you more money, too. This portunities are there. All you have to do is grab them. You'd might be a good time to consider looking for a new job or godo very well in a group situation today. In fact, you'd do ing for interviews. Either way, the news could be uplifting, wellespecially leading others. understand need for action. as youYou seem to be on the a roll. Finances lookBevery decisive and confident. rosy, with more than one opportunity to make extra cash.



1. Light meal (5) 4. Platter (5) 7. Sweetened red wine with orange or lemon juice with soda water (7) 8. Small vegetable (3) 9. Variety of peach with smooth skin (9) 10. Meat from a mature domestic sheep (6) 11. Cooks over a metal framework (6) 15. Soaked in various mixtures of spices and seasonings (9) 17. Consume (3) 18. Gourmet (7) 19. Fruit of genus Malus (5) 20. Plant with edible leaves and pungent taste (5) 1. Eating utensil (5) 2. Downy fruit resembling a

Solution to Last Week's Crossword small peach (7)

3. Herb grown for its edible flattened seeds (6) 4. Food processed in a blender (5) 5. Religious meal (5) 6. Oblong cream puffs (7) 10. Amber dessert wine (7) 12. Salad green (7) 13. Game bird (6) 14. Infuse (5) 15. Cereal crop (5) 16. Cuts into cubes (5)



1. Edible nut (6) 2. Bran (5) 3. Used to brew a beverage (6) 4. Add sugar (7) 5. Sponge cake (5,4) 6. Cooler (6) 9. Servings of boiled or steamed dough (9) 11. Baked pasta dish (7) 13. Chewy confection (6) 14. Fatty oil (6) 15. Dairy product (6) 17. Prepare a turkey (5)

1. Fruit (7) 4. Rice and raw fish in seaweed (5) 7. Preserve made from citrus fruits (9) 8. Frozen dessert (3) 9. Unfreeze (7) 10. Aroma (5) 12. Edible bulb (5) 16. Pastry (7) 18. Drink made with juniper berries (3) 19. Wine source (9) 20. Sample (5) 21. Vanilla ___ (7)

Solution to Last Week's Crossword

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N$ 2150.00



Sp65 AlArm Kit - iNcl iNStAllAtioN

Kit includes: 1 x 8 Zone Panel, 1 x 8 Zone Keypad, 4 x PIR’s, 2 x Fixed Emergency panic buttons, 2 x white magnetic door contacts, 1 x 12V Backup Battery, 1 x 15W Siren, 1 x 50VA transformer, 100m 4 Core Cable, 5 x Glue, 1 x FSK Radio Free. Special applies for Walvis Bay, Swakopmund & Henties Bay

Securing Your World

Present this advert at your local G4S office and get oNe moNtH’S Free moNitoriNG & reSpoNSe (terms and conditions apply)

N$ 1250*

Decoder + Dish + Installation

Electrical CC2007/0393

Parts Sales We offer a wide variety of services for almost any vehicle. Our company has 32 years of Auto Electrical experience under our belt and provide a professional service to all our customers. TEL:064278200

HD PVR N$ 1995* Decoder + twin LNB

Electrical Wholesalers CC2007/0393 For allFAX:064278201 your Electrical supplies C/O Sam Nujoma Ave C/OSamNujomaAve&8thRoadNr.77

& 8th Road Nr. 77, Walvis Bay TEL: 064 278200 • FAX: 064 278201 •

Walvis Bay

WALVIS BAY: 064-203318 SWAKOPMUND: 064-403418

James / Renaldo Julie 081 269 3443 / 081 284 1788


Auto Repairs CC • Repairs & service on all vehicles outside the warranty/service plan period. • Oil-and-Go for your convenience. • Pre-holiday inspections, pre


AlArm SpeciAl

In-Car Entertainment Custom sound installations Fit and supply sound (DVD screen DVD players, front loaders, speakers, amps, etc.) Car security, Central-locking kits

Julie Auto Electric & Sound CC Tel: 264 64 205 233 Fax: 264 64 207 559



roadworthy checks. • Headlight adjustments. • Diagnostic testing.

RiaanStols NamibElectricalDistributorscc C/OSamNujomaAve&8thRoadnr77 WalvisBay Namibia

We specialise in the following fields... Residential Commercial Marine Industrial Ventilation Service & Maintenance

Deon Ellis Cell: +264 81 214 6883 Fax: +264 64 207 756 Email:

• Service agent for Hyundai & KIA. • Specialists in Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi.

234 Theo-Ben Gurirab Street, Walvis Bay Tel: 064- 200888

Travel CHAMORE TRAVEL AGENCY CC T: +264 64 206003 F: +264 64 206009 c/o Union Street & 5th Road, Walvis Bay, Namibia

Fax: 064- 200840 Bennie- 081 204 3885


• Latest Cellphones • Digital Camera's • Cell Accessories • Rentals

Travel arrangements Logistics - Flight bookings - Passports - Car Rentals - Work Visa’s/ In-transit Visas - Hotel bookings - Transfer/ Shuttle Services


• MTC New Contracts • MTC Renewals • MTC Payments - Online • Internet Settings • Airtime Contact us for Professional and efficient service! Tel: 064-209919 - WBay Fax: 064-209921 - WBay Tel: 064-404800 - SWK Fax: 064-404823- SWK

Tel: 064-221552 Fax: 064-221553 Besigheids ure: Ma-Vry: 08H00 - 19H00 Sa: 08H00 - 13H00 WSK welkom.

