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Lavrenty Repin Namib Films on the coast has been left frustrated and discouraged after an Indian film production, Aascar, failed to pay their final invoice of USD100 000. According to Namib Films owner, Mr Guy Nockels, his company facilitated the entire film, titled Mariyan, including production and even accommodation for the Indian and Liberian actors and crew. The story is set in North Africa, but all the filming was done here, in Namibia, last year during May, and took about a month of shooting. “I noticed that they weren’t too prompt with their payments from the beginning,” says Mr Nockels, “Before leaving, the director of the film, a Mr. Bharatbala, looked me directly in the eyes and said – ‘I promise, you will be paid’.” After settling all the outstanding accounts from his own pocket, Mr Nockels was

allegedly totally ignored for months. “Eventually I decided this was it and booked a flight to Chennai, India in October 2012,” continues Mr Nockels. “Mr Bharatbala promised to see me but kept putting it off.” When they finally met, absolutely nothing was resolved. Afterwards Mr Nockels contacted a lawyer in Mumbai who sent Aascar a summons. “I even went as far as making them an offer, I suggested a 25% discount, yet I received no answer, no counter-offer, nothing. They’ve been ignoring me to the point where it is rude and insulting.” Consequently, Mr Nockels contacted the High Commission of India in Windhoek last week, but so far he has not received a reply. This is the seventh Indian production that Namib Films has worked with, and the first time that they’ve had any Local chef David Thomas from Lyon the Inaugural African Culinary Cup problems. Previously Namib Films had de Sables Restaurant in Walvis Bay is competition. He and his team obtained similar issues with productions the first Namibian chef to have entered first place for Namibia.

Chef David Scores a Hat-trick

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Phosphate Mining Still On Charts Dorcas Mhungu The moratorium on phosphate mining in Namibia’s Atlantic Ocean has finally been cleared, and the Ministry will soon commence scoping studies and environmental impact

assessments in order to a management plan for the chart the way forward. Horse Mackerel fishery of

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernard Esau, made the announcement at the official opening of a workshop for developing

Namibia. Esau said for the past 18 months, companies who applied for clearance certificates from the Ministry of Environment

and Tourism, saw their applications lying dormant because the moratorium was still in limbo. The project is the first of its kind in the world and Namibia needs to really be sure that the operations will not affect the fishing industry, which is the second largest industry in terms of the Namibian

economy - including overall financial contribution and job creation; and in terms of Walvis Bay economy. The minister refused to say which two companies had applied, but couldn’t hide his excitement. On Tuesday, the submission he presented to cabinet was endorsed by the same. Continued on Page 3

Thursday, 19 September 2013

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

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Phosphate Mining Continued from Page 1

“Now we have to go back to the drawing board to do our scoping studies to determine the terms of references of the comprehensive environment impact assessment studies in terms of how this impact will be. There must be proof that this mining operation will impact on the fishing industry. “We believe that we should develop our country and exploit our resources but this development must be in the spirit of co-existence. "You can mine but you should also

be able to fish, you can mine but still be able to pump oil from the sea. The underlying principles that must guide us are co-existence and if something happens, what can be done in terms of remedial actions,” he stated. The fishing industry contributed N$5.1 billion worth of exports in 2011, 50 percent of which came from Horse Mackerel. The Horse Mackerel fishery is the second largest employer in the fishing industry and generates a significant amount of foreign currency for the country.

Speaking at the same occasion, the Mayor of Walvis Bay, Councillor Uilika Nambahu, said as the pace of development increases, a great deal of energy is spend on equipment, technology, service and profit, and little attention is paid to the vulnerability of natural resources. “We should not forget that the best paying markets are those that put a very high premium on the environment,” cautioned the Mayor.

Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernard Esau, standing with Walvis Mayor Cllr Uilika Nambahu and Deputy Mayor Cllr Benson Uakumbua

New Erongo Red CEO Takes the Hot Seat - Exclusive One-On-One Dorcas Mhungu In an exclusive and inaugural press interview with the Namib Independent, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Erongo Red, Robert Kahimise, has dismissed insinuations, that the company’s recent electricity tariff increases are illegal and exorbitant, as unfounded.

Responding to numerous allegations suggested in an article that appeared in the press, Kahimise said the company’s increases are legal and were approved by the Electricity Control Board (ECB), which authorises these things and ensures that the Regional Electricity Distributors (REDS) act in compliance with stipulated regulations and policies. “As a matter of fact, it is just impossible for Erongo Red to implement its own tariff increases because we operate in a fully regulated industry. Our tariff increases are approved the Electricity Control Board and before the tariffs are implemented, Erongo Red is required to inform the customers about the new changes. In June we convened public meetings where we shared information with the public in towns all about the envisaged tariff increases,” clarified Kahimise. He pointed out that the tariff

increases were widely advertised and broadcast on radio in the different languages, explaining how the increases would impact the consumers and why it was necessary to increase the tariffs. “However, the contributing factor to this misunderstanding is that customers tend to only concentrate on the increase on the tariff itself and they tend to ignore that there are two components on each customer’s bill. One is the tariff that has increased and the other one is the consumption thereof. What customers need to keep in mind is our tariffs are increased during the winter time, the high season June, July, August; and the remainder is called the low season in the industry,” the CEO explained. The high season comes with high consumption by the large power users, the businesses and the industries and the residential customers due to the cold weather. Unfortunately, because the tariffs were increased at the same time, the outcry is mainly driven by only the increase on tariffs, when in actual fact the increase on consumption is the biggest component. According to Kahimise, there is also a marked increase in consumption of electricity compared

to the same period last year, which may have lead to some of the reported increases. Following the outcry about high bills by some residents, an investigation was carried out and it was established that most of the households had shacks, which contributed to the high consumptions. “However, we have acknowledged that in June 2013 - the bill of July - there was a mistake due to a malfunctioning hand held unit. These hand held units are used for reading consumption. Data collected for one day was lost on one of these devices and it affected a portion of customers in Kuisebmond. The error was immediately detected and all affected customers were immediately notified,” Kahimise said. Erongo Red attended to the billing complaints and the customers were credited, which was before the negative attack. He found it disturbing to note that some of the comments on Facebook claim tariff hikes of 40 percent, as these are false. “Keeping in mind what was in the papers, Nampower increased tariffs by an average of 13 percent and Erongo Red 11.3 percent. So we actually passed less costs to the customers than what we absorbed as

Foreign Film

Company Flees Continued from Page 1

from the UK and South Africa. “We’re strong enough as a company to carry this bad debt, to absorb it, not many companies are capable of doing that,” points out a defiant Mr Nockels, who would like this experience to serve as a warning to other people to be weary when dealing with foreign companies. He says that since the incident, Namib Films has become meticulous when dealing with foreign

productions, especially during payment. Although Mr Nockels admits that it will be difficult to recover the loss his company went through, especially since all indications point towards the film being a flop in India, he maintains that he will continue to pursue an outcome. “I refuse to let it lie, I wrote to every newspaper and government official I could find, and I received absolutely no reply,” he says.

Mariyan 2013 Dhanush Image Poster TAMILTVCINEMA

a company from Nampower’s side.” Kahimise said the average tariff increases for the prepayment large segment was 11 percent, domestic conventional consumers 11.1 percent, Walvis Bay 11.9 percent and Swakopmund 9.8 percent. The business single phase received a 13-14 percent tariff hike and large power or bulk customers’ tariffs went up by 15 to 19 percent. Erongo Red did not increase the pensioners’ tariffs; these tariffs are also used for anyone on a 30Amps connection circuit breaker and below. Erongo Red’s pro-poor tariffs are targeted to benefit registered pensioners, low-consuming customers and people with disabilities who receive disability allowances from the government. “The only increase that they can now expect is for the National Energy Fund Levy and the increase in the ECB Levy; you will not find this anywhere else in Namibia: Erongo Red board approved a zero tariff increase for this segment,” Kahimise mentioned. The utility chief said over the last two years Erongo Red has revamped tariffs, which means the unit cost consumers were paying two years ago is higher than what they are paying today. Currently, consumers are paying N$1.30 per unit. “I don’t know from which quarter the complaints are coming from. We are a service provider and now and then we do make mistakes. Human errors included, I am not here to defend Erongo Red but I am inviting the public to approach us at any time. We have a call centre now, where they can make their calls and complaints will be attended to immediately.” Kahimise said the consumers must appreciate the fact that Namibia produces only 40 percent of the electricity and 60 percent is imported; this scenario means the commodity comes with high import costs.

He labelled the issue of high electricity tariffs as a national dilemma and as not only present in Erongo region. He said the annual report was presented to the board on the 13th of September and also distributed to the media houses at the last conference because the information is public information. He pointed dissatisfied customers to ECB, who are the regulating body. Commenting on the disconnection of power to households, Kahimise laid out that Erongo Red is “not producing or generating electricity. We are buying our electricity from Nampower and the public must also keep in mind that the Nampower cost on Erongo Red is nothing less than 60 to 70 percent of our total cost. We need to pay Nampower within 30 days and there is a lack between our billing and Nampower and our customers.” Kahimise said the gap has caused a huge cash flow problem initially, when Erongo Red was established, and the problem still emerges during peak winter time. He said the company’s bill with Nampower doubles during this high season. “Our average bill is around N$30 to N$35 million and over the high season it doubles to N$65-N$70 million due to the winter time. "Due to that cash flow challenge Erongo Red is required to be prudent in the way we manage our resources, specifically our cash. And that is why we have a very strict credit control policy.” This strict credit control policy is necessary to ensure that no town in Erongo region is switched off and added that the disconnections were inevitable. He however called on consumers to feel free to come forward and arrange for three months payment terms.

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Namport to Invest N$300 000 in Business

Siglinde de Villiers

and Tourism Expo Dorcas Mhungu Namibia Ports Authority, the main organiser of the Namport Erongo Business and Tourism Annual Expo has this year cast the net wider and anticipates the participation of users of the corridors who import and export their goods through the port of Walvis Bay. Acting Chief Executive Officer at Namport, Heritha Muyoba, spoke at the launch of the 2013 Expo on Friday 13 September. She stated that the organisation’s inclusion of corridor users and related service providers from neighbouring countries is in line with Namport’s assertion as the “best performing world-class port in Africa.” Namport’s unwavering support towards the annual exhibition was

consolidated by the announcement of an additional N$300 000 sponsorship of this year’s event. The business and travel expo envisages to offer a platform for various sectors of industry and commerce to grow their businesses, especially SMEs. “As premier sponsor of the Namport Erongo Business and Tourism Expo, we have certain expectations from the organisers, being to stage a quality event, which would attract various local, regional and international companies to the Erongo region, but more importantly the upliftment of Namibian SMEs,” Muyoba said. Namport has committed N$450 000 towards the hosting of the expo since 2011. While on the home front there are indications of a sluggish performance of the national economy and related

Two Coastal Chefs and Team Win Culinary Cup for Namibia

challenges, Walvis Bay Municipality Corporate Communications Manager, Kevin Adams, said: “There are encouraging signs that we are witnessing the emergence of a vigorous upturn right here in Walvis Bay… and the Municipality is playing a meaningful role to ensure those projects come to fruition.” Johan van Zyl, Expo Coordinator for Expo Studio Namibia - the organisers of the Expo, said 60 percent of the exhibitors have already registered to participate. He laid out numerous runner-up activities, including advertising campaigns, Miss Expo pageant and crowning on October 25 and a street parade on October 26, drum majorettes and the Brass Band, which have been lined up to create the vibe.

Local chef David Thomas from Lyon de Sables Restaurant in Walvis Bay is the first Namibian chef to have entered the Inaugural African Culinary Cup competition. He and his team obtained first place for Namibia. Following his most recent victory of the Chef of the Year competition, Chef Thomas dominated the South African Chefs Organisation’s (SACA) Inaugural African Culinary Cup competition. SACA invited six teams of four chefs from South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and United Arab Emirates to compete with each other in Johannesburg. The four chefs from the Namibian Team were Chef David Thomas from Lyon des Sables in Walvis Bay, Chef Tomeo Anwill from Diaz Coffee Shop in Luderitz, Chef Natasha Hamman from the FBI Chef School and Chef Stallin Sheldon Steenkamp, also from Lyon des Sables. According to SACA, the teams had to produce a three-course menu for 30 people. They were presented with a mystery basket

Swakopmund Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed 62 62 70 72 70 68 68








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of compulsory ingredients but also had access to a community table with ingredients to use in their recipes. During the seven-hour competition, the teams had one hour to design and submit their menu and the other six hours to prepare and present their meals. According to team “Chef Thomas”, the Namibian team served a mussel terrine together with a smoked trout tartar with grapefruit and almond braised fennel and star aniseed, fennel mousse, honey pepper tuile, yoghurt, mustard and fresh herb dressing as a starter. This was followed by an ostrich fillet with cocoa marinade, crispy polenta and oyster mushrooms, parsnip puree, beetroot and cocoa pate, celeriac chips, macadamia nut shavings and red wine sauce as a main course. The dessert comprised a dark chocolate cashew nut marquise, cinnamon chocolate sponge with sous vide blueberry compote, orange baked pudding with crème anglaise and citrus fruit crumble with white chocolate vanilla bead truffle and coral sugar. “I am really proud of this achievement,” Chef Thomas said. “The trophy is displayed in the Restaurant on the kitchen counter and is here to stay in Namibia.” He stated that this is a milestone event for Namibia, because, “it breaks down the cliché that fancy food is not for Namibians and creates more awareness for fancy culinary practice in Namibia.” According to Chef Thomas, it took a lot of work to cultivate an interest in fancy culinary practice for people. “The exposure from this competition will help the Namibian Chefs’ Association (NCA) to get more sponsors and organise their own events. "This will enable them to train more junior chefs who can compete on an international scale.” He also mentioned said that the Namibian Chefs’ Association is in need of more equipment for their kitchens. “If the NCA is better equipped, it will make other chefs keener to come and partake in international competitions that are being hosted by Namibia.” He also thinks that the award will open doors to Namibian chefs. “Young chefs are pushed to step up and perform. The exposure is good for them as it is already tough for Namibian Chefs to gain national and international credit,” the proud chef explained. “The award gives me great personal satisfaction,” Chef Thomas concluded. “There is not much news and competition in Namibia in terms of culinary techniques and types. The fact that I competed against highly qualified chefs means that I am keeping pace with new trends. In this way I can vary the menu of Lyon des Sables and prevent the Restaurant from becoming a dead place with the same menu year in and year out.”