FOR THOSE WHO KNOW THEY NEED TO ADVERTISE ALL YEAR ROUND +264 81 147 8648 / greg@namibindependent. Home

Tel: 064-277750 Fax: 064-277751 Email: Hage Geingob Street, Walvis Bay

Theo Ben Gurirab Str. & Hanna Mupetami Road P.O.Box 499, Walvis Bay

Phone +264 64 205136 • Fax +264 64 205137

Thursday, 10 October 2013

20 |

Mile 4 Very Neat Complex! 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Study, bbalcony, indoor BBQ, and Double Garage N$6 800 Suna: 081 210 7823


Available from the 1 December 2013 2 Bedrooms, lounge to fitted kitchen, bathroom, bic and stove with garage N$3 500 Office at 064-202788

Walvis Bay

To Let

New House

Walvis Bay. This house offers: 3 bedrooms, each with own bathroom, guest toilet, open plan kitchen / lounge / tv room / dining room, entrance hall, double garage, big entertainment area, outside servant's room, added 1 bedrooms flat with own garage. Simply a must viewer N$1 900 000 Roelien on 081 657 5488


2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 1 Garage, luxury unit in Hohenzollern Haus Peter Rust 081 231 9653

Vineta- Swakopmund

3 Bed apartment, 2 Bath, Garage, Open plan N$1 070 000

Secure Complex

Walking distance from Shopping Centre N$1 070 000 Glaudi 0814175141

Henties Bay

Lovely double storey home 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan lounge & dining, kitchen with scullery and double garage. It has a garden and outdoor BBQ and the house is secure with alarm & burglar proof. On the north dune. N$945 000 EMILY: 0812930335


Good investment 2 Bedroom townhouse N$4 500 pm N$750 000 Emily: 081 293 0335

3 Bedroom House with double garage, 2 bathroom, scullery, kitchen, bic and burglar bars N$1 030 000 Tanya: 081 427 0332 Beautiful Spacious family home, 4 bedrooms, 3 bath rooms, main bedroom has a dressing room and bathroom. Double garage and many more extras N$2 500 000 Sirka 0814335644

Vineta- Swakopmund

3 Bed apartment, 2 Bath, Garage, Open plan N$1 070 000

Secure Complex

Walking distance from Shopping Centre N$1 070 000 Glaudi 0814175141


Plot for sale! Erf size 1018.12sqm. Approved plans for 8 x 3 bed units. N$970 000 Tanya: 081 427 0332

Mile 4

Duplex Apartment 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Garage, CC registered No transfer cost N$1 177 000 Glaudi - 08 141 75 141

Ext 19

Vacant Erven - 600m² N$600 000 Glaudi - 0814175141


Your own holiday home! 3 X 3 bedroom townhouses in security complex. Just lock up and go! From N$1 090 000 to N$1 900 000 GOGGA – 081 870 9950


Price reduced Walking distance to shops. 9 bedrooms with on-suites, lounge, dining, breakfast room, cosy private garden corners, DSTV to all rooms, Wi-Fi Internet Connection, good security. N$4 600 000 GOGGA – 081 870 9950

NEW RELEASE - SOLE MANDATE - LAGOON PRIME AREA - 3 Bedroom family home, 2 bathrooms, spacious lounge/dining room with indoor braai, kitchen, double garage, established garden, interlocks PLUS one bedroom flat with kitchen, bathroom....all this for N$2.1

Walvis Bay Lagoon

Need tlc, a family house of a 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 tandem garages, lounge and dining area, kitchen with scullery, outside room with toilet, situated in a good area price N$ 1 250 000 MARISKA – 081 256 7327

Walvis Bay Central

Interested in any of these properties? Call Helena on 064 200 497 today Narraville

1000m² light industrial plot For sale N$900 000 CLAUDIA 0816051984

Walvis Bay Lagoon

Bachelor’s Apartment with bathroom & open plan kitchen. Located in safe and secure complex. N$490 000 Claudia: 0816051984


Get your own - Bachelor flat with enclosed balcony with sea view and garage N$635 000 GOGGA - 081 870 9950

Walvis Bay

Beautiful Family Home 3 bedrooms, lounge, dining, Kitchen, 3 garages, 2 bathrooms, and much more in a very big erven. N$1 590 000 Saloom: 081-3821888

million. Call Laura to view Cell 0811277071


Price reduced! Vacant erf in Ext 9. 615m2 N$490 000 GOGGA – 081 870 9950

Walvis Bay Meersig

This house need TLC, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 tandem garages, big entertainment area with indoor bbq and bar, open plan kitchen, lounge, dining, guest room with bathroom, laundry room, big erf, situated in a good area. N$1 450 000. Call Mariska 081 256 7327