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Thursday, 19 September 2013

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SPCA Fears For Animals This Weekend Siglinde de Villiers The SPCA Walvis Bay dreads the upcoming Wal-Vis Fees because of the likely increase in animal fatalities and strays after the fireworks display.

Peter Brooks Rescuing a Flamingo

“Last year we saw a 40% increase in strays; 24 animals were hit in the first eight days after New Year’s Eve due to the fireworks. According to the animal protection act it is illegal to shoot fireworks in town as these scare horses, cats and dogs,” commented Peter Brooks, Kennel Master at SPCA Walvis Bay. Nevertheless, the SPCA staff are ready and prepared to rescue any animal in need. “Most of the time we rescue cats and dogs,” Brooks explained. “Canines and felines are first placed under observation for about three days to check for diseases and such. Thereafter they are moved to the other holding pens.” A lot of the cats rescued come from the fish factories. One time, there were

so many that the holding pens for cats were filled completely. “We had no more space to put them anywhere,” Brooks mentioned. “In Kuisebmund we often collect dogs that suffer from violent abuse such as blunt force trauma and violent stab wounds,” he added. Brooks has rescued all kinds of animals, ranging from scorpions to an endangered skunk that was found at the lagoon. He also had to deal with springbok, Oryx, stray food bats, meerkats and even a jackal. “These wild animals are first examined to see whether they carry any contagious diseases, and then we contact the right people that work with these animals,” Brooks explained. According to him these include various organisations like the Ministry

of Environment and Tourism, Nature Conservation, Dolphin Project and Albatross Project. “We do not usually put animals down except for the very bad cases. It is up to the vets to decide whether they think an animal should be put down or whether it can be rehabilitated,” he added. Brooks explained that on

Saturdays, a volunteer program helps them to take care of the animals. “However, we still need a lot of help as well as funds in repairing some of our holding pens.” Individuals or companies interested in helping out on Saturdays or donating towards the repairs can contact the SPCA Walvis Bay at 064 204 041.

Billion Dollar Oil Exploration Project Eclipses Fishing Industry Lavrenty Repin A mammoth seismic study, in hopes of discovering oil reserves on the coast of Namibia, is set to begin operations as early as December this year, after a positive EIA meeting was held in Walvis Bay last Friday. According to Dr. Mwiya, owner of Risk Based Solutions - the company in charge of the environmental assessment for the project - it could easily cost up to USD10 000 per kilometre to conduct this seismic survey, which means an estimated projection of over N$900 million. An independent geophysicist, Dr Sergey Paraketsov, however, approximates that the final figure could be as high as USD200 million or nearly N$2 billion. The extensive survey will stretch all along the Namibian coastline, from the mouth of the Kunene River in the north to the border with South African in the south and will be conducted by American Geophysical Company, ION, in partnership with NAMCOR (National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia) and the Ministry of Mines and Energy. ION has previously conducted seismic research in the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic Circle. The EIA meeting, attended by various stakeholders, predominantly representatives of the fishing industry, spoke a great deal about the importance of

environmental preservation and corporate cooperation between the mining and the fishing sector. The most discussed, and by far the most sensitive topic on the agenda, was the negative impact of the powerful airgun that will be used to conduct the seismic study. The powerful airgun produces a loud sound of around 250 decibels (by comparison, a sonic boom occurs at 200 decibels), which according to various international research is capable of stunning fish, altering migration patterns, vaporising fish eggs and in some cases inflicting permanent deafness in numerous marine organisms. The leading worry for the Namibian fishing industry is the negative effect that this seismic activity could potentially have on the migration patterns of albacore tuna off the coast of Namibia (the Namib Independent reported). Mr James Van Zyl, Secretary to the Large Pelagic and Hake Longlining Association, is concerned over the seismic activity that takes place in South Africa, near the Namibian border. This heavy activity happens over summer, so as to avoid unfavourable weather. However, summer is also exactly when tuna migrate from South Africa to Namibia and when the peak catches take place in Namibian waters. The effects of this have already reached

the Tuna industry, with an almost 55% decrease in Tuna catches from last year, and an 84% decrease from 2011 figures. However, Mr Van Zyl was pleased with the outcome of the EIA meeting, pointing out that seismic testing in the area will be conducted after the peak-season is over: “Friday’s [meeting] should be set as an example, where all future seismic-tests will have to be taken up with the [fishing] Industry beforehand.” There are still many unaddressed concerns, and the lack of research on the environmental impact of the use of airguns during seismic testing leaves a large gap for debate. Mr Dave Russell, who has 20 years of experience in natural resource management of the fishing sector, pointed out in his presentation on Friday that “all evidence points to it [tuna] being extremely negatively impacted by seismic exploration.” He concluded his presentation by saying: “If you can’t measure the impacts, you can’t manage them.” Dr Mwiya stressed that ION is prepared to compromise to accommodate the Namibian Fishing Industry. By the end of the meeting, preliminary dates were set for seismic exploration best suited to minimise the impact on the marine ecosystem. Furthermore, it was agreed that observers would accompany the ship to verify that

all environmental procedures were adhered to. Besides albacore tuna, seismic testing can potentially negatively impact hake, pilchard, horse mackerel, monkfish, snoek, lobster and marine mammals. A study endorsed by the World Wildlife Foundation discovered whales, who rely heavily on their sense of hearing, with damaged ear structures after similar underwater blasting conducted in Russia. To avoid this, PAM (passive acoustic monitoring) will be used to identify whether any marine mammals are within the 800 meter safety range. Although precautionary measures are well in place and ION has a good reputation, there is a greater worry of the long term impact on the fishing sector. This is because of limited information and the extent of this seismic exploration project, as well as other seismic activity on the West Coast that are very likely to follow

Did you know...


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Physics, Chemistry and Biology are required for most University Studies. Science will provide a child with the tools to use scientific ideas and models to explain phenomena and develop their ability to generate and test theories, to critically analyse and evaluate evidence from observations and experiments.

86 Hage Geingob Street, Walvis Bay • Tel +264 64 203 995 • Email •

The International School of Walvis Bay

suit. Mr Russell expects migratory fish, such as tuna, to alter their migration route, if seismic surveys continue in intensity at the same time as the tuna migration over the next few years. It is challenging to prevent this, he says, because so much seismic activity is already underway on the west coast of Southern Africa. Furthermore, there is a concern about unknown impacts on the smaller fish, which the bigger fish feed on. It was agreed between the various stakeholders that the key factor to sustainability and collaboration between the fishing and the mining sector as well as the various environmental organisations is communication. Dr. Mwiya predicts that after this seismic survey is completed, the chance of discovering oil reservoirs will be at a promising 50% for Namibia.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

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Fourth World

Rhino Day

Round the Corner World Rhino Day 2013 – on Sunday 22 September - is the fourth International World Rhino Day. It is, first and foremost, about raising public awareness of the plight of rhinos across the world. It is a way of making people think about rhinos and the ever-increasing poaching threat. It is also an opportunity for the public to reflect on the dedicated men and women who work to protect rhino and to take action that will help

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support their work. World Rhino Day’s slogan is “Five rhino species forever”. The five species are: the Black and White rhino found in Africa, the Greater One-horned rhino found in India and Nepal, the Sumatran rhino in south East Asia and the Javan rhino in Indonesia. Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) in Namibia has been protecting the desertadapted black rhino population of Namibia for more than thirty years. Due to its long standing efforts to protect the black rhino, Save the Rhino Trust has recently been given the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Annual International Conservation Award for 'Significant Achievement'. Save the Rhino Trust works with the community, the government and other NGOs to protect this species. This unity for the cause makes all the difference. Whereas South Africa experienced 668 poaching incidents in 2012 and over 618 poaching incidents in 2013, Namibia recorded only three cases in the last two years. The illegally traded horn is in great demand by affluent Asians and Vietnamese. It is used in traditional medicine and believed to have miraculous curative powers for everything from a headache to cancer, even though science has proven otherwise. Rhino horn is made up of the same material as a human fingernail.

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Thursday, 19 September 2013

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Yacht Club Welcomes All Folk

Siglinde de Villiers With a buoyant heart, the wind blowing about their hair and salty sea spray splashing into their faces, young and old love the sense of freedom obtained by sailing as a sport. “The WBYC (Walvis Bay Yacht Club) gives our members the opportunity to enjoy sail, powerboat, camaraderie and numerous social activities.” That is how the WBYC describes itself on their website. Namib Independent went to interview Vice Commodore Marion Bausch to

find out more about this special club in town. “Every harbour town needs a Yacht Club. Ours was founded in 1961 and continued its existence in the same beautiful location up until today,” Bausch said. According to her, as a non-profit organisation the WBYC is solely supported by volunteers and sponsors. “The WBYC is all about sport sailing,” she further explained. “We are running a joint venture with the International School that teaches children and adults how to sail. Sailing has been dead for quite a long time, but the last few years have seen a comeback in the sport.”

According to Bausch, sailing used to be a male dominated sports discipline, but the WBYC has kept pace with the changing times and women are also being welcomed into the ranks. Currently they have about 20 completely dedicated students that enjoy the ocean and its surf whenever they can. “Sailing gives us a lot of physical exercise and entertainment,” Gabriel Muteca, one of the youngsters at the school said. “We also learn navigational skills.” Jessica Venter, also a sailing enthusiast, commented: “Sailing has motivated quite a few young people to interact with others and become more extroverted. I also love the adrenalin rush when in a race.” Claudia Garcia said: “We learn to be more responsible, because each one is responsible for their boat and also for teaching new ones.” One of the club's main challenges is that there are not enough boats to accommodate the growing interest in sailing. Currently there are 20 students but only six boats. According to Bausch, other

Yacht Clubs are extremely strict and do not allow non-members to make use of their facility. However, the WBYC is linked to other Yacht Clubs by way of reciprocal membership. Thus members of the WBYC are welcomed to any of the other Yacht Clubs upon presentation of their membership card. Membership can be extended to anyone who wants to. “The form can be downloaded from our website.” As explained by Bausch, members enjoy a lot of perks.They pay less for food and beverages at the club and rent club venues for much cheaper, as well. The restaurant can seat approximately 80-90 people and can be rented for weddings and other functions. The WBYC can host spitbraais on request. Regarding the activities of the WBYC, Bausch said that “anybody and everybody is welcome. We have a lovely vibe, lots of fun evenings with games, live music and dances. The WBYC is a place where everyone can laugh and be silly and forget about the stresses of the week. Functions and fun evenings are

usually advertised in advance on Facebook as well as the WBYC website.” She added that the unique location is child friendly. There is a secure little beach where supervised children can enjoy a playground and the shallow water of the beach. The club has an excellent kitchen with competitive prices. The kitchen is open every day except for Good Friday, Easter Monday and Christmas Day. The Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, take-aways, pizzas and divine snack platters. “Usually we are open until 21h00, but if it is very busy we stay open till late,” Bausch explained. She said that they are excitedly anticipating the Bell Buoy Race on 23 December and their annual traditional Off Shore Race from Walvis Bay to Swakopmund on 26 December. The price giving will take place on 30 December, concluding the day with a “big braai and a lovely evening. Anybody who owns a boat and wants to participate is welcome,” Bausch concluded.

Unify TansNamib, Namport and WBCG? Debate has been sparked on the possibility of merging TransNamib, Namport and the Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG) into one entity in a bid to improve efficiency in the transport sector. If considered, the idea could see the three coming into an alliance like in South Africa, where the rail and port systems are managed under the state-owned Transnet Company. Transnet comprises of Transnet National Port Authority, Transnet Pipelines, Transnet Freight Rail and Transnet Railway Engineering. Grindrod’s Walvis Bay Bulk Terminal Regional Manager, Shakespeare Masiza, sees an improvement in the country’s transport network system if the three companies are merged. He also believes that there is potential in boosting the railway and cargo carriage in the country in line with growing demands of such services by surrounding land locked countries. “TransNamib seems to face a bit of challenges and I humbly thought that one way, which admittedly is not the only way to overcome these challenges, is to merge TransNamib and Namport

under the same holding company in the same way that you have NHPT (Namibia Post and Telecommunications Holding Company) in one or the other permutation, as long as it is economically effective,” Masiza said. Masiza, whose company is a worldclass shipping and freight logistics operation giant and owns the Walvis Bay Bulk Terminal, added that, “There is so much synergy between these companies we can benefit from if they were jointly regulated. Models of these abound. “The Walvis Bay Corridor Group does an excellent job in promoting the Namibian transport corridors thereby bringing business for both TransNamib and Namport and transporters through the corridors. They are, however, at the benevolent behest of Namport. This benevolence can so quickly change, what then? "I suggest that the latter function could properly be housed under a proposed holding company without being either patronised or being at the mercy of some good big brother, or what do you think?” Financial results by most parastatals in the previous year’s show that Namport

has been performing better parastatals and has the potential of excelling further with the increase of cargo held at the port company, which now caters for other countries in the region including Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). TransNamib Board Chairperson, Festus Lameck agrees while admitting that there is potential to unlock the TransNamib ability if the idea of a unified transport system is enacted but argues that it needs more political will. “If the three companies in question work closely as one entity then there is definitely potential for growth. This is not the first time I have heard of such a noble idea, but still it continues to remain an idea until politicians buy into it,” Lameck said. Masiza argues that if the two Namport and TransNamib are at some point made to be one entity, the move could put lasting solution to the perennial financial difficulties experienced by the railway company. “Although their mandates are somewhat different, they are the largest contributors to the transportation system.