Walvis Bay Central

Townhouse of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 r/c garages, open plan kitchen, lounge and TV area, indoor BBQ, Swakopmund spacious courtyard in a very Townhouse for Sale: up-market complex in Walvis N$895 000 in cc Bay. In a CC REGISTRED, 2 bedrooms, BIC, full SO no transfer costs, only bathroom, open plan kitchen cc costs involved. Close and lounge, single garage to schools, town and the and small private courtyard. hospitals. N$ 1 330 000. call 085 56 22 111 Mariska 081 256 7327

Big family house of 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, 3 garages, linen cupboards, laundry room, study, lounge, open plan kitchen with gas hob and electric oven and scullery, dining and tv room with BBQ, entertainment room with bar, save play area for kids, high boundary walls, garden, interlocks, main bedroom with walk-in closet, in a CC registered, close to town and schools. Below valuation, situated in a good area. N$ 1 630 000 MARISKA – 081 256 7327

Swakopmund Ext-22

New build houses of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 r/c garages, open plan kitchen with scullery, lounge and indoor BBQ, b.i.c., servants toilet, secure area for kids to play, boundary walls, slab tile roof, balcony in new extension of Swakopmund. N$ 1 700 000 MARISKA – 081 256 7327

Walvis Bay Meersig

Big open family house in a prime area of 4 bedrooms, 3 r/c garages parked 4 cars with extra room and bathroom, study, spacious open plan kitchen with scullery, lounge, dining, tv room, entertainment area with indoor BBQ, bar,

rent? r o y u B o t se u o h a r fo g in Look der on in F y t r e p o r P l a t s a o C h c r a se . d e t s li s d e r d n u H . y a d o t k faceboo

Jacuzzi, high boundary walls, lovely garden with water fall, outside braai, big erf, store room in garden. N$2 570 000 MARISKA – 081 256 7327

Walvis Bay Fairways

Exciting new Development, providing up market living in secure and privileged surroundings all within walking distance to the lagoon. Estimated completion date December 2013 Not to be missed! N$1 870 000 MARISKA – 081 256 7327

Walvis Bay- Fairways

Stunning new developments just what the market needs and wants….tasteful quality finishes and within walking distance to the lagoon. Estimated completion date end of December 2013. N$ 1 890 000 MARISKA – 081 256 7327

Swakopmund Ext 12

Tasteful and neat finishes, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 garage, open plan kitchen, lounge, dining and indoor BBQ, b.i.c., burglar bars, stove and hob. 2 Houses on one plot. Situated in a new extension of Swakopmund. N$1 920 000 MARISKA – 081 256 7327

Walvis Bay Central

Townhouse for sale: in secure complex with interlocks, high boudary walls, alarm system, close to town, schools and municipality, dining area, lounge, guest toilet, small courtyard, good for an investment. N$ 1 350 000 MARISKA – 081 256 7327

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Interested in any of these properties? Call Helena on 064 200 497 today

| 21

engela 081 302 8531


2 x 4 bedroom houses next to each other. Neatly tiled. Big yard with furter opportunity for flats at the back. Ideal opportunity to Swakopmund make money as Arandis is Vacant plot of 10 hectares for sale, there is municipality developing. Both houses water and electricity, close to have tenants at the moment Swakop river, + - 20km from total size of the erf 1193m2 selling for swakopmund. only one N$800 000.00 registred in available. a private name. N$ 800 000.00 MARISKA – 081 256 7327 Chantelle 064 27 0500

Walvis Bay Meerisig

Tastefull neat house of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 garages, lounge, dining area, open plan kitchen, scullery, indoor BBQ, tv room, tiles, alarm system, laundry room, 1 bedroom flat with bathroom, lovely garden, big erf of 1250 sqm, situated in a good area. N$ 1730 000 MARISKA – 081 256 7327

Dolphin Beach

Apartment with sea and dune views spacious living area with balcony 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, tadem garage ideal lock up and go. sefco properties N$ 1,070,000.00 renette 081 332 9805

Bargain of the year..

erf for sale in swakopmund ext 9 620m2 selling for N$500,000.00 Chantelle 064 270500.

Lovely family house in Walvis Bay, prime area. Price reduced to sell!!! This house offers; 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 2 study rooms entertainment area with jacuzzi, kitchen, lounge, TV room, dining, laundry 1x 1 bedrooms flat garage parks 4 large vehicles N$ 1 900 000.00


SWAKOPMUND 14 X Erven in the Dunes/ Ext. 18 N$895.000-00 - N$1, 5 mil. Ext. 9 – N$550.000-00

Ext. 15 – N$750.000-00 Ext. 16 – N$580.000-00 Mile 4 – N$650.000-00 HENTIES BAY 973m2 – N$190.000-00 500m2 – N$495.000-00 1.050m2 –N$490,000.00 GOGGA – 081 870 9950


3 Bedroom duplex in security complex, 2 bathroom, guest toilet, 1 garage and beautiful garden. N$1.2 Million GOGGA – 081 870 9950

Henties Bay

Lovely double storey home 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan lounge & dining, kitchen with scullery and double garage. It has a garden and outdoor BBQ and the house is secure with alarm & burglar proof. On the north dune. N$ 945 000.00 EMILY 0812930335


Good investment 2 Bedroom townhouse Rent it out for N$ 4 500-00 N$ 750 000.00 Emily 081 293 0335


3 Bed apartment, 2 Bath,

Garage, Open plan N$ 1 070 000.00 Secure Complex Walking distance from Shopping Centre N$ 1 070 000.00 Glaudi 0814175141


Plot for sale!!! Erf size 1018.12sqm. Approved plans for 8x 3 bed units. N$ 970,000 Tanya: 081 427 0332


centrally located 10 bedroom house and two bedroom flat. Indoor braai area, 3 showers in house with 3 toilets and two geysers, flat has own geyser and courtyard. Communal kitchen and courtyard for house. New roof, ceilings and geysers.

Rent income of N$11,000 N$ 12,500. Full rental contracts included, house is full. No open rooms so there is a constant income. N$ 850,000 Contact 0812054225


N$ 900,000.00 2 bedrooms with BIC full bathroom open plan kitchen and lounge single garage For more info please contact Nadia on 085 56 22 111

Walvis Bay Lagoon

Bachelor’s Apartment with bathroom & open plan kitchen. Located in safe & secure

complex. N$ 490 000-00 Claudia: 0816051984


ONE OF THE LAST REMAINING CHEAPIES!!! Only 1 Street from the Sea Vacant erf of 654 sqm N$450 000-00 Joey Gerber 081 278 0518


N$ 2,600,000.00 Open plan living area with kitchen and indoor bbq, one guestroom with bathroom on ground floor, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom on top floor with main bedroom with en-suite bathroom. 3 garages. Deffinately a must buy!!! RENETTE 081 332 9805 ENGELA 081 302 8531

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CLASSIFIEDS Contact Helena to place your classifieds 064 200 497 helena@ namibindependent.


Mopanie Hout

20 kg in Swakopmund vir N$35 sak en as jy 10 of meer vat is dit N$30 sak

Skakel 081 223 8083

Renovations & Maintenance

20 years experience


REE Bodyworks

We are in need of panelbeaters. If you are a panelbeater and want to be part of our growing bussines, please contact me at

081 343 8104 or Ruben at 081 400 3654

Believe Renovations

Ons doen bouwerk, teelwerk, verfwerk, carpentry of enige iets- klein of groot-in en om u huis.

Kontak Julio by 081 418 9955

West Coast Car Recovery- Breakdown Services

24/7 Breakdown and towing service. We specialise in towing, cross border transportation, changing of flat tyres, recovery of vehicles from sand dunes and assist you if your vehicle has run out of fuel. Call us now on 081 149 8750 EMAIL US at westcoastcarecovery@

De Vries Plumbing Service

Contact us for all your kitchen & bathroom plumbing needs. We do plumbing installations and maintenance.

Contact Marius 081 212 2541

Gemapen Driving School

N$95 p/ lesson N$200 for NATIS test. Qualified, friendly instructor.



DSTV, alarm, CCTV and access control installations

Tell: 064 200 836 Cell: 081 399 6011

Prodel Constuction

For all your Constuction needs Call Johann Steyn at 081 128 0848 for a free quotation

Md Domestic Solution cc

We refill and exchange LP gas cylinders at an affordable price. Refills: 1.4kg to 7kg Exchange: 9kg, 19kg, 48kg


5.3kg with cooker top N$550 only New: door 2 door gas deliveries anytime but only in Swakopmund and langstrand.

Contact Mervin 081 338 5707 and 081 319 7535

Cutting palm trees?

I am looking for someone to cut back high palm trees

Please call 081 192 2157

Henks Transporting Transport of - Building Rubble - Garden refuse - Furniture Removal - Anything else


Construction Painting Paving Slasto Swimming Pools Lapas Electric Fences All types Roof Structures Sealing of any kind of roofs with 3 year guarantees - Supervision on all sites 24/7 Plumbing & Electrical Service

CEE-JAY 081 211 6686

Wildsvleis te koop

Bly jy langs die kus? Hentiesbaai? Swakopmund? En walvisbaai? Ons het wildsvleis teen baaaaie goedkoop pryse, klaarverwerk en ons lewer af!! As jy belangstel sms my dan stuur ek vir jou n pryslys! 081 809 3526

Learn & Play Day Care All toddlers welcome!


Mondays - Thursdays 08:00 -13:00 Friday 08:00 - 12:00


N$375.00 per child. Narraville - Ashrafi Str.