Imagine if TransNamib are to look for a loan now they will be disqualified on the basis of their image but on the other hand Namport has the money. “While the merger will see Namport making the money, it would also improve distribution of goods countrywide and also improve TransNamib’s financial performance,” he said. He added that, “It is my opinion that colleagues from the industry and clients can contribute to aligning transport regulation in Namibia, particularly Namport, TransNamib and Corridor Group functions in order to add our penny-worth of thought on how we see these organisations function for the common good of us all. "Splitting the regulation/authority function from the operations function of Namport. In light of the competitions Act dispensation in which Namibia has, the idea of splitting the regulatory function of Namport from its operations function has been tossed around without much industry input.” But Lameck says Government has been quick to label TransNamib as struggling, yet Treasury has never

pumped in enough money to make the company self-sufficient. “There has been talk of TransNamib is in debt because of the Chinese loan. However, that loan was never a TransNamib issue. It was a government to government agreement between China and Namibia. "TransNamib had no say but to just take what government said. Government paid out the loan but we have gone further and approached them to now convert that payment they did for the supply of locomotives into equity. "That will automatically take about 50% of the company’s debt out. From there we might not even need to ask them for anything, it could even take a year for us to start declaring dividends. The problem is most people do not have enough understanding on what happens within these parastatals. I still question why TransNamib despite its potential is the only company that is never given the money needed to turn it around.” Article: courtesy The Villager - A member of the Namibia News Coalition

Not Fallen on Deaf Ears Siglinde de Villiers The Ministry of Education is reaching out to assist disabled people, in particular the deaf. Thus they are promoting Namibian Sign Language classes in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund to help the deaf community deal with the sound orientated world around them. According to Eivy Alupe, the Acting District Officer of the Erongo Region, the Ministry of Education makes use of what they term ‘promoters’ to teach deaf

adults. Often, these promoters are deaf themselves. “We train deaf people how to teach others,” Acting District Officer Alupe said. “Our manuals on basic sign language are being printed in Windhoek. Our head office also supplies us with books that develop and teach literacy to adult students. At the moment we have about 20 deaf students in Walvis Bay and five in Swakopmund.” According to the Acting District Officer the only schools for deaf children are in Ongwediva and

Windhoek. “There are no schools for deaf children at the coast, only initiatives to educate the deaf adult community,” she said. “Classes are held at specific locations to teach deaf adults literacy and how to communicate.” One of their promoters is Henock Nillenge, who teaches deaf adults Nambian Sign Language at the Duinesig School in Kuisebmund. In an interview with the Namib Independent, he told us a bit about his background and life.

“I was not always deaf,” he said. “When I was about ten years old, I became sick and lost my sense of hearing. In 1976 I started to attend the Eluva Special School in Ongwediva. Then in 1988 I had the opportunity to attend the Gallaudet School for the Deaf in Washington DC, USA. That is where I learned how to read lips.” According to Niilenge, the Ministry employs him as a teacher for deaf adults at Duinesig School in Kuisebmund. His classes are at 18h00 from Monday to Thursday. “Some of the students work, that is

why the classes are in the evening. Also, there are more students in summer than in winter,” Niilenge explained. He thinks that apart from his 20 students there are a lot more deaf people in Walvis Bay. “The problem is, many did not go to school and so they need to learn how to read and write as well as sign. The teaching is very slow.”

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Reliable Support on All Fronts with RSS Tanya Calitz The Namib Independent had a chat with former stevedoring Operations Manager, Thomas Wolff, now Manager of Rental Support Services (RSS) in Walvis Bay. We wanted to find out what the company stands for, as well as get to know the man behind the operations of RSS a bit better. Rental Support Services is all about providing equipment to various industries as assistance to any project to be executed, may it be in mining, shipping, construction, on or offloading of vessels, truck or plane. “We provide anything from a forklift to a waste skip,” says Wolff in an interview at their premises in the Synchorlift Industrial Area, on 34, 2nd Street East. “We specialise in providing Operator, Johannes Kanyanga, Thomas Wolff and Supervisor excellent high quality equipment, Augustino Kahamba which includes trucks, cranes, mobile offices, waste skips, welding machines and half weights, to all industries,” he elaborates. RSS was established just over nine years ago by Anton Pretorius who wanted to create a business, which would add value and support to the off-shore industry on the coast. This would be done by offering them handling equipment to support their projects and/or operations.

The business has over the past years expanded their supporting services to all industries, which includes the shipping, mining and private sectors. “I have 23 years experience in the stevedoring industry, the second oldest profession in the world, which gave me a great understanding of the trade and industry we are operating in,” conveys Thomas. The very competitive market proves a challenge to both RSS and other companies. “Another challenge within our industry, specifically, is the everchanging fuel prices, and to constantly come up with attractive deals, which will make the clients come back,” Thomas says. He finds that nothing beats a happy client with a sign of relief on their face when you just helped them solve a problem effectively. Apart from that, Thomas says he is happy and would advise his own children to always live life to the fullest, always give it their all, and make the right decisions in life. “Life is all about decisions, and making the right ones will determine your path and the journey,” he advises. Thomas most values authenticity in people and mostly associates with people who appear to be genuine. “Life is too short for pretentiousness,” he says. Thomas

adds that if he could have a room full of any one thing, it would have to be a room full of good friends. In response to the question of what he would change about himself, Thomas pauses a bit, then says: “I sometimes get too worked up. "I would like to approach challenges a bit more relaxed. With a little bit of patience, things usually tend to work themselves out." He mentions: "Without the support from my team, RSS would not exist. Thanks to each one, and with your continued support RSS will grow day by day. I would also like to thank Anton and Duane for the opportunity and for believig in me." In conclusion, Thomas finds that he has Leonie Potgieter, his right hand assistant, who other companies do not have. With her dedication, sense of humour and assistance to him and his team, she helped grow RSS to where it is today: “A company known for its excellent service and value for money to all its customers.” Thomas would like to call upon the industries to please give RSS a try. “Let us quote you on your next project where you will be requiring support. We do go the extra mile, make things happen, and truly give a service which is value for your money,” he concludes.

Backyard Garden Transforms Desert

Dorcas Mhungu Ellie Nowases has against all odds triumphed over environmental barriers and turned the dry and salty backyard of her Arandis home into a productive organic vegetable garden that now nourishes the community of Arandis town. Her plants are grown in wooden boxes lined with plastic and filled with river sand. This overcomes the saltiness of the soil and preserves water. The runoff is collected and reused. Ellie’s determination has now won her the first prize in an annual regional Sustainability Contest organised by Gender Links. She dominated the category Alliance – Climate Change and Sustainable Development where 13 countries competed for the top spot. The final was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Together with her daughter Pauline, Ellie sold flowers at the Arandis Investment Conference in April this year. Seeing the potential in Ellie, Swakop Uranium Foundation has made it possible for her to partake in a hydroponics course in Pretoria, South Africa. There, she will learn how to grow vegetables in a fertilised water medium. Given the soil condition in Arandis, this opportunity will enable her project to soar to even greater heights. Arandis Town Council Chief Executive Officer Florida Husselman is a big fan of Eliie’s project. The council has donated a piece of idle land to Ellie

to increase production. Next year, Ellie will start training local women in horticulture production and Pauline will train the youth. Ellie has a similar project in Karibib where she is working hard to have a meaningful production. Ellie’s passion for plants came to life when she decided to start a flower garden in Arandis after realising that people struggled to get flowers for a funeral. When the 53-year-old started the garden and nursery project, she travelled over a kilometer to collect the river sand in wheel barrows. “When someone dies we give them flowers to comfort them, and I realised that the place had no flowers and people struggled each time someone passed on. "I started making artificial flowers with plastic and selling them in Windhoek and later established a flower garden at the back of the house but the plants died because the soil

here is salty,” Ellie said. The transport of river soil – suitable for growing plants – was a challenge. “But when the project expanded, we asked Rossing to help us with transport. In some instances we have to hire bakkies. The chicken manure that we use comes from a chicken farmer in Omaruru about 80km away,” Ellie explained. Ellie admits she never completed her education but enrolled in adult literacy classes to improve her English. Last year, she won the second prize at the regional competitions in South Africa because someone translated her project for her but this time, she did everything herself. She sells the vegetables to the people of Arandis, the clinic, the supermarkets, and Xama, a popular restaurant in Windhoek.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

12 | News

FNB Comes to Arandis On Friday, 13 September 2013 FNB Namibia officially opened their 52nd branch in Namibia, at the town of Arandis, between Usakos and Swakopmund. The new FNB branch will offer a full bouquet of services, which required an investment of close to N$4 million. The bank consist initially of five staff members.

Ian Leyenaar, CEO of FNB Namibia, said that the decision to open a branch in Arandis signified FNB’s commitment and support to the Government’s policy of decentralisation as contained in Vision 2030 and NDP4, which aimed to bring services closer to the people. “FNB’s decision to open a branch in the mining town of Arandis is based on the considerable developments we are witnessing in your town and the fact that it serves as a hub for the development of the mining sector in the Erongo region. It is also aligned to FNB’s strategy to increase financial inclusion as requested

by the Ministry of Finance. The opening of the branch furthermore emphasises the confidence of FNB in Namibia’s economic future,” Leyenaar stressed. The CEO went on to say that FNB Namibia has been at the forefront of innovative solutions in order to reduce costs while offering improved customer experiences and bringing banking closer to the people. “With these innovative digital selfservice banking solutions, we are pleased to see a movement away from transactional banking in our branches as the expansion of this traditional banking channel is becoming very expensive. "It is a fact that the provision of traditional bricks-and-mortar branches is a very expensive way to service customers. Therefore, the future of banking will be determined largely by a bank’s ability to continue to provide more

and more appropriate self-service banking solutions. Yet, we at FNB believe that there is still a need and business case to selectively expand our branch network.” His Worship the Mayor of Arandis, Daniel Utapi Muhuura, congratulated FNB Management for their decision and trust in Arandis town and its inhabitants. “This is indeed another milestone for the town of Arandis and a clear sign of progress and development that is geared towards the attainment of economic participation of the banking fraternity for the enhancement of our development agenda, Muhuura stated. He also called on financial institutions to reconsider their strategy with regard to the financing of property development in Arandis. “Please consider our people as the assets of Arandis and afford them the opportunity to participate in home loans.

Left: Mayor of Arandis, Daniel Utapi Muhuura unveiling the plaque, assisted by Ian Leyenaar, CEO of FNB Namibia This will further contribute to the economic growth of the town and the realisation of our vision. "In addition to this, I also implore you to have smart partnerships with our

current property developers as far as financing of their developments are concerned. "I am confident that you will reap the benefits of such partnerships.”

Playground Used For Backstreet Chop-Shops

Dorcas Mhungu Some residents in Pluto Street near Small Boy behind the old compound are riled by businesses operating under the sun in an open space some claim is meant for a children’s playground. The residents said the circle, which now “houses” mechanics, car-breaking businesses and spray painters has become an eyesore and health hazard. Ancient and broken down vehicles litter the open space. “What I want to know from council is whether these business operators are licensed to operate in the open. This land, from my enquiry, was allocated for a children’s playground. The municipality chased away and prohibited women who were trying to make an honest living selling vetkoeke. At least that posed no health hazard in the form of toxic fumes we inhale daily from spray painting,” one resident fumed. Research from various sources highlights

the following key elements, amongst others. The World Health Organization (WHO) highlights the dangers faced by people who work with paint. It reports that painters have a 20% increased risk of a range of cancers and a 40% increased risk of lung cancer, in particular. In Denmark, specialists have identified a neurological condition brought on by longterm exposure to paint solvents - 'painter's dementia'. In general, it is recognised that children and older people are particularly vulnerable to solvent vapours. Oil-based paints and other petroleumbased products have vapours that are harmful when breathed in. These vapours are called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Volatile organic compounds in paints can cause headaches, eye irritation, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. Long-term exposure can lead to more serious health problems like central nervous system, liver, and kidney damage. Paint vapours pose

a higher risk for pregnant women, young children, people with respiratory ailments, and individuals with high rates of exposure, such as commercial painters. “Look at the spray painters. They protect themselves while painting the cars but what about us and our children playing in the vicinity,” questioned another irate parent. Another complained about litter that the operators now heap under a street light and some residents now also throw their excess litter under the light, providing an excellent breeding ground for flies and cockroaches. Because the business owners are operating in the open, they work every day of the week. Consequently, cars drive in and out of the circle-some at high speeds that put the safety of children at risk, especially during weekends when they do not go to school. “This place used to be peaceful and I suspect these people are operating in this open space because they are not licensed and are avoiding paying tax,” another

resident charged. Contacted for comment, Kevin Adams, Manager: Public Relations & Customer Service, Municipality of Walvis Bay said: “We are not ignoring the complaints from the residents. We have a plan to develop the park and this will be announced. The illegal activities are also being addressed. The division of Town Planning

and Community Development and Health Department are looking into the matter and we want to let the people know that their complaints are not falling on deaf ears.” Adams said it will take a few months to remove the illegal business operators and allocate them a safe place to operate from. He also confirmed that the area is allocated for a park.

Container Chaos in Industrial Area Siglinde de Villiers A 20ft reefer container slipped off a truck and hit the tarmac at the stop street of Moses Garoeb and Circumferential Road on Monday morning. According to traffic officer P.A Immanuel from the Walvis Bay Traffic Department, the truck drove over the sidewalk and the tilted angle caused the container to slip off and

hit the street. “It is crazy,” said the driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, in a state of shock. “There was another car at the stop street,” he further explained, “and so I could not make a wide turn.” The narrow angle caused the truck to drive over the sidewalk and lose its load. “Luckily there were no cars in the road at that point of time,” a bystander

commented. “I have incurred no damages to my truck,” the driver said. He was being comforted by family on the scene. “I was on my way to return the container to Rennies,” he explained. “The container was empty and suffered no damages according to the investigator's report,” stated Nolito Marques, the Public Relations Manager of Macs Shipping Lines.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

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Kick Off on Sunday! Lavrenty Repin Swakopmund


Kambueshe encouraged the coastal community to come out in Juuso masses to support the Southern


African Inter Municipal (SAIMSA) Games 2013. They will be hosted for the first time in Swakopmund this coming week.

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Life Cover | Earning Ability Cover | Life Adjustment Cover | Future Needs Cover | Business Cover

The official opening will be this Sunday, 22 September, with a highly anticipated football match at the Vineta Central Sports Field, between title holders Thabazimbi Municipality (South Africa), and the Municipality of Swakopmund. Other sporting activities for the week include Netball, Volleyball, Fishing, Darts, Golf and Pool. The motto for this year’s games is “Uniting Contrast” and what better place to illustrate that than the diverse town of Swakopmund, Mayor Kambueshe pointed out. An estimated 4000 participants from six different countries, including South Africa and Zambia, are expected to arrive this Friday. An estimated N$40 million will be generated from this weekl-long event. Of the 41 municipalities participating in this annual event, 14 are Namibian. Events are scheduled to be held both in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay and are set to benefit not only the town’s services but also private businesses, especially accommodation and tourism-orientated establishments. The Swakopmund Municipality has spent N$1 Million to make these games a success, with a working group of over 200 staff, as well as the help of various sponsors. AREVA handed over N$15 000 worth of sports gear in anticipation of the event.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

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FNB Smartphone Banking App Launched on Coast First National Bank Namibia announced the launch of its latest innovations in digital banking, the Smartphone Banking App and .mobi site, which were the first of its kind to launch in Africa in 2011 and are now available on the coast.