Contact 081 880 0476/ 081 719 4707

Alle Bouwerk, Herstelwerk

Instandhouding van huise en geboue in Walvisbaai, Swakopmund, Langstrand en Hentiesbaai. Inspeksie verslae


Truck to rent

With driver and helpers, nationwide • Furniture removal • Garden refuse • Building rubble • Office removals You name it and we will do it. Open 7 days a week. Contact 081 649 3676

De Bries Plumbing Services

Contact us for all your kitchen & bathroom plumbing needs we do plumbing installations and maintenance. Marius 081 212 2541

Kitchen Elegance

For professional kitchen, bedroom and bathroom re-modelling. We do cabinets, blinds, tiles and flooring or any other joinery needs. Quality workmanship guaranteed. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction. Contact us on 081 278 8092 or 081 612 3519.Visit us at www. kitchenelegancenamibia. com

081 454 6870


Tuesdays 10:30 TUESDAY 10:30am

SERVICES For All Professional Cycle Repairs & Services. CHAPPIES @ 081 753 2415 WANTED

Batchelors Flat

Urgently looking for bachelors or 1 bedroom flat and garage to rent in Walvis Bay. Doelie at 081 613 9778

Batchelors Flat

Urgently in need of a bachelors or 1 bedroom flat in Walvis. Contact Morne Viljoen at 081 359 0027

Ons doen gritblast/ sandblast werk op enige metaal, so as as ń geroeste hek of motor rims of traliewerk jou pla, kontak my gerus, ons gritblast en spuitverf jou yster na jou keuse. Let wel ons doen geen paneelklopwerk nie. Skakel 081 322 0547

Country living: 2 bedroom flat, water and electricity included, N$3500 per month. 18 km from swakop on plot. Call Helga 0812724222.

Baie groot ruim 1slaapkamer woonstel

met kombuis met igk en sitkamer asook n groot waskamer en n enkel garage te huur vanaf 1 November Prys N$ 5000.00 pm water en ligte ingesluit

New Western saddles

- N$3500 and N$4500, new bridles - N$550 to 650, New western headstall sets - N$806, 2 new imported western headstalls - N$1100, New western horse pads Storage Space/Garage/ N$425 and second hand Office numnahs - N$110 to 180. 3 offices , 1 kitchen,all with air conditioning, ,267 Inbox me for photos and or more details. Square meters to rent in the new industrial area in Also mail me at: Swakopmund, N$12000 a openrangenam@gmail. month com Please contact Philippe 0811246006 Stunning 3 bedroom

VW Citi Golf

Renting Flats Hocholand Park 2

Woonstel te huur in Walvisbaai


skakel 0812957455

betroom flats x 4 available for renting: erf no 117 flats, 2 betroom, siting room, kitchen build - in cupbord, shawer and toilet, hot water very safe, air condition, wall yard electric fence, interlocks, remote controlled gate, paking Educational Products space, G4s alarm available 24hours With the imagination and energy of children in mind, N$6 000 pm plus deposit N$3 000 water and to nurture a magical time of discovery and learning. electricity included Note: preferebly payment Transform everyday actions into exciting growth through the bank to view the flats or collect you flat and exploration. Lots of key after work 17h00 other safety, clothes and Lipinge 081 375 8391 accessories available. Kindly mail Garage to Rent Looking for garage to rent or whatsapp or sms in Walvis Bay. Alida 081 279 4345 Contact Johann during office hours. 081 128 0848

Erongo Gritfix




Coastal Advertiser

Contact 081 281 9318

CALL HENK on 081780 4155

5 77 77

2006 model 126 500 km Full service history N$50 000 or nearest cash offer. 081 779 8298

2010 Iveco Panel Van Daily Model 50 C 15 As good as new Only 8000 km N$300 000 neg Contact : 081 127 7381

Erf for Sale

Henties Bay. 2 boundary walls. Extension 10 ERF NO 2218 SIZE 649 N$ 360 000 Call 081 249 9270

apartment in Langstrand, Walvisbay with a permanent sea view for 1.8 million.. Contact Chantelle 081 207 2105

Polo GTi Parts

4 doors available Boot door excluding window GTi BOOT SPOILER Back Bumper 2x 16 inch standard GTi mags + tyres could be used as spare body is for cutting MAKE A OFFER FOR THE ITEMS ABOVE. 0814811283 OPPORTUNITIES

Looking for Barman/ladies to work at a busy bar & lounge in Swakopmund. 2009 White Toyota Must be fluent in Fortuner English and Afrikaans, 4x4 4.0 Manual. 170 with German an added 000km, Full service advantage. History, Leather interior. At least 2 years Based in Swakopmund. experience working in a Price: N$ 210 000.00. bar and with contactable Nudgebar, towbar, references. Running Boards. Cocktail knowledge an Contact 081 274 2076 or advantage. 064 462 666 Please email your CV, with photo and references Animals to Toy-pom puppies available from 3 October. Only successful N$ 3000.00 Dewormed candidates will be and first vaccination contacted. Only CV’s via received. Contact Helena email will be accepted. at 081 250 7026 or 207 892