This forms part of their wider digital and mobile strategy, catering all cell phone users, whether they have smartphones or feature phones. According to FNB, the App and .mobi sites give clients anytime, anywhere, safe, secure and affordable banking. The App works with iOS Apple, BlackBerry10 as well as Android Smartphones. It is available as a free download from the App stores. For handsets with internet connectivity, the new FNB .mobi functionality enables you to do all your banking online. Visit to register and

transact. “We are excited to be bringing FNB’s innovative award winning Smartphone Banking App and digital banking site to Namibia, thereby empowering our clients with relevant mobile solutions such as the App and FNB .mobi,” says Ian Leyenaar, CEO FNB Namibia. Aside from being able to do general banking transactions like viewing account balances, transfers and payments, the App also includes exciting value added services such as the ability to locate cash withdrawal machines (ATMs), buy prepaid airtime or electricity, and make free calls and messages to other FNB App users. For clients who do not have Smartphones, FNB Namibia has also launched a .mobi site, which

works just as well on feature phones. “While we believe Namibia has great potential for Smartphone and App penetration, we tried to ensure that we cater for most of our clients requirements. We foresee that eventually as supply increases and prices of smart devices fall that more people will have access to these devices to be able to transact using our digital channels,” says Leyenaar. Both the FNB Banking App and site provide access to banking for customers who may not have easy access to the branch network as there is no reliance on physical infrastructure. “Our App and .mobi site include eWallet, which enables us to reach the underserviced and underbanked with a mobile money solution.

Ian Leyenaar, CEO of FNB Namibia, Desery van Wyk, Head of Cell Phone Banking at FNB Namibia and Dixon Norval, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing.

"Customers can expect regular new features and innovations that make their lives easier and add to their banking experience,” he explains. “FNB Namibia’s vision is to

be the local world class financial services provider of first choice, and with this technology we are delighted to bring a world class mobile solution to our clients in Namibia,” concludes Leyenaar.

Travelling in Funky Fun Van This funky minibus rolled into Swakopmund following the dusty roads from Sossusvlei and crossing all the way from Johannesburg, without so much as a flat tire. According to the positive travellers, this was by far the cheapest car to rent in Jo’burg, and, of course, the coolest. Because of its rarity, the van had to be registered in Botswana, although it is unclear who the author of the colourful and quirky artwork is! Or, for that matter, of the caption on the tail that says, in large white letters, “lesbian is just another woman trying to do a man’s job”!

Don’t We All

Want the New Jeep? The folk at M&Z Motors enjoyed displaying their latest addition to the showroom floor. Many community members attended

the showing of the new 2014 Grand Cherokee with envious eyes. Here are just a few photos of the sexy sheik waiting to find its owner.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


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Oil Business Does Not Have to Ruin Us Opinion Piece by Lavrenty Repin The majority of reactions on Facebook to Brazilian company, High Resolution Technology, failing for the third time this year to find oil off the coast of Namibia was “relieved”. Although by no means are Facebook comments an indication of what the majority of Namibians think, I have over time noticed that we are terribly weary of what future we can expect once we strike oil. I wonder if our predecessors suffered the same anxiety when diamonds were discovered in Namibia. One comment said that if substantial oil was discovered

in Namibia, it was inevitable that USA would label all Namibians “terrorists” and set upon invading our country! I remember a couple months back, Knowledge Kati announced the discovery of huge (dry) oil wells. Within hours, Twitter and Facebook were ablaze with comments that struck similarity in tone and context to those posted on 21 December 2012 - doomsday. One geologist told me that it was inevitable that there is oil somewhere on our coastline. Dr. Mwiya, who headed the EIA meeting for the new Seismic company, ION (poised to do extensive seismic oil exploration all along the Namibian coastline), told the Namib Independent that he has “no doubt” that we’ll hit the mother load sooner or

later. The government seems to be set on finding oil whether we like it or not, and frankly I don’t know why we shouldn’t like it. Now I’m all for environmental preservation, and certainly our laws have to be much tougher in order to even begin to battle the power of huge corporations – that is a discussion on its own - but at the moment I’m inclined to look at the bigger issues that our country faces. For example, the past four years have seen a total of 772 deaths by starvation in Namibia, and due to drought, that number is expected to escalate when this year’s statistic are revealed. Perhaps discovering oil could have benefits that greatly

outweigh the damage it may create? I look to the country of Qatar as a positive example, although I’m certainly aware of the few negative examples out there as well. Anyway, Qatar faced similar issues to Namibia, like great cultural differences and overcoming a colonisation by the British. Their industry relied primarily on fishing, and pearl-production. The country is located in an environment even harsher than the Namib Desert and their population was an eighth of ours! After discovering a huge oil reserve, this insignificant, isolated wasteland became the richest country in the world in just 20 years. Granted, the government “socialistically” took full control of the oil industry, but there is no reason that the same scenario (the richness, not the socialism) shouldn’t happen in Namibia. I’m not for once suggesting that we should strive for the sort of industrialisation that has taken grip of Qatar, with ridiculous skyscrapers and enormous air conditioned stadiums for the up-coming World Cup. Indeed, Namibia is an example of stunning natural beauty and diversity, both biologically and geographically. We as a people are connected to nature like few others around the world, and to lose that would mean losing our identity and essence. However, a little money injection into our economy, sufficient to raise the standard of life for the average Namibian, to provide the bare necessities; water, food, shelter, education, transport; is desperately needed. The oil business is a multi-billion dollar industry, like no other. A medium-sized reserve can catapult Namibia on to the world stage within a decade, if managed properly. I realise how optimistic I sound, and I won’t deny that we have our share of politicians who would love to line their pockets, but I also believe that these politicians dream of leaving behind a legacy, and they see oil as their chance. No wonder then that the government is brushing aside the fishing industry as it looks towards a completely different, hopefully bright future. Whether it’s the right choice remains to be seen, but it is difficult to deny that something has to give, that we need a positive change, and one big enough to impact every isolated, forgotten, destitute part of this vast country.

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16 | mOshiwambo Thursday, 20 June 2013

mO S H I WA M B O m O shiwambo Oshikunino sha Arandis shi li mombuga

Dorcas Mhungu Uukwatyankalo womudhiingoloko inawu imba Ellie Nowases oku shi pondola opo ombinga yokonima yegumbo lye ndjoka yi na oshimongwa no ya kukuta, e yi ninge oshikunino shiihape tayi gandja iitungithi niipalutha kaakalimo yomondoolopa ya Arandis. Omo lwa eitulomo lye nokutota kwe hono kwa nyanyudha aalongekidhi yomathigathano gokomumvo gopashitopolwa ge na sha nuukashike kookantu, Ellie okwa li a ningi omusindani gwotango momathigathano ge na sha nomalunduluko gopambepo moshitopolwa shomahumokomeho. Ethigathano ndika lyokomumvo ohali ningwa moshilando

shaJohannesburg, muSouth Africa. Okwa sindi omashongo guukwatya wevi pa ku longitha evi opo a kokithe iihape momapakete ngoka ga tulwa omafaganyana kohi opo kaa ku hepekwe omeya, nomeya ngele oga pitilile ohaga matuka momuligu opo ga ye mondoloma ga vule okulongithwa natango. Eitulomo lye ihali shuna monima. Sho a tameke oshikunino she osho wo opoloyeka ye yomiti, okwa kala he ende oshinano oku ka tala evi nokatoololi. “Otwa li twa taalele omashongo omanene, ihe sho opoloyeka ya koko, otwa pula ehangano lyaRossinga li tu kwathele osheenditho, nopomathimbo gamwe otwali twa thithwa iihauto yomakoto. Uuhoho woondjuhwa mbono hatu longitha ohawu zi komunafaalama ngoka e li ookilometa omilongo hetatu pkuza mo Arandis, ano kOmaruru.


Emilia (kolulyo) “Oshoka shono shu udha momwenyo, okana ha ke shi kungu mo”, Ndjika oyo omukweyovelise gwa kuthwa mombiimbeli, tagu holola olupandu lwa shewa komuteyi Emilia Kamutufe, ngoka twa li twa ti sha

ku ye moshifo shetu omwedhi gwa zi ko, nokwa li a mono eyambidhidho kompumbwe ye yiilongitho ndjoka a li holola nokwa kugu. Onkugo yepongo, oKalungamwene he yi tondoka. “Ite vulu kuholeka enyanyu lyandje

Okwa ti kutya, ina ya naanaa kokule muulongelwe, okwa li a mono owala elongo lyopetameko lyo literacy opo a kambadhale oku ilonga elaka lyoshiingilisa. Elie okwa ti kutya, omumvo gwa zi ko, okwa sindana epapa etiyali momathigathano gopaitopolwa muSouth Afrika, oshoka okwa li a kwatha kugumwe opo osheetwapo she shi tolokelwe mOshiingilisa. Okamwanakdhona kedhina Pauline nako otaka kutha ombinga mondjodhi ya yina. Momvula ndjika, mbaka yaali oya li ya ningi omaulikilo mendiki lyiigongi mu Arandis, moka ya li taya landitha oongala. Omo lwa ohokwe neitulomo lye, ehangano lyoEraniuma yaSwakopo olye mu futile opo a ye komadheulo kuPretoria, muSouth Afrika, go ku ilonga nkene taku kunwa iimeno momeya nomehekevi shi vulithe mevi lyolyene. Omukalo nguka go ku kuna iihape momeya ga longekidhwa no ga tulwa uuhoho, nando ga nika oshimongwa, otaga kwatha nokuhumitha komeho omukalo gwe gwo ku likola mo sha oshindji, shono tashi fala oonkambadhala dhe komeho. Omunambelewapitithi nomukuluntu gwondoolopa ya Arandis Florida Husselman oku li omuyambidhidhi omunene gwopoloyeka ya Ellie. Ewiliko lyondoolopa olya gandja evi ku Ellie, opo a nenepaleke iilikolomwa ye. Omvula tayi ya, Ellie ota ka Tameka omadheulo goomeme miipangele yiikunino nomwanakadhona Paulina otaka dheula aanyasha. Kaanyasha aaNamibia Ellie ote ya lombwele no ku ya tsa omukumo tati, “Ohandi ya lombwele kutya, ngele ohandi vulu ku shi ninga mepipi

Onda monathana naaniilonga aayinekelwa Yoshifo shoNamib Independent Olupandu na lu ye kuGareth Amos, Regina Savage, Dorcas Mhungu ta pandulilwa olweedhethimbo lyawo Sho ya nyanyangidha eindilompumbwe lyandje Naambaka taya landula onde ya pandula Meme Rouw Ependa nomwiinekelwa ngoye Osha pumba ku mona omuntu guukwatya woye Otashi pula omuntu iikalekelwa Omunambili noku na olukeno Owa tula eimemeho koshipala shandje Ndyoka tali kala ko sigo aluhe Tangi sho wa pe ndje okompiuta Pewa aluhe eliko naashihe wa pumbwa Nashihe to lalakanene Meme natate Olivier Kandi na iitya ya gwana okufatula Noonyothi keyalelo inadhi gwana oku mu ulukila Ondjele yolupandu lwandje olunene ku ne Aluhe omwiilongekidha oku kamutuluka No ku yambula ndje uuna tandi ihata po

ndika, omolwashike ne ita mu vulu oku shi ninga wo? Aagundjuka oye na okulongitha oompito ndhoka dhi li po neitulomo enene. Ngame ohandi yi kosikola ngashingeyi nando onda koka. Ohandi longo aanona nkene ye na okuninga oongala nankene taku kunwa iihape, opo ngele nda si, yo otaya vulu oku ya peha lyandje no ku thitika omwaka. “Ngele gumwe a mana oondjenda dhe, ohatu ya pe oongala oku ya hekeleka, onda dhimbulula kutya ka mu na oongala mondoolopa ndjika, naantu ohaya mono iihuna ngele opu na gumwe a mana oondjenda. Onda tameke okuninga oongala ndhoka dhomafaganyana no dhaa na omwenyo, nda kala handi dhi landitha mOvenduka nokonima onda ka tota po ihe oshikunino konima yegumbo lyandje, ihe iimeno oya si, oshoka evi olya li lya nika oshimongwa”. Ellie osho a hokolola ngaaka ehokololo lyesindano lye. Okwa tindi okushunwa monima konkalo yevi lya Arandis, Ellie okwa tsikile nuupenda nokonima sho a thigi po iilonga ye onga omoopaleki mehangano lyaRossinga , oku kuna nokulongekidha iihape okwa kala oshitsa she oshinene okupalutha oshigwana. “Aahilike, onda kala ndi na oshimpwiyu naantu. Otwa tameke noongala ndhoka hatu gandja opunyu ngele gumwe a si, nadhimwe ohatu dhi landitha kumboka taya vulu oku dhi landa. Oha landitha iihape ye kaakalimo ya Arandis, koostola osho wo kehala lya tseyika nawa mOvenduka, Xwama.

Ina mu tokelwa nando esiku limwe Monkalo yandje ompu nondhigu Aluhe omwiilongekidha oku kwatha ndje Tangi sho mwa pe ndje omashina gokuprinta Epandulo lyandje lyaaluhe enene ku ne Kumeme Laura Callard Aanyasha oyendji oyi ihole yoyene Ihe ngoye hasho wa tya ngaaka Ngoye omuntu omwaanawa ngaashi ndi ku shi Netumba kandi na iitya oku ku pandula Tangi kwaashihe wa ningile ndje Tangi sho wa pe ndje eshina lyookopi Otandi uvaneke ku ne kutya, otandi ka ninga ashihe te vulu Opo ndi ka mane embo lyandje etiyali Abraham Iyambo Okulandula oshiholelwa she Oonkalamwenyo dheni nadhi kale dhu udha ohole Dho tadhi kala aluhe dha yambekwa.