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t s a F t i Sell cal o L t i Sell


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Thursday, 10 10 October October 2013 2013 Thursday,



Sparta United Recreation Club In Walvis Bay

is looking for a CLUB MANAGER To join our team as from 1 November 2013 The applicant must have: Namibian citizenship; Minimum 5 years’ experience in a management position; Food and beverage background would be an advantage; Computer literate; Strong HR operation background; Target & Customer satisfaction orientation; Financial management

OPPORTUNITIES experience; Excellent People skills; Must be prepared to work long hours; Must be able to see to the smooth running of the club on a daily basis. Please forward your CV, copy of your id and motivation letter to spartaclub1965@ Only short-listed candidates will be contacted WANTED C j is looking for a job in Swakopmund as a sales Man or a Marchandiser. 081 395 5108



Urgent Donations

To whom it may concern Dear: Friends My name is Oscar and naturally deaf person, 31 years of age, I am marathon runner for all deaf athletic club of Namibia since 2003. I am invited to participate in America for all deaf champion marathons. I have been long now and all the training outfits which I had is old and need to run again. I know that you will support me in everything but we the deaf are also poor and need your support of running shoes and clothes for training. I also want to enjoy only sport, I love it like the others. Thank you very much for considering my plea.

For further information please contact Sr. Shamaine Garcia Perez at Tel. 202549 or Cell. 081 436 0627 or Hildegard of the Cancer Association Walvis Bay at Cell. 081 248 1089. Please support this campaign and the fight against Cancer.

Priced to go. Urgent sale. Truck mounted crane


Tuesdays 10:30 10:30 Tuesdays TUESDAY 10:30am 10:30am TUESDAY

EVENTS Sunshades N$395 each Contact 081 818 4978

N$10 000 neg 081 129 6447

Boat for sale

85 horsepower engines, radio, fishfinder, etc. Swakopmund

N$85 000 Eric at 081 338 6502 / mariska 081 256 7327 or mail me at

Free Delivery at the coast. Adults N$995 Kiddies N$695

081 375 1645

Oscar Nangolo Cell: 081 431 1677 (Sms only)

Urgent Sale

In association with the Cancer Association Walvis Bay the Erongo Health Care Clinic will host a pap smear campaign. All ladies are invited to get a pap smear and breast examination for a special rate. Sam Nujoma Avenue, Lapaloma Building. Date: Thursday and Friday, 17 & 18 October 2013 Time: 08h00 – 17h00 Cost: N$ 50.00

Crane for Sale

Yours in sport

Pap Smear Campaign (Toktokkie)

Venue: Erongo Health Care Clinic Walvis Bay


5 77 77

Welwitschia Estates We are URGENTLY looking for Houses, Flats, Town Houses to rent out in all areas & price ranges in Swakopmund for approved Tenants. Please contact us on any available Properties. Office: 064 – 404004 Email:

Xbox 360 Console with 320GB Hard Drive, 2 x Remotes, 1 x Multimedia Remote, 1 x Rechargeable Battery with Charging Cable plus 11 games including, Battlefield 3, Forza Motorsport 4, Boderlands 2, Gears of War 2, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, Tekken 6, Far Cry 2 and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Double pack, Call of Duty Black Ops II, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Splinter Cell Conviction and Kinect Sports

SERVICES Full particulars pertaining to the sale will lie for inspection by interested persons until Tuesday 11 October 2013 at room 29, Municipal Offices, Kuisebmond. For more information Ms D Müller can be contacted at telephone (064) 2013232 during office hours. Written objections to the intended private transaction, duly motivated, must be received by the undersigned before or at 12:00 Friday 14 October 2013.

A T VICTOR GENERAL MANAGER: COMMUNITY & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Municipal Offices Civic Centre Nangolo mbumba Drive Private Bag 5017 WALVIS BAY Fax: (064) 209714


Wood Beds and Dog Houses For a price please SMS or call 081 375 1645

N$4 200 Please call me @ 081 711 6437

MUNICIPALITY OF WALVIS BAY Notice is hereby given in terms of section 63 (2) (b) of the local authorities act, 1992 (act 23 of 1992), as amended, that the council of Walvis Bay intends to sell by private transaction erf 4430 Walvis Bay (extention12) to Mr karl Borromeus Ndoroma & Partners. DESCRIPTION Erf 4430 Walvis Bay ZONING Light Industrial AREA M² 3062 m² PURCHASE PRICE N$1 224 800 15% VAT N$183 720 An additional amount of N$122 480 be paid towards landscaping and the establishment of a green belts.

Notice is hereby given in terms of section 63 (2) (b) of the local authorities act, 1992 (act 23 of 1992), as amended, that the council of Walvis Bay intends to sell by private transaction erf 4496 Walvis Bay (extention12) to Osiana Trading Enterprises DESCRIPTION Erf 4496 Walvis Bay ZONING Light Industrial AREA M² 3472 m² PURCHASE PRICE N$1 388 800 15% VAT N$208 320 An additional amount of N$138 880 be paid towards landscaping and the establishment of a green belts. Full particulars pertaining to the sale will lie for inspection by interested persons until Tuesday 8 October 2013 at room 29, Municipal Offices, Kuisebmond. For more information Ms D Müller can be contacted at telephone (064) 2013232 during office hours. Written objections to the intended private transaction, duly motivated, must be received by the undersigned before or at 12:00 Thursday 10 October 2013.