The Haven

P O Box 537, Walvis Bay Phone: 064 – 200 542 Mobile: 081 200 7216 Reg. 21/2009/0465

Courses Available: • Catering for experienced cooks • Baking and pastry making • Basic Cooking • Domestic and Hospitality Housekeeping Register at: 160 Hage Geingob Street, Walvis Bay Town Between 09h00 - 13h00 Mondays - Fridays

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w e'v e g o t


Poet Emilia's Hond met Windbuks Geskiet Gratitude Geagte Redakteur,

haar keel. Ek vermoed dat dit 'n windbuks of kettie se werk weereens is. Is daar dalk 'n Laasweek was my staffie geskiet met n diere moordenaar in seahorse str, mile 4? windbuks en vandag moet ek haar weer Hoop jy sal dit lees, en weet maar dat God veearts toe neem. die diere van die veld ook geskape het, en Daar is 'n groot hangende sweersel aan God slaap nie, jy sal gestraf word.

Wat jy aan jou naaste doen het jy reeds aan God gedoen. God sal my staffie-kind weereens hierdeur dra. Niki my staffie-baba mamma lief jou tonne. A. Steenkamp

Glitz and Glam at De Duine Matric Farewell Namib Independent Faren Plezens, (left) handing over one of the printers donated to Emilia

De Duine recently hosted their The young men and ladies were all matric farewell and from the dressed in their best attire. A Namib photos one can see that this was no Independent reader sent us some ordinary affair. photos of the fancy affair!

“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh,” is a verse in the Bible best describing the gratitude of Poet Emilia Kamutufe, featured in our newspaper a month ago, she has received lots of donations in response to her plea for equipment. “I cannot hide my joy I met dedicated employers To the Namib Independent My gratitude goes to Gareth Amos And Dorcas Mhungu for her valuable time To publish my situation in the newspaper Furthermore, I would like to thank the following; Madam Rouw Dedicated heart like yours Is not easy to find It takes a special person to be So generous and kind You put a smile on my face That will go a long way Thank you for blessing me with a computer May you always have a good fortune And never live to lack Madam Susan Olivier (Mr Braam Olivier) The words are not enough to express it The stars in the sky not enough to show you How grateful I am You’re always willing to lend a hand To lift me up when I fall You never show up late Through my thick and thin You are always there for me Thank you for blessing me with the printers You have my unconditional gratitude To Miss Laura Callard Most youngsters are selfish but you’re not You’re the most wonderful person I have met You made me speechless with pride Thank you for what you have done Thank you for blessing me with the copy printer/ scanner machine I promise you all, I will do my best To accomplish completion of my second book Abraham Iyambo And emulate your steps Appreciated and may you lives be always full of love and blessings.

MUNICIPALITY WALVIS BAY TENDER NOTICE 82/2013 OUTSOURCING OF STREET CLEANING SERVICES IN KUISEBMOND 1. Tenders are hereby invited for the Cleaning of Kuisebmond streets and the removal of litter and dumped material in the demarcated area in and around Kuisebmond. 2. Tender documents are obtainable from The Cashiers, 1st Floor, Civic Centre, Walvis Bay, Telephone +264 – 64 – 201 3327. Tender documents shall be issued against payment of N$20.00 (Excluding VAT). 3. Tenders, completed and accompanied by all required supporting documents as described in the documents, must be delivered to the Tender Board on or before 11:00 on Friday, 11 October 2013. For convenience, a Tender Box in the foyer of the Civic Centre should be used for the deposition of tenders. No late tenders for any reason whatsoever will be considered by the Tender Board. 4. Tenderers shall take note of the fact that the submission of the following documents with the completed tender will be to your advantage: (a) Certificate of Good standing issued by the Social Security Commission; (b) Business Registration Certificate; (c) Certificate of Good standing issued by the Receiver of Revenue in respect of Value Added Tax (VAT) if applicable. 5. Tenders will be opened by a committee of the Local Tender Board directly after closing of the tenders in the presence of tenderers’ representatives, who choose to attend, in the Oasis Conference Room at the Civic Centre, Walvis Bay. 6. Further information can be obtained from the Foreman: Solid Waste, Mr Peter Etsebeth at telephone 064-201 3375 during office hours. JAJ Kruger Secretary Local Tender Board.

Department of Water, Waste & Environmental Management


30 October 2013 to 2 November 2013 The Civic Centre, Walvis Bay Booking of Stalls are open for participation


Entertainment 37 Thursday, 1924 September 2013 Entertainment || 37 Thursday, January 2013

Thursday, 27 06 June 2013 2012 1820 | | Entertainment Thursday, December Entertainment


that happens out of the blue. There's a lot of chemistry in the CAPRICORN air turns bringing folks together withsoexcitement. Pluto direct in your signbuzzing this week, you may feel likeCAPRICORN you're heading for a mini rebirth over the coming weeks and months. Plus,perky, other powerful influences Finances are looking with a chance to get could more earnbe encouraging yoube to in take especially ings. You might thestock moodoftoyour buy needs, extra gadgets for the home, perhaps new social computer or something elsemake that helps in connection withayour circle. Whether you make life The more the merrier far as or you're a decision to easier. distance yourself from certainaspeople it concerned. You could given a raise or find that you've been happens naturally, seebe it as a sign that the transformation additional hasgiven already begun. responsibility at work for which you'll get more money. AQUARIUS AQUARIUS A chat with a friend could give you a fresh perspective on seem soBe don't take other howThings to dealmay with anysurreal career today, or job Aquarius, challenges. open people's chatter too seriously. Thismay is a be daynecessary to reach out and to changing your point of view. This touchto someone, so pick up the phone. It's a goodinfluday to share in order take advantage of current progressive yourOn dreams, matter how they sound. ences. anothernonote, don't let farfetched fear or insecurity makeOthers you as ififyou have three heads, but you. as long as youmay lashlook out, at especially someone is trying to help you're being with yourself, there's no might reason to be shy A Full Moon in honest your shopping zone midweek about sharing. encourage you to want to spend in order to feel good. PISCES PISCES You might be in a more reflective mood, especially as there's Lifea happens you take zone. a walkYour on the wild focus on when your spiritual inner lifeside. is important, Something mayyour be urging youhopes, on anddreams, encouraging and that inside includes self-talk, and fantayousies. to let patterns that have kept youthings down.toYou If go youofwant exciting and positive happen for areyou, so much in reality, andin in your your head. heart you then bigger start creating them Youknow might get it. You something in order to gainyour home ideasmight abouthave howtotolose make more money or make something, andfor that homier. Go it!could be security, which may be an illusion anyway.

• • • • • • • • • •

They have a lot of data, but they’re still clueless. A better model is just around the corner. They look nice and shiny until you get them home. It’s always essential to have a backup. They’ll do whatever you want if you push the right buttons. The best part of having one is the games you can play. In order to get their attention, you have to turn them on. The lights are on but nobody’s home. Big power surges knock them out at night. Size does matter.

• • • • • •

When you ask them what’s wrong, they always say ‘nothing’. They can produce incorrect results with alarming speed. They are always turning simple statements into big productions. Small talk is important. You do the same thing for years, and suddenly it’s wrong. They make you take the garbage out. Miss a period and they go wild.



But then again, here are the top ten reasons whySuduko they are is obviously easy to play and the rules are simple. Fill in the female. blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 • •

Here are the top ten reasons why

grids contain one instance of each of the numbers 1 though 9.

3 8 They’re oh so picky, picky, picky. 3 9 7 They hear what you say, but Solution to Last Week's Suduko 5 4 6 not what you mean. Beauty is only shell deep. 8 7 3 4 8 7 2 4 6 3 4 to play and the2 rules 6 are simple. Fill in Suduko is easy the blanks so that each row, column, 5 each 1 8 and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain one instance of each of the 2 3


numbers 1 though 9.

Daily Sudoku: Mon 14-Jan-2013

6 8 9

1 2 8 4 5 1 8

5 7 8 1 5


3 8 5 8 6 7

(c) Daily Sudoku Ltd 2013. All rights reserved.

Humankind’s propensity for imposing anthropomorphic characteristics on inanimate objects has now reached computers. But, which gender should your PC be?

Solution to Last Week's Suduko

6 2 4 3 1 8 3 9 5 7 1 2 1 7 5 4 2 5 1 6 9 8 A SET THREE COURSE MEAL FOR TWO 3 9SPECIAL! 8 2 4 4 LYON 3 AT DES SABLES! CHEF'S 2 4 7 6 3 4 5 1 8 9 9 6 3 7 5 9 4 7 8 2 1 6 Daily Sudoku: Mon 14-Jan-2013

Daily Sudoku: Mon 21-Jan-2013


CROSSWORD How to enter: fill out and drop in PO Box 5085 or email: or fax: 064 200 474 with your name and contact details


9 8 5 7 6 4 2 1 8 3 9 6 7 2 3 4 1 7 6 5 5 9 1 8 Lyon des Sables 2Restaurant, 6 7 3 Cocktail and Wine 4 1 8 2 3 5 4 9 (c) Daily Sudoku Ltd 2013. All rights reserved.

romantic offer of a date. LEO YouLEO might be ready for action, but you might need a strongerRelationships approach to getting things donepaced if youand want to make seem to be fast exciting whether headway week. Issues linked with and lifestyle linked this to business or romance. Thehome connections you make affairs be in need sortaofnew transformation. This are could encouraging you of to some explore direction. Someone might changes your horizons, place so open mayeven giveequate you atotipstructural that could expandtoyour thatnew youvistas, can move with newpossibilities. plans. Despite this isbeing and ahead suggest fresh There also a a no-nonsense week, does life have a spiritual quality to it. to the connection to youritsocial and networking that adds fun and upbeat energy of the week. VIRGO VIRGO This could be a week of intense discussions and ongoing It's an excellent week makeofprogress at work conversations around thetoissue what should be and doneon career goals. You may feel as though in the zone like as one good next. What you eventually decideyou're may be nothing your piece plan. of news after another positive change. original A romance could brings also start to unravel, butExpect it the unexpected since the best deal may come out of the blue. might be saved by the Pisces Full Moon, as it encourages You could be living on your nerves and perhaps burning the expression of those deeper feelings. Surrender to the magic candle at both ends. There's so much to do that you'll be busy and it may all be OK. all hours. LIBRA LIBRA YouRelationships, may want to cut back on expenses and consider ways friendships, and romance could all be hot to recycle more things. a rather intensea energy topics this week, in aThere's positive way. Expect meeting out of focused on your personal zonepartnership that's encouraging the blue that could leadfinancial to a creative or budding youromance. to make the most of what you have while learning howthat You'll notice a definite chemistry involved to be more resourceful. fact,further you may be applying these or inspires you to take In things whether for business ideas to your One homeofand family life. pleasure. these connections may also encourage you to broaden your horizons and see life from a new SCORPIO perspective. You could be moving through a period of change, and the SCORPIO current influences seem to be bringing this to a head. Over boisterous and energetic. You might be dotheFamily cominglife daysisdon't be surprised if you feel so squeezed a lotsituation of entertaining have family and friends come in aing certain that the or decision to do something to stay. It's also that you've started spring about it morphs intopossible practical action. Romantic optionscleaning are early and decided to tackle the décor, too. There seem showing up for you, too, although you might be busy withto be lucky events or news associated with the home. It's possible other things. you might get money out of the blue, perhaps from a family SAGITTARIUS member. If you find yourself quietly seething over some incident, SAGITTARIUS it could be because you failed to stand up for yourself or All kinds of associations and relationships work for you this compromised too much now regret Perhaps what the week. The people youand meet or talk to it. may share information current tellsecure you is athat time toorbemove clearone that'ssetup vital is in trying helpingtoyou job,it's contract, about youaare andThere's what you stepwho nearer goal. alsowant. the possibility of a romance

In their honeymoon suite on their wedding night. As they undressed for bed, the husband, who was a big burly man, tossed his pants to his bride and said, “here put these on.” She said “I can’t wear your pants.” “That’s right!!” said the husband, “and don’t you forget it. I’m the man who wears the pants in this family!” With that she flipped him her panties and said, “Try these on.” He tried them on and found he could only get them on as far as his kneecaps. He said, “Hell, I can’t get into your panties!” She said, “That’s right, and that’s the way it’s going to be until you change your attitude.”


GEMINI GEMINI Thetiptoe desirearound to explore new options and lose get away from it all Don't this week - you could out. You could betostronger ever. Ifthat youpulls haven't yet taken your might have work onthan a strategy no punches. vacation, good time to away foryour a wellHowever, thethis Fullmight Moonbeona September 19get could dash deserved break. Theyour cosmos is encouraging you to leave resolve by highlighting emotions when you really daily and explore newonplaces and and perhaps new need to beroutines strong. Keep your focus your goal try not faces. Current influences may be excellent for business trips to let it waver. since this week's upbeat aspects seem to hold the potential CANCER for success. Even though Saturn in your romance zone and Pluto in your CANCER relationship zone make a friendly this week, yousparkles may There's definitely a buzz in theangle air, with financial stillpromising wonder what's you. Intense emotions, couldbusisome hit positive new contracts andwhich potential contain anger or resentment, makea itbig hard to in ness traces deals. of Your intuitive hunches might may play part show your caring loving Perhaps something needs enabling you toand be in the right at the right time. There to change. However, anyexcellent changesnews you do make career might related have is a chance of some - again, to be quiteshould radical. which put you in a good mood. Don't second-guess a

they have to be male.

(c) Daily Sudoku Ltd 2013. All rights reserved.

ARIES ARIES Cooperating with key maytime be essential to your It's an upbeat andpeople positive for you, with lots of success. Careerand matters make a Networking leap in progress, socializing fun oncould the agenda. is one of the especially if you make a key decision. Just when you need best things you can do right now, so keep it up. Fabulous to be at your shrewdest and most practical a Pisces Full new aspects over this week suggest you'll be busy making Moon, which isthat greatcould for parties and celebrations, could connections be very lucrative for you. You may givealso youbethat spaced-out while bringing secret to in the mood tofeeling splurge, but you mighta be restrained light. by your credit limit. TAURUS TAURUS Relationships could be intense and also need careful Career You possibilities very promising handling. could be look dealing with someonethis whoweek wantswith a dazzling that could morewill money, to play theirlineup cards close to themake chest,you so you need too. to This be a good timeYou to consider looking forwith a newaspects job or goreadmight between the lines. could be working ing law, for interviews. Either thethe news be any uplifting, of the too. If so, be sure way, to read finecould print on especiallyThe as Full you seem be on a roll. Finances lookbut very documents. Moontocould bring things to a head, try rosy, not towith overreact evenone if you're tempted more than opportunity to to. make extra cash.


Solution to Last Week's Crossword


DOWN 2. Young nocturnal bird (5) 1. Large American feline (6) 1. Fruit (7) (5) Edible nutmammal (6) 3. Aquatic birds 5. Freshwater1.carnivorous (5) 4. Rice and raw 2. Bran (5) 4. Leporid mammal (6) fish in seaweed (5) 8. Snakelike fish (3) 7. Preserve made from citrus fruits (9) flightless bird (7) 3. Used to brew 9. Edible marine crustacean (7) a beverage (6) 5. African 8. Frozen dessert (3) 6. Massive odd-toed ungulate, 4. Add sugar(5)(7) 10. Lepidopterous insects in short (5) 9. Unfreeze (7) 11. Adult insect after metamorphosis 5. Sponge cake (5,4) (5) 7. Animal or insect 12. Sweet liquid attractive 10. Aroma (5)pests (6) 6. Cooler (6)to bees (6) Redbulb ___ (7) 14. Carnivorous marine predators (6) or steamed13. Butterfly, 12. Edible (5) 9. Servings of boiled 15. Large food and game fish (6) 17. Large group of insects (5) 16. Pastry (7) dough (9) 16. Nocturnal wildcat of Central 18. Dromedary (5) 18. Drink made with juniper berries (3) 11. Baked pasta dish (7) America and South America (6) 20. Large anthropoid ape (7) 19. Wine source (9) 13. Chewy confection (6) 17. Insect bite (5) 21. Star sign represented by a lion (3) 20. Sample (5) wading bird (5) 14.sound Fatty(5) oil (6) 18. Large long-necked 22. Low animal 21. Vanilla ___of(7) 15. Dairy product 19. Hybrid offspring male donkeys 23. Bloodsucking African fly (6) (6) and female horses (5) 17. Prepare a turkey (5)

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Electrical CC2007/0393


Electrical Wholesalers CC2007/0393 For allFAX:064278201 your Electrical supplies C/O Sam Nujoma Ave C/OSamNujomaAve&8thRoadNr.77

& 8th Road Nr. 77, Walvis Bay TEL: 064 278200 • FAX: 064 278201 •

Walvis Bay




A Bette r Wa y of Life.

We specialise in: Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Contract Cleaning Holiday Apartment & Spring Cleaning Post Construction Clean-Ups Exterior Building Cleaning

081 1244747 064 204187

We specialise in the following fields...

RiaanStols NamibElectricalDistributorscc C/OSamNujomaAve&8thRoadnr77 WalvisBay Namibia

Residential Commercial Marine Industrial Ventilation Service & Maintenance

Deon Ellis

Cell: +264 81 214 6883 Fax: +264 64 207 756 Email:

Travel CHAMORE TRAVEL AGENCY CC T: +264 64 206003 F: +264 64 206009 c/o Union Street & 5th Road, Walvis Bay, Namibia

y-, a Distributor of Skin-, Bod Do you want to become Now’s the time! !!! ts duc pro loss t igh We Health-, Herbal-, or DREAMS! LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR from home. . Make an income working ing lbe wel and lth hea l Enjoy optima tion rma info for 435 4276 Just send an Sms to 081 opportunity. about this great business !! t budget products act now bes t to order the via t ues req on For those who only wan ed ard forw ue is available, will be The New Product Catalog ducts and share them er of the Best Budget pro pow the nce erie Exp e-mail. ut. abo care with all those you s of people the Opportunity to million The products has offered world. the und aro es ntri cou 50 across more than


CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING & PROTECTION CHEM-DRY CLEANING Is the largest specialist Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Franchise on the Planet. With our unique Non-toxic Carbonated Cleaning Technology you can be assured that your carpets & upholstery stay Cleaner, Drier, Healthier. For free quotes contact us @ 064-209292 or 0811244747 email

Tel: 064-277750 Fax: 064-277751 Email: Hage Geingob Street, Walvis Bay

Check out our website @ for our wide range of products & services. WE SERVE THE COAST!



TECHMAR Auto Repairs CC

• Repairs & service on all vehicles outside the warranty/service plan period. • Oil-and-Go for your convenience. • Pre-holiday inspections, pre roadworthy checks. • Headlight adjustments. • Diagnostic testing. • Service agent for Hyundai & KIA. • Specialists in Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi.

Travel arrangements Logistics - Flight bookings - Passports - Car Rentals - Work Visa’s/ In-transit Visas - Hotel bookings - Transfer/ Shuttle Services


Theo Ben Gurirab Str. & Hanna Mupetami Road P.O.Box 499, Walvis Bay


Phone +264 64 205136 • Fax +264 64 205137 23 - 27 September 2013 MONDAY



Pork Schnitzel Hawaii Mashed Potatoes Baby Marrow Coleslaw Salad

Spaghetti Bolognaise Broccoli with Cheese Sauce Greek Salad

• Latest Cellphones • Digital Camera's • Cell Accessories • Rentals

Cleaning Bliss Investments (Cleaning Services)

SPECIALS!! • Lounge Suite/ Sofa • Cleaning 6 Seater • Cleaning N$450, • Mattress Cleaning N$300, • Carpet Cleaning N$300 per room. Contact: 0816386318

• MTC New Contracts • MTC Renewals • MTC Payments - Online • Internet Settings • Airtime

N$ 1250*

Decoder + Dish + Installation

HD PVR N$ 1995* Decoder + twin LNB

Tel: 064-404800 - SWK Fax: 064-404823- SWK


Roast Chicken with Coconut Dressing, Savoury Rice Mixed Roasted Vegetables Diced Salad


Steak with a cheese sauce Roasted Potatoes Butternut rounds with cinnamon & honey, Pineapple Tart

PLEASE NOTE Menus might have to change slightly, depending on availability of products and produce

Contact us for Professional and efficient service! Tel: 064-209919 - WBay Fax: 064-209921 - WBay WALVIS BAY: 064-203318 SWAKOPMUND: 064-403418


Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry Pasta Mixed Salad


234 Theo-Ben Gurirab Street, Walvis Bay Tel: 064- 200888 Fax: 064- 200840 Cicero- 081 122 7654 Bennie- 081 204 3885


Contact us to order your dinners online or by telephone 081 351 5812 Deliveries will only be in Walvis Bay

Auto Electric Rewiring and auto electrical repairs on all passenger and heavy duty vehicles. Starter, alternator repairs and replacement. All electrical repairs, vehicle diagnostics for most vehicles. Vehicle monitoring systems (passenger, Heavy duty, truck trailers, cranes and much more. Engine monitoring and shut down systems. Auto Airconditioning Regas, Aircon repairs, Supply aircon kits for a wide variety of vehicle brands, Fit aircon kits, Pipe welding In-Car Entertainment Custom sound installations Fit and supply sound (DVD screen DVD players, front loaders, speakers, amps, etc.) Car security, Central-locking kits

Parts Sales We offer a wide variety of services for almost any vehicle. Our company has 32 years of Auto Electrical experience under our belt and provide a professional service to all our customers.

Julie Auto Electric & Sound CC Tel: 264 64 205 233 Fax: 264 64 207 559 James / Renaldo Julie 081 269 3443 / 081 284 1788

Tel: 064-221552 Fax: 064-221553 Besigheids ure: Ma-Vry: 08H00 - 19H00 Sa: 08H00 - 13H00 WSK welkom.

Finance TNK Financial Services • Accounting • Payroll • Tax Returns (Private & Business)


Debtors, Creditors, Bank Recons, Fixed Assets, Payroll Assistance, Management Accounts, VAT & Tax Returns tnkaccountingservices@

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20 | Coastal Property Finder


3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Double Garage, Indoor BBQ. N$7 700 pm


4 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms,Indoor BBQ , TV Room, Tandem Garage. Incl. W&E N$11 000 pm


2 Bedroom house, Full Bathroom, Kitchen with BIC and Stove. Water Included. N$4 650 pm


1 Bedroom flat, Dining room, Kitchen with BIC. Water Included. N$2 750 pm


3 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, Double garage, Alarm. DSTV, Water, Furniture Included. N$11 500 pm


4 Bedroom House, 2 Bathroom, Big entertainment area, Bar and Outside BBQ, Guest Toilet, Garage for 4 Cars. Excl. W&E N$11 000 pm

Long Beach

2 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, Balcony, Inside BBQ, Double Garage, Open plan to Lounge. N$6 600 pm

Long Beach

1 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, Kitchen, Lounge, Stoop, DSTV and Furniture. N$4 000 pm


House with Flat! 3 Bedroom, 2 Batroom, 2 Living Areas and 3 garages. N$13 000 pm


To let, 3 Bedrooms, lounge to fitted kitchen, entertainment area with braai and bar, balcony and double garage N$7 100

Warehouse, Swakopmund

Urgently looking for warehouse size: +/- 400 m2, with high roller doors. Noise friendly


To Let Luxury Duplex Units in Secure Complex. 3 Bedrooms. 2 Bathrooms. Main Bedroom En-Suite Bathroom. Walk-In Closet. Open Plan Kitchen and Lounge. Hob/Oven/Extractor Fan. Guest Toilet. Remote Control Garage. Pre-paid electricity. Water excluded. Available immediately. N$8 075 pm

WALVIS BAY - FAIRWAY 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 1 Garage, Open plan kitchen and lounge, BIC, In secure complex N$4 800 pm


To let Dolphin View Security Complex 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Main Bedroom En-Suite Bathroom, Open Plan Lounge and Kitchen, Sliding doors opening onto balcony with partial sea view. Outdoor BBQ. Available Immediately. N$6 575 pm WALVIS BAY - LAGOON Fully furnished apartment in complex building close to Lagoon. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Open plan kitchen and lounge, Single garage, G4S Security, Cleaning service once a week, DSTV (Full Bouquet), Water included Prepaid Electricity. N$14 300

Walvis Bay Fairway Estates

To Let Freestanding house offering 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, openplan kitchen to living area, indoor braai, double garage with small garden and courtyard N$7 700 pm Avail: 01 October


Close to schools 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms ( Main Bedroom En-Suite), Open plan kitchen, lounge and dining area 2 Garages, BIC, the property is in a panhandle ( front property). For more information call N$1 391 000

Interested in any of these properties? Call Helena on 064 200 497 today Sunset Seas

New development uninterrupted sea views Dolphin beach Open plan living area with kitchen 2/3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 garages, Outdoor BBQ and balcony N$1 440 000 to N$1 800 000 For sale 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom open plan kitchen and single garage. Including furnisher in a cc. N$980 000

Fariways Estate

Brand new development comming soon... Optional extras 2 Bedroom units N$ 699 000 Langstrand investment Fully furnished and well maintained. 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, private courtyard and 1 garage N$950 000


Plot for sale Erf size 1018.12sqm. Approved plans for 8x 3 bed units. N$970 000

Lagoon Area

2 Bedrooms,1 Bathroom, Kitchen, Lounge,TV Room with fire place,1 Garage Outdoor BBQ, Garden, Big Yard with enough place to build. N$1 177 000


3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms (Main Bedroom En-Suite), Open plan kitchen, lounge and dining area, Ind and Outd BBQ, BIC Double Garage. N$1 338 000

Vineta- Swakopmund

3 Bed apartment, 2 Bath, Garage, Open plan Secure Complex Walking distance from Shopping Centre N$1 070 000

Swakopmund Townhouse

This townhouse offers you 2 bedrooms, full bathroom, open plan kitchen and lounge, small private courtyard and single garage. N$895 000 in cc


This townhouse in a secure complex offers you 2 bedrooms, full bathroom, open plan kitchen and lounge, single garage. N$900 000


Lovely well kept townhouse. 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Low maintenance house in secure, sought after complex. N$1 180 000


New development 145 vacant erven from 300 sq. m. to 700 sq.m. Prices from N$128 000 to N$300 000

Swakopmund Vacant Erven

Close to schools 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 1 Garage(with approved plans for second garage), Open plan kitchen, lounge and dining area, BIC, Scullery, TV Room. N$1 391 000

14 X Erven in The Dunes/ Ext. 18 N$895 000 - N$1,5 mil. Ext. 9 - N$550.000 Ext. 15 - N$750.000 Ext. 16 - N$580.000 Mile 4 - N$650.000 HENTIES BAY 973m2 - N$190.000 500m2 - N$495.000 1.050m2 - N$490.000

Walvis Bay



Beautiful Spacious family home, 4 bedrooms, 3 bath rooms, main bedroom has a dressing room and bathroom. Double garage and many more extras N$2 500 000

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with scullery & big erf. Recently renovated! N$825 000


Business property in Arandis N$225 000

rent? r o y u B o t se u o h a r fo g in Look der on in F y t r e p o r P l a t s a o C h c r a se . d e t s li s d e r d n u H . y a d o t k faceboo

Walvis Bay

537m2 Plot for sale Fairways - Next to Golf Range N$610 000 neg

Fully furnished flat to let in Walvis Bay

N$7 500 pm + Dep Double storey, Once a week cleaning 2 Bedrooms, ADSL Internet line {Uncapped} Braai patio, DSTV Full bouquet, Single garage, Alarm 24 hour armed response. No pets Deposit can be paid over 3 months Available 01/10/2013 Incl. W&E


To Let, good investment 2 Bedroom townhouse N$4 500 N$750 000

Long Beach

To Let, 3 Bedrooms, lounge to fitted kitchen, entertainment area with braai and bar, balcony and double garage N$7 100

Brand new flat in centre of town To Let, 3 Bedrooms, lounge and fitted kitchen, 2.5 half bathrooms, bic, small courtyard, pre-paid electricity and single garage Move Right In.

Dolfyn View

2 Bedroom flat, 2 bathrooms, lounge to fitted kitchen and single garage with balcony and awesome view N$985 000 CC Registered.


3 Bedroom house With double garage, 2 bathroom, scullery, kitchen, bic and burglar bars N$1 030 000

Thursday, 19 September 2013 Walvis Bay

Beautiful Spacious family home, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, main bedroom has a dressing room and bathroom. Double garage and many more extras N$2 500 000

Vineta- Swakopmund

3 Bed apartment, 2 Bath, Garage, Open plan, Secure Complex. Walking distance from Shopping Centre N$1 070 000

Long Beach

Magnificent prime seafront property, with sea views forever. Brand new home and tastefully finished. Open plan living area with indoor BBQ. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, study, 2 garages Boundary walls

Holiday Accommodation

2 Bedroom, 1 full bathroom, open plan kitchen and living area, scullery, separate guest toilet. Inside braai and tandem garage. N$1 800 In season N$1 500 Out of season

Vogelstrand, Swakopmund

Excl. W&E Modern 3 bedroom townhouse with 2 bathrooms. Spacious Open plan living area with beautiful kitchen. Outdoor BBQ in small & tidy garden. In a quiet & secure complex in desirable area. Pre- paid electricity. N$6 600 pm


Family home situated in an excellent area. Lounge and dining, kitchen and scullery. 4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 garages N$2 100 000

Long Beach

N$2 400 000 Stunning Sea View\ With Furniture, Ground Floor Double garage, open plan lounge, dining-room, kitchen and toilet 1 ST FLOOR

Coastal Property Finder | 21 Open plan living area with kitchen, and indoor BBQ OVER LOOKING THE SEA. 1 bedroom and bathroom. SECOND FLOOR Main bedroom en-suite bathroom, doors open onto the balcony, gorgeous sea view and second bedroom with en-suite bathroom open onto balcony, sea view.