A T VICTOR GENERAL MANAGER: COMMUNITY & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Municipal Offices Civic Centre Nangolo mbumba Drive Private Bag 5017 WALVIS BAY Fax: (064) 209714


24 | Sport

Thursday, 10 October 2013 to Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Sponsored by keeping the connection

The Buccaneers FNB & Magic Discounters Club Championships The Buccaneers Club Champs, sponsored by FNB and Magic Discounters, ran from 30 September till 4 October. What a week of squash! All the members tried their utmost to improve their status at the club. It was a tough week, with a lot of hard competitive squash. Those that ended at the top proved without a doubt that they had the grit and prowess on the courts to earn them the titles in their respective sections. Special thanks to FNB and Magic Discounters for their sponsorship. The event is definitely the highlight of the Buccaneers members’ calendar year. The final outcome was as follows: Men’s Cup – Clifford de Witt beat Imanuel Amorongo to lift the title and cup for 2013 Ladies Cup – Jenny Pahl beat Anina Huisamen to lift the cup for another year Mixed Doubles Cup – Marius Geyser & Imanuel Amorongo Runner Up , Clifford de Witt WINNER

Jenny Pahl beat Wynand Breytenbach & Amanda Beukes Men’s Consolation Cup – Stefan van Tonder beat Dirk Bosman Men’s Plate – George Bekker beat Joseph Payne Men’s Consolation Plate – Alberto Canellas beat Jacques Serfontein Ladies Plate – Jenny Lombard beat Elsje van der Merwe Mixed Doubles Plate – Connie & Cabous Olivier beat Wynand Breytenbach (Jnr.) & Alyssa Cummings Most Improved Male player – Alberto Canellas Most Improved Female player – MarshaLee Breytenbach Next up it’s the Toppies vs. the Youngsters, so keep on squashing. This is where we sort out the Men from the Boys, and the Ladies from Girls.

Doubles Marius Geyser & Jenny Pahl CUP WINNERS , Amanda Beukes & Wynand Breytenbach Runners Up

Yet another Eventful Week for the Golf Club Wednesday 2 October 2013 39 Players took part in good conditions. The course was almost back to perfect condition after the rain and maybe the reason for the large Wednesday field.

Saturday 5 October - Bulls vs. Western Province Gert Olivier and Walvis Bay Pro Shop and Driving Range were the sponsor last Saturday. 55 Players took part in this annual popular event. Best dressed player was Pikkie Champion in full Western Province outfit. 1st place Kevin Wentzel on 20 points, 2nd place Willie Venter on also on 20 points Longest Drive was won by Piet Fox and nearest to pin on No. 7 was Percy van Zyl and on No. 18 3rd place was Willie van Zyl on 19 points. Mathew Stander. Night at the Races 1st place on the day was Deville Dreyer on Friday night, Shane Westerdale held his ever 39 points popular races event at the club. Although not a 2nd on a count out; Percy van Zyl on 37 lot of people attended, we still had great fun and points raised a considerable amount for the club. 3rd place: Amandio Sardinha also 37 Hope to see you all next year.

World of Sport The Rugby Championship Steyn penalty in the 9th minute 5 October: New Zealand vs. with great play from Kieron South Africa 38-27 Read, which resulted in a try for Ben Smith. Cruden converted. This was to be it. The The Springbok try that followed Springboks would have to gives you hope for Springbok test their own religion beyond rugby because it came out of believe because what they nothing. A maul was formed needed was a miracle. They on the halfway line against would have to play and not the right touchline and the ball pray and boy, did they play! was played down the backline The All Blacks last won at with no apparent urgency. Ellis Park in 1997 in what has Duanne Vermeulen received become a fortress for South a skip-pass from Steyn and African rugby but if anyone instead of making contact and could do it, they certainly setting up play like the Bokcould. After Welsh referee norm would usually dictate, Nigel Owens (brilliant referee) he ran in between space and started off proceedings, it was broke the line of defence. He clear that this was going to be beat the great Ma’nonu no less a classic. and fed Habana that sped off As early as the second minute, down the touchline and scored Jean de Villiers already broke underneath the posts in the 17th the seemingly impenetrable minute. Steyn duly converted. All Blacks defensive line. The A copy of the first Habana All Blacks soon thereafter had try followed in the 19th minute a break of their own and the with this time François Louw heat was on. Willie le Roux feeding Habana brilliantly and looked dangerous and also had with a superb chip and gather a line break, which made the scored in the left corner. Steyn All Blacks nervous. This guy missed the conversion. For the makes it look effortless and had Habana critics that said his time you not known you would have was long over, I hope you have sworn that he has played at this finally come to your senses or level forever. He was not at all you never will! nervous and really has the touch The Boks have finally of a master. started to play the expansive The resilient All Blacks rugby that the fans have been though hit back hard after a praying for and boy, was it