Swakopmund - Mile 4

House with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 garages, open plan, indoor bbq, large entertainment area upstairs wit braai N$1 230 000

This townhouse on its own yard offers you 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen and lounge, inside braai and double garage. Walking distance to the beach. N$1 350 000 IN CC Open plan living area with kitchen and indoor bbq One guestroom with bathroom on ground floor, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom on top floor with main bedroom with en-suite bathroom. 3 Garages. Deffinately a must buy! N$2 600 000

Dolphin Beach

Open plan living area with kitchen and indoor bbq 3 Beds, 2 bathrooms, 2 garages N$1 730 000


Openplan living area with kitchen. Guest toilet on the ground floor with a outdoor bbq. 3 Bedrooms and 2 bathrooms N$1 490 000


Double storey, dining, kitchen, lounge and indoor BBQ, 2 Bedrooms 2 bathrooms, double garage Outdoor bbq ontop, with a beautiful view! N$1 900 000

Townhouse Long Beach

Furniture included open plan living area with indoor bbq and wooddeck. 1 Bedroom and bathroom on ground floor. 2 Bedroom and bathroom on second floor. Tadem garage. Lockup and go N$1 280 000

Swakopmund Kramersdorf

Beautiful house in posh area. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, TV room, kitchen, double tandem garage, large entertainment area of 23 sqm N$2 996 000

3 bedroomed flat, kitchen, lounge, 2 bathrooms and single garage with own little courtyard

N$6100 pm Near schools

Interested in any of these properties? Call Helena on 064 200 497 today

Swakopmund Mile 4

Dolphin Beach

Flat to Rent

Swakopmund - Ext.15 Newly Built 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with 2 garage, open plan, scullery/laundry, indoor BBQ, guest toilet. N$1 850 000

Swakopmund – EXT 9

3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 garages, entertainment area, scullery/laundry, open plan, indoor BBQ, guest toilet. N$2 120 000

Erf in Longbeach Extention 1

N$560 000

Size: 400 SQM - Already filled up - Two Boundary Walls Prime Area

N$1 338 000

To let Fairways

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom double garage, alarm, DSTV, water and furniture available 1 0ctober

N$11 500 pm


4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, indoor BBQ TV room, tandem garage Incl. W&E

N$11 000


3 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, lounge, double garage

N$7 000 pm Excl W&L

To let Swakopmund

Garages 6m x 2m x 2.4m height N$550 - First Floor 6m x 3m x 2.7m height N$770 - First Floor 8m x 3m x 2.8m height N$1 300 - Ground Floor Warehouse: 133 sqm

N$6 000

Excl. W&E


8 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Kitchens, Burglar Bars For Investment

N$695 000

Henties Bay

3 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms double garage 740 sqm plot

N$850 000


2 bedroom unit with 2 bathrooms and garage. Close to the ocean

N$800 000

Mile 4

Walvis Bay - Townhouse Very Neat Complex! 2 bedrooms, indoor braai, single garage, courtyard with pre-paid electricity Available 01 September

N$5 500 pm

Family House

4 bedroom, main bedroom with en-suite bathroom, guest bedroom with en-suite bathroom, study, modern kitchen, sunny living room with fire place, dining room, outside covered entertainment area with braai, double garage, established garden.

N$12 500 pm

2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Study, balcony, indoor BBQ, and Double Garage

N$6 800 pm

Swakop Central

2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom and Garage

N$5 500 pm


House with Flat! 3 Bedroom, 2 Batroom, 2 Living Areas and 3 garages

N$13 000 pm

Swakopmund Industrial Area

450m2 with a lot of Space in front of the building

N$4 500 pm


Ocean view - almost brand new, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 garages, 2 living areas, indoor BBQ and lots of cupboards

To let N$7 800 pm To buy N$1 600 000

Walvis Bay New Lagoon N$990 000

Townhouse offering 2 bedrooms, single garage with BIC cupboards is up for grabs. Current rental income

N$5 500 pm

Excl W&L Situated close to Schools and is in a secure complex.


3 Bedroom house, 2 bedroom flat, 3 garages. Inside BBQ for wood and gas. Big yard N$16 000 pm neg

Swakop Central

Walking distance from town! 3 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 toilets, 1 garage, 2 living areas

N$6 300 pm

Tamar Eenheid

Te huur in Walvis. Dit is 2 slaapkamers met 2 badkamers en 'n garage met buite court yard

N$5 000 pm

Walvis Bay

Nice 2 bedroom unit with 1 bathroom, balcony, huge lounge and kitchen with New b.i.c. and breakfast nook. 1 garage. About 300 metres from lagoon. Levies only N$233 pm Investor can get approx N$4 000 pm Rental income

N$730 000


2 bedroom unit on Langstrand with 2 bathrooms and garage

N$800 000

Close to the ocean

Swakopmund - Central

Just lock up and go! Sunny 1 bedroom. Flat with under roof. Parking in mid-town. Fully furnished

N$950 000


Good investment 2 Bedroom townhouse

N$4 500 pm

N$750 000.00

Henties Bay

Double storey home; 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan lounge & dining, kitchen with scullery and double garage. It has a garden and outdoor BBQ and the house is secure with alarm & burglar proof. On the north dune

N$945 000


Good investment 3 bed, 2 bath, open plan kitchen & garage with a 2 bed flat

N$790 000

Walvis Bay - Hermes

450m² ERVEN Having high boundary walls and gate

N$410 000

Dolphin Beach

VACANT ERVEN 500m² to 960m². Starting from

N$400 000 each


Newly built! Spacious Duplex Apartments. 3 bedrooms, 3 en-suite bathrooms, kitchen/living-area/ indoor bbq, 2.5 garages

N$1 600 000

(CC Registered)

Swakopmund - Ext 15 Vacant Erf - 600 sq m

N$580 000 (neg)

Swakopmund Vogelstrand

Close to the sea Vacant Erf - 600 sq m

N$795 000

To Let - Swakop Central Walking distance from town 3 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 toilets, 1 garage, 2 living areas N$6 300 pm


Another lock up and go! Safe and secure complex with beautiful gardens. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen/lounge Balcony with braai, 1 garage Registered in CC All furniture included

N$950 000

Longbeach Eco Village One of the Last Remaining Cheapies Only 1 street from the sea Vacant erf of 654 sqm

N$450 000

Selling Fast! Excellent Investment. 2 & 3 bed units selling from

N$466 000

2 bath, kitchen / lounge, With / without garage.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

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5 77 77


Tuesdays 10:30 TUESDAY 10:30am


Contact Helena to place your classifieds 064 200 497 helena@ namibindependent.



RGR Daily Express

Daily Transport between Swakopmund & Walvis Bay Desert Payroll Services & Swakop - Walvis Morning: 06:00 Traiding cc Afternoon: 17:00 Companies in need of: Payroll/s outsourcing Walvis - Swakop (VIP PayRoll Program) Morning: 07:00 Or relief duties. Afternoon: 17:00 Desiré Tuit 081 124 2922 Contact: Granville: 081 812 3071

Roseline: 081 882 9042

Desktop Computer for sale

i7,2tb hdd,1gig graphic card,16gig memory and 32 inch samsung screen with wireless xbox controller for pc make an offer

Call 081 140 5778

REE Bodyworks

We are in need of panelbeaters. If you are a panelbeater and want to be part of our growing bussines, please contact me at

081 343 8104 or Ruben at 081 400 3654

Believe Renovations

Ons doen bouwerk, teelwerk, verfwerk, carpentry of enige iets- klein of groot-in en om u huis.

Kontak Julio by 081 418 9955



West Coast Car Recovery- Breakdown Services

Bricks - Fish Boxes - Cement. We do transport in and around Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

24/7 Breakdown and towing service. We specialise in towing, cross border transportation, changing of flat tyres, recovery of vehicles from sand dunes and assist you if your vehicle has run out of fuel. Call us now on 081 149 8750 EMAIL US at westcoastcarecovery@

De Vries Plumbing Service

Contact us for all your kitchen & bathroom plumbing needs. We do plumbing installations and maintenance.

Contact Marius 081 212 2541

Gemapen Driving School

N$95 p/ lesson N$200 for NATIS test. Qualified, friendly instructor.

Contact 081 281 9318

Cake Decorations/ Cake Tools

For all your cake décor needs. Visit us in Walvis Bay. Probst Willi Bakery, Restaurant and Cake Décor Shop. 12th Road, behind Pick ‘n Pay. Tell: 064 202 744


DSTV, alarm, CCTV and access control installations

Tell: 064 200 836 Cell: 081 399 6011

Saam Ry Geleentheid Aangebied Walvisbaai - Swakopmund Weeks dae 07:00 vanaf Walvisbaai en 17:30 vanaf Swakopmund

N$600 pp kontak vir Francois 081 128 0553

Cutting palm trees?

I am looking for someone to cut back high palm trees

Please call 081 192 2157

Henks Transporting Transport of - Building Rubble - Garden refuse - Furniture Removal - Anything else

Contact 081 240 8039 / 081 619 6503 / 081 284 5265

Md Domestic Solution cc

We refill and exchange LP gas cylinders at an affordable price. Refills: 1.4kg to 7kg Exchange: 9kg, 19kg, 48kg


5.3kg with cooker top N$550 only New: door 2 door gas deliveries anytime but only in swakopmund and langstrand.

Contact Mervin 081 338 5707 and 081 319 7535

Car hire Toyota Yaris T1 N$400 per day.

Renovations & Maintenance

20 years experience

We offer

- Construction - Painting - Paving - Slasto - Swimming Pools - Lapas - Electric Fences - All types Roof Structures - Sealing of any kind of roofs with 3 year guarantees - Supervision on all sites 24/7 Plumbing & Electrical Service

CEE-JAY 081 211 6686

Mopanie Hout

20 kg in Swakopmund vir N$35 sak en as jy 10 of meer vat is dit N$30 sak

Skakel 081 223 8083








CALL HENK on 081780 4155

Learn & Play Day Care All toddlers welcome!


Mondays - Thursdays 08:00 -13:00 Friday 08:00 - 12:00


N$375.00 per child. Narraville - Ashrafi Str.

Contact 081 880 0476/ 081 719 4707

Namibian Renovations & Fire Protection Services

We specialise in the following: All types of building works and renovations: Paint work, Welding work, Plumbing, Electrical, Tilling, Paving, Building of swimming pools, Built-in cupboards, Wood decks, Laminated flooring and Roof sealing or any other building work you require. Fire Services Includes: Fire Detection Systems, Fire Extinguishers Services, Sprinkler Systems, Deluge Systems Water Mist Systems, Hydrant and Hose Reel Systems, Fire Suppression, Fire Extinguisher Training, Evacuation Exercises, Advance Fire Fighting Course

For a free quotation contact: 081 661 1193 / 081 389 7221

Goods for Sale

To order and for prices

Contact: 081 375 1645

JHH Investment CC • • • • • • •

Laptop tracking & recovery Website development Domain hosting Company emails Computer training Computer/ laptop repairs Cable & wireless network installations • Email advertising • All laptop replacement parts available

Tell 064 221 958 Fax 064 221 957 Cell 081 140 5778 Website: www. laptoprepaircentrewb@

Coastal Advertiser

namib times


Walvis! Swakop! Henties!

Ons lewer by jou af! SPECIALS! Sosaties teen N$6.40 een! Mince N$33/kg

081 809 3526

Vars Vleis

Beesvleis, steaks, T bones, wors, mince, kook vleis en nog meer te koop, vars van die plaas vir Walvis, Swakop en Henties

Skakel 081 365 6203


Verf: Daklek/Skade/ Oordoen Verf, seël, herstel en oordoen van DAKKE en MURE. Geskrewe Waarborg en gratis Kwotasies!

081 454 6870

Alle Bouwerk, Herstelwerk

Instandhouding van huise en geboue in Walvisbaai, Swakopmund, Langstrand en Hentiesbaai. Inspeksie verslae

081 454 6870

Beauty Maison Champagne Hairdressers Opposite police station Nangolo Mbumba street Walvis Bay

081 869 1627

Educational Products

with the imagination and energy of children in mind, to nurture a magical time of discovery and learning. Transform everyday actions into exciting growth and exploration. Lots of other safety, clothes and accessories available. Kindly mail weckelein@ or whatsapp or sms Alida 081 279 4345 during office hours

Erongo Gritfix

Ons doen gritblast/sandblast werk op enige metaal, so as as ń geroeste hek of motor rims of traliewerk jou pla, kontak my gerus, ons gritblast en spuitverf jou yster na jou keuse. Skakel 081 322 0547 Let wel ons doen geen paneelklopwerk nie.




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t s a F t i Sell cal o L t i Sell Find us on

Thursday, 19 September 2013

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5 77 77


Tuesdays 10:30 TUESDAY 10:30am


S. Linus Construction

With 25 years of experience and bank approved. Building and renovations of residential and commercial dwellings. - general paint - roof repairs - boundary walls - interlocks workmanship guaranteed. Contact details 064 209 517 or 081 242 9604

Kitchen Elegance

for professional kitchen, bedroom and bathroom re-modelling. We do cabinets, blinds, tiles and flooring or any other joinery needs. Quality workmanship guaranteed. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction.

Contact us on 081 278 8092 or 081 612 3519 Visit us at www. kitchenelegancenamibia. com



to rent/sale

Bachelors Woonstel

Ten vol gemeubileerde te huur in Lagoon area, Walvisbaai. Geen garage. Jammer, geen Call Johann Steyn at kinders of troeteldiere. Veilig 081 128 0848 for a free quotation en privaat. Gedeeltelike Satellite Dish Installation DSTV, water en krag ingesluit. Beskikbaar 1 Oktober. No signal on your TV's Satellite Dish? Contact me N$2 900 pm (also weekends). Plus deposit 081 753 2415 Kontak 081 247 1687 (Swakop only) Cheapest rates WALVISBAY Opportunities (naby Dunside skool) Do you need extra income? 2 slaapkamer woonstel, vol Create a fortune with date badkamer, sit en eet kamer, entry. Earn up N$ 3 750 per ingeboude kaste en stoof. form. No computer needed, GEEN garage own hour's. (beskikbaar 1 October 2013) For all your Constuction needs

SMS your name and email or postal address to 081 422 4949 for more information wanted

to rent

To Rent

2 Bedroom flat, full bathroom, kitchen, dining and living room. Build in Cupboards in bedrooms and kitchen, build in stove, very spacious. NO GARAGE. N$5 500 Incl W&E (to a limit) Walvisbay, near Duneside school. Available Sept 2013

Melandie 081 672 1188/ 081 639 4242

Industrial Area

Office 184.25sq @ N$8 500 Office 30.00sq @ N$1 000 Office 119.22sq @ N$5 250 Office 218.00sq @ N$12 000 Store 727sq @ N$24 150 Store 280sq @ N$8 000 Store 351sq @ N$12 150 Garage 38sq @ N$1 100 PLEASE NO AGENTS TO RENT as from now.

Please contact 081 463 4539 or 081 697 8533

Bachelors flat

Narraville Mermaid street, build in cupboards. Deposit neg.

N$2 500 pm Incl. W&E

Contact 081 281 9318

Sale (owners immigrating) everything available to start the business (include stock & shop assets). Lingerie business

Box and accessories!

N$4 000

Please contact:

Shanay Bosch @ 081 622 7722

Baie Goeie Kondisie

N$28 000 Contact 081 423 2367

4 x Kumho Road Venture A/T tyres. 205/80 R16. 90% tread. For all only N$4 400 In Walvis Bay

N$250 000 neg

Cars For Sale

Contact 081 840 9247 for sale

Cars for sale

Pajero gearbox. Automatic 4-speed. Suitable for the 3.0 V6 model. Urgent sale.

Make me an offer! 081 838 6223

Still have one male

Bullterrier puppy available 10 weeks old, 1st & 2nd shots received.

Contact 081 672 1188

20 kg Mopanie Hout N$30.00 per sak Swakopmund.

Bel gerus 081 208 9639

Lava lamp just

needs a new bulb, neat.

N$250 or nearest offer, contact Heibri 081 278 9389. Walvis bay

Address/ location of 3. premises to which application relates 2 0 9 Theo Ben Gurirab Street

5. Clerk of the court with whom application will Walvis be lodged Bay Magistrate Court (Walvis Bay)

Contact 081 149 7377

More info serious buyers can

2. Name of business or proposed business to which application relates Sonja’s Take-Away

4. Nature and details of application Application for a light or grocer liquor licence to sell light beverages to clients, on demand from clients e.g ciders, beer, etc


For Sale In Walvis Bay 2010 Ford Ikon 1.6 Ambiante Newly Resprayed Due to Sand Blasting East Weather New Windscreen, Lights and Grill New Sp7000d Tyres One Owner Good Condition N$ 115 000 Neg

Contact: 081 124 1516


Liquor act, 1998 Notice of application to a committee in terms of the liquor act, 1998 (Regulations 14, 26 & 33) Notice is given that an application in terms of the liquor act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the regional liquor licensing committee, region.

KTM 250 SXF 2009

Home Away From Home Self Catering Accomodation Swakopmund Mondesa Single person per night

Property for Sale



1. Name and postal address of applicant Sonja’s Take-Away & Bottle Store



for sale

N$8 000 Contact 081 124 1516

Kontak 081 672 1188

N$300 Contact @ 081 367 5319 or 081 285 4334

Or any rear wheel drive car.

Telefunken surround system N$4 500 Telefunken 42" Plasma TV N$5 000 Three piece Living room suite with coffee table

Incl. W&E

N$6 500 Contact me at 081 291 0819

081 671 9999

For sale in Walvis Bay Wall unit N$6 000

N$5 500 pm

Am looking for a 2 - 3 bedroom house with garage in N$200 Walvis Bay maximum Double or couple per night

Looking for a car to buy. Do not need to be on the road. But must be a rear wheel drive. Datsun sss, bmw box, escort, stanza. Please let me know.

for sale

6. Date on which application will be lodged 7. date on which meeting of committee at which application will be heard Any object or written submission in terms of section 28 of the act in relation to the application must be sent or delivered to the secretary of the committee to reach the secretary not less than 21 days before the date of the meeting of the committee at which application will be heard.


Used only 2 - 3 times, neat. Walvis bay

Contact Heibri 081278 9389

|1 Thursday, June 2013 Wednesday, July 20132013 Thursday, 1927 September toto Wednesday, 2503 September

Thursday, 24 | Sport11 July 2013


Sponsored by keeping the connection

Coastal Namibia Martial Arts Team Off To South Africa Siglinde de Villiers

Today, coastal team NMA-ISKA Namibia is leaving Namibia to attend the “Destiny” Martial Arts event in South Africa on 21 and 22 September. Eleven candidates from Namibia have been selected to partake in the South Africa Martial Arts Event. According to Dorothy Bachmann, the mother of two of the eleven candidates, this competition is hosted in order to select winners that qualify for the World Championships next year July in Orlando, Florida, USA. “I have great hopes for Julian

and Delano Müller,” Bachmann said, “because they have won the first and second place for last year’s competition. They are going to South Africa to compete in order to qualify for the World Championships next year.” The eleven qualified team members are, Schalk Smith, Danie Bachmann, Rainier Pretorius, Jason Rautenbach, Oliver Stauder-Becker, Natascha Sell, Andy Basson, Delano Müller, Julian Müller, Lesley Hoaeb and Dorothy Bachmann. The Namib Independent wishes them all good luck on their quest.

The Alexander Forbes/Marsh Corporate Bowls League Held In Walvis From 7 August to 13 September, the Walvis Bay Sports Club hosted the Summer Corporate Bowls League sponsored by Alexander Forbes and Marsh. A total of 22 teams participated over six weeks with Magic Shop and Salt & Pepper winning the Plate and Shield respectively. After two weeks of playing, the participating teams were divided into a Shield and a Plate section. The more serious teams would compete for the Shield, while the more social teams battled over the Plate. The following teams were in the shield section: LC Models; Namsov; Woker Freight Services; Standard Bank; MSC Shipping; Ratzeputz; Magic Wood; Coastal Cellular; Maersk; Salt & Pepper; Miracle Bricks and Bachmus Oil. The following teams were in the plate section: Magic Shop; Marsh; Wesco; United Fishing; Jelly Tots; Safmarine; Sparta; Magic Factory; Chamore Travel and Old Boys. There were a few upsets here and there, but

when the dust eventually settled everybody had made it to the last week. The quarter finals were held on Wednesday the 11th of September, with the semis on Thursday and the finals on Friday the 13th. Lucky for some, but not so lucky for others. Everybody participated for the various positions from the Wooden Spoon to 10th and all the way to 1st place in the two sections. The final of the Plate was between Magic Shop and Sparta, the final of the Shield was between Salt & Pepper and LC Models. The Wooden Spoon was contested between Bachmus and Ratzeputz in the Shield section, and United Fishing and The Old Boys in the Plate section. Some unlucky teams got to walk away with the Underwear Awards. One was an old jockey and the other a bra and panty combo, known as the G-String Award. After some hard-fought battles the final standings were as follows: Plate: 1. Magic Shop

The Rugby Championship Saturday 14 September Rugby Final Score Standings P 1. New Zealand 4 2. South Africa 4 3. Australia 4 4. Argentina 4

W 4 3 1 0

D 0 0 0 0

V 0 1 3 4

Bpts 2 2 0 2

Pts 18 14 4 2

All Blacks vs. South Africa 29-15 Points for the All Blacks: Kieran Read, 4th minute try - converted by Carter; Rottalick, 22nd minute try - converted by Barrett; Barrett penalty in the 34th minute; Read 45th minute try - converted by Barrett; and Sam Cane in the 68th minute try - was not converted. Points for the Springboks: Morne Steyn with a penalty in the 9th minute; Bismarck du Plessis in the 31st minute try - converted by Steyn; and a 75th minute try from Patrick Lambie - was not converted. The Springboks last beat the All Blacks at this venue way back in 1937. This last test was built to be the closest test for the All Blacks since the World cup final against France in 2011. With the Boks in very good form it was understandable for even the All Black supporters to be nervous and on edge. For the Springboks it would be a chance to show that all the talk of team building for the future was not in vain and they could really measure themselves against one of the greatest teams of all times. Enter Romain Poite. This Frenchman was chosen by the IRB to adjudicate in what is well known to be the fiercest rivalry in world rugby. From the start I had a problem with this: The northern hemisphere referees are known for their poor judgement of the southern hemisphere game and I wondered what the controversy was going to be. We certainly did not have to wait long. The All Blacks were looking to run a loose ball and the Springboks applied some good pressure on the inside through Etsebeth. Daniel Carter was about to receive the ball and when he did he also received the world’s best hooker gift wrapped with it. Bismarck du Plessis laid into him and absolutely crunched him with a perfect chest high, flyhalf-eliminating tackle. You almost, just almost, felt sorry for Carter because he went down like a sack of wheat. He was clutching his shoulder and was in visible agony while the All Black forwards went for Bismarck and it was a free for all. Pushing and shoving and up-ending ensued with the Springboks not standing back and clearly winning this brawl. The referee halted the game and consulted with the TMO on the matter. I do not know why because he said he had already made up his mind about the tackle. He promptly showed du Plessis a yellow card and one got the feeling of

2. Sparta 3. Magic Factory 4. Jelly Tots Wooden Spoon: United Fishing Shield: 1. Salt & Pepper 2. LC Models 3. Miracle Brick 4. Namsov Wooden Spoon: Ratzeputz G-String award: Chamore Travel Jockey Award: Old Boys Congratulations to Magic Shop and Salt & Pepper for winning the Plate and Shield of the Alexander Forbes/Marsh Corporate Bowls League. The Walvis Bay Sports Club would like to thank the sponsors, Alexander Forbes and Marsh, for making the winter tournament such as success. The Club would also like to thank the bar staff, the kitchen staff, the green keepers, and all the teams for participating and making the tournament fun for everyone. The Club would also like to mention that the closing of the greens will happen on Sunday

deja-vu. Not again! How many times have the Springboks been unjustly penalised like this and how many times has it cost them the game? This guy should not be blowing his nose - let alone a whistle! A tackle like that should get a tap on the back, not a yellow card. You could sense that the game as a contest was over. Bismarck du Plessis got this yellow card in the17th minute and he got another one in the 42nd minute. This one was more justified but still debatable. Do the maths, the Springboks had to play the no. 1 team in the world in their own backyard with 14 men for nearly 50 minutes. Not going to happen. The Springboks fought back gallantly but there were just too many mistakes from a team that was understandably trying to make something out of nothing. All Black centre Nonu also got a yellow card after a no arms tackle on de Villiers and soon thereafter Kieron Read followed for repeated infringements. I must mention the fact that Dan Carter commented on Twitter that the tackle from du Plessis was fair and that he just fell the wrong way and popped a joint. This is admirable from the guy and tells you something about his character. Commentator for Sky, ex-All Black scrumhalf great Justin Marshall, was also raving about this and said that it was the worst decision that he ever saw in his life. Do not be mistaken, the All Blacks as well as their fans are livid that the game could not be competed like it should have, but hey, see you in Johannesburg on the 28th! Remember what Naas Botha once said: “Cowboys don’t cry.” Australia vs. Argentina 14-13 Australia was desperately looking for their first win in the competition to save some face and they got it - eventually. It was a scrappy and noneventful game, since both these teams are not up to the same standards as the Springboks and the All Blacks. Forgive me, but in the greater scheme of things we will not elaborate on this game. Points for Australia: Try by Israel Folau, three penalties from Cristian Lealifano. Argentina: Try from Leguizamon - converted by Sanchez. Two penalties from Sanchez. Next Fixtures: South Africa vs. Australia in Cape Town on 28 September at 17h00. Argentina vs. New Zealand in La Plata on 29 September at 00h40. The Currie Cup Results: (Due to space constraints we will keep it sweet and short) 13 September Cheetahs vs. Lions 26-23. The Cheetahs stormed into an early lead but the resilient Lions nearly

22 September, starting at 9am. Everyone is welcome to attend. The theme is Guess Who??? (Dress up like any famous character and let the others guess who – prize for the best dressed). Should you wish to hire out the hall for any occasion or function, please contact Vivien Potgieter at 081 128 3649.

Salt & Pepper - from L-R Riaan Lotriet (sponsor), Dries Rossouw, Estelle Bothma, Elza von Mollendorff and Kobus von Mollendorff clawed their way back into the game. 14 September Griquas vs. Sharks 24-25. The Sharks finally got the monkey off their backs with scoring a try in the last eight minutes. Blue Bulls vs. Western Province 18-29. Gutsy performances like this might help them retain the Currie cup. From the 34th minute onwards Province played with 14 men after Michael Rhodes was sent off for disgusting dirty play that would look bad in a street fight. The Bulls failed to punish Province with a man to the good and questions will be asked. Next Fixtures: Western Province vs. Griquas Sharks vs. Cheetahs Lions vs. Bulls – all on 20 September Premier League Results 14 September Manchester United vs. C. Palace 2-0 Fulham vs. West Brom 1-1 Sunderland vs. Arsenal 1-3 Stoke vs. Man City 0-0 Hull vs. Cardiff 1-1 Spurs vs. Norwich 2-0 Villa vs. Newcastle 1-2 Everton vs. Chelsea 1-0 (Welcome back to the strongest league in the world, Mourinho!) 15 September Southampton vs. West Ham 0-0 16 September Swansea vs. Liverpool 2-2. Liverpool go to a deserved top spot after this draw. Not to be missed: Liverpool vs. Southampton at Anfield, 21 September at 16h00. The Champions League September 17 Man Utd. Vs. Bayer Leverkusen 4-2. Rooney back to his very best with two goals. Galatasaray vs. Real Madrid 1-6. The great Ronaldo with his 21st hat trick for Real. Defending champions Bayern Munchen vs. CSKA Moscow 3-0 Benfica vs. Anderlecht 2-0

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