Fanie Botha

a spectacle. Credit to the All Blacks who played their part. These rugby freaks just oozed a silent confidence amongst themselves, irrespective of the little matter of the scoreboard. Habana soon had to be replaced (21st minute) by Serfontein after an innocuous hamstring injury. I felt that the Boks could have done with Gio Aplon here because the attacking options on the left wing were limited from thereon in. It is good to have an allrounder like Serfontein and we understand that the quantity of subs is limited but the fact remains that the All Blacks knew that the Boks were not going to make skip-passes to the left wing from that moment on. Alberts had to be replaced (38th minute) by a very able Kolisi. However, disaster struck for the Springboks in the 40th minute after Messam powered over after some poor defence at an exposed blind side. It was converted by Cruden. Halftime score: 22-15 for the All Blacks. Soon after kick-off Liam Messam went to the bin for ten minutes. He was still strolling off the field when Le Roux crashed over and once again showed his ability to create

Sunday Sages - 6 October Young Sage winner was Justine Grobler on 36 points, Mid Sage winner was Shorty van der Walt on 38 points and, Senior Sage winner was Shorty’s wife Lynn also on 38 points. All 17 players won a prize and we hope to see you all in good health next month. On Friday CHAIN is hosting their annual fundraiser. If you still want to take part, please contact Goretti Jansen. It is for a very good cause. On Saturday and Sunday, the FNB Coastal Open will be played. Get your names in and we will do the draw timeously for all outside players to make travel arrangements.

something where there is nothing. Steyn converted. Then in the 50th minute the Boks had an attacking scrum on the 5-yard line in the middle of the field when Springbok coach Meyer decided to bring Bismarck (Stauss) and beast Mtatwira (Steenkamp) off when the first scrum collapsed. Why, oh why, would you take the guys that have been dominating the All Blacks in the scrums off at such a crucial time? You put them to the sword and apply even more pressure where it counts. The All Blacks clearly did not have an answer to the power up front and after these substitutions I believe they were let off the hook. Needless to say, they got away from their goal line and started to disrupt in the scrums. I would also like to mention that the Boks conceded 25 turnovers to the 12 of the All Blacks. This must be an area of concern. They cannot compete against a world-beater like the All Blacks with stats like that. Barrett converted a penalty in the 54th minute and in the 55th minute Kolisi made a powerhouse try-saving tackle on Nonu. This 21-year-old kid will still play a long time for the Boks; and he has excellent running abilities as well. Jean de Villiers scored an excellent solo try in the 57th minute and his critics must also be swallowing their words by now. Steyn missed the conversion and continued his rather below-par kicking. Beauden Barrett sealed The Championship thereafter (60th minute) and ran through a number of hapless tackles that should have been made. He converted his try. A good Kieran Read try followed (64th minute) and was converted by Barrett. In the 67th minute both sides made several subs. Willie Le Roux nearly went over for his second try in the 74th minute but for a try-saving tackle from Barrett. The final whistle soon followed on what was a great game of rugby that will stick in the memory banks for a long time to come. The All Blacks are a class apart but the Boks showed that with positive, good-looking rugby you can take them on and might even beat them one day. For Pete’s sakes, Heineke Meyer; keep up the

Alyssa Cummings & Wynand Breytenbach jr Runners Up , Connie & Cabous Olivier WINNERS

Fun at the ISWB Volleyball Day Andrea Van Rhyn On Thursday, 3 October the International School of Walvis Bay held a volleyball competition at the Jan Wilken stadium. Schools that took part in the volleyball competition were Walvis Bay Private High School, De Duine and the International School itself. All the students who took part enjoyed the competition and worked together as a team, supporting each other as a group. Teachers and students were cheering and applauding whenever their team scored a point. The day was an overall success. “We will enjoy having all the coastal schools taking part next year,” said Annette. The International School would nevertheless like to thank all schools that participated and congratulate the overall winners: Walvis Bay Private High School. The International School team won the Girls Under 15 and Boys Under 19 divisions. running rugby and you can become one of the greatest Boks teams of all times. Well done South Africa, I believe we will see even greater things from you in the near future. 6 October. Argentina vs. Australia 17-54 Finally the Aussies showed why they are always feared the world over with a performance that bequests them well. It was stunning open rugby, and for a change the unpredictable Quade Cooper took control with the result that the Aussies ran everything from anywhere. It reiterates my point that Argentina does not belong in this competition. These kind of beatings from the Boks and Australia can do only harm and break the psyche of an otherwise very willing team with limited skills. To be whipped like this on your home ground must be soul-destroying. The Aussies ran in seven tries to two. Due to the severity of the Springboks-All Blacks game, World of Sport will cover the rest of this weeks’ sport more extensively next week.

